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Your favorite Portal cards ?

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Hello Portal folks, I'd like to know, what's your 5 favorite Portal cards and why ? They don't need to be strong, just mention what you love to play

Let's get started ! Mine are :

1st - Nicholas. I just love this card so much. At 4 pp the body is a bit meh for sure but it can still contest on board, and more importantly, schedule a 5/5 taunt in 3 turn. It's a very Havenish card, but a good one to me nevertheless. Not to mention how cool is Evolved Nicholas and Robomi are. I loved the card in Puppet for some board menace and end game utility, but didn't quite noticed Robomi is an artifact. Meaning that with correct timing (or at enhance cost which is an okay play), you can give Robomi Rush with Acceleratum, turning her in one of the best non-storm Ward follower with Hector. Also she'll count for Magnus and Safira, and get Spinaria buff. He's particularly fitting because 4th turn isn't usually a very good one with Arti Portal (you usually play two low cost cards), and Spinaria can punish some 1 hp left evolve on the following turn.

2nd - Silva. Silva is possibly the best card created in this game to me for the sole reason it give Portal a reason to fight and exist. I'm not sure she's OP or weak (kinda closer to the first tho), but she's definitely the central gear which the clockwork was missing so badly : a potent and meaningful Mid game asset to give some substance to Portal deck schemes, which were just spamming Artifacts or surviving while saving Puppets before.

3rd - Spinaria. I love the art (a bit less the leader based one), and think she's perfect balance and permissive to play. For the best and the worst (for her, poor thing), she's a supermassive evolve magnet and often force the opponent to spend ressources because she's menacing enough on the long run that you don't want to let her alive. That fact allow you to plan strategies because how reliably she'll force opponent to act and how AOE proof she is. Of course, Spinaria's Artifact make her an auto cycle, which is good !

4th - Magna Legacy. ANNIHILATE. One of my fav artwork, a decent card by itself (a bit risky tho).

5th - Empyreal Swordman. Not only having the best SV animated art out that, Swordman is kinda cool to play in 1-2 examplary against slower decks (especially Dragon players). He's a must annihilate target which always delivers 4 face damage. Well, with some honesty he's a bit underwhelming, but nevertheless can create a surprise after a board wipe or when you need an extra reach.


Honorable mention to Orchis, which is really cool but a bit dull, and Rocco, because giving a Teddybear to opponent is fun.

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