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  1. While i do really like PDK's Design perspective, Its combination of high hp and cant be attacked might be a little too much. (something ive discovered is droping liza right before they try to do their PDK turn has been pretty darn effective, just need to find a consistent enough deck where i can utiliize her in~~)
  2. Wait.. Have aggro sword ever used Stairway? never really seen it, Atomy is cause of how it can cheat it, But this is rather powerful in PDK, which is rather true, but there pdk is the inherent problem and not stairway itself <-<~~
  3. Well it might be because he has done the same to other that posted when they became M/GM Cough Cough
  4. would you atleast read what i said probably through before just saying "Oh hey ward", even if there is ward, if you already have a board, storm can allow you to trade and get through wards even without the use of stuff like removal.... if your not even going to bother reading through arguments.... take a rest/breather <-<~~ TL:DR Storm is the safest and most versatile mechanic currently in the game
  5. ... I wouldnt blame removal on why storm is popular, i would rather blame it on the nature of storm itself, think about it, what is one of the most used and powerfull mechanics avalilable, that would be evolve, Since it can be used with any follower its allow to interact with the opponent instantly even if it normaly wouldnt be able to, But even evolve is Reactive and not Proactive alot of the time, Storm can be both its a proactive mechanic with low risk/high reward. when you play it, you are sure that the card will get its value without any other factors (like evolve). a decent example is if you play novice trooper on a non empty board and go face, unlike a normal 3 drop, the card has already cheated out a action, and opponent is now forced to deal with it with either trading or removal. and with the low stat/hp that SV uses, It turns evolve which is normally a powerfull reactive move, to an actual proactive move too, storm is the safest mechanic since you are always sure when you play it you will always get some kinda value with it cause without any investement it can still trade or go face since Online CCG's normaly dont let you interact on opponents turn
  6. This is my own Personal Elephant deck: I will say i have the the issue that i have pulled both elephants every darn Game.... just me thats unlucky mang but i do still have positive winrate with this~~
  7. That gives me some flashback, i remember when i became master, first thing i did was making a only-bronze Deck and ranked ladder with it HUE xD~~
  8. @Kyubey I think you got your answer to your previous question..... Huehuehue~~
  9. ...You waht, i opnened over 200 packs and got 0.. I WILL SMITE THEE YA INFIDEL <-<*~~
  10. I dont think it will work in SV, Unlike HS where Legendarys are made to be more all around but also more impactfull, it wont work well in SV, Most legendarys have their own niche and not many works together that well, and alot of slower decks would be hurt like crazy cause of this, only having acces to like 1 wolf, 1 nep, and 1 sahaquiel would make most legs completely Unusable cause consistency would be too low, now compare to like HS, Tirion, can be used in literally every pala deck that goes to turn 8 without caring about deck, most legends works like this in HS, but only very few does in SV <-<~~
  12. @Morrigan Ohhh Alestorm, This is probably my favorite from them~~
  13. I do play UNIB myself, while i do like Melty Blood's OST better, The remix of Blood Drain is so damn good (the OG is Godlike but would prefer not to have vocal songs in vids)<w<~~ Gah, Stahp being so roood xD~~
  14. Aggro is a neccesity for all CCG games that uses this style of mana management.. its not like aggro sword is any less braindead compayed to aggro blood. Else decks could go as greedy as they want to and not get punished by it, and combo decks like D-shift would be everywhere <-<~~
  15. If it wasnt for the fact that music is subjective, I would have hunted you down right this instant <-<~~