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Found 1 result

  1. Post-Baha rotation

    with the decline of Shadow sticky board and the rise of Daria I kinda wanted to build a possible jorm deck to be used in Rotation.. the main idea is that this deck want to deal with both board based like Daria that is on the rise and punish the slow combo one like Dragon. with 6 AoE removal and follower that have above average stat as a threat. So far haven't encounter anyone with fall from grace but VS heaven and portal the matchup become a bit tricky,, usually you need to use Bandersnatch effect if you want to relieably pop Jorm, and Vassago here is really helpful to pop Jorm while clear the board to make up for the tempo loss of using only 7pp Bandesnatch. anyway some card justification : a.) Vassago : Maybe a better Urd, need to use your Evo and bad evo stat but in exchange it's useful to pop follower with last word like Serpent and Nacht while at the same time force your board to become beatstick to deal with stuff like BnB. note that I included 2 Shinning Ding Dong to replace 1 reach and 1 Scarlet as a test because I found that pop ability is useful b.) Bapho : Because this deck completely lack any kind of draw (other than the shinning ding-dong) you need to thin out your deck so Bapho is kind of essential.. maybe? c.) Mask : Baha gone thus my mask is safe.. it's useful to wreck those combo player strategy with Mask + Wards. also useful when you want to trigger Jorm effect but your HP are too critical.. versatile cards. d.) blooddrinker Brand : This card are versatile af, the best usage is to use it on Jorm to restore leader defense while popping him with any weak follower,, can be chained perfectly with Vassago so that even 1/x follower can kill your Jorm. also can be used to remove most evo-ed follower. e.) Crimson purge : DoD replacement for those pesky enemy with pesky stat. could also trigger Jorm effect to double as board clearer.. f.) the 2 AoE : because you can't have enough board clear in Rotation,, seriously just being able to wipe enemy board over and over is a huge advantage vs board oriented deck like Daria.. demonic storm should be saved for Jorm effect for 4 damage AoE. Reason for some card exclusion : Zodiac Demon : too much will make the deck heavy and interfere with Snatch, but 1 copy means the chance of drawing him is slim. Blood Wolf : **** stat, and some storm won't help you close the game. once the combo connect you can easily kill the enemy from 20 hp even with Naoise or Durandal or whatever due to the ping damage system. Ram : Blooddrinker will let you recover lot of HP easy.. no real reason to include the ram unless there's aggro in meta,, good for unlimited tho Happy Pig : same reason as above Alternative neutral version : Replace Bapho with Ding Dong, and 1 copy of some cards with 3 Shinning Ding Dong.. more draw but no threat.. or maybe just replace all Bapho with Shinning Ding Dong for better turn 4