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  1. So, here are my thoughts on the potentially good cards from the last third of revealed Wonderland Dreams expansion. Potential Cards: Hector - Having the ability to deal 3 damage to any enemy while being a defensive option for 5 is kind of appealing if people were to make a midrange neutral deck. From what I've covered for possible midrange neutral decks, I think it might fill a spot in neutral Runecraft as they don't mind being more defensive. Could be nice in Ginger rune as well if you're holding onto late game cards. Actress Feria - Guess what card will need to be handled before evolutions are hit if someone is fighting a neutral aggro deck. Solid stats, solid evolve ability, and solid art. Snow, Whitecat Sage - People have been comparing this card to Azure Drake from HS. I don't think this card is quiet on the same power level as that card as spell power make that card slightly more threatening over the stat boost this card gives to a follower. Nevertheless, it is card draw and a neutral body so it can find a spot in a midrange to control neutral deck that desires that effect (like Ginger Rune or grinder forest) Flower Princess - Another fairy generator that doesn't need an evolution point. It has utility and the capability to give burst damage if the forest player has enough neutral cards (you can probably run this in a non-neutral deck). btw, it is worded so lengthy so, if cards were to be discarded due to overdraw, the fairies would go away first rather than the thorn burst. Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum - Instant include in any deck that wants to finish via roach. Aside from roach shenanigans, it is a 2pp 2/2 so it is on par with being played on curve so it can be played in most decks without repercussions. Fairy Dragon - An odd card to say. I feel like this card might be a backup in case you can't rely on roach to finish out a game (as this card will probably be at +4 attack at that point give or take) or backup if people are playing old ptp fairy (as the card text only mentions fairies being destroyed, but not in battle. Might need some testing/clarification on dev side before the expansion hits). Axe Destroyer - This card may be used in control sword just for its evolve. As you aren't going to be running executes, this can deal with some pesky cards such as Durandal in the mirror or Test of Strength in Aegis. There is also Reckless Flight that dragon obtained if that ever becomes less than a meme. All in all, it is a treat for control sword to mess with, but nothing they needed. Shield of Flame - 3 damage spell for 2pp. Auto include in most decks to maybe all decks (as token sword doesn't need to fear Yurius as much now if this is in hand). Falise, Leonardian Mage - So, this card is probably going to be used in either midrange or ginger rune decks. By itself, it is a better Lightning Shooter (as you'll be making a deck to make it kind of good) and, when enhanced, it is a cheaper Dragonnewt Charlette. It is an odd card nevertheless and it could be similar to how a lot of Haven golds are (decent, but never decent enough to be an auto include). Mr. Heinlein, Shadow Mage - This card might be able to make a more late game oriented Daria deck. It isn't really new, but there are some late game cards like Multipart Experiment that can flood a board once the initial flood of spellboosted followers get cleared out. Then there are Chimera and Flame Destroyers that have an opportunity be used more efficiently as you won't be stuck with a brick if they do not get touched by Daria. In a standard Daria deck, you'd probably use 1-2 of these over the situational Ice Golem tech (although there is a case to use it on curve against blood/shadow). Witch's Cauldron/Golem Assault - Good, non aggro ER support. Will touch on Golem Assault in a new type of deck. Yung Levi - It is decent enough to be used in a midrange to aggro deck list and any ER list. imo he is a better Disaster Witch although she might be better in a pure spellboost aggro deck just for the 1pp burn spellboost. Skeleton Ogre - A swol 2pp follower that can turn into a threat late game if shadows haven't been consumed by anything (although 4 shadows is kind of expensive for the effect). On the flip side, you might not attack with it once you get to 4 shadows early game as you'd want it for Soulsquasher. Demon Eater - Card draw + a last words triggerer on a cheap body. Probably essential in any Neph deck for the future (as it can also be a desperate use for an on curve play over the 1pp spell). Mad Hatter - With how the Tin Soldiers are statted, this can be an alternate win condition for a control shadow/dark alice deck as it will generate a threatening board that will need to be handled. Emeralda, Demonic Officer - Similar to Axe Destroyer in vein of a control deck not needing to use execute now for amulet removal. This also fares better than Axe Destroyer in that it is a fanfare and that it has storm under vengeance (which control blood will usually manipulate to happen). Bandersnatch - This can can open various tutor options and how control blood can be built. It also has rush so playing it on 5pp as a desperation play is a possibility as well. Phantom Cat - Solid card with a solid ability (even if you ignore the addition neutral synergy). Useful in either a neutral aggro list with Carabosse or a control deck that isn't using Bandersnatch/Baphamut. Demon Key - An interesting card. It'll be odd to see how greedy people will be with mulligans now with this card around. There are combo's to be had with this card. Disagreeable Demon - A great card that will be used in everything. Spawn of the Abyss - Control bloods new finisher. If the deck becomes really strong, it will be due to this card and Bandersnatch/Demon Key shenanigans. The fact that this has stealth also makes it very irritating (aka, either have wards up or be Rune, Haven, or Blood with Fire Link, Themis, or Revelation). Monk of Purification/Tenko - Valuable late game followers for Elana decks to have. I'd argue that those types of decks don't need Curator or Lucifer anymore with these around (as they come earlier + provide more utility for the deck). March Hare's Teatime - A strong amulet to target with Lion of the Golden City, but it can also be a good accelerator for that card or Eagle Man (as Tin Soldiers are neutral). In addition, this amulet would be used in Eidolon/Skullfane type of decks as this is a high impact, expensive card that would desire to be popped quickly. Birdkeeping Disciple - Alright 4pp stats with the added Pinion Prayer for storm haven. Probably will be a 3 of in the deck and Cudgel might drop to a 2 of. New Potential Decks (List #1 and #2) ER D-Shift - I've seen brief mixings of this back in the day. The benefits were that a D-Shift player would get access to an optimal clear (Calamitous Curse) along with the heal of Veteran Alchemist. With the introduction of Yung Levi and Golem Assault, a person could make a deck to be the shell of a midrange-esