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Found 13 results

  1. Not much need to by said. Enjoy this lecture with me
  2. turn 5 Old blood king + Gift for blood kin = 3 face damage, then summon bloodkin + 1pp vlood claw for 8 face damage + Evo for total of turn 6 13 Face damage. hoo boy
  3. This is my aggro sword deck list , it got positive winrate for anyone interested . Tell me your suggestion too got 5 winstreak now , but i think i still can enhance it
  4. Post-Baha rotation

    with the decline of Shadow sticky board and the rise of Daria I kinda wanted to build a possible jorm deck to be used in Rotation.. the main idea is that this deck want to deal with both board based like Daria that is on the rise and punish the slow combo one like Dragon. with 6 AoE removal and follower that have above average stat as a threat. So far haven't encounter anyone with fall from grace but VS heaven and portal the matchup become a bit tricky,, usually you need to use Bandersnatch effect if you want to relieably pop Jorm, and Vassago here is really helpful to pop Jorm while clear the board to make up for the tempo loss of using only 7pp Bandesnatch. anyway some card justification : a.) Vassago : Maybe a better Urd, need to use your Evo and bad evo stat but in exchange it's useful to pop follower with last word like Serpent and Nacht while at the same time force your board to become beatstick to deal with stuff like BnB. note that I included 2 Shinning Ding Dong to replace 1 reach and 1 Scarlet as a test because I found that pop ability is useful b.) Bapho : Because this deck completely lack any kind of draw (other than the shinning ding-dong) you need to thin out your deck so Bapho is kind of essential.. maybe? c.) Mask : Baha gone thus my mask is safe.. it's useful to wreck those combo player strategy with Mask + Wards. also useful when you want to trigger Jorm effect but your HP are too critical.. versatile cards. d.) blooddrinker Brand : This card are versatile af, the best usage is to use it on Jorm to restore leader defense while popping him with any weak follower,, can be chained perfectly with Vassago so that even 1/x follower can kill your Jorm. also can be used to remove most evo-ed follower. e.) Crimson purge : DoD replacement for those pesky enemy with pesky stat. could also trigger Jorm effect to double as board clearer.. f.) the 2 AoE : because you can't have enough board clear in Rotation,, seriously just being able to wipe enemy board over and over is a huge advantage vs board oriented deck like Daria.. demonic storm should be saved for Jorm effect for 4 damage AoE. Reason for some card exclusion : Zodiac Demon : too much will make the deck heavy and interfere with Snatch, but 1 copy means the chance of drawing him is slim. Blood Wolf : **** stat, and some storm won't help you close the game. once the combo connect you can easily kill the enemy from 20 hp even with Naoise or Durandal or whatever due to the ping damage system. Ram : Blooddrinker will let you recover lot of HP easy.. no real reason to include the ram unless there's aggro in meta,, good for unlimited tho Happy Pig : same reason as above Alternative neutral version : Replace Bapho with Ding Dong, and 1 copy of some cards with 3 Shinning Ding Dong.. more draw but no threat.. or maybe just replace all Bapho with Shinning Ding Dong for better turn 4
  5. Ginger&Sammy Rotation deck

    Prepare... for a Night of Marvels! Sammy&Ginger Olympus Visit (incomplete still. testing still. refining still) (was slightly changed. removed the rings and added 2 pigs) (HAHAHAHAH!!!.. a Night of Marvels for Ramp Dragon) (Sealed Bahamut?) (JUSTICE!) (this bastard was making fun of me, when he droped my life to 2, so i realy enjoyed this) (LOOOOONG)
  6. My Rotation Decks. (WIP)

