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Fairy Dragon Driver's Wrath!

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So this here is a deck I've been trying to fine tune as much as possible since the reveal of Yggdrasil. I've always loved Fairy Dragon even though it's not really the greatest ever and I jumped in joy when I realized that Yggdrasil's 'Nature's Wrath' will be able to give storm to Fairy Dragons, possibly making them a viable finisher. 

Now, I recognize there are some seemingly odd choices so give me the chance to explain. 

I'm not using cards that are rotating out. Therefore, Goblin Mages are a no go for pulling the cards I need. Lily is a no go for removal. Fall from Grace which could replace it is hard to fit and I kind of hate it on a visceral level. 

So here's the story: I tried throwing a bunch of fairy generators in the deck. Fairy Whisperer, Firesprite Grove etc. Elf Song for extra damage with Fairy Swarm, Brambles for better control and all that jazz. I just could not make it work while also drawing cards to reach the stuff I needed. I was constantly milling or not playing things just because it would cause me to mill, I had to put a ton of faires on board to maintain a healthy handsize; a lot of it turned out to be horrific tempo too. I felt constantly behind and there never seemed a good opportunity to get even further behind just to draw cards with Purehearted Singer or even maybe file the paperwork to request playing Purehearted Singer and maybe wait 2-3 business days because of all the damn fairies and junk everywhere. It was honestly a mess and it wasn't even making my Fairy Dragons that big when they needed to be because it was so difficult to justify playing a bunch of fairies without any plan in mind. Also too many amulets on board from Spring Green, Brambles, etc. That didn't help the fairy playing/destroying game. Tried many variations and it just would not work no matter how hard I tried.


This deck is the result of all that fine tuning. Fairy Cage is a huge tempo loss but you can find early openings or create one by using Vist (who becomes 1-0pp after playing Casio or Aerin) later if it was really such an awful play at turn 4. But really, you want to play it turn 4. You can even evolve a fairy turn 6 and Airbound in a pinch to get the thing out while keeping the board at least a little safe and it's not too late just yet. 

The turn after that is the one where we're gonna want to play Yggdrasil when it comes out. This is also not a great tempo play but once again Vist comes to the rescue because you can ward up for free. Really such a useful Butler he is. Now comes turn 8. This is probably where you use Fairy Driver and kill off the whole board by sending Fairies into it. Your Fairy Dragons may already be at about 3-5 at this point but now they're going to be 5-7 each. You may also have done damage to face and your opponent is very interested in killing your Fairy Driver. As long as you aren't within killing range, you can keep clearing board and dealing damage to the face with your infinite Fairy Cage, Fairy Driver Gatling gun while the Fairy Dragons accumulate absolutely insane attack. It seems that 9/10 times without trying the Dragons reach 7-8 attack by turn 9-10. I'd say that's more than sufficient. Honestly, ideally you would play them turn 9 since they remain as huge wards regardles, as opposed to waiting on lethal and getting killed yourself turn 10. You can also possibly play a Vist alongside them if you have one left leaving yet another big ward. 

All in all, I'd say it's working out surprisingly well even without Yggdrasil so far. That is, surprisingly well for a meme deck. The dream is that Yggdrasil will make it legitimately viable. Only issue is that the consistency is only slightly better than Roach without Goblin Mages. That and any deck that runs Mutagenic Bolt is a death sentence basically. Could be a problem. Considering Ivy Spellbomb or Ariana for extra reach and control but it's difficult to find the space as is while keeping it as consistent as possible and strong as possible during setup turns. It's a careful balance. May also add another Staircase if I happen to get a 3rd but who knows. Don't really wanna spend the vials on it. 

Hopefully the new expansion will have lots more neat stuff to work with which will benefit this potential deck. Deepwood Anomoly is probably gonna be best with Yggdrasil but that also requires White Wolf which is rotating out and that deck would probably get expensive as hell too. 


EDIT: Just realized Entangling Vines is also Bahamut. So that will have to be replaced. Maybe Fall from Grace then I guess. 

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Not that anyone is going to pay attention but total rework here of the Fairy Dragon Dream: 




The previous Fairy Dragon deck, while somewhat working (and I was considering potential lethal by considering Jungle Warden a placeholder) but it was much too inconsistent and Fairy Cage is just such a slow move against the Neutral blood, Daria and aggro Sword I was seeing. And general neutral decks using Feria and other such dull as sin nonsense for that matter (why all the neutral lately?) 

In the previous setup the idea was to use Fairy Dragon/Yggdrasil as sole finisher. This was a mistake. It required some bad tempo plays just to ensure you would be able to reach lethal at some point but then survivability was an issue. Which prevented finding openings to play "Yggdrasil." Of course I could play Jungle Warden but pretending it was Yggdrasil instead led me to believe I'd never find a good opportunity. I also see a lot of Amulet hate in the new expansion so Fairy Cage is probably not gonna be great.


