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  1. Report #66 - In order of popularity (Rank 5 - legend) : Tempo Rogue, Raza Priest, Jade Druid, Zoolock, everything else - Tempo Rogue is still laughing at the top of the meta despite all the crabs on the ladder - Raza Priest has crashed down to Tier 3 due to the rise of Jade Druid and its weakness to Tempo Rogue (Once again, Raza Priest is a NETDECK TRAP. It requires careful techs on a regular basis) - Jade Druid has taken the second spot in the meta due to all the Raza Hate - Warlock (zoo and control), Shaman (token), Hunter (midrange), Mage (Secret, Exodia, and Control) are played quite often at low ranks, but decreases in play rate at high ranks ^(Copy and pasted this one since nothing significant changed /shrug)^ - Murloc Paladin shares a good win rate along with Tempo Rogue, but is veeeery underplayed - Warrior has pirates......and that's it. The class is crying for help. ^(This has also been copy and pasted.......plz the warrior class needs help )^ Full article:
  2. I really question the use of Enraged General. Sure Mars makes your tokens more durable, so his discount is more consistent. But wouldn't a card like Alwida's Command fit the theme of the deck more and provide additional burst?
  3. Report #65 - Tempo Rogue, Razakus Priest, and Jade Druid are the "Big Three" of the meta now - Warlock (zoo and control), Shaman (token), Hunter (midrange), Mage (Secret, Exodia, and Control) are played quite often at low ranks, but decreases in play rate at high ranks - Murloc Paladin is.....decent, but is underplayed due to its weakness to Tempo Rogue - Warrior has pirates......and that's it. The class is crying for help. Full article:
  4. PSA: Chimera's effect will bypass Aigis. The effect deals exact damage to each follower and then moves on. It does NOT keep damaging the follower until it dies. If there is still leftover damage, the rest is dealt to the leader.
  5. You can't make a competitive control sword since the class lacks AoE removal. Plenty of single target removal, but -very- bad board clears (with Bahamut being the best option usually). Doesn't matter what type of sword deck it is, once sword loses control of the board, its quite difficult to regain that control again. Red hood and the card knights were excellent at shoring up that weakness......but those cards don't have synergy with the class's other mechanics like officer-commander, etc. Edit: Red hood is an officer, but she requires your deck to run plenty of neutral cards to make her evolve effect consistent.
  6. Report #63 (Post Nerfs) -Druid has fallen off a cliff, but is still competitive (From 40% to 12% at legend ranks) -Priest has risen to the top, but isn't top dog (Netdeckers beware, Razakus Priest requires very careful deckbuilding) -Rogue has risen from the ashes and is being carried by Tempo Rogue which is better than Razakus in terms of winrate (Miracle is still playable) -Hunter also had a similar revival, but is showing signs of decline at higher ranks -Mage has three decks: Secret, Exodia and Control -Shaman still only has token has the "main deck" -Warlock is slightly breathing instead of being dead (Has both control and zoo) -Warrior and Paladin are in the gutter now -Meta is diverse for now...... Full article:
  7. Alice, Wonderland Explorer will now give +1/+0 instead of +1/+1 to all other allied Neutral followers in your hand and in play. Lion of the Golden City’s cost will be changed from 7 to 9. Vagabond Frog’s cost will be changed from 3 to 4. Shield of Flame: Deal 3 damage to an enemy follower. Enhance (6): Deal 6 damage instead. (No more ambush synergy) Full article :
  8. Here's the thing: the internet allows quick communication among groups. Sharing your data and conclusions, building up entire databases....that is why content is bring consumed at a rapid pace. Pretty sure no one here wants the internet to go away, so what's the alternative? Definitely not reducing the number of expansions. Cards and their interactions are -why- we play SV in the first place. Cygames' recent card design.....has been "questionable", but we can only hope they learned from the past mistakes in that regard. Also PvE content that only rewards you -once- is quickly forgotten by the community. HS's adventures are largely unplayed after people got the cards from it.
  9. I'm not imposed to Cygames trying to give incentives to play more often, but these loot chests weren't executed well. The demoralizing feeling you get when a chest finally appears after several games, but then you lose and have to start the search all over again. I don't really care about the extra gold and legends, but there's an exclusive emblem and sleeve in the reward list as well. Limited time exclusive rewards behind RNG chests that require wins in ranked is horrible in my opinion. Maybe extend the chests to unranked as well or at least allow concedes to actually have a chance to get a chest. You already put a max cap of 5 chests per day, you could lower the chest amount to 2 or 3 per day and then allow concede chests. Again, I'm not saying its a bad idea but the execution certainly wasn't the best either.
  10. Disconnects, there are plenty of reports of matches where a game was clearly won.....and then a DC timely happens. Then the -other- player god draws and wins instead. /shrugs
  11. Simple, alter fire chain's effect to allow it to hit the enemy leader if there are no followers to hit. Deal 1 damage to a random enemy follower 1 time. If there are no enemy followers, deal the 1 damage to the enemy leader 1 time.Spellboost: Repeat 1 time. There, done! Simpler wording. I sense that we aren't going to see eye to eye on this, so this is my final thoughts on the matter. Giant Chimera's effect is worded differently compared to cards with similar effects. I know that this is their intention for the card, but there was -no good reason- for him to have his special version of splitting damage among enemy followers and then to the leader when the previous version worked just fine. We know for a fact that these types of effects don't overkill followers once they reached 0 defense. Different methods, end result is still the same. Oh yeah Aigis. Well fire chain beats chimera (on average) in this regard. If positioned in a certain way, Aigis completely nullifies chimera's fanfare damage or at the very least protects some followers from being damaged. As opposed to fire chain where its just a simple 50/50, either it hits Aigis or a non-Aigis follower.
  12. Still not seeing any good reason why chimera's effect is so wordy. He's in rune, both DShift and Daria have shown us that the class can spellboost to very high amounts, so the order of the damage is dealt is usually irrelevant. Will of the forest doesn't deal extra damage to followers when they reach 0 defense. They added extra words that didn't need to be explained because we've already seen these types of effects play out before with earlier cards.
  13. They already printed stuff like Will of the Forest and Support Cannon. Chimera's effect didn't need to be so specific.
  14. I'm guessing they don't want shadow to have -too many- random destruction effects.
  15. ....cygames can you please control yourself when describing card effects? Seriously, Giant Chimera's text looks like a Yu-Gi-Oh card! D: