Gamepress said it was a Tier-3 deck, but i dont want to believe it (D-Shift Runecraft)

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Funny, since they *ban* (maintenance?) Phoenix Roost, i keep losing my winning streak on ranked (because i use Phoenix Satan OTK) but now i use Zell Storm and quite good, on AA, and found myself enjoying my old D Shift Rune.

Okay about the topic title, and the deck, shall we?

For the deck list, click here pls

Okay you probably already know it so i will explain the card that usually dont/never used on normal D Shift before.

- Scrap-Iron Smelter: D Shift is a slow deck that relies on late game OTK (lol, i like OTK deck whatever card games im in, either YGO or Shadowverse), slow deck means you need to stall the game in order to commence the late game OTK using D Shift, so a follower with a ward is essential here, lack of any ward in general Runecraft (outside ER) means youre susceptible to Storm-related deck/cards. ik Summon Ice Form exist, but only last a turn, while Scrap-Iron Smelter can be reused via Kaleido + re activate it and combo'd with Calamitious Curse, see below. So i run 3.

- Calamitious Curse: Because zzzzzzzzzzz i hate Prince Catacomb, and Shadowcraft follower that floats around endlessly to become sticky and hard to clear, combo'd with Scrap-Iron, you have a deadly mass removal. 2 at best, to increase consistency and decrease clogging brick hand.

- Rite of Exorcism: "What?! No Wind Blast/Fiery Embrace? Youre gonna ded *kek*" except im not :p, Fiery Embrace is one of those clunky, and cloggy earlier turn, require another spell to decrease the cost which is, i think too late when you need removal and just topdecked it. Wind blast is okay, possibly more efficient than Fiery Embrace/Exorcism, but rarely kill big wall unless you spellboosted it 5-10 times, so Excorcism is my choice here, its versatility to kill amulet and a normal cost also counted without waiting to spellboost it, and of course narrowing down the spell with spellboost effect on your deck. (i see a few Dragonclaw Pendant Dragoncraft, or to kill Test of Strength because it stop your D Shift OTK).

- Dragonbond Mage: Well, you see, D Shift has consistency issues, i already tried running Flame Destroyer/Ginger/Harnessed Twins, all of them either clog your hand earlier turn and does nothing until you D Shift. "But What about Rune Blade Summoner?" it requires you to spellboost her atleast 8-more for a lethal OTK attack, and if you got her late, you cant D Shift opp and waiting to pile her attack which is bad, while Dragonbond Mage has exact cost, deadly effect when used in this deck. The only drawback is you need your D Shift cost 3 (spellboosted atleast 15 times), but worth it. I run 2 for the sake of consistency/decreasing the chance of getting cloggy hand.


Since in this deck, the only spell with spellboost are Fate's Hand and D Shift, you have the consistency you need to grab D Shift earlier turn via Lou/Merlin/Library. Running only 3 kinds of followers (Merlin, Dragonbond Mage, and Levi), means the chance you got a dead hand is more less likely, and can more focusing on spamming spell for spellboost. "Hey, you run 2 Library/2 Merlin/2 Lou? thats an overkill search and your hand gonna explode!" Well . . . that is mostly true, but i like it. Thats why i posted here, as im open for solution or advice from D Shift master here >.<

Anyhow, this deck has good matchups against aggro Shadow, as long as you can grab Calamity, as for others, unless its not aggro its fine (i only lose to aggro blood and rarely aggro sword) as long as you know what to do with the deck, youre good to go.

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Dude, thanks for this deck. I made it and instantly fell in love. I replaced 1 Merlin (dont have 2) with a mutagenic bolt. Should i replace the bolt with 3rd calamitous?

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Posted (edited)

On 5/23/2017 at 2:26 AM, Alexx55 said:

Dude, thanks for this deck. I made it and instantly fell in love. I replaced 1 Merlin (dont have 2) with a mutagenic bolt. Should i replace the bolt with 3rd calamitous?

Srry for the late reply, and youre welcome.

Like i stated in the OP, 2 Merlin, 2 Lou, and 2 Library is an overkill search (got a flooded hands) , so cutting one/two of them is actually fine or maybe better, also Lou is pretty much do the same job as Merlin tho. (i actually trash out library and doing good, flooded hands turn 4-5 didint happen like i usually do) 

I dont recommend hex spell (Mutagenic or Winter's), since its basically does small thing imo and opp can still punch you with flame rat/snowman. But of course its just my biased opinion, if hex spell turns out to be good, then use it lel :P

Instead, if you have a problem with non-targetable follower/ambush, try Fire Chain instead, mass control removal that can hit them since its, in YGO language called "non-targeting removal" aka "RNG removal" in generic games, also has cheaper cost than Mutagenic/Winter's.

EDIT: I also tried cutting Calamitious Curse (since post catacomb nerf i thought aggro shadow lose its popularity, but instead its still the same for bahamut's sake).

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