    Okay, so far, I have two decks I am predominantly working with at the moment, to, fairly decentish success so far, but that’s obviously more or less, due to the way the meta is. So, some folks like @Astraea and @midgardsormr might like these couple of decks. Baring in mind these are still WIPs since it’s only a day old at this point. 1. Wallet Haven Decklist: Wallet Haven This decks so far, gotten me about 70% or so win rate, it’s more or less what you’d expect from a control Haven; Tribunals, Priest of the Cudgels, Scriptures, Red Hot Boots, all for single target removal, (or, well two removals+ if you consider Tribunal and Priest) Saha-Israfil combo, Grimnir, and Bahamut, cover the aoe removal front very well, as well as being rather flexible in themselves. Snow White, Sonia, and Heavenly Knight, are the wards and stallers for the deck, you’d be surprised at how many people mess up when it comes to Sonia. Israfil again, helps with self preservation, and has a large body with a powerful evo, she along with Knights and Aegis comprise of the finishers, if the rest doesn’t just make people concede like it has been When it comes to possible tech choices, you can remove some of the removal amulets for things like Godscale Banquet, or Gemstone Carapace or get rid of the total annihilation, for things like March Hares Tea Time, but do be weary of it, this deck is greedy, and also can be rather evo hungry, if you let the opponents board get out of hand. Match up wise. Aggressive-midrange Blood, Sword, Portals and Forests have so far all been relatively easy, (obviously variance needs to be accounted for) Dragoncraft, tends to be the main negative for this, since they can cheat theirs our earlier, but with their Ramp being less consistent due to being more evo hungry, (Which, then lowers the effect of Sibyl turns) it is possible to go toe-to-toe with them. Shadowcraft I would say is a bit more irritating cause of how sticky their boards are, but so far I’ve only encountered 1. Which conceded when bahamut blew their Thane board up. And now, onto something a bit more... degenerate. 2. Knight OTK Deck list: Knight Haven as prefaced before, this deck, is rather degenerate, it runs Queen, Arriet, Heavenly Knight, and Summit Temple, in order to bring an 18 OTK (9 damage x2) as per usual, the usual suspects are in the deck, Scripture, Papa Banish, Tribunals, etc, all to help stall out, Summit Temple allows for Snow White to be 2x 2/2s for 2pp, Which is rather insane in itself for early game, combined with the amulets, March Hare, Tribunal, Red Hot Boots, and Summit Temple, she becomes a force all on her own, but this all ties into the second choice: Starchaser Sprite. Starchaser, considering the number of amulets, in play, can be a possible 3/3 draw 4, Which is huge, combined with Globe, and Summit Temple cycling itself, getting to turn 10 for the combo with all pieces in hand, is very possible, (at least out of the testing I’ve done) I’ve gone for the more control set up, but if you want to replace the amulets with others, Gemstone, Banquet, etc, that’s up to you, now, one odd thing you’ve may have noticed, is, I run Tea Time, and before you say it, I know “But Othello75, Tin Men are Neutrals!” Yes, Summit Temple doesn’t work, BUT, their evo effect, and large body, makes them something of a priority to take out regardless, so they deserve a spot for that, though it should be noted, that, yeah it’s down to preference, but with the ability to burn face for 3 damage on evo, that puts the opponent into range of OTK, obviously, this deck is the one that needs more work doing to it, since it does seem to struggle a bit still with board space, and the card draw aspect, (cause RNG hates me apparently, wait, nothing new there) like finding space for, say, Purehearted Singer, Which would be a nice inclusion if I could find space lol. Like before, Match up wise, I’ve found aggro-Vengeance blood to be the simplest, because you don’t even need the combo to kill em, since they do it for you, but so far I’ve only had a few match ups with it, wide boards have so far been the bane of this decks existence, which considering aggro beats combo, means everything’s alright tbh, but the lack of hard aoe removal with no Themis is rather irritating to say the least. Anyway, so far that’s been my take on a couple of decks for Rotation so far, so, if you guys want to experiment, or give things a go, go ahead, just let me know how you guys get on, I’d be interested to hear back P.S. I really should main dragon, I’m apparently too greedy for my own good, halp!
  7. rotation deck for blood

    is there already some1 making a rotation blood deck that had decent playrate ? im testing nacht and jormungand deck but cause ambling wraith and bloodwolf already gone , this deck perform poorly somehow i also want to try control blood but i didnt have that 2/4 drain demon ( i could create it if i want ) . anyone , have suggestion ?
  8. So, I know people are gonna be generally playing both formats, but for the most part, I am personally gonna be sticking to rotation, now, this is where the conundrum comes in, if I’m gonna be sticking to rotation, what should I do about old meta decks, (and not-so-meta decks) that are no longer in rotation? Should I liquefy em, cause Nephy, Seraph, Elana, Storm, Hell, I barely see Heresy working out, aren’t exactly things in a rotation world, so I’m questioning if I should liquefy em, or save em? What’s other people’s general consensus when it comes to this kinda situation? (as a note, this is more or less my first time dealing with a card game doing rotation, so I’m rather unsure of it myself right now)
  9. I'm taking the night off of the game as I'm pretty set to get some cool stuff. My question is a fun one. What was your favorite era to play the game in, and what was your favorite deck?
  10. Should I Bother?

