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Rune rising in t2

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Well im trying to playing rune in t2 now and its pretty strong right now  i can guess its because 2  reasons 

1. Useless spellboost card from  tempest of god that didnt benefit rune in t2 like chimera , freshman lou , enchant sword and ginger gone from t2 pool 

2. BOTS card is crazily amazing in t2 especially burgeoning genius and abyss summoner (because only 30 card in t2 , you will always surely  trigger their additional ability at t7 and they are crazily good ) 

 So far i got  4 win each time i use rune now (just draft abyss summoner and burgeoning genous each time you see them ) 

Not to mention clarisse can negate your opponent nasty last word effect or ward 



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