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Aggro Shadow (Unlimited) Version 1

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Still probably my favorite deck, here is what I'm currently brewing.  Any suggestions (with ample reasoning given behind them) are welcome!


3x Goblin - Core

3x Skull Beast - Core

3x Lesser Mummy

2x Dark Conjurer

3x Little Soulsquasher - Core

3x Demon Eater - Not A Turn 2 Play

3x Belenus

3x Tenacious Ghost - Core

3x Bone Chimera

3x Skull Ring

3x Orthrus - Core

3x Phantom Howl - Core

3x Cerberus - Core

2x Ephemera, Angelic Slacker


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Things I've Also Been Experimenting with:

- Adding 1x Skeleton Fighter as a 7th one drop

- Adding 1x Soul Conversion

- Adding Copies of Andrealphus instead of or in addition to Demon Eater

- Adding 1x Prince Catacomb

- Adding 2x-3x Rabbit Necromancer (seems to just perform worse though)

- 2x Underworld Ruler Aisha instead of Ephemera (also seems wrong so far)


Things that are right out:

- Turning this into Midrange Shadow

- Lurching Corpse

- Attendant of Night

- Necroassassin

- Skeleton Knight

- Angel of the Word

- Grave Invitation

- Impious Ressurection

- Wind God

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