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  1. Well... beside the complaint Threads Shot~~
  2. i played against it alot.. and it seems to be too slow to make an all out deck of it, since if you dont topdeck brood, you just lose. but it could be interesting in a midrange list which uses an okay amount of 1 drops, but not too many, and then use the quest for against slower decks (like taunt warrior) and just muligan it away if you think it wont be neccesary~~
  3. I use tarim in my elemental paladin, since it isnt always i have the luxury to buff the small 1/2's, suddenly all thos 1/2 elemetals and silver hand recruit becomes 3/3 and can trade fair into everything, no matter the matchup, I really freaking love tarim, too sad there isnt enough tools for a more midrange paladin right now (lack of good 2 drops)
  4. It does, and i personaly think its the better build too... but my previous statement is still correct doe xD~~
  5. most.. of that winrate is cause of its 70% winrate against normal ramp doe.. and since thats the most played deck for the analysis, that says something xD~~
  6. I dont know, i just returned myself, using my stupid meme decks xD~~
  7. it is literally everywhere, being ablie to make a full board turn 6 og 5/5's can be hard to deal with, cause of its speed~~
  8. Sword has begun picking up pace again in masters, since the master rank 1 at some point in this month was a new version of albert sword, so people tend to follow, also yeh, silverbolt forest has taken some popularity again since it has great matchups against most decks as long as it doesnt hard brick xD~~
  9. Sooo.. regarding actually hs, i played alot today, and.. while elemental control shaman was fun.. i didnt expect my favorite deck to become Elemental Handbuff paladin... soo the idea was... discover has a super high chance to show cards from your own class over neutrals... Servant of kali discover elementals.... there is only one paladin elemental.. RAGNAROS THE LIGHTLORD So like 3-4/5 discovers shows lightlord for me... its hilarious playing 3 of him per game xD~~
  10. its just the concept of "Nerfing" in cardgames shouldnt be done, unless its absolutely neccesary, when you nerf cards that isnt neccesary hurts more than it helps. so what happens when you nerf a card that is good and decks are centered around, you might get refund on the card itself, but if you made the whole deck and it just got it, you might have lost like 20k vials even with a refund, hs nerfs have been horrible, made loved decks never been able to be played again, even in wild. because cards are like ingame resources that bonuses from synergies that it has with other cards, nerfing a card can make some players that dont have many resources start all over again simply cause their cardpool was ruined by a nerf. even if its small Thats why unless its super neccesary, you shouldnt nerf cards, its way better to wait sometime and let cygames implement answers themselves, its way healthier for the game, and doesnt create as big issues for the newer playerbase <-<~~
  11. I dont really see any reason to nerf it.. it is soooo sloooooow <-<~~
  12. Have you seen my title? I LIVE FOR THE MEEEEMES xD~~
  13. something fun regardin ginger, a friend told me he was checking out a video.. and apparently suiciding her nullifies her fanfare that wont let you attack face even after some calls?, so its actually possible to do ginger otk xD~~
  14. even with the cards revealed, people still didnt think of it being better than d-shift, i remember cause i remember theorizing what a pain it would be to muligan against rune if daria became popular, and everyone was like "nahh, d-shift will still definately be better, i doubt daria will see much competitive play compared to d-shift"
  15. will also say, people tend to be wrong about cards in sv unless they are terribly simple, people though that daria would be a a t3-t2 deck, dragon legs was seen as legitimate shet this expansion and stuff like that, stuff like albert is one of the few exception, its simple to evaluate cause its effect is just overall strong and simple, but as soon as cards have weird synergy's and many different roles they can do, its suddenly get harder to predict cause their powers depends on matchups <-<~~