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  1. "ELF CHILDREN, MY ONLY WEAKNESS" *Gets shot by may*
  2. Death Leadger seems to have some rather fun potential, if you only use neutral 2 drops, you can get some hardcore value from it xD~~
  3. Soul conversetion is definately good if you have a last word engine, you could probably make a eachtar deck that uses last word, but this isnt it doe~~ Since soul conversation is a 2for2 that sacrifices board, it doesnt work as well in this deck~~
  4. Im a Competitive TCG Player, i dont have the luxury to prioritze Aesthetics over Effeciency about every deck in existance, i dont care if Blood Moon Is Aestically wrong, There is no arguing that the card is effective, imagine our daily fuel, even though we literally destroyed the planets ozon layer, it doesnt stop us from using it. im not gonna handicap myself cause of aesthics and history, i couldnt care less if you think vengeance doesnt "Fit" me, im gonna play blood as i want and in this case using the best it can give me, so what, the game was made to have fun, ofcourse not neccesarily winning with tryhard attitude, you can enjoy your fun decks ofcourse, but wont stop me from using the potential blood gives me <-<~~
  5. its expensive as fk for its cost doe, 1-2 turn difference does alot (i dont remember the cost of the spell but it was either 2 or 3?)
  6. Will say, Darkmoon Disciple + Deathly Tyrant will be Hypuuu xD~~
  7. yeah i know, its probably cause minthe doesnt affect grasp targets until its cast which at that point its too late, so ghostly grasp wont be run, so their is 3 choices i think is likely Go for some draw power with cycle, some tech 2 or 3 drops, or lord the flies as some more value for later stages if you dont see eachtar~~
  8. There is nothing else to do than begin testing out them meranics when release is here xD~~
  9. since the cards aren't out, and FAQ isnt explained very well, i have to label it as "Theory" since even if i compare it to previous wording and japan text, i have no way to confirm what im saying is true, i even myself complained how bad the FAQ was explained and mistranlations too, but looking back on my other claims, i shouldnt be wrong in this case either, my theory on how card mechanics works are pretty good xD~~
  10. I guess it makes sense you wouldnt like blood moon being a thing if you are masochist...... but you should force ya fetish on other people, not everyone enjoys to hurt themselves so you can "get Vengeance on your opponent for hurting yourself"~~nt
  11. Aegis would win.. Unless translations cuck us again and rolands jap text say taht your unit cannot be dealt more than 4 damage, then roland wins... but i have no way to confirm this xD~~
  12. its fine mang, you just stay there using pen and paper while the society moves forward, the world cares about effeciency, caring for traditions and stuff like that is fine, but that wont stop the rest of the world to use do whats more efficient. why use letters over mail? you cant stop evolution no matter how hard you try~~
  13. @zzMedVeDzz WEW, calm ya shet boy. Grasp and Deathbrands wording a unique.. this will be the only 2 cards affected by this if my theory is correct, it means that they check the conditions of the card before playing it, EVEN if something on the board changes it.. so this literally confirms that atomy+ Elta will work @midgardsormr I said it mang, the english translation was wrong and it wouldnt work like that.... This is what makes Interactions in this game confusing.. different terms... DAMN YOU JAPS~~
  14. The fact that the english and japanese wording are different make **** so confusing.. especially the fact that Not everyone are Japs xD~~
  15. "Give a poor and homeless man a home, and that man would accept change VERY WELL" You might not like it, but now 50% of bloodcrafts pool got more usable since you dont need to shoot yourself in the foot to use them, you might not like it (sine you would be the man that would take the pride of being the homeless man in my example and would be ashamed of the other people that accepted the house they were give), but for blood as a whole it made so much more stuff playable~~