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Goldilocks Vengeance

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So, since I haven't posted any deck lists in the expansion, I've decided to go with the one that has been given me the best win rate in ladder (note: Haven't played Shadow or Dragon decks). This midrange blood list tries to find the border between being aggressive enough to pressure control/combo decks early on to finish them before they start to get stabilized and being defensive enough to trade against other aggressive decks in order to stabilize to shift the fight in your favor. From my week or so of playing the deck, I'd say the unfavorable matchups are aggro shadow and storm dragon. 

Decklist: Lukewarm Vengeance Midrange

I'll talk about some of the odd cards in the deck that I haven't seen in other decks.

Veight: I'd say this is one of the more riskier cards to cover against aggro than the typical Gimnir. It is worse against Shadow since Orthus is a card, but, aside from that on curve, the ability to produce bats on damage and evolving it to get a 1/1 body guaranteed is something I consider valuable over the better ward body. I'd imagine fitting in Gimnir in the deck can help the aggro shadow matchup if people want to change the deck up.

Mask: A card that can save you from dying when the game goes on too late and give you a 5 defense buffer when in vengeance. Since the deck isn't running too much defense recovery, the card is basically a way to gain easy life since only Dragon is running amulet destruction (which is still usually unless they Bahamut it).

Blood Pact: I don't know why people wouldn't want cheap card draw. Allows more options throughout the game and it can be used to proc vengeance. I would play this on curve even against aggro matchups as the deck will want to get more options to deal with aggro such as Succubus (if it isn't in the mulligan), Wardrobe Raider, or Revelation. 

Wardrobe Raider: imo one of the few standard 4 drops that should still be ran even if more cards come out. The ability to usually deal with a smaller drop and gain defense is really valuable and can allow the board to change on curve. People are running Soul Dealer or more Belphegors, but this deck can naturally go into vengeance without needing one of those cards to help.

Dance of Death: Hard removal and damage. Some people have been trying Stolen Life as I've seen in other threads, but this coming at 5pp and guaranteeing a card going away is more valuable, in my eyes, than the additional stats on a follower and 3 damage to an enemy follower. 

Mastema: A big bulky follower that control decks want to remove. It landing a hit has proven its cost and as long as the opponent cannot reliably take it out, then it proves it use in certain matchups. It is a card that can be swapped out for other cards, but this does its worth in control matchups like ramp dragon and aegis/seraph haven. 

Revelation: Big AoE. It is more of a niche card choice against other midrange decks like tempo forest and swordcraft lists, but it can be replaced with Diabolic Drain if you want a more prevalent card against aggro. 

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