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Screw Sabers, More Cannons! The Unexpected Control Cannon Swordcraft!

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Hi, I'm Raniel. I like to experiment with a bunch of decks of various classes, and I'm always open to trying new things and breaking the norm. With Tempest of The Gods it was shadowcraft, with WonderLand Dreams it was Forestcraft and now this expansion, I'm looking at one of the underused Swordcraft archetypes that have gotten a lot of good tools under the shadows. This time, I'm looking at Support Cannon Swordcraft, a class that has basically been in the dumpster since release, but with some of Starforged Legends tools, I attempted to make a Cannon Sword deck!

What the hell is this? Why are you not playing Aggro Sword, and deciding to play this garbage?

Yes, Aggro Sword is the most played deck on ladder at the moment. However, that deck's popularity has overshadowed the power that a lot of other decks from Swordcraft received. There are a bunch of Control Sword and Token Sword decks previous to this post that have proven that. I chose to talk about this type because I love amulet interaction in Shadowverse (I wish it was more supported)  and I wanted to show a different side of Control Swordcraft that isn't talked about as much. This deck is also a very huge mindgame to your opponent, as a lot people will expect to play against aggro Sword on ladder, and may not be used to playing against this kind of deck.



And yes, this is ABSOLUTELY NOT  an optimized list. I do not intend to spend money on this game currently, so this is what I was able to come up with after vialing Alices and other extras from my measly 40 Starforged Legends packs. A lot of these cards may not be familiar to recent players, so I'll go over some of them and explain their purpose.

The Early Game Drops

Oh man, control decks have it brutal right now in terms of deckbuilding. You would think that 40 cards is a lot of room, but when you have a game where you can have 3 copies of a card, it's so difficult to make the correct decisions on what to remove/add most of the time. For this deck specifically, I'm not running any one drops like Quickblader or Perseus simply because there's no room for them. They don't synergize with the theme of Support Cannon, which is board control until 5. They would also be extremely bad draws later in the game.

The 2 drop slot however, has cards that set up combos or just become ways to survive the early game. Cuhullin is arguably a weaker Whole-Souled Swing, but also has capability of become a mid-game threat that can strike down a strong 5-6pp follower instantly while burning very few resources, very useful if you don't draw Support Cannon turn 5. Naval Guard Simone has the same mid-game potential as well, the card is flexible and is not a completely dead 2-drop later in the game. Bladed hedgehog is very strong against aggro decks with multiple 1/1 followers, especially aggro forest. Lux searches out some of the powerful commanders that our deck contains!  

For 3 play points, Purehearted Singer is used to cycle out the deck. Not a whole lot to talk about this card, you've seen it in Atomy, PTP, ANother draw engine was needed in this deck other than Lux, and this had a body attached to it as well. For commanders, I run 2x Cinderella, Mars and White Paladin. Mars and White Paladin synergize extremely well together, especially against an aggro deck if you manage to get the combo out (which is made a little bit easier with one of our mid-game cards). Cinderella has been a staple in Cannon Sword for a long time, and the reasons stay the same this expansion. A recyclable 3 drop that contests the board well at 3pp and has deal 4 damage to a random follower (or hero) spell attached later on.

The Evolution Stage and  5pp Staples

The 4pp slot feature 2 of my favorite cards in the deck, Urd and Uriel. These two have made the deck so fun to play, especially with some the new cards released during Starforged Legends. Urd has some synergies I'll discuss later, but Uriel is a must for this deck. Being able to tutor Support cannon is what can make the difference between this deck completely losing board control and locking your opponent out of the game. After that, I run two floral fencers simply to assert some board presence turn four if I go second. Floral fencer synergizes very well with a Mars sticking on board.

At 5pp I run exactly one Barbarossa. Why only one? Because you only need one to have two, or even 3. Urd turns this monster into a deal 5 damage two times if it attacks and survives. On top of that, you get a card that rewards you if your opponent floods the board. On top of that it's a commander which activates Cannon. And it's 5 attack, something that can't be simply ignored. This card is just disgusting at certain points of the game and only one is needed to make its impact absurd. 

What is a Support Cannon Deck without Support Cannon? Play this on turn 5 and reap the rewards later into the game. Play it later....not as fun, but you have other wincons besides this. Still, your priority should be playing this on turn 5 but DO NOT PLAY IT IF YOU ARE VERY BEHIND ON TEMPO. Similar to how Baphomet was played with Spawn during the first month of Wonderland Dreams (shudders) a lot of people make the mistake of making a low tempo play when they are very behind on the board and life total. Playing a support cannon on turn 5 will not matter if your opponent can murder you with storm cards 2 turns after, so if you have to play a different 5pp card to get board presence, do it. Like these ones below!

Unsheathed Blade is a card that's actually insane. This brings in a commander that can activate cannon and can attack the turn it comes into play. (If I had an Alexander this card would be so broken in the deck). You can play this with Leonidas and Urd it on turn 9. You just played a Deal 14 damage split across random enemies, dealt 7 damage with Leo's attack on a minion. Oh and you got an amulet that gives followers +3/+3 and Rush. And yes, the boosted stats boost damage on Support Cannon. SO GOOD  

Round Table Assembly is just as, if not more disgusting than Unsheathed Blade. 5pp for 6pp worth of followers? And they activate Support Cannon? Yes Please. I understand that this has bad interactions with Cinderella, but this just has such good synergy with support cannon that the tradeoff is reasonable.

