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Are we talking about this deck?

Funny that winner of the tournament running nep deck. But I think it is pretty slow for ladder. Dat attendant lost me god knows how many games...
Also no cards draw, interesting... is there some where finals VOD?

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15 hours ago, Kharaxx said:

Do you know this site?

In the last tournament 3 people played Nep with Ledger.

It seems it still the best to use Nep for 100% Khawy + Morde (at least for me...I lost so many because I dont get the Khawy heal in my inconsistent Nep) and Ledger for some tempo in the midgame. 

I play a mix them, I think the list of the 1st place is the better one, I don't like Ding Dong and the 4/4s force Dragon to use Evos, Lurching corpse quite often does nothing against Dragon and kills skeletons against shadow.

iI doesn't know. Thanks! I go watch some stuff there :P

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I run Ledger in my nepnep. 

3 attendants plus 3 ledgers and youll mostly pop ledger turn 4 and basically thin your deck while creating shadows and getting those lichs on the board. If you get 2 ledgers on the board you can get more lichs out. Liches early arent easy to deal with. 


Plus you have tons of removal with lurching corpse, necroassiassion and my personal favorite mid combo goblin ridermount. Get that big 3/7 ward out while killing your lurching or attendants. Great combo. 


Late game is awesome with kawly and mord and nep and imperor t. 


I pretty much destroy ramp dragon, all you gotta worry about is lightning blasts. If you play smart you can outlast haven and dragon late game. 

If your hands decent you can survive aggro shadow and mid shadow. 


Plus nep deck is  really fun to play. Top tier decks get boring. 

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Well, for what it's worth I'll contribute my Nepthys Tempo deck here. Just hit A-rank basically playing only Haven/Shadow, been doing that long before TotG.

The deck plays by starting the Infinite Lich Factory for much better than even PP value early, then plays like a Control Shadow deck late with a Mordecai/Nepthys T8 finisher, for a T9-T10 win. Death's Ledger or an Impious + Attendant/Corpse combo early can steal tempo in the midgame, whilst Ledger scales extremely well into late by giving you two of a 3-point boardwipe off Balor, a removal/heal off Khawy or a free ward to play next turn off Immortal Thane. I have Bellringer in there for the card-draw and as a decent Nep target, but you could use Unica or Lyrial.

I've just tweaked this version for the current aggro meta, but the Burial Grounds are in there because I like to replace the Balors with Charons for a vicious T5 evo + Lich spawn. The third Khawy can also get swapped out for a Demonlord, which dilutes your draw but gives you good boardwipe (or board-boost for lethal) on T7 since you will almost always have 10-20 shadows in the midgame off those infinite Ledger/Impious procs.

Nepthys pulls will always hit 8 (Mord), 7 (ward/heal), 6 (boardclear), 4 (Lich), 3 (Lich) or 2 (carddraw/Corpse). But since your Ledgers will always be hitting the low PP targets first, at least 2 of the 4PP-2PP slots will usually be exhausted, which guarantees you a Mordecai + Khawy/Thane + Balor/Lich.

And of course, Urd gives you fantastic plays like T4 Urd hitting a T3 Attendant, or Urd hitting a Mordecai/Thane/Khawy late game. I've also clutched more than one win by using Urd to un-ward/un-statboost cards like Gelt or Death's Breath or Shadow Reaper that gain things on Fanfare/over time.

Sorry for rambling on, I just like Nepthys Shadow a lot. Would always appreciate some feedback on the deck!

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This my nepthys deck that i was used now , before lightning blast nerf

I was ever pull 3 morde and 1 urd with this deck but got traumatized when they all banished by lightning blast and got direct hit by bahamut , since then i never play nep again until this lightning blast nerf . This deck pretty solid i think

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