So. Started remaking my White Wolf/Elephant deck after realizing that Fairy Dragon does have some nice uses if you don't expect to ever attack face with it. Tried out the finished result which is what you see above and it works very well on ladder. Some matchups are still a problem. Obviously Daria highroll is cheap as hell. But a lot of the problem cards I've been seeing are rotating out. 

Basically replace White Wolf of Eldwood with Yggdrasil and that will be the deck. Venus and Staircase is amazing draw power and they aren't bad otherwise like Purehearted singer. Staircase being played for 2 most likely and Venus being just a giant body. The Harvest Festival greatly rewards playing lots of Fairies, probably with Brambles which you will very likely have thanks to Starry Elf and such. Currently Instinct has been good because it buffs your Fairy Whisperer/ Water Fairy and kills something for 2 health. Good to deal with early aggro being able to kill those god awful Goblins and 2 drops smacking your face down. Can also be used later on of course. Overall fairly versatile. Fairy Dragons, even if you're going for the Elephant victory tend to be at least 4-6 by turn 8-9. Seemingly always 7 at turn 10.You can get really unlucky too but hey, everyone bricks. 10ish burst damage (excluding possible damage from Vist as well and without an Evo point ) on turn 9 that leaves behind some big beefy scary wards that your opponent has to deal with is going to be very good. It can then be followed up by Elephant if that can't win you the game right there. 


I think it's going to be very good alongside Elephant. The Fairy Driver Fairy Dragon dream is over. That's not going to work as well I don't think. But I think this is going to be very good. I'm getting lots of wins with this and I think I'll still be getting lots of wins replacing White Wolf with Yggdrasil. The tutor no longer being there is sad but honestly I seem to constantly get Elephant in my starting hand anyway because RNGesus hates me. 

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This is becoming my personal theorycrafting diary of sorts, hunh? Someone put me out of my misery already. So, new experimental form of my Yggdrasil Fairy Dragon deck. This one is actually functional as more than a very conditional and inconsistent OTK. The idea here is to have early aggro tools and just go face, ignore what they have unless vital just....face is the place. It works very well. Thanks to the amazing Leaf Man and Elf Song you can play a ton of Fairies without feeling like you're missing out on damage or putting yourself at too much risk. Because it immediately comes out the gate very aggressive and looks like a typical aggro Forest opponents try to trade instead of being aggressive themselves. And then if you can't win turn 6 by going face each turn you have probably killed many fairies and will be able to use the Fairy Dragon, Yggdrasil combo. And that is the genius of the deck! 

I had a lot of trouble figuring out how I could possibly reach lethal and find the time to play the low impact Yggdrasil in previous iterations which were very much controlling and /seemed/ like control out the gate which led to opponents trying to pressure a lot. So this is actually a kind of control deck in a way that controls through early aggro to put the opponent on the defensive and transitioning into control as it loses early steam. The wonderful thing is that by employing a fairly strong early aggro it inspires opponents to trade thinking you're just a typical aggro Forest, you can deal a lot of early damage and save a lot of health. My experimentation here is really paying off and I might use early aggro for future control decks as well. It's a good tool to condition your opponent early for better control later. You go face you play Leaf Man enhance, you play Elf Song and your opponent /has/ to trade because they think you have lethal with Fairy Driver or Ipiria, neither of which are even in the deck. It's beautiful. 


Obviously this is currently meme at best without ANY damage out of hand but still gets a crazy surprising amount of wins regardless just through Leaf Man, Elf Song + Vist & Fairy Dragon, etc. Or gets very, very close to lethal. It can keep up with other aggro fairly well, though not quite as well and vastly outpaces slower decks. It makes a lot of openings for a hypothetical Yggdrasil play (and can save evos for it if needed with relative ease) and Fairy Dragon is often within lethal range by that time, if not, there's still openings to play a bunch of fairies next turn to make it happen or even, say, play 2 fairies and an Elf Song with a hypothetical Nature's Wrath which would be 5 damage turn 8 (with the aggro component it isn't unthinkable that that could kill as well). Err, obviously not the best play but it's an option. You'll probably have a Fairy Dragon of 7-8 damage anyway and a 1 cost Vist kicking around so that's about 10 damage regardless. Screenshot_20180316-142324.thumb.png.4abdc7b36e285686d76ca005ccff2ba6.png


This will be my definitive, final, Yggdrasil deck next expansion. With the replacement of Elf Queen for Yggdrasil it will actually have a wincon and it's much more consistent only typically requiring one Fairy Dragon to get the kill rather than going for the Otk. Does require some skill and knowledge of matchups but I do genuinely think it will be competitive with Yggdrasil. If anyone intends to play Yggdrasil next expansion, this will probably be the way. 

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