    Seriously, know I’ve been salty from time to time as of late, but I’m seriously unsure as of what to do with myself, this game is frustrating me, to the point I can’t even bring myself to play it, I’m way behind in my score rewards for this month, (not even at the 8k point yet), I try, and I try, but it just seems like every deck I run into is almost perfectly curving, perfect answering, and all that jazz. That, I can’t even get Elana to work for me, it’s like “okay, no turn 1 Globe, no big deal, have to hope I draw Aria.....okay I didn’t.... this could be bad.” Tempo out something like a rabbit healer or see what happens next, “great. No t3 Elana, guess I lose now.” And that’s basically how half my games go. >.> doesn’t matter what deck I’m sodding playing, Aegis, nepnep, Seraph, all of em just seem to get steam rolled by more aggressive decks, (Which, to be fair, should only be the case with Seraph, the rest I should be dominating automatically pretty much). i can’t even see rotation doing that much good, especially for Haven, what do we actually get? -3 Archetypes, leaving us with just Aegis, and so far, nothing that really screams like it’d be good enough. Okay, a 6/6 can’t attack ward, and a 3/7 7pp Ward that’s too late in the majority of cases right now, thanks game, really, so really at this point I feel like I should just go follow folks and join the quitting train, I just feel like I’m beating my head against a brick wall because of this bull crap, I never see burn Rune brick, never see vengeance or aggro blood brick, or at least to the point it actually makes their game plan different, all the storm, all the ping effects, all the direct damage spells, I don’t see how anyone is meant to deal with that bull rap when they lose nothing for it, if I could get into HS I probably would, but RNG galore would trigger me more... >.> tldr - should I bother staying around, yea or nay? Cause quite frankly how efficient aggro is is getting ridiculous, and yes I know there’s a salt thread, but I really dunno wtf to do with myself right now.
  11. Post Rotation Archetypes: Aggro

    So Shadowverse broadly supports four archetypes: Aggro, Combo, Control, and Midrange. Today we're going to be talking about Aggro and how it is impacted by the concept and reality of Rotation. The core truth of Aggro is that if you play an on-curve follower for the first four turns of the game and attack face every chance you get, you win the game on turn 5 unless your opponent does something to stop you. Even if the other player does things to slow you down, you can often do a significant amount of damage with those first four turns worth of aggressive followers, which can put your opponent into range of finisher effects playable on turn 5 or 6. An Aggro deck by definition has no cards in it that cannot be played on Turn 6 or before, because any deck planning on a long term value-oriented plan with turn 7+ finishers is Midrange or Control. An Aggro deck needs two things: Efficient curve filling cards for cost slots starting at 1. Some sort of storm or ambush or other reliable damage to do the last bit of damage against Midrange and Control decks that think they've stabilized on turn 5 or 6. That's it. That's the whole deck. And in concept, that's very simple. You don't care how good or bad your 7 cost cards are, or what kind of sweet combos your craft has access to or not. It's all about playing a 1/2 on turn 1 and a 3/2 on turn 3 and bashing your opponent's head in with a rock. And despite these simple requirements, it seems likely that few Aggro decks are going to exist post-rotation. The first and most obvious problem is the existence of 1 cost cards. Nine 1-csot Followers are rotating out leaving only seven still in the format, and it seems unlikely that the next set will provide significant replacements. If you don't have enough playable 1-cost followers, you can't make an aggro deck. Bloodcraft is losing all of their 1-cost followers, so while Aggro Blood has been a staple of the game since Standard it seems unlikely to survive rotation. The second issue is that a lot of the classic Aggro finishers are rotating out. Aggro Shadow loses Phantom Howl and Cerberus. Aggro Dragon loses Forte. Aggro Sword loses Alwidas. Barring a very Aggro centric expansion, it appears that post-rotation there will only be two viable Aggro Decks: Aggro Sword and Aggro Forest. There are a total of 7 1-cost followers that survive rotation and two of them are Sword and two of them are Forest. Sword and Forest both have the ability to play 5 points of Ambush damage on Turn 5 to close out the game on Turn 6. So the decks should be basically viable enough. But that's a pretty heavy hit to the Aggro archetype. We could easily find that one of the two Aggro decks is much better than the other and have only a single Aggro deck that particularly sees play.
  12. Post Rotation Archetypes: Combo

