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Custom Serpent Bloodcraft cards

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So the serpents in bloodcraft are lacking a little (A lot) of resources, and honestly just seem like bats but harder to pull off. So I thought to go through ideas that could help serpents have their own identity, and be more than just a meme selection. For all cards missing an evolve, assume they receive the +2/+2 rush bonus as per normal evolves

Lord of Snakes-
5pp, Gold
Fanfare-Give all allied serpents bane 
Destroy all allied serpents. Gain +1/+1 for each destroyed serpent. If at least three serpents are destroyed, gain storm

White snake
1 or 2(?) pp, Bronze
Bane (Or) *Last Words*- Summon a serpent

Venom Harvester-
3 PP, Silver
*Fanfare*- Choose an allied creature with bane. Remove Bane, then deal 3 damage to the Enemy leader

Arrogant Charmer-
1 pp, silver
Fanfare-Summon a serpent. Whenever an ally enters the battlefield while this card is in play, deal 1 damage to yourself 

Snake pit-
4pp, Gold
Amulet- Countdown 3
At the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to a random enemy follower for each allied serpent in play
(Needs tuning, but a snake pit amulet is a card I want)


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I dont really see a fluid synergy right here with other snake card. I mean snakes are more like spawn tokens for Medusa effect. So sacrifice your own serpents  for damage seem bad really but it just my opinion. That said, i love the idea of have one amulet like snake pit. More like

Snake Pit

4PP, Gold

Amulet - 3 Countdown

At the end of your turn, summon a Serpent.

Enhance (6)

5 Countdown

Fanfare: Serpents gain Ambush.

At the en of your turn summon 2 Serpent then Serpents you control gain ambush.

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I planned on having the snake Lord be able to both provide easy ways to clear board or alternate as a potential finisher card if the right set up can be given for him. It’s very hard to create effects for snakes that don’t end up being like bats 

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Maybe focus then to the mid, late game with effects that sacrifice snakes to generate card adventage (or control the board) and protection effects for the snakes. Cause the problem with snakes and bats is...well when you see 1/1 token spawn you actually thing about aggro and early turns matters. But Snakes cards are focus on mid game actually (Stheno is late game, Medusa is Mid game, all the spells cost 3 or more is i dont remember bad).

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Hmm, i must admit you kinda love serpent tokens that much. Me included. Except that i...regretted crafting it.

The problem is...the tokens itself. it is just vanilla flavoured, no impact...

I would rather have cards like elf song that can buff serpents too.


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True. I honestly don't have that many serpent cards, but the idea of using them seems very nice, and I'm a sucker for themed decks of any kind xD

My idea was making the serpents gain bonuses that can make them worthwhile when not used for medusiana or Stheno effects, so something like giving them bane that isn't just a straight "Buff"

Bats seem very aggro, and because of that I want to almost make serpents very controlly, but with their own tools they have to keep track off and investigate what they can pull off through abilities. 

What about

Gorgon Acolyte-
2pp, bronze
*fanfare*- If at least two allied serpents are in play, draw a card

Or some small effect that lets the amount of serpents you have let you gain bonuses, meaning that the opponent will have to spend resources that will target 1/1's, meaning you can set up for other finishers and make serpents a control-ish deck with many ways to impact the board other than putting a beat stick on the field?

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The more I mess with it, the more I think Snakes shouldn't actually be their own thing. Which completely counter-acts what I'm trying to do here in a way, but they work pretty great as a support mechanic in other decks instead of them being the main focus. Kind of like an alternate win condition so the opponent has more to deal with 


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