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Sky Devouring Combo

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So here is my deck based on Sky Devourer.  I like this card alot.  It plays with combo, which is something I think is neglected a bit in the last set, and is a fun challenge.

Just a touch expensive though...

How this works:

This deck makes fairies!  Lots and lots of fairies.  It also controls the board very thoroughly with the amulets.  All three amulets serve very cool functions in the deck.  The fact that the deck has up to nine different bounce options, you can recycle and get value from every single amulet.   The idea is to have a devourer in hand and cast 7 cards in a turn (which usually happens turn 7 or 8) all the while controlling the board.  This deck has a lot of control.  The win con is obviously Devourer himself, but it's not unheard of to tempo down your fairies and win with Burst.  Burst is a solid card, and decent control in the early to mid game, and a solid plan b finish at the end.

The MVP of the deck believe it or not is Yggdrasil.  Blessings of Creation has won me games that I outright have no business winning.  This almost feels like an old school roach deck.  The difference is that the chaining of combo cards happens usually the turns before.  I've swung with a 20/18 devourer.  The combos are huge.

Cheapening the deck:

The Legendary cost here is pretty high.  You need the Devourers (natch), Aria, and Yggdrasil.  The rest of them are optional, although Cassieopia does a LOT of work.   That said, if you are on a budget you could probably could run Crimsonbow Archer over Cassie.  You definitely make enough fairies and wisps to justify it; you would lean a lot more heavily on Burst if you go down this path. 

Grasshopper Conducter could make the deck more combo centric in favor of insect lord, and does fit the combo theme in some ways.  I'll be experimenting with Selwyn in that spot due to the versatily Selwyn has (plus it's a ward) Water Fairy isn't bad either.  The fairies matter here. 

Give it a try.

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