    Shadowverse support four broad archetypes: Aggro, Control, Combo, and Midrange. Not all of these archetypes are viable in all crafts, and it is likely that not all archetypes will ever be viable in all crafts. Post rotation, many crafts will find many of their decks destroyed. Some may yet be salvaged if the right support cards come in the next expansion, but it's a good idea to not hold your breath until Cygames prints support cards that specific decks need. It can be a very very long wait. Combo is probably the archetype hit hardest by this particular Rotation and indeed the concept of Rotation. Combo requires the interaction of multiple cards, and a smaller card pool means that there are less combos you can make. Historically, Combo decks are very strong against Control decks because there is no way in Shadowverse to disrupt your opponent's hand or interact in the middle of your opponent's turn. If they have the cards they need to win the game in their hand, the game is simply over and they have won. We can imagine that if there are any playable Control decks after rotation, that they will have relatively better winrates because of the severe lack of Combo to bully them with. So let's talk about what's going: Most Combo decks won't exist anymore. Roach loses Roach, D-Shift loses D-Shift, OTK Disco Burn loses Wildfang and does not actually inflict Discoburn, PTP loses Path to Purgatory, Wolf Bolt loses the Bolt, Seraph loses the Seraph, Conjuring Force loses the Conjuring Force. Most Combo decks were named after one of the pieces of their combo, and most of the named pieces were in Darkness or Standard and that means they don't survive rotation. Perhaps a better question is what remains. White Elephant. Wolf Bolt is dead because Silver Bolt goes away, but the Elephant is still in the game. If you play a Wolf on turn 8 and get it killed, then you get a zero cost Elephant in your hand the next turn, which allows you to play it, evolve it, and then attack and then play Arriet the Harpist and do 24 unblockable damage to the face. This is the only combo deck that gets out unscathed. Castle In The Sky. This is a combo piece that never had a home because no enabler card for it was ever made. But as soon as Swordcraft gets an Atomy or a Jabberwocky of its own that can reliably trigger the Castle, then the fact that it's a board-wide buff plus Storm makes it an easy combo-finish. Castle was in RoB, so if the next set doesn't have the second piece of the Castle Combo, you can forget this entry entirely. Queen of the Dread Sea. The Queen lets you play two cards for free and discards your hand. If you have a two card combo that would win you the game but they normally cost more than 10 PP to play both halves, then Queen makes this a reality. Windmills. Tilting At Windmills is a weird card that gives Neutral followers you play Storm but kills them at the end of the turn. Call of Cocytus is still in the format, so playing 20+ attack power worth of Neutral Followers in a turn is very much on the table. Anomally. The Deepwoods Anomally is unplayable, and has been since it was made. Its affect is "you instantly win the game" but it comes so late in the game and is so hard to keep alive for a turn that it simply might as well not exist. If they make any kind of enabler card like something that can give Ambush or Storm to the next follower you play, that Forest can use, then Anomally could become a real deck. Any other possible combo decks post rotation?
  13. My feelings of shadowverse

    Ok first of all i admit its not thought out thread. That is because i dont play anymore. I skipped two last expansions and have no idea what's going on. I will get directly to the point. I am waiting for card rotation in shadowverse before i return. Now i feel every expansion is stronger than previous one. I dont like powercreep. I understand they want people to buy new cards after release so they make incentive. But this leads to powercreep. Discuss