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Dear Devs, we hope you could create a reset button to reset account. When player ain't satisfied with their card . Reset the game aka reroll ,story from beginning and rewards same for completing tutorial. For ios,android and steam. Reset but the username same .

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So just keep resetting until you get what you want? That seems a bit childish don't you think? This is a card game where you have a chance to get certain cards from packs. Letting you pick and choose is for vials, and doing that makes you use more resources in order to keep you from having everything. But why would a game make you have a hard time getting content?

Because it teaches you to be flexible with what you get and grow your collection. Use what you have, and you can change it when you earn another new card. Maybe you'll get a legendary you didn't want, but try to use it and discover that you like the deck. This is something that wouldn't have happened if they just let you reroll in order to get what you want. 

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