Can Shadowverse survive WD?

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Yeah, they killed OTK Roach, because sadly there was no middle ground. Either you have 9 Roaches in your deck ( 3 feena + 3 goblin mage + 3 roach ), either you don't.

I was trying to come up with different nerf, but nothing can beat consistency of pulling roaches.

About combo-decks in general - the problem is: SV now is so fast, that there is no time to assemble your combo. DShift is so slow, WolfBolt is a bit slow ( late for 1 - 2 turns ).

Thus combo-decks disappeared ( maybe Seraph is alive? ).


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On 7/17/2017 at 8:41 AM, Othello said:

So..... I guess delete WD and refund everything?

You may jest, I say this may be for the best.

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