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Does anyone have any funny interaction with emotes? (SPOILERS!!)

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I was playing story mode and some of the things that happened was pretty funny:

First one, I was playing as Rowen in the later chapters, this was after Isabel found out I was the one who killed Kyle. The match was getting towards late game and I'm about to win in a few turns. Suddenly:


Isabel - "You were the one who killed Kyle and took him away from me" (something like that, I don't remember exactly).


I felt sorry for her situation, so I decided to use the "sorry emote", then it went like this:


Rowen(me) - "Don't let it get to you."

me(thinking) - "holy cow, that was really messed up"


Another game was during Urias story mode against Isabel in earlier chapters:

Isabel - "Was that too fast?"

 - Proceed to play snowman spell with only 1 spell boost -

me(thinking) - "yes, it was too fast"....


What are some of your experiences with emote?

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not exactly something bout emote but once I fought someone who used Queen-Prince-Python combo for Dis Damnation + Dragon pedant OTK.. I'm running Jorm blood.

so every time he pulled his combo pieces (I think) he keep doing that "think rowen" which kind of pissed me off.. so I wait till he have the whole pieces dropped the combo and then just keep spamming 'think rowen', little did he knows that I already figured out his deck long ago and are holding countermeasure..

I proceed to trade Evo'd jorm from Bandersnatch he killed with his Python with the said phyton, drop 2 spiderweb imps I've been holding on into, razory claw and Snarling chain to clear his board.. and finally dropped the Mask of Black death then proceed to emote "sorry" once.. half because I'm genuinely sorry for ruining his meme and half to put him to shame after that much taunt.

Naturally he concede shortly after.

there's also reversed situation where I shamed myself Emoting the 'win' quote because I mis count my roach damage,, man I wanna dig a hole and hide

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