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A guide to Overfeeling

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It has been tickling me for a while, and here I am. Well, this is the best moment to write a guide, when Dragon, beside Aggro, seems to be struggling to perform properly.

My record: I’m not Master, but AA0(R)-AA1(U). Uh, you’re still there? Well. I mostly played Dragon on SV, with a bit of Blood and Portal. So while I’m not the best deck builder out there, I spent several hours on it. So I thought about writing some stuff to help out newcomers with a rather expensive class to start with.

I’ll mention several cards so, in order not to make this guide too long, I’ll leave you check the cards if you don’t know them by yourself. I’ll however do the effort to make cards Bold so you know it’s a card. Sometimes I’ll not put the full card name because there is only one card with the partial name I give.


Back to basics

Dragoncraft main mechanic is Overload to have enhanced effects when you’re reaching 7 pp. In order to reach this trigger, the class is also provided with cards which give you one empty PP, called Ramp cards. Beside these two mechanics, Dragoncraft is a heterogeneous class which has plenty of different win conditions to choose from, and features a decent bunch of the common mechanics : Draw, defense, aggression, removals, ...



-          Versatility : Dragoncraft allows you to try virtually everything

-          Steamroll potential : Gaining PP quicker than your opponent can leave them with quite an out of control situation to deal with

-          Stability : Due to Versatility, Dragoncraft has enough solutions to bear with a couple of nerfs, and always has at least one deck which perform over 50% at any given meta

-          Several win conditions to choose from: Efficient Storm, OTK, Discard AOE, Stalling, ...

-          Good anti token potential (Fire Lizard, Dragon aficionado, all 1/2 cards)



-          Ramp cards often (except Aiela, Dragon Sword) leave you with a tempo loss, which can be painful to recover from, especially against aggressive decks

-          Lacking of ramp cards by turn 4 is often a lose if not Aggro

-          Clunky board generation with either big single followers or low health followers

-          Storm is the only kind of win condition you can consider safe regardless of the meta

-          Suffer meta whenever an aggro/easy board generation deck shine

-          Priest of the Cudgel/Blackened Scripture


Having a plan: The plan

A very common mistake I see and made while playing Dragoncraft is trying to do everything and forget that you gotta find a way to win. Considering Sahaquiel like a game plan rather than a defensive win more condition is an example I saw very often. It sure will work against an Aggro deck when you did the rocketing Ramp, but you’ll leave any control/OTK deck player... amused, at best. Another thing I often see is “Put the best of all decks”, and unsurprisingly it doesn’t do anything. You meet a Maelstrom Dragon, and then suddenly a Star Phoenix and you’re like, OK dude what’s your point here?

The very first thing to do as Dragoncraft is starting with your wincon. Build a set which will provide you will a way to win.

For example, let’s guess you wanna play Lindworm. Well the set is easy: Lindworm. HAHA. Nah it’s not that easy. What’s your plan here? You want to ensure killing the opponent in one turn? Well, then you’ll need to add Queen of the Dread Sea and Urd, or you’ll need to consider using Wyrm God. But how will you then expect to draw the combo? You’ll need draw cards, or better, tutor cards. Hey, Staircase to Heaven draw 3 follower? But will you want a classic path or tutor those as fast as possible ? Erm, you might need to consider a spell/amulet only deck.


Completing your plan

Once you’re good with your set, you gotta add cards which will help you with setting up your win condition. It often resolves around Ramp, so often you’ll include Ramp cards. You’ll also need some draw sources for most deck genre, if not all. It will greatly depends, overall, of your win condition. Playing Aggro will make you favour Aiela, Dragon Sword over Roy, Staircase over Draconic Fervor, and so on. Oh uh, you’ll 99% of the time include Dragon Oracle, so I’ll not even mention it further, just add it, only Aggro can skip it.


Key turns

There is particular turns that, from my experience, will be more relevant than others, unless you’re playing Aggro:

- Turn 2. Shadowverse is made that turn 1 followers always has 1 attack, which mean that any 2/2 will potentially counter them. I experienced several games where having a 2/2 likely made the different against an Aggro/Token deck. And well Turn 2 is always a good turn if you have Oracle. Don’t be too greedy, try to ensure you always have something relevant to do that turn

- Turn 4, playing second. Another key situation where you NEED to do something strong to turn the tide against aggro/token decks. If you can’t do anything significant on your turn 4 playing second, the game will be hard.

- Overflow turn. The overflow turn will often follow a Sibyl or a Fervor or a Roy, or any 3- pp card with a ramp card. This turn will need you to put a big pressure to dictate the mid game. Key plays can be Canyon, Conflagration, Oracle, Sahaquiel + Israfil, Zirnitra, Dragon's Flame, PDK + Aficionado or Aqua Nereid, Flute + 2 4/3 Rush, Forte, Scyther, ... The stronger this turn, the best your chance to secure your win.


