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If you are a bad guy in the chosen one trope story, how do you play around it?

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Prophecy foretells:

1. there will always be a evil creature that is destined to become the leader of the evil species

2. the ruler of evil will almost take over the human race every single time

3. there will always be a chosen one who is:

 - destined to slay the evil ruler

 - become stronger than the evil ruler

 - successfully repel the evil army who had control over most of the human territory

 -(that's pretty much it)

4. this is an endless cycle(or curse) that can never be broken

5. both the chosen one and evil ruler is only required to follow the rules in number 1 - 4. They have 0 requirements of anything else. Meaning, the chosen one is free to use his power to take over the human race, enslave his(lets be honest, chosen one is always male) citizens, sleep with as many women as he wants and have no morale requirement. As well as the evil ruler is not required to do evil.


Say you are a strategies in the demon side. How would you act to play around the chosen one trope?

1. What would you wish to accomplish in that world?

2. How plans/actions would you take to accomplish your goal?

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1. To unite the world and bring a long lasting peace.

2. Take as much as I can, antagonize the world and bring it under my banner, with heavy hand. Take those whom are greed for money, power and women as my allies. Force the chosen one to take action, by taking everything important to him. Send a woman to be his aid but she actually manipulate him to walk into my front door. Torment the people with high taxes and heavy-handed tax collectors so the chosen one would care about the people. Send out armies to hunt him down and an excellent man to be his rival. 

to be continued 

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