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Arena appreciation thread

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Just wanted to drop by and say that the new Chronogenesis Take 2 is really enjoyable. Since I'm a bit tired of ladder and unranked, I've been using my t2 tickets lately, playing at least one match every day.

And hey, classes seem to be a lot more balanced with the new cards and the recent bans. I've been able to go 4-1 with all the crafts I tried, so it seems like a great time to play Arena right now. Portal is a bit of an issue (the ability to stall effectively and put stuff in your deck in a format with 30-cards decks is probably too much), but it's not unbeatable (bricks happen).

So, I'm moderately satisfied with my recent Arena experiences. Is it just my impression or did they really manage to improve it?

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I don't like this format anywhere near as much as the previous, as it only exacerbated the issue of Shadowcraft being dominant by handing them four more absurd bronze cards, one of which is breaking even the rotation meta as we speak.

I'll admit all the other classes feel better to use and play to their gimmicks really nicely, but they can't realistically win against even subpar Shadow drafts.

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On a slightly more positive note, I've got my first Arena deck I've played in ...... a while and it's actually gone 1-0 so far just based on synergy.


2x Owlcat

1x Fairy Whisperer

1x Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum

1x Abby the Axe Girl

2x Elf Singer Harmony

1x Rayne, Elf Smith

1x Elf Song

1x Burly Axewielder

1x Pitfall

1x Night's Way

1x Cybele

2x Beetle Warrior

1x Starry Elf

2x Adept Archer

1x Crimsonbow Elf

1x Ivy Spellbomb

1x Fall from Grace

1x Flower Princess

1x Weald Philosopher

1x Snow, Whitecat Sage

1x Holy Angel Altaia

1x Ipiria

1x Crystallia Aerin

1x Mighty Dwarf

1x Chronos

1x Deepwood Anomaly

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Compared to last expansion it's decent, but shadow is currently completely broken in it. Had good results with portal, rune, dragon and then 5:0 with shadow without even trying, carried by triple skull ring, triple catacomb, double troth and eachtar on top of it. Madness, I tell you.

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I used to enjoy it previously either but I think it has also slowed down with Portalcraft incoming, and also in general which I generally like cause there are more decisions to make and screw up.

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