Common deck genre


Not sure yet where to start? Here are the common dragon deck genres you might try with the key cards (remove Unlimited cards for Rotation) I added the most to those decks:

- Aggro (Both format). Aggro Dragon is likely the easiest and cheapest Dragon deck to build, and the best performing in Unlimited while being OK in Rotation. Aggro Dragon is a bit weaker than other Aggro deck early on, but remains able to turn the table in mid game with efficient storm cards while other Aggro decks are slightly faster but does less damage past turn 5. Key favourite cards : Forte, Seabrand Dragon, Aina, both Aiela, Fire Lizard, Staircase to heaven, Heroic Dragonslayer, Waters of the Orca, Moon and Sun, Dragon Scyther

- Storm Ramp (Both format). Quite an expensive deck, but also permissive. You usually need the Ramp pack (Aiela 1.0, Sybil, Draconic Fervor, maybe some more) and the best Storm you can find (Forte+Urd, Genesis, Azi, Zeus ...). Probably the most played Dragon deck.

- Prime Dragon Keeper (Both format), often called PDK. The point is to count on PDK damage micro management to dominate the board and set up big Storm finishers. Performing decently, interesting Midrange deck, and permissive as long as you put enough 3- Dragoncraft followers in your deck. However, kinda expensive (3 PDK + Forte/Aina) and meta dependent, so it might not be the best deck to start with. Keys cards are PDK, Forte/Azi, both Aiela, Dragon aficionado, Aqua Nereid, Staircase, Water of the Orcas, Fire Lizard. I call it Aggro with a brain.

- Lindworm (Both format). One of the most interesting deck building experience, because your win con can greatly vary, and you can either go full spell amulet, or spell amulet heavy and some key followers. Just make sure you have enough of those, because if you’re too slow to play spell and amulets you’ll just be a poorer OTK deck. Keys cards are, for Spell/Amulet only : Staircase, Blazing breath, Dragon’s Nest, Breath of the Salamander, Waters of the Orca, Moon and Sun, Force of the Dragonewt, Draconic Fervor, Conflagration, Lindworm, Wyrm God OR Queen of the Dread Sea+Urd. Keys cards for regular : Most of the previous (what you prefer), Somniferous Wyrm, Ramp cards (especially Roy).



- Windmill OTK (Preferably Unlimited). I don’t see it that often, but it’s one of the best performing meme deck, and a very interesting deck to build. It’s the only deck where Bahamut got buffed, not nerfed, because he doesn’t destroy Windmill anymore, so he cleans the board + 9 damage face. Serious treat. The game plan is doing Into the looking glass to turn Ragewyrm neutral (so it gains storm with Windmill), playing Windmill itself (the hardest part because it does nothing) and playing the following turn Ragewyrm + Ariett for 20 damages. However, doing a couple of big neutral also work (you’ll also win doing Bahamut for board clean + 9 damage face then Israfil Evolved for 12). Oh and uh, forget about Hamsa. It only works against Aegis. Key cards : Combo (Into the Looking Glass, Windmill, Ragewyrm, Arriett), Israfil, Bahamut, Happy Pig, Ramp cards, 1 Olivia or 2 Elder Tortoise. There is not that many key cards, but the deck building will be hard nevertheless, because you’ll need to careful listen to the meta to know how to survive.

-  Discard Dragon (Unlimited). My first serious deck, but a lack of new card and a mere powercreeping left it to meme. Still kinda cool to try, Imperial Dragoon is one of the most satisfying cards to play against Aggro/Midrange... if you survived. The plan is playing Dracomancer’s Rites so you can profit from discard card which are slightly over average as long as Rites is here. There is two versions: classic discard and Altered Fate + Wildfang Dragonewt OTK. I didn’t played much the latest so the key cards are rather for Classic discard : Dracomancer’s Rites, Dragonewt Fist, Luxfang Kit, Trail of Light, Pyroxene Dragon, Urd, Forte, Imperial Dragoon. Others discard cards depends of meta or what you’re planning to do. Ramp cards are not mandatory (playing those + Rites is such a tempo lose you’ll really have a hard time to recover from), but I’d often add Aiela, Dragon Knight.

- Jerva Ultra Ramp. You put most ramp cards, and expect to play Jerva as quickly as possible to put pressure on control decks and to profit from the fact you’re already close to 10 defense against aggro. Similarly to Vengeance, you want to hold yourself at 10 defense as long as you can so you don’t die with that dangerous level of defense. Requires careful meta listening deck building, interesting to play, kinda young so I won’t give much advice on it. Key cards are Ramp and Jerva, not sure yet about others.

