Calling all Forest gurus; need help deckbuilding

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5 hours ago, chozagrib said:

Double Elf Queen really kicked me off. :D

I was pretty slow in that game and burned my Jor. Also drew almost all of his activators in the early game which is pretty bad... i.e. unlucky draws.

Against meta-decks @Unryuu's list seems way too greedy though.

WP. I could tell the Jor combo would have been painful if the Ram had come out earlier.

My list is probably sort of greedy since I wanted to make a true tempo control deck, rather than a rush-to-9 Wolf deck that’s functionally no different from Roach. It’s not 100% consistent like CBlood vs. decks like Aggro Sword, but it also does far better than expected - I also drew backward that match; you can tell by the fact that I had zero Fairy producers or draw almost all the way up to Turn 17, and had to start burning Roaches to stay alive. The hand is obviously much better when you have Guidance targets and fodder for Will.

If the first 4 Turns are not a complete loss for you, the combination of Aerin + Tia + AE + Elf Queen + lots of bounce means you can often hold out indefinitely with any type of draw and outlast almost every other deck outside of Elana Haven or Neph. It’s not in a grinder sense; I just meant that the choices are really flexible and solid because of effects like enhance, and the synergy with shadows. So you can make counterplays to most threats easily, like Aerin on 8 or 1-2-Tia into AE the next turn to recycle the Tia after Eve dies.

Anyhow, thanks for playing. It was a fun match and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

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So, this might interest @Unryuu, @Dergonu, and other control players maybe. :)

I've come up with my own Dumbo Control list.

I've been using this for my dailies in the last few days. It's pure control, no Roach included. You usually win on turn 10 with double Elephant or Elephant + Warden.

It fares extremely well against aggro Sword (8-0 so far, both going first and second), reasonably well against Neutral Forest (2-1, thanks to Lily), and decently against PDK, unless they go first and ramp like hell (4-4). It's auto concede against DShift, and unfavoured against Ramp Dragon, Storm Haven and Mid Shadow. It's favoured against Nep, Aegis, Control Blood, aggro in general. Elana and Burn Rune seem to be coinflips, depending on both players' draws.

That said... I'm still not 100% satisfied of the list, so any feedback would be welcome. I find myself especially dependent on an early game Staircase in order to replenish my hand enough to play a decently sized Elephant, or an useful WotF/Cassiopeia, and I don't like the idea. I could add Starry Elf to tutor it, or maybe some other drawing tools/hands refillers, but I don't know what could I replace. Guidance is also an option, but again, I don't know what to drop to make room for it.

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