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  1. You'd need to make an ultra aggressive forest deck that could reliably get out followers on turn 1-3 and then drop Woodland on turn 4 + another 1pp follower. I haven't messed with the deck since the nerf to Goblin Leader as it was kind of important as to getting 2 different kind of followers out. I do disagree with the notion of not using 3 ofs as you'll be using plenty of 1-2 drops in the deck as the likelihood of drawing duplicates of 2 different followers (you can still do it with 1 duplicate in a draw) is unlikely. Aside from Woodland band, the deck also used Alice and the Angelic Slacker for pushing out damage past turn 4. It is not a good forest deck as it is very dependent on getting one of those 3 cards by turn 4. If you do not get them, then you'll simmer out by the opponent reclaiming the board from your fragile followers. That was just my interpretation of how to use the card in a deck. Aru're's version is less prone to being completely shafted if you don't go off, but I don't think it is better than what a midrange/tempo forest deck would be.
  2. I'll agree with Jeno if it survives and I wasn't really counting the 3pp options as they typically are going to die (aside from White Paladin which is niche atm). As for 5pp, I think Sword has some of the better options, but I was naming things to swing a turn earlier. As for the other point, I was more going based on personal experience as I'm bad at navigating Japanese sites and the person who posts the translated deck winrates on reddit hasn't done so yet for me to reference. I presumed this with Rune as that is one of the deck types I play more often. Blood is just really busted going first so I can see that being a factor for the wide gap.
  3. tbh I would like to think I called Neutral Rune being a hidden threat back a little over a week ago in the Neutral Rune thread that is currently the most recent in the Runecraft section. I feel like Sword should go up to slightly below 50%, but it really falters hard going second against the popular decks. The top decks have reliable options going second to shift the swing effectively (Rune = Levi + burn, Blood = BKB/Vania + 2 drop, Shadow = Orthus/Necroassassin), but Sword only has Floral Fencer and maybe Amelia if she gets the discount.
  4. So, since I do not know anything about RoB or Granblue Fantasy, I took some SSR characters from Granblue (by random draw) and tried to make them into legendaries. Going based on limited info and whatever is on the English wiki, but here people go. Alluring Thief, Catherine Swordcraft Legendary Officer 4pp 1/2 (3/4 evolve) Ambush When Alluring Thief, Catherine attacks an enemy follower, banish her and her target. At the start of your next turn, resummon Alluring Thief, Catherine and whomever she targeted on your side of the field. Scathacha Dragoncraft Legendary 6pp 4/2 (6/4 evolve) Fanfare: She cannot be targeted or damaged by attacks, spells, or enemy effects until the start of your next turn. If there are more than 4 followers, give all allied followers on their field +1/+0 and all damage that is done to a follower is reduced by 2. Village Girl, Metera Forestcraft Legendary 5pp 3/3 (4/4 evolve) Rush and have the ability to ignore ward Fanfare: Choose an enemy follower. It cannot attack next turn. Clash: Destroy an enemy follower if they cannot attack. Evolve: Choose an enemy follower. It cannot attack next turn. Cosmopolitan, Metera Bloodcraft Legendary 5pp 3/3 (4/4 evolve) Have the ability to ignore ward Fanfare: Deal 1 damage to all enemies. At the end of your turn, deal 3 damage to a random enemy follower. Take 1 damage afterwards if vengeance is not active. Evolve: Choose an enemy follower. It cannot attack next turn. At the end of your turn, deal 4 damage to a random enemy follower. Take 1 damage afterwards if vengeance is not active. Designer, Korwa Runecraft Legendary 3pp 1/2 (3/4 evolve) Fanfare: Turn all earth sigils on the field into Espirit, Col, and Astuce (if there are more than 4 Earth Sigils, the 4th one is turned into Espirit) Espirit, Astuce, and Col are all 2pp Earth Sigils. Espirit has Last words: Give a random allied follower +2/+0. Col has Last Words: Restore 4 defense to your leader. Astuce has Last Words: Give a random allied follower Storm. Commander Vira Shadowcraft Legendary 4pp 3/3 (5/5 evolve) Fanfare: All allied followers are immune to being given the inability to attack and stat changes from enemy spells and effects. All allies will be destroyed instead when they would be banished. Clash: Reduce the enemy's attack by 1. If Commander Vira lives after destroying an enemy follower in battle, restore 2 defense to her. Bulwark Baotorda Havencraft Legendary 7pp 3/7 (5/9 evolve) While Bulwark Baotorda is in play, all allies cannot receive more than 3 damage at a time. In addition, the first enemy spell that targets Bulwark Baotorda is nullified.
