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How to Counter Heal Haven? | Ver.1.7.0

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I can't find a way to beat my friend's heal Haven without a notable amount of luck and often left with 1/5 wins.

I use aggro sword and blood, not exactly sure whats going on with shadow but I use it, and combo fairy. I just can't find a way to hard counter it my friend's control heal haven.

From my observation friend has...

| at least 17 healing cards / 3 bunny healers / 3-2 angelic healers / 3 holy water things / 3 unicorn unicas / 2 chetue (or something like that) / 2-3 "lost in way with words" / 1-2 Tenko(s)

| 5 Count Down Amulets at 1pp that give cards / 3 standard haven card giving amulets / 2 stairways to heaven

| 2 Elena's Prayers 

| 4 board clears / 2 Themis's Decree / 2 ancient lion spirits

| 2-3 Priest (4 drop banish reactive)

| 4 banish spells / 3 of the 2 pp / 1 of the 5 pp

| 5-7 Wards / 2 Temple Defenders, 3 Snake Priestesses / 2 Guardian Angels 

| 1-2 Irasifil

| 1 Bahamut 

1 Zeus

| 1 Queen of the Dread Sea |

The numbers might be strange because he uses a different deck on occasion to throw me off. 

Help me beat him. 


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If you can, running stuff like Crimson Purge and Emerelda in Blood can help, at least to kill off any super buffed followers and to destroy Elenas with Em.

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Ironically, aggro decks like Aggro Sword tend to actually do well against Elana Haven since they can aggro faster than the Elana player can heal. Some combo decks like DShift also do well against Elana Haven because it can kill in a single combo from full health.

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