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  1. " YOU DONT HAVE NEAR THE EXPERIENCE I HAVE YOUNG WHIPPER SNAPE" Quoted from old man before charging bahamut of a cliff
  2. hmm, i dont think Blade mouse is opie, its certainly decent, and a 2 drop that has actual impact beside being a 2 drop, but important factor is opponent have the decision to be able to remove it instantly or not feed it since its based on opponents Followers, so its interaction is pretty healty, since it supports counter play, unlike shadow reaper, you cant just spam small stuff mindlessly against blademouse unlike shadowreaper where it doesnt matter what you do as long as you have a follower on the field~
  3. VVVV ... i found a contradiction Shot~~
  4. Well if she joins SV, she would be either blood or Runecraft, but she would definately be interesting in rune.
  5. Cause they made dragon good for one expansion since vanilla, they regret that, time to give them trash again~~
  6. Well, she is a puppetering puppet... they might just go what matches with her ability's <-<~~ that sounds like some runecraft stuff (Breaking dreams slowly)
  7. Blood got shutted down by Dragon, so maybe, Vengeance aggro is pretty decent~~
  8. This is some fairly interesting changes, this made ouro ehh compared to before too, welp i wont have time to test the new meta but i can already say ima play around with control sword~~
  9. You ask and it shall be delivered~~
  10. Hmm, well its true i havent played much lately, the current meta just isnt that enjoyable for me, and so i changed my focus back to IRL cardgames, (lul random tag reawakened me for atleast a while, also dafuq why did it post 3 times)
  11. Well... beside the complaint Threads Shot~~
  12. i played against it alot.. and it seems to be too slow to make an all out deck of it, since if you dont topdeck brood, you just lose. but it could be interesting in a midrange list which uses an okay amount of 1 drops, but not too many, and then use the quest for against slower decks (like taunt warrior) and just muligan it away if you think it wont be neccesary~~
  13. I use tarim in my elemental paladin, since it isnt always i have the luxury to buff the small 1/2's, suddenly all thos 1/2 elemetals and silver hand recruit becomes 3/3 and can trade fair into everything, no matter the matchup, I really freaking love tarim, too sad there isnt enough tools for a more midrange paladin right now (lack of good 2 drops)