  5. I've been playing a neutral Oz list to moderate success (climbed back up to A2 after the fun of my grinder rune deck) after the nerfs to Goblin Leader (replaced him with Khaiza) and Grimnir (still using him). imo it is still the black sheep in the neutral decks that still see play as I see neutral sword and forest more before this type of deck. It could be that people find burn rune more enjoyable and then the other userbase are still on the D-Shift train as that is fairly okay again.
  6. I've noticed banner sword is kind of okay now that the neutral swarm is a bit more tolerable now and that Bladed Hedgehog + Old Couple allows for decent trading. There is also the new 5pp ambush follower that allows for a decent play after banner if your opponent doesn't apply enough pressure the next turn.
  7. You can make any solid Rune rune list right now and can probably make a decent tempo/midrange sword list. Then you got Alice so any neutral deck will work as long as you make the golds working with Neutrals (aside from Forest). Probably tell the community what kind of playstyle you like to play and if the 2 crafts you have cards for currently correspond with your tastes.
  8. The rework doesn't send Baphomet into oblivion as it can now be used in the old type of aggro blood lists to have a better chance to pull better cards that Goblin Mage would have struggled with. I do think the card had the potential to limit design space for any future Bloodcraft cards that are meant to be strong. Cygames could make everything be <5 attack and be mindful of this for now on, but that could get very stale (and the public would see through this fast). Spawn could have been a 4/8 and had its effect deal damage based on the defense total (still equaling out to the same damage if it hit face). So, they decided to just neuter the card and prevent all potential combo decks from being seen through now. If I were to change it, I would just remove the enhance as cost reduction is very novel for card to receive. I do think Bloodcraft should have some strong tutor effect as Swordcraft has Maid Leader, Runecraft has Lou, Havencraft has Prism Priestess, and Dragoncraft has Dragon Emissary. PS: The new Baphomet could be used to make some Bloody Mary deck now as you could get away with a bunch of removal, defensive neutral followers, and then Baphomet + Bloody Mary. It isn't as consistent as people would like, but it is another deck it can be used in aside from old aggro.
  9. Tove is now a non-factor as to play neutral blood anymore. Only Phantom Cat is the incentive to use it as to get cheeky damage out. Baphomet is now an inverse statted Dragon Summoner. As such, it will be used in Aggro Blood now over Goblin Mage as you can have a better chance to get Vania and Blood Wolf, but that utility is at the cost of any combo deck ever to come from Bloodcraft now. Abyss is still strong. tbh changing it to be 4/8 and making the ability deal damage based on the defense total could've been enough, but I feel like Cygames not having to skirt by making any good late game blood card >5 attack is the reason why both cards were changed. We may not like it, but imo it could have limited creativity for future expansions. The Oroborous change is nice for arena, but changes shouldn't be made purely for that. I guess it will help other crafts aside from Haven deal with Dragon late game as the damage done early on isn't negligible. Snow White getting changed makes it kind of meh now, but now I don't need to avoid Havencraft as I did so thinking I'd need the card (as a novelty card to stay alive). Goblin Leader moving to 4 with enough stats to be considered a 3/5 at the end of the turn and getting evolved stats to match the signature craft 4 drops isn't too bad, but people won't be crazy about it in aggro now. I'd have to use it before I say whether this change just makes the card too slow. Grimnir getting this treatment makes JO Dragoncraft sad, but it is still a good card. Makes control games last longer.
