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Found 21 results

  1. Ginger&Sammy Rotation deck

    Prepare... for a Night of Marvels! Sammy&Ginger Olympus Visit (incomplete still. testing still. refining still) (was slightly changed. removed the rings and added 2 pigs) (HAHAHAHAH!!!.. a Night of Marvels for Ramp Dragon) (Sealed Bahamut?) (JUSTICE!) (this bastard was making fun of me, when he droped my life to 2, so i realy enjoyed this) (LOOOOONG)
  2. Still testing. so far seems good.. Castle in the Sky Castle in the Sky - Rotation version(untested) (had the most fun in this one.) (LOL!.. i cant believe i won this one. i had horrible starting game.) (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I WIN!!. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!. take that!!!. the first battle against this guy i didnt get the Castle and lost, because of his bullcrap Wood and Roach. but on the 2nd i got it!!hehehe!) (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!. different guy, but same deck. 3 in a row 2 - 1 I WIN!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!.) (another one!?. this was a very..."eventful" battle.) a Storm Haven. rare(until now).. (against Earth Rite. payback) (hell of a fight against control sword)
  3. rotation deck for blood

    is there already some1 making a rotation blood deck that had decent playrate ? im testing nacht and jormungand deck but cause ambling wraith and bloodwolf already gone , this deck perform poorly somehow i also want to try control blood but i didnt have that 2/4 drain demon ( i could create it if i want ) . anyone , have suggestion ?
  4. StallCraft

    Deck Name: STALLCRAFT Objective: Ramp+Remove Win Condition: Forte The inspiration for building this deck was the multiple ways Shadowcraft was able to fill the board with 2/2s and SwordCraft's ability to whittle you down through low cost storm cards. Deck List: 2x Blazing Breath || 1pp 3x Dragon's Nest || 1pp 3x Fire Lizard || 2pp 3x Shapeshifting Mage || 2pp 3x Dragon Oracle || 2pp 3x Dragon Emissary || 2pp 3x Dragonewt Fist || 3pp 3x Breath of the Salamander || 2pp || Enhance 6pp 1x Grimnir, War Cyclone || 2pp || Enhance 10pp 3x Aiela, Dragon Knight || 3pp 3x Imprisoned Dragon || 3pp 2x Serpent Wrath || 4pp 3x Draconic Fever || 5pp 3x Dark Dragoon Forte || 6pp 2x Bahamut || 10pp I'm putting this decklist out here because this meta we are in can't die fast enough. Kill storm and kill it quick please. *Disclaimer* There isn't anything special about this deck, I don't think I am somehow "innovative" for putting these cards together. I just want it to be known, as I am sure many are already aware of, how broken storm is. The more these decks are put up the faster counters come, and subsequently, the faster the meta changes.
  5. ZOO / BUFF Deck

    Hey, i make this topic to have some feedback about my deck (sorry for my bad english, i'm french ^^)
  6. Thinking on the fact that Earth Rite is not doing very well, i made these 2 budget decks. 1 of them is "Path of Purgatory" based, and the other is "Prince of Darkness" based. Pure Earth Rite 1.1 P.T.P Pure Earth Rite 1.2 P.O.D *UPDATE* I changed the deck a little bit.. Pure Earth Rite 1.2 P.O.D Changed (the reason for "1.1" instead of "1.0" is because 1.0 was a diferent first deck i made, while attempting. it was more successful in terms of shadow making, but didnt work very will in battle, because it left me with to many dead cards in hand) Notes: with Earth Rite 1.1 you(usualy) will be able to have 30 shadows only around turn 13-15. however you are almost always certain to have them by then. with Earth Rite 1.2 you can potentialy draw Prince of Darkness and start havoc earlier. one diference between them, is that 1.2 is more defence capable, than 1.1. however 1.1 will have more cunjure Guardians, so its also defence capable. both of them, are very defensive decks. they are not meant to atack as much. but they very are atack capable, against slower decks. one VERY important card i am missing on both, is "Calamitus Curse". i am using "Alchemical Lore" as a substitute, but if you do have "Calamitus Curse", i urge you to switch it for those. you will notice that i have multiple Legendary cards, on my "Pure Earth Rite 1.2" deck. the only vital one of them, is "Prince of Darkness". it is a vital card on the deck, you must have it. if you dont have a "Prince of Darkness", then perhaps use the 1.1 P.T.P(aka Path of Purgatory) instead, since its a gold card. the other legendaries are not vital.. they are there because i am testing Ginger at the moment. so if you dont have those, just put something else. the cards i recomend to have more of(if you do have more) are.. "Gormet Emperor Kahaiza", "Professor of Taboos", "Ancient Alchemist", "Prince of Darkness"(1 more only), "Veteran Alchemist" and "Remi and Rami, Witchy Duo". so if you have those, then you can had greater amounts than me, to replace the legendaries. remember however.. that if the card you substitute them for is an ER card, you will need to add 1 more Sigil to the deck, for each. in the gold cards case, only "Professor of Taboos" is vital, but you are strongly advised to have at least 1 "Ancient Alchemist". they are both very newly made(made them yesterday), and not extenssively tested yet. however.. both felt strong enough for me to post them already. the one i have been using on ranked is the 1.2. so far it feels strong. not as strong as the Haven deck i made, but strong. 1.1 is yet to be tested in ranked. IMPORTANT: if you are a new player, i recomend you do the missions/use take two tickets, to get all the free packs and gold you can get, and wisely use your gold to buy all the packs you can, first. because if you use up the vials you got, to create these cards, and then later get extra copies of them from packs, that means you wasted some vials. a first replay of "Pure Earth Rite 1.2 P.O.D".. 2.1 Against Dimentional Shift.. 1.2 VS Frog (new) 1.2 VS Shadow *new*(08/06/2017)
  7. I recentely made this Havencraft budget deck. perhaps the strongest i have made. or perhaps its simply more complete, than the others. A Wish.. A Promise Notes: This is a defensive deck. the idea is holding back the enemy, while waiting for the "Tarnished Grail". the Tarnished Grail is where victory, and most agression comes from(usualy). you will notice i have two Legendaries on my deck, which i call "budget", but you dont need either of the two. and the same goes for most golds on it. the only gold you truly need is Tarnished Grail. if you have a Prince of Darkness like me, then thats a good substitute, for 1 Tarnished Grail. if you dont have a Prince of Darkness however, you need 3 Tarnished Grails. you only need one to come to your hand(most of the time), but you should get 3 to increase changes of getting one, in your hand. otherwise... maybe 2 Tarnished Grails and something to draw extra cards. the other golds.. you dont need to have those especific, but in Kaguya┬┤s case, you are advised to having some. "Luxhorn Sharissa" and "Judge of Retribution" are not absolute necessity┬┤s, but work well in the deck. you will notice i also have a "Dark Offering", in my deck. thats because the card is being tested, at the moment. originaly i had two "Call of Cocytus", instead. "Call of Cocytus" and the cards from apocalypse deck, synergise ok with Dark Offering, but not after Prince of Darkness. because upon turning your deck into an Apocalypse deck, you get a deck with only 10 cards. so Dark Offering synergises better with "Call of Cocytus"(which gets you Servant of Darkness) and the Tarnished Grail. Dark Offering+Servant of Darkness=13 Life heal+13 card draw(on emergency situations). i do not have "Themis Decree", but would add it to the deck if i did. if you do have them, maybe switch them for the "Heretical Inquiry". but i am not sure. almost forgot to mention "Hare of Illusion". you dont absolutely have to have it, but you are advised to(like Kaguya). IMPORTANT: if you are a new player, i recomend you do the missions/use take two tickets, to get all the free packs and gold you can get, and wisely use your gold to buy all the packs you can, first. because if you use up the vials you got, to create these cards, and then later get extra copies of them from packs, that means you wasted some vials. a first replay of the deck against shadow.. a 2nd replay against the Frog..
  8. About Agro decks

    how do I start it?... just played sometime until rank A1 and then I just noticed that the control deck are became useless against agro. And like its not the only problem I just found that almost every deck I played against was agro or the ***t aegis thing. So I was thinking - why? yeah ofc I understand that everyone wants an easy rank up, but it just breaks all the fun from a game. Maybe I`m wrong, but its more enjoyable when u outsmarting your opponent and not just smorking through. So I suggest to reconsider agro constituent of the game. This grown up even more after new expansion, so if this goes further, the game will just crush its enjoyment... P.S: I`m hoping that developers will actually respond to this problem
  9. Hello! Just started playing a few days ago and therefor dont have that many cards or vials, so i thought about buying one of the prebuilt ones to help me start out. I've skimmed a bit over the decks and made an opinion about them, and maybe you can help me find out what deck i might want to buy. I've played a bit of HS before and since i think SV isn't that different i have somewhat of an understanding of the basics. First off, im not really a big fan of forest-,rune- or havencraft so i probably wont buy them. Secondly, im looking for something like a midrange or zoo deck, it can be aggro heavy, or maybe even a bit control heavy but i usually dont like to play reactionary and stalling out for multiple turns, thats why i think dragoncraft seems also not what im looking for. What i prefer is filling the board and controlling it, having a nice curve that doesn't just make me lose if i haven't killed the opponent by turn 6, but some aggression can't hurt. Not quite sure how decks usually are build in SV, maybe full aggression to face or full control is the only way to go? That leaves us with Shadow,-Sword- and Bloodcraft. Most of the legendaries and golden cards there(which are obviously worth the most) have medium-high cost, but i guess you can still use them in aggro or midrange decks. But exactly here i would like to have your input since i don't really know if these are actually good for the kind of deck im looking for or if they are more for control type/not really that good and used. It also seemed like blood does have one of the cheapest aggro decks so i might want to buy one of the others and slowly build blood on my own and have 2 decent decks to play then. Would be cool if you could help me out here, maybe im even wrong about control decks being competly reactionary and not as slow paced(death by attrition) as in other games?
  10. Fun Combo Forest

    Decklist This is my first deck attempt(new player from HS) so please give me tips on how to improve it! Card Choices and Deck explanation: Water fairy, Fairy whisperer, Fairy bringer, Sylvan justice, Dark elf faure, Waltzing fairy, Ancient elf, and Fairy princess are all meant to add and maintain a healthy number of fairies in your hand. If you draw the fairy princess early, you can use the fairies to fill out your curve or create tempo with cards like Elf guard, Elf metallurgist, and Rose gardener. The Lionel is there to hit Okami, Rose gardener, and Ancient elf on a free turn to create a great tempo swing. Elf tracker, Maahes, White wolf of eldwood, and Forest gigas are used to help survive until you find your win conditions. Win condition can sometimes be an unanswered Okami, but the point of the deck is to get a free Silver bolt with a hand full of Thorn bursts. Try to get your White wolf killed as soon as you can to pull your Silver Bolt and discount it. As soon as you have a decent number of fairies in hand, drop Rose queen. Lots of times, the Thorn burst is enough for lethal in case you haven't gotten the Silver bolt first. Make sure you cast Silver bolt before Thorn burst or you'll be sorry! In games where you draw Silver bolt before you could White wolf it out, you could try setting up a 2 turn lethal. This combo is super fun and satisfying to pull off and it does win at a decent rate! Im considering replacing the forest gigas with forest giants, would that be a good idea? Cards that I would add more of if I had them are: more Ancient elf instead of Dark elf faure, 2 more Maahes and another White wolf instead of Elf trackers. Possibly a 3rd Rose queen. Try it out and lemme know what you think!
  11. Well i just making troll deck cause of bored playing rank so i just use this deck for fun in casual So guys , what is better than turn 4 atomy ? Yes thats right turn 3 atomy !! The key card of this deck is voice of resentment . At early he just used to summon ghost to sacrificed for atomy and at late game he become strong board clear so i just using this , im just using this deck at casual match so dont think to play it at rank , for fun only and laughing to dead when see your opponent auto concede at turn 3 lol
  12. Post ROB , control sword

    So cause im opening some nice sword cards in DE, im testing to making control sword , I just wanna hear your advice , and suggestion is open for everyone P.s amelia fanfare is still adding gelt , even when your opponent field is empty or 1 or 2 follower But about gelt cost to 0 is there must 3 opponent followers in play , so i think she is quiet useful for value
  13. Earth-Rite Deck Motivation: I'm a Passionate Runecraft Player and love the idea of Spellboost and Earth-Rite, however, Earth-Rite was always something Pretty Fragile compared to the other leaders and deck Options. Before I switched to Earth-Rite I used to play a lot of Spellboost DS, however, I didn't like how long it took to get your Combos done or win the game. Spellboost is still something I play every now and then but I Really wanted to play Earth-Rite, so I've been experimenting a lot with the cards Runecraft has to offer. After many tryouts, I think I came up with a pretty decent Deck with which I am currently climbing the ladder to A (currently at C3 with 600score missing to B0) for everyone who enjoys playing Runecraft as much as I do, I hope this Deck will come in Handy for you! Choice of Cards: Commence Experiment, Crafty Warlock, and Apprentice Alchemist are cards I decided not to take into the Deck, the Reason behind this decision is, after some tryouts with those cards I came to the conclusion that those cards eat up space in the Deck. putting those cards into the Deck would eat up 6-9 slots (depending if you decide to go 2-2-2 or 3-3-3) which are a lot for low-cost cards. Red-Hot Ritual has the same effect as Crafty Warlock, if not even better since the 2 damage can not be avoided. Crafty warlock could be killed by angelic snipe or other low-cost cards, leaving you with only the Rune. Apprentice Alchemist is a card that can be argued about. for one Rune you gain a 2/2 monster and a GA golem that you can drop in your next round or same round which can be good, however, I personally think there is no need for that in this deck, saving the Earth-Runes for more powerful effects will come in more handy. Last we have the Commence Experiment which is a 1PP Earth Rune this card has no effect but providing you with a Rune and giving the Cards in this Deck you will have no need for it. This Deck provides you with 15 Earth runes ( up to 18 Runes with Kaleidoscopic glow) which are more than enough. Now that I covered those 3 Cards lets move to the Cards I took into the Deck. Remi & Rami is a powerful 4PP card that Summons a Guardian Golem when a Rune is on the field and evolved. Which means you get a 5/6 and Guardian Golem at the turn of 4 which is a huge power boost for you. In most cases, the enemy has no other choice but to answer with an evolution or get rid of his removal cards which can result in wasting his PP for this turn. even without summoning a Guardian Golem I personally think that Remi and Rami is one of the best cards for the earth rune Deck she is a powerful card for a fairly low price. Sun Oracle Pascal is probably a massive power boost for earth-rite decks with one earth rune you can double your follower's health and attack this card will change the outcome of many games. having 2 guardian golems on the field, combing Sun Oracle Pascal with Golem protection will give you 3 Guardian Golems with 10/10 and even if you have no guardian golems on the field with other cards like Junos secret laboratory or Ancient Alchemist will can give you two guardian golems that you can boost into 6/6. this card is an absolute must have. Lucifer & Dark Angel Olivia Since you don't have any heal Lucifer can be a live savior in many scenarios I personally have him on the deck for the heal and his combat power. Dark Angel Olivia will come in handy when you have to go first. replenish your evolution points up to 3 can change many games. Gameplay: I will Upload some Gameplay of the Deck in a bit. I'suck in explaining the gameplay so I'm really sorry to keep you guys waiting. but I will upload 3-5 Videos each 3 Matches long. for those who are curious about this Deck,i would recommand you to follow this topic to get notified once the videos are uploaded.
  14. Help with deck

    Few questions: 1- I made an Elana deck farming veil with it, now should I focus to build like two budget decks or focus on building another expensive one like " Mid Range Swordcraft " ? 2- This deck Royal Banner Swordcraft is an A tier one and isn't that expensive but I also found this one Banner Shadowcraft it costs like double but does they perform almost similar ? Thanks!
  15. Animated Deck Battles!!!

    Hey Guys and Gals! I am just wondering if anyone wants to have animated card deck battles? Reason I enjoy seeing and collecting Animated Cards here is my User ID 856 264 268 I'm able to Skype, Discord or LINE too Can't wait to have fun dueling!!!
  16. Stuck on C2. Is it my deck?

    I feel as if I hit a rock in my rank climbing, so I'd like some help. I have two decks listed here. This one has a smoother mana curve, and was the deck I used to climb before I tried the second one. This is a deck I personally made depending on how I thought would work best by replacing cards that felt useless. This deck was built upon other people's advice. Now I'm trying my best to save up enough for lots of packs, but I recently saved up enough rupees to buy all the leaders, so that is probably the reason why I do lack many of the important late game Dragoncraft cards like Fafnir, Genesis Dragon, Shenlong, Forte, etc. Still, I'd like your critique on this, as a pack a day will (hopefully) allow me to get the important cards. Apart from deck advice, helpful tips would also be gladly accepted. I'm not good, and that's why I'm here to learn. Thank you for your time.
  17. Cards That Should Be Removed

    I would suggest two cards be removed from the game entirely. Dimension Shift: I have never seen this card be played and the user not win, no matter what turn it was played on. Mordecai the Duelist: Only being able to truly defeat this card by banishing it means that most deck classes literally can do nothing against it. Once it is played, it's a usually-futile scrape through another couple of turns in hopes that you can defeat the enemy before they defeat you. I have never had that work out. What cards would you add to the remove list?
  18. My Spellboost Deck

    Decklist: DeckCode - Insight x3 - Trail of Light x2 - ALTERNATIVE: Bellringer Angel x2 - Magic Missle x3 - Conjure Golem x3 - Windblast x3 - Summon Snow x2 - Sorcery Cache x2 - First Curse x2 - ALTERNATIVE: Fissure Bomb x2 - Demonic Strike x2 - Queen Medb x2 - Rune Blade Summoner x2 - Merlin x2 - Conjour Twosome x2 - Fire Chain x3 - Execution x2 - Fate's Hand x2 - Lucifer x1 - Dimension Shift x2 Explanation: Trail of Light: Trail of Light is a low-cost Spell that allowed you to draw a card. The Cards that you can play Very Early in the game are Insight, Magic Missle, and Conjure Golem, which are 9 out of 40 Cards Drawing one of those cards Early can be difficult. Trail of Light adds three more cards you can use changing the total amount from 9 to 12 on top of that it is a Spell that will Boost your cards. If you don't like that card you can go for Bellinger Angel is an alternative that has the same effect. However, it will not boost your other cards. I would not recommend Bellringer in this deck, but i will admit that it can come handy when playing vs Swordscraft/shadowcraft. First Curse: First Curse is a Powerfull card that will grow Stronger with each use. The Card Divides into three different Cards which are: First Curse: Deal two Damage to a Follower and add the Second Curse to your Hand. (3PP) Second Curse: Deal Five Damage to a Follower and add a Final Curse to your Hand. (6PP) Final Curse: Deal Eight Damage to a Follower. (9PP) This Card can provide Helpful in many situations if you do not have an Execution or Demonic Force in your Hand Or would rather like to save those cards for other use. On top of that, the Card will Spellboost your other cards. Playing this card comes with Cost, Due to its High Cost the Second, and Final Curse have a high price but guarantee destruction of most Followers. If you don't like this Card you can run Fissure Bomb as an alternative, Fissure Bomb has a Lower Price and Deals Equal Damage with the Second Curse. The Difference here is that you will have four cards less (44 Cards total with First Curse). Both are Good and i would Recommend both. Queen Medb:
  19. First Curse

    Hey Guys, I would like to know, what is your thought of the Card "First Curse" I personally think it is an amazing Card. Deal two Damage and add a Second curse (3PP) - > Deal 5 Damage and add a Final Curse (6PP) -> Deal 8 Damage (9PP) Sure it's a bit Pricey but in a Spellboost Deck it can offer a lot.
  20. Earth-Rite Deck

    Heya all, i Created a new Runecraft deck, tested it out in a couple of games, seems to work pretty fine. the deck changes the focus from a spell deck into a one more balanced between amulets and followers with a few spells to help out. Earth Rite This deck can be pretty tricky tho as there is more than just use your spells. you should have a certain idea of your cards and the earth rite effects you play with. Anyways feedback and ideas are welcome Cheers, Teyko ___________________ Runecraft Lv. 37 Rank D3
  21. Deck Improvement

    Heya, I'm not the best swordcraft player but I enjoy it a lot, so i build a deck but i'm not sure if it is any good, would you mind giving me your opinions and ideas ? Cheers, Teyko ______________________ Runecraft Lv. 36 Rank D3