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The class that lose nothing?

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Lets talk about this cause even streamers are noticing how Swordcraft is literally one of the best options right now (so yeah if someone want to build a deck for rotatio, pick sword)

Prim and Sky Forttress are awesome followers yeah but the all-stars of this expansions are Valse and the replacement for the rotated cards:

Holy Knight Bear: this one is a stricly better Veteran lancer in any sense. Nothing to said here

Chrooooooooomatic duel: First, this card replaces not 1 but 2 cards, an is a stricly better version of BOTH. Jeno with half of the enhance at 4? sick and a better Lecia (which isnt rotated yet but the card isnt that good to take 1 spot in the deck but Magnus dont have this problem and has better stats for 1 PP more). Playing this at 1 for the White Queen is super good but the card becomes even better when you hit your second Chromatic Duel on 6 cause you get BOTH tokens for FREE (i am pretty sure this would be nerfed latter but i wont not talk about this is just stupid get a "draw 2 gold card them gain 6 PPs")

Finally but not less important

The Sky Commander Waifu Celia: Albert that can be tutored by Arthur an recicle by her own effect. Not need to wait until 9 to hit for 5-6-7...and also protects your storm followers to finish the game if you have lethal on board bouncing them to your hand. This Girl is a serious business. A card that give you options is always better than a card that have better stats in a deck that wants to win the early game so in my opinion this is just a better albert.

And talking about options our new guy Valse (Aka @Othello ´s bane) have two of them that will make any Haven, Dragon or Shadow player muuuch angry. Valse is a beast, two forms of removal that can be use in the same turn that you play the follower in most of the case. Fatal spellbomb is basically a 1 PP destroy ANY damaged follower cause 3 is a common amount of defense when you take damage. And the  Holy one is the new finisher counter of Swordcraft. Its basically Odin for 5 PPs in a Silver card, Seraph? big wards? nothing can stop the sword of justice (or in this case, the bullet).


Without a doubt this class win the most in this expansion. A nice reward for being the worse mid range class until now in rotation? probably.

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I’ve yet to actually encounter a swordcraft  so not sure where you got Valse being a bane to me from, though why you’d use him and his removal in one turn I don’t know, mean 8pp to Banish an amulet is a lot, since you only get a 2/2 out of the deal. *shrugs* but yeah Sword has been set up to be ridiculous, guess it’s hard to get Cygames out of their “push a low tier” design ideals. Lol. 

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