  10. Guess I'll come up with some cards that will be creative using mechanics in the game. I do agree with Void in that followers should be from Rage of Bahamut as SV typically uses art from that game. So, I'll be coming up with spells/amulets instead. Oath to Nature [Forestcraft] 1pp Gold Spell Transform an allied Fairy on the field into a Petal Fencer. Enhance (4): Tranform all Fairies on the field into Petal Fencers. If more than 3 cards were played this turn, give all Petal Fencers storm. The Spoils of War [Swordcraft] 2pp Silver Amulet Countdown (2): At the end of your turn, discard one of the highest cost follower cards from you hand at random. Give a random allied follower that is on the field +x/+x. X is the play point cost of the card that was discarded divided by 2 (rounded up). Mystical Basin [Runecraft] 1pp Bronze Amulet Countdown (5): Whenever an allied Clay Golem enters the field, give it +1/+0 and reduce the countdown of this amulet by 1. Experimental Container [Dragoncraft] 1pp Silver Amulet Countdown (3): While this amulet is on the field, gain an empty play point. Last Words: Remove a play point. Roar of the Canyon [Shadowcraft] 2pp Gold Spell Destroy an allied follower. Deal 4 damage to an enemy follower. Enhance (5): Summon a Phantom Dragon. Vampiric Regeneration [Bloodcraft] 2pp Silver Spell If an injured allied follower is on the field, fully restore the follower's defense and deal x damage to a random enemy follower. X is equal to the defense the allied follower gained to be fully restored. Ritual of the Transcendent Messenger [Havencraft] 5pp Gold Amulet If 3 amulets are destroyed at the start of your turn, banish this amulet and summon a Incandescent Dragon.
  11. I've made an old thread long ago in feedback suggesting some unique buffs to certain legendaries, but I'll just let that thread be dead and focus on some of the legendaries that weren't touched up on in that thread. I didn't touch legendaries that have spells attached to them as that, in itself, a way I felt that Cygames was trying to buff those cards (as a means to being more flexible). Gabriel: Old - Fanfare: Give +4/+3 to an allied follower. New - Fanfare: Give +4/+3 to an allied follower. If that follower is neutral, that follower gains ability to ignore wards and resistance to targeted spells and effects. Alexander: Old - Rush. Can attack up to 14 times per turn. Can't attack the enemy leader. New - Rush. Clash: When this follower is about to be destroyed from incoming battle damage, negate that damage and remove this follower's clash ability. Can attack up to 14 times per turn. Can't attack the enemy leader. Zirnitra: Old - Storm. Fanfare: Summon a Dragon. Evolve: Summon a Dragon. New - Storm. Fanfare: Summon a Dragon. Transform all Dragoncraft followers whose play points are 5 and below into Dragons. Evolve: Give all Dragons rush.
  12. imo you'll probably need to run Dumpty and Teena together in order to get enough frequency in draws. I usually do 2:2 (as I don't really want to craft another Teena) and see them fairly often in my rune deck. Although, since my deck runs plenty of draw power, 4 might be enough for me, but you may need to go more. fyi, you should probably edit your deck list in the OP so any new people don't get confused with how the deck develops.
  13. I guess I'll be the first to ask, but do you own any neutral Alices? Even though it wouldn't be the best follower to play on curve when trying to play defensively, it would give an actual attack stat on Bellringer, it'll move up grimnir's stats so it isn't taken out by 3 defense removal that is desired to have in this meta, and move Goblinmount's attack up to 4 which can cover non-evolved 4pp drops without having to evolve it. If you need AoE, I'll advocate Humpty Dumpty as it can take out any growing neutral board from turns 1-4 with the only consequence of resetting the board for the opponent to act upon it and the opponent may have a 4 defense follower that is still alive. In addition, if it is buffed by Alice, it can be a 4pp evolve: deal 3 AoE to everything and then 7 damage to 1 enemy follower. I'd probably ever add 2 of them in a deck. I'm more partial to Zeus over Andras as it will give ward + non-conditional storm for an extra play point, but having something on 9 to charge the opponent at is probably better for aegis matchups. Then there is Into The Looking Glass which can give any of the relevant followers aside from Andras the neutral tag in order to be a target for Poisoned Apple. Although, this would only open up Khawy as the newest value target for being revived and that can be too slow. I would maybe consider that over Bellringer, but I know her saving 2+ defense is desired.
  14. Like I said, it fights fire with fire. It feels like it would be better in dragon since you can ramp faster into the threats and have more healing early on, but Falise is pretty flexible so she may be the best reason why to use this deck.