Late Game Horrors and Memes.

Yeah. Thats a Zodiac Demon. And I would run two of it if I could. The commander destroyed will still activate Support Cannon, given there is two followers or more on the board, or there is an empty board. This also destroys Barabossa on your hand, which seems like a downside, but it forces your opponent to play less creatures, lest they want a 2pp 5/4 ruining their day. 

FrontGuard General is just a strong body which protects us from late game finishers and is also very sticky! 

And finally,Leonidas gives us the MAX damage from Cannon, and gives us a late game wincon we can use to close the game out.

I will post more information about this deck soon, so please leave some feedback, as this is my first deck overview, and it would be really helpful if I could figure some things I can change. Thank you and I'll see you guys soon!


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Potential Replacements?

-Obviously, I would run 1 Alexander in this deck if I had one, but I also would consider replacing Floral Fencer for Juliet to give the Round Table some consistency.

-Cuhulin may be worse than I thought, maybe a different two drop to help in the early game like Veteran Lancer, or Unica.

-I might consider adding a Barbarossa, but I think one is enough for now.

-Budgeting this deck is difficult, as a lot of the strong Commander synergies are paid for with vials.

Playstyle/Important Interactions

In the early game, control the board as much as possible. You want the board ideally in a position where you can drop Support Cannon without taking too much punishment the following turn. After that, take care in what order you decide to clear minions, as you may be dealing more damage to your board than you need. For example. Say a 5 attack follower like an evolved Albert, Levin Saber and a White General currently are out, while you have a Support Cannon. If you can clear the White General with followers first and can use Support Cannon Combos to kill the Albert, that is usually the best play you can go for. Of course in flooded board scenarios, Support Cannon becomes unreliable if you can't properly manipulate the board to hit the target you want. These board control puzzles take a little bit of practice, but won't be too hard to understand.

CINDERELLA BOUNCES WHEN YOU PLAY A SWORD FOLLOWER, FROM ANYWHERE. Seriously, people who have played with Cinderella(Especially in Take Two for whatever reason) will fail by not attacking with her before playing their Swordcraft 4 drop, or will have a neutral but play a sword follower anyway. It loses games sometimes if you make this mistake. Keep a good habit of managing the recycling effect and only use it if you feel you can use her to out-value your opponent later on.

Double Cannon Will Not activate with only one enemy follower if it dies. Basically, the way the interaction works is that both amulets check if there are enemy followers at the same time before they are allowed to hit the enemy leader. If both of them detect followers at the same time, one will target the follower and hit it. If it dies, the second cannon will still target the dead "follower" which does not exist, thus the effect will not activate. 

URD's return follower to play effect will activate Cannon, And removes negative effects such as Unsheathed Blade bounce.

Very important interaction. This can clear enemy board on its own.

Matchups-Coming Soon!

Edited by Raniel

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Frequent Matchups Discussion

Even after the patch I am still using the same decklist, and it still gives pretty good results. Here are some of the matchup knowledge I found with some of the experience.

Atomeme Shadow:   +2

This deck has all the tools to combat atomy, especially in the mid game stages of the game. The older lists that I run with Momo are even better against Atomy, but Atomeme Shadow is heavily reliant on staircase to generate its advantages, and its difficult for them to overpower you on board unless your mulligan was bad.

Keep a Lancer/Cuhullin if you can, and look for big 3 drop threats like cinderella and mars to give bodies that they are forced to blow lurching corpses and zombie parties on. Support Cannon usually is pretty poor against Shadow due to them having multiple followers most of the time, but atomy puts a giant target on his back for your cannon. If you are safe taking 8 in order to generate a cannon tempo play next turn, take the chance.

Leonidas Unsheated Blade on a damaged Atomy makes this matchup impossible for them to win.

Aggro Blood : -1

Unfavoured, but definitely not impossible. White Paladin on a board where they have not dropped a Yurius is one of the oppurtunities you can take to swing the board, along with round table assembly not bouncing cinderella. Usually dropping Cannon in unsafe in many situations, so mulligan it away, as well as a Uriel, being taken down to sub 6 hp to get an amulet down against a heavy burst deck is not a good idea.

Lancers can immediately take care of threats like blood wolf that accumulate too much damage, or threats that may cause too much in future turns like Vania. Keep Hedgehog to deal with bat swarms and value trade.

More Matchups coming soon!

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Very interesting, not a huge fan of cannon myself, (mostly cause I only have one cindy xD ) not so sure on the Urds when you’re running Zodiac, would pick one or the other, though I know the limitation you’re under :) after all, it’s only benefit really is returning a Leonidas into play off Unsheathed Blade so you can get two resolves, though that seems very limiting, would probably replace them with Rolands.

As for your cu chulainne, I’d rather go with Momo, yeah, he gets bane and damage immunity. But he costs twice as much as Momo, for not much of a benefit, but that’s just me personally. 

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Yesterday I played DS vs ward sword. I lost. It was interesting concept abusing, white paladins, durandal, cannon Lumi mage and alot of draw. He killed me with 2 7 mana storm wards xD

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