- Phoenix Roost Anything. Whatever you build, whenever you think Phoenix Roost you think Meme with a big M. But consider it, really. Not only it makes very quick games, it can also give incredible outcomes. My favourite version is Jabberwock Roost. You play Roost, and Jabberwock with a couple of 1 – 2 PP follower which became 1 PP to turn those into Genesis/Zeus/Azi. Also, Bahamut is buffed here too because it leaves Roost. There is plenty of ways to have fun with Roost ! Sure you’ll sometimes get punished hard (dude don’t play it against a Runecraft), but you’ll more often that you would have thought be in a situation where your opponent game plan is accelerated but still doesn’t menace you (big board generation such as Tenko decks) because you’ll crush them with board clears.


Favorite cards

Here’s are my favourite cards which are not immediately linked to a deck genre, minus Ramp cards:

- Forte. While Forte is a bit lame, it’s THE card which allows you to go “**** it” regardless of your original plan, and can quickly win you a lost game. She has double strength: delivering immediately and meaning an immediate win if opponent can’t take care of it despite the fact she already delivered.

- Waters of the Orca. It’s always a sure value as far as I played it. Aggro? Pressure + PP optimizer. Ramp? Board presence, good turn 4 playing second. Lindworm ? Spell! PDK ? Star Wars! It fits most decks. It’s a fine turn 2 against aggro. It drives Forest crazy. It’s not fabulous nor bad. I love this card.

- Moon and Sun. Don’t make it your top priority, it’s win more and expensive, but if you have it, you can safely include it in most of your decks.

- Dragon Afficionado. The tempo is unreal with this card, it ruins Aggro decks, it works absurdly well with PDK, it’s a good Aggro card. Maybe not for most greedy decks, but any aggro, midrange, PDK, can safely play it.

-  Fire Lizard. My oldest, sweet friend. Whenever the meta is aggro/token, Fire Lizard. Make the early game much more bearable. Make all your 1/2 good board presence. A safe card to consider in most of your decks (maybe not Discard)

- Breath of the Salamander. Do I need to present it? You saw it whenever you met a Dragoncraft (now in Unlimited tho). Can save your day often.

- Dragon Warrior/Teena. Teena was fabulous in Neutralverse. Dragon Warrior is one of my favourite midrange tool. It never gets old, help you if you’re a bit late on ramp, and help you not being too punished playing second. Got forgotten, but consider it. It’s cheap, it’s forever in both formats, it’s good whenever meta is aggro/token.

- Seabrand Dragon. I don’t see it as nearly often as it would deserve. Seabrand Dragon is an excellent card in any Storm deck and is the only efficient storm you can play twice at 10 PP (unless your opponent does nothing and Hippogryph rider suddently works).

- Aina. Cheaper (Vials) than Forte, and equally good in an Aggro/Token meta whenever you have some board presence.

- Canyon of the Dragons. I didn’t mentioned it until now because this card doesn’t follow any deck genre but is sufficiently good to fit several of those. Don’t overlook it. 7 PP is the magic Sybil/Fervor post turn number, and this card offers you 15/15 worth of stat in 3 bodies. You can’t imagine how it makes things out of control if you play it quickly, better than any other highroll play. It’s the best one and just makes you consider again if Zirnitra, Dragon's Flame, is any playable. It’s even fine against an amulet removal because you at least got 1 dragon.

- Israfil. I don’t need to say much. Fabulous artwork, fabulous value, fabulous in any ramp.


Cards I see too often

Now I’m taking risks but here are the cards I see too often from my fellows Dragon and, pardon my noobiness, believe are overrated:

- Grimnir. Grimnir is sluggish. When you’re 10 pp, you need to win quickly because the game is getting soon to an end. Most SV games end before turn 11-12. Also the power level of followers makes a 2/3 Ward for 3 just too bad. Pick Conflagration instead, the 2/3 body is irrelevant at that point and if you really must deal with the board, you’re probably already at a point you don’t quite care about your own board.

- Avowed Strike. It’s way too slow and would only be good for control meta. Only in Lindworm it’s fine, but fine like I don’t have much alternative.

- Siegfried.  Siegfried is an excellent card for a Control meta. Nothing of that in sight since Classic set. Scyther is just much better most of the time.

- Polyphonic Roar. It’s just TOO slow, and an amulet ban is a guaranted lose. Sometimes yea it works because you could set it and opponent fell under pressure. But let’s be honest, I’m heavily convinced Canyon is 10 times superior. Not convinced? Do some stats, count how many Storm Dragon you got from Roar until you won/lost. Bet you’ll very marginally go over 3. Also count how often you couldn’t play it because it doesn’t do anything immediately and that would have meant losing.

- Azi Dahaka. Now, the fact Azi is in my list is for a particular reason: This card just doesn’t fit or is a “Well I have no choice in that deck, do it ?” 10 PP. 6 damages. Sure you can reduce its cost, but it needs to sit in your hand. And well when you’re doing ramp, dude 9 or 10 PP is the godamn same thing. Then Aggro? Not in unlimited (Forte much better), and Rotation will need it only when Aina will rotate out or suddently meta is not longer token/aggro. Azi is somewhat versatile, but you just have to consider Aisha, Albert, Forte, that godamn 3/7 Haven storm knight, to guess how underwhelming is Azi. And now that Queen of the Dread Sea is marginally playable (= Only in Lindworm), it’s even worse. The day you’ll be forced to play it, Dragon will be in a really, really bad spot. Ironically, it’s how Storm cards should be in this game.

- Rahab. Rahab is a decent card by itself, but is in a game when you’re not allowed to play it because of Evolve mechanic, and because Ward sucks in this game on a general manner. Rahab is only fine after an Oracle, never in any other situation. You either play it and don’t evolve it, and you’ll eat the worst trade of your life, or you evolve it to trade something and any soft removal will punish this Evolve point waste. Also, would you ever afford not spending PP to make its attack rise? If you can, you already won anyway. Rahab would be good in Hearthstone, it’s not in SV. Stop playing it, I swear, for your own winrate sake.


Bonus 1: Rotation or Unlimited

I’d say Unlimited. Cards rotating out are particularly frustrating when those are your f’kin deck core (Aiela, Dragon Knight, Fervor, ...). Unlimited allows you to play everything, and this is a particularly important aspect in such a Ramp & Versatility class. Dragon is meant for Unlimited and having a big collection to listen to meta, not profiting from the latest broken entries to bear with your own inconsistencies such as Sword (which waves in tier lists as fast as a single card nerf) or Haven.

The only issue with Unlimited is encountering the same cards all over again. But SV is plagged with a lack of originality that you don’t fear a particular card name, but rather a tendency which is STILL present in Rotation: Storm & Tempo & Aggro. Why fearing Albert when you’ll meet that ****in (Un)Heavenly Knight anyway?  So give yourself a treat: face it with an extended collection.

Honestly, I’m AA0-AA1, and I don’t see any difference in both format. So better having more possibilities to meme with.


Bonus 2: Classes you’ll love or hate

You’ll love Runecraft and Forestcraft when playing aggro, because they don’t have tools to deal with your followers & Storms.

You’ll hate Sword because whenever it’s slightly too strong in meta, you’re the first to fall. Harder to deal with that Forest on board, constant Face plan even in midrange. But you’ll hate even more Haven whenever it’s any good, because both Cudgel & Blackened Scripture are basic cards and those will counter your mid game forever.

Above that, it’s dependant of meta canons and your game plans. Whenever it’s too Aggro, well go Aggro, and whenever it’s too midrange/control (never ?) you’re the king.


Bonus 3: Legendary tier list

Dragoncraft has a decent bunch of deck making legendaries, so I'll rate them so you have a clue if it's a sure value. Note that I rate cards as if they were in their most optimal deck genre (for example, I'll Rate Lindworm assuming the deck it's included in is filled with several amulets and spells, as I'll rate Forte if I had included in an Aggro deck).

God tier : Forte, Imperial Dragoon, Israfil, Bahamut

Strong tier : Sibyl, Prime Dragon Keeper, Moon And Sun, Sahaquiel, Lucifer, Zeus

Playable tier : Dragonsong Flute, Zirnitra DF, Jerva, Jabberwock, Azi Dahaka

Meme tier : Zirnitra, Ouroboros, Fafnir, Wyrm God, Badb Catha, Alice, Zodiac Demon, Odin, Dark Angel Olivia, Queen of the Dread Sea

No tier : Python, Loki, Chronos

No clue yet tier : Marduk, Prince of Darkness


... What, you're still here ? Crazy dude. Hope it helped you.

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Here some example of decks. Note that they might be optimized and/or outdated :

Unlimited Serie 1 - Aggro, Staircase Lindworm, Windmill OTK


5-0 Unlimited Grand Prix PDK. Card I think you can consier swapping for something else in current meta : Both Somniferous, 1 Scyther, 1 Staircase (for another draw source, Fervor is a good option).


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How dare you didnt include ramp satan in meme decks , didnt you know that deck is the one help me  rank up from C0 - A0 .  

Lel JK , satan is too slow nowaday 

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Added some deck examples

EDIT : And my PDK 5-0 Grand Prix deck.

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