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Working on Control Forest (With Notification 10 matche's)

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Hi, i start to construct my Control forest Deck, i use only cards on my collection but i can craft some if u got any idea.


The plan with constructing deck is survive to 8 turn and deal some damage, then end with Deepwound Anomaly, Bahamut or Earthshock Ogre.

Now some information i gather on 10 not ranked matches.

Start with statistics:


1. Isabelle Earth Rite WON

2.Isabelle Spellbost LOST

3.Luna Cerberus LOST (Realy Bad draw)

4.Rowen Ouroboros LOST (i think cause of lack to block attack of ouroboros, one more turn and win)

5.Erika Gawin of round table WON

6.Urias midrange WON (Grimnir end this)

7.Arisa neutral base WON (Bahamut End this)

8.Erika frog deck LOST (Cause of my bad, i will have chanse if i not put fill table of fairys, Maahes will block only one follower Frog with hide)

9.Luna Control with skeletons LOST

10.Isabele WON

If i will not make a one mistake it may be 6w1l but anyway i think:

1.Pros and cons


Pixie Paradise amuletx2 is enough and make good amount of faries to little combo and never burn any card's cause of full hand

Earthshock Ogre is realy good card to done game ith 6 damage (3 fanfare and 3 evolution damage) end 2 of 10 games

Grimnir is realy good card and fit on any control deck

Maahes is hard to combo but still is ward 5/5 and work well on this deck

Dryad can be sometimes nightmare for some midrange decks, and other with 1 attack followers.

Dwarf Perfumer can block asspain card like ouroboros. I should redraw her everytime.

Less and able combos.


Sometimes is bad at start to clear board, can be pain when You not have any card to play against mid decks

Carnival plant is addet on case to counter heavencraft deck with amulet that give +1/+1 to follower evrey time when hero heal

Deepwon Anomaly draw once and is useless (hard to test tchem)

Lack of full clearing bord with lower than 10 cost.

I think there are cards to delete:

Fairy Circle x2

Carnivorous Flower x2

And... what add? What You guys think??




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Fairy Circle - it's your combo generator

Carnivorous Flower - yeah, useless

Deepwood Anomaly - bad

In those 3 slots ( 1x Deepwood Anomaly and 2x Carnivorous Flower ) you can insert some Ancient Elf and Tia


But I doubt, that even with those changes deck will be good - you can't play control in this meta because of dragon and shadow


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