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  1. God it was cards like that, that made me stop HS, Plz dont <-<
  2. Techically you can go face..... but you cant deal damage to opponents leader when you ginger <.<~~ (dont tell me what i cant doooo Hue)
  3. The salt mega thread.

    UHhhh.... Gaem plz stahp...
  4. Well i do have all emblem from pulling stuff all but 2 (new daria, israfil and also pascale which i crafted a playset of and decrafted again hue), so if i commited from the start to have all i probably would have.
  5. I could probably have every legendary if i wanted, but decided to craft 3 animated spinaria's instead, HUE xD~~
  6. Acceleratium is a problem

    I like the fact that Acceleratium is setup-based, even if i dont play portal too much, i think its a cool card~~ its one of the ways to fight back on a lost board but isnt over-aggresive either, so i dont feel its unfair at all, with the current artifacts, i dont see it being broken anytime soon~~
  7. Well, thats probably cause it tends to dust the things i see as *trash* or no potential of being usable in the near future, dont see a reason to keep bad cards, not that much of a collector~~
  8. Sooo..... Uhhh... Did anyone ask for legendary collection?!
  9. Chronogenesis Countdown!

    For some reason it used utc 0 even doe I set it to -8 so somehow i fked up. WELP
  10. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    .... I wouldnt worry about Arthur... Every craft has access to Saha + israfil. Which are still pretty powerful generic control tools...
  11. Chronogenesis Countdown!

    I went for the pacific time mentioned on the official notice so it should be correct
  12. So if anyone in interested in when update begins its around here CG Update begins Are ya bois ready? Personally ive prepared 300 packs to open~~
  13. About the Internet

    ... I Was honestly just waiting for that <-<~~
  14. Talk About Whatever

    With Pleasure?
  15. Thanks, I Suppose.

    ....Where, Tell me plox <-< Also @Unryuu im on discord if feel like keeping contact up