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  1. As long as the spells/amulets do not need to be unique, you could probably get away with having about 20-25 cards that could not be followers (you can add 9 of the new followers that gives spells/amulets to reduce this to about 11-16 cards). I don't think this deck would be aggressive enough to push 10 more damage as only Roy and the Whitewyrm are the only decent, cheap followers that promote this kind of win condition. Galua might also be okay, but not too sure.
  2. Nerfs!

    Can't really give a good take on Ambling Wraith as I don't play unlimited to know how bad aggro is there, but a 1/2 with an ability was kind of good. Especially with how the recent 1 turn plays are now being 1/1s (aside from Perseus who may also get that treatment if Sword gets too strong). As for Queen, a person now has a turn to react before dying. Kind of in line with other expensive win conditions that are appearing in rotation. It may still be fine in Dragon (not as strong), but I doubt Forest will still use it.
  3. Post Dawnbreak Nightedge meta: your opinions

    Might go through the specific cards in a separate thread, but I'll just state which crafts are going to be getting strictly better based on the cards lost. Forest: Almost all decks are going to be getting better cards. Neutral loses Sahaquel, but I feel like the deck will be able to perform fine without it. Sword: Even though I like the cards Sword got, they lost some power solely due to Albert leaving and losing their best late game win condition. Celia only helps if you're ahead (probably going first) and Sky Fortress needs Sword to have a board at turn 8 to be slightly alright to push damage. Sky Fortress feels like the replacement Fangblade Slayer where it is a good late game card that might push someone forward to win if uncontested, but won't win alone. Rune: Loses some pretty versatile cards for some situational late game cards. Overall a power decrease, but a slow meta might not make the loss too bad. Dragon: This class loses 2 powerhouse cards in exchange for a couple decent cards and creative cards. With the inclusion of Sahaquel and Bahamut, Dragon lost more power than it gained. Shadow: The power change is between being very minimal to kind of moderate depending on what decks you prefer to play. I did prefer the Neph type of control over the burial rite/reanimate type of high rolling, but I do like that Cygames are trying to push the past key words some more. Bloodcraft: Blood got power of some sort for each type of archetype. I kind of wish the serpent archetype was more explored before the bat resurgence. Havencraft: I feel like Haven is about even on the power change with the cards they're getting. Losing Tribunal and Ancient Lion Spirit is pretty harsh, but they received about two or three cards that might be worth including (although they really don't replace the functionality of the cards lost). Portalcraft: Infinite power gain as there isn't any loss and more deck building options. Neutralcraft: The overall quality of neutral cards + the quantity are going down. Sucks for budget decks.
  4. Grand Prix: strategies and stuff

    So, I've come back after a few months of university. Kind of wish this mode would be arena tourney styled, but having it go through rotation ladder seems like the 2nd best shot. Are most people playing Dragon with either Shadow/Forest coming seconds from my 2 hours of playing today? Is this round of Grand Prix the first since its implementation as well?
  5. Magic Illusionist is still decent. ER Rune just suffers more going second against aggro and forest in general. Thane will probably go back to being a 2 of in decks. While Shadow's 7 slot is crowded, it never hurt too much to play this on 8 and have an access pp. I don't play shadow enough to engage how well this nerf is overall. Bahamut is kind of neutered. The stat decrease now makes it so Dragon cannot threaten lethal with it and Arriet without also storing an evolution (if Dragon has been a potato and didn't push damage out). The removal of amulet destruction also hinders Dragon's MU with control sword and I'd think Artifact Portalcraft if they've managed to start rolling with Acceleratum. However, it does open up Dragon to experiment with their big amulets that never saw too much play so that is a + (also doesn't get gimped by Haven). I still think the amulets Dragon have are too slow for unlimited, but experimenting with them in standard may be fun. I still think this change is more negative than positive. To preference this, I never really tried unlimited as I was waiting to see how Cygames would treat it. I will be trying it now that they do plan on limiting cards that make decks too insane. I know Blood Wolf is a stellar card for Blood, but it seems odd to be limited. I presume changing cards to 1-ofs in decks are in line when a direct nerf on a card will just be too strong or not enough. I can see the reason for Aria despite not playing unlimited as Roach forest can just pop off consistently with her. A nerf on her effect while she's still in rotation may seem too extreme so this option is chosen I feel. Well, I got a week and a half to get the monthly card backs + emblems so time to make decks tomorrow.
  6. Artifact or Puppets?

    Might be easier to just compare puppet decks to come to a conclusion on what people are using. Here is mine - Empyreal Puppets From this list, I'd say there may be about 6 flex cards depending on how people want to play (primarily Gravikinetic Warrior, Empyreal Swordsman, and Badb Catha) - Gravikinetic is to give some value artifacts for the midgame if I evolve it. Most of the artifacts are also prime Hamelin targets. - Empyreal Swordsman just a big guy that will guarantee doing damage and a threat the opponent will need to answer. Playing defensively and waiting until closing late game is primarily what the puppet decks want to accomplish so this guy gives the small push needed. - Badb is just a test to see if it on T6 with puppets is enough of a defensive option to warrant at least 1 in the deck. Overall, I do think my winrate is about even so I could slowly grind up AA with this deck. It has enough defensive power to hold off midrange shadow (provided they do not play Ceres), but it doesn't really pressure control decks like Forest + Dragon to win favorably. Burn Rune just burns you. Sword isn't too much of an issue and Haven is also passive enough to do well against. Blood and Portal dittos are more draw dependent (kind of hard to fight T3-4 Blood Moon or T6 Deus Ex).
  7. Is Badb Catha the new alice?

    I've been thinking Badb has some niche uses in some decks, but only as a 1-2 of. I can see midrange shadow make use of her, but also Puppetcraft. If you need to trade out in the midgame, you can play the puppets out before her and get 2/2 chargers.
  8. Early Days Meta Report.

    So, Shadow is just making use of all of their overtuned 5-7 drops and now has a pseudo Albert that is more defensive on curve (not a bad thing, Shadow's midrange deck is more defensive) Rune is just going back to the previous expansions with burn and Daria which both were solid. If control gets more into the meta, Daria will subside. Burn rune may not and was one of the few days I dislike playing (both with and against) Dragon is just falling back on the Queen + Azi + Arriet late game package that can use Chronos to quickly draw back cards to finish afterwards. I haven't seen PDK/Storm yet, but playing the meme version of mill Dragon taught me that Aficionado + Dragon Horde are welcomed additions I don't get Portal's winrate, but I typically get matched with people getting Deus Ex on turns 6-7 so I typically lose. Puppets is less RNG dependent and can use Staircase to draw out key cards, but it feels very passive until turn 9. Forest is what I expected as people tend to not explore it as much as other classes that may have gotten new tools. Not too surprised from my times using midrange forest. I feel like Sword may stay at this spot as Artifactcraft seems like a better swarming deck and Sword seems more susceptible to board wipes. I'm playing Commander sword with Luminous Standard just because I got an animated Albert from my last 10 packs (It compensates for the less than average luck in my bulk pack opening, but I'd enjoy my 30k dust back I had to use to make decks) Haven is also kind of expected. I've been seeing people just using Bahamut on 10 over Aegis just to pop the clunky amulets. Blood seems a little unexplored right now, but they can't be as aggressive in their aggro + vengeance decks like they used to in order to end games fast. I haven't seen neutral blood yet to comment, but it may be decent over regular aggro.
  9. Cards you miss the most in Rotation

    Forest - Glimmering Wings Sword - Aldwina's Command and Frontguard General Rune - (besides the common Levi, Kaleidoscopic Glow, Fate's Hand) Ice Golem Dragon - Forte Shadow - Soul Conversion Blood - Summon Bloodkin, Succubus, Laura, and the cards control blood lost Haven - Every good amulet and Guardian Sun Neutral - Lucifer (as I've never gotten Israfil), Healing Angel, Satan
  10. I feel for you. I got 2 Straddlers (1 animated), 1 Arthur, 1 Badb, and 1 Aria. Besides Sword and maybe Forest (not too much of a combo forest player), none of the decks I had drafted are discounted.
  11. Portal may be a problem. /Maybe/.

    I mean, Forest always had access to Humpty Dumpty : v ) Serious though, I figured that card would be crazy as it could come out on 3 without qualms and the opponent would need to handle it if you're second. If first, you still can get 2-3 pings off the evolve which is similar to the effectiveness of Haven's lion.
  12. I spent all of my luck these past 3 months on FE Heroes where I've gotten 3 5* units in my free pulls in a row
  13. I didn't really desire the leaders so I don't mind not getting them from 85 packs. Typically I just dust the extra legendary copy I have of them. However, only getting 5 legendaries from that many packs is a tad disappointing.
  14. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    The portal site finally updated.
  15. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    I don't know if you would have insight on this @Mouse , but why is the official deck building portal for Shadowverse not updated by now? The expansion comes out in about 7 hours (according to Taigane's timer) and the ability to share decklists may be hindered if it is delayed until release.