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  1. About the Internet

    ... I Was honestly just waiting for that <-<~~
  2. Talk About Whatever

    With Pleasure?
  3. Thanks, I Suppose.

    ....Where, Tell me plox <-< Also @Unryuu im on discord if feel like keeping contact up
  4. Honestly after last set of nerfs.... i see tons of different decks constantly, And i feel like what you are allowed to play have been more open than usual Right now im playing Neutral Sword, Neutral Forest And Neutral Rune.... Yuuup uhhhh, i feel like im playing in 3 months in the past HUE. So what are you peeps playing right now?~~
  5. Satan May Khawy dragonic Scythe ....These 3 cards will forever be the bane of my existance
  6. Midrange Sword deck with 18 win streak

    I did give it a test drive, while some of the choice really doesnt fit how i want to play it, it isnt a bad deck and performs decently, it does pretty well against some of the big boys like D-shift and aggro blood. It has more value and stabilizers than the normal list, but its early curve is weaker and less consitent, And it has a hard time against larger followers. for some of the weird follower choices, Well: Gawain is practically used to make otohime turn 5 and setup stuff like perseus for a mars combo, and still a decent turn 6 play. Otohime is practically a stablizer after opponent spend their evo and board to remove what you had, its fine if you dotn get it buffed, the small pokes helps you reach lethal in time. I do like some of the ideas the deck have but its less consistent start can end up backfiring alot.
  7. Shadowlog Report November 5th

    Hm.... This really feels like DE Meta when i think about it.... Pretty interesting~~
  8. Counterpoint: Rotations Will Be Awesome

    Dont worry man, Oracle is basic~~
  9. Well, PDK has won the 2 latest Postnerf JCG's... sooooo Erm....... yeah pdk still doing decent in tourneys...
  10. Taiga's Neutral Barbarossa "Control?"

    Sry for slow reply... Havent really been active in forums for ahwile... while i do think healing angel isnt super neccesary, The statline is.. or atleast the ability to fight for board, so i wouldnt recommend pureheart, but right now im testing out angel of the word instead
  11. Off all the things you could have chosen... you chose a orange....... i dont know what i expected xD~~
  12. Shadowverse Next to be announced November 1st

    there is really nothing to prove that yet... especially since right now the rewards for laddering seems to be the same for both format, just because another ccg tried to kill wild, doesnt mean cygames have too... since they already broken the mold by adding a new class to the game.. which is something no one really ever tries to do + cause of trends in jap with tend to be rewarded by grinding, alot of jap players will probably prefer Unlimited format over Standard.
  13. Shadowverse Next to be announced November 1st

    Standard being yay or nay really depends on how much Cygames pushes, since Blizzard practically removed all rewards from wild when they did HS which made it obsolete, as i see rewards for both ladder forms are still a thing, and as long as cygames support both formats in comptetitive tournaments, having 2 formats shouldnt be an issue.
  14. Shadowverse Next to be announced November 1st

    Portalcraft? What i see is the TRUE DRAGON MAGE, YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE ROWEN!!~~
  15. Shadowverse Next to be announced November 1st

    .... 1000 cards.... Last review took me freaking 3 days....... IM GOING TO DIE T-T~~