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  1. Discuss Hearthstone here

    Alright, I'm starting to take back what I said about Dungeon Run. The first seven bosses are a test of skill (what cards you chose/etc.). But the Final Boss's deck is consistently on a much higher power level than yours most of the time. I know that failure is a key feature of this mode, but c'mon. It also doesn't help that the "card packages" rely on synergy, but since there are more than three types of packages you may not get the "correct cards". I played priest for like three hours and was usually offered 4 cost or higher cards (Even had 3 C'thuns once). I had plenty of value, but my early game didn't get any stronger and I lost critical tempo. I would much prefer choosing a package at the -beginning- of the run and then choose 3 cards from that package's card pool whenever I beat a boss.
  2. Discuss Hearthstone here

    Dungeon Run is live for NA! ...its actually fun....I might login on HS once in while just to play this mode....
  3. Discuss Hearthstone here

    There's even more new cards after my previous post. Just constantly refresh that link for the new cards. Remember the expansion releases Dec. 7!
  4. Discuss Hearthstone here

    NOTE: The Darkness shuffles 3 copies of the candle into the opponent's deck. Thus preventing Raza and Kazakus from activating! Its also "immune" while dormant. Edit: Some more cards Edit 2: Even More Cards!
  5. Discuss Hearthstone here

    Class: Warrior Card type: Weapon Rarity: Legendary Mana cost: 8 Attack: 3 Durability: 3 Card text: After your hero attacks, Recruit a minion. ~~~ .....I mean its at least slightly more playable than the shaman legendary weapon...?
  6. Discuss Hearthstone here

    I was just joking. I don't really care about "copying" from other games.
  7. Discuss Hearthstone here

    You're not wrong, but you can only put 30 cards in a deck. The issue is what do you cut to fit this two card combo in? And is it truly better than other removal options? Raza priest doesn't have that many flexible spots. I guess classic control (concede) priest could fit that combo in.
  8. Discuss Hearthstone here

    Twilight acolyte's text doesn't specify a friendly or an enemy minion, so I assume its entirely the player's choice. If that's the case, then this is 3 mana "semi-neutralize" a threat. But I don't see a reason to play this card over something like SW: Death. 4 ATK minions are a pain to deal with, but psychic scream or some board clear like dragonfire potion should fix that problem too.
  9. Discuss Hearthstone here

    Reminds me of the priest outrage after purify was revealed. You know what that means, blizzard will overcompensate in the next expansion to make hunter relevant in some fashion.
  10. Discuss Hearthstone here

    Whatever man. I guess I have to put a /s or a kappa at the end of my sentences whenever I joke about something. Since light jabs are enough to be considered "insensitive". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Discuss Hearthstone here

    @Jack42 Causing drama again? If you look back into the thread, I specially state that I don't mind seeing other card games "copy" others as along as they use the "good ideas". Greedy sprite and dragon knight were quite similar, so I made a joke. Guess you aren't in the mood for joking I guess.
  12. Discuss Hearthstone here

    HS: Hey man, I need some help making cards. SV: Ok, look at mine. Just make sure your cards are different enough from my set. Also another new card: Basically confuse with a 3/3 body for everyone.
  13. Discuss Hearthstone here

    Cross off the "100 Dust Epic" from my HS bingo card. why couldn't this just summon 2 animal companions without the requirement? Asking hunter, a minion focused class, to play a heavy spell based deck just to consistently get value off of this card is awful.
  14. Discuss Hearthstone here

    People are over hyping kingsbane. Rogue doesn't have access to weapon tutors like forge of souls in warrior. So this could be the next card you draw or at the bottom of the deck. Yes, I know rogues have a considerable amount of draw, but that doesn't fully fix the sacvenger hunt problem of this weapon. Also, what "good" weapon buffs do rogues even have in standard right now? I don't think they even run deadly poison currently....
  15. Discuss Hearthstone here

    Oh gods why? That golem is basically a sen'jin shieldmasta with +1 health but with horrible down side. Since its a common, I'm assuming this card is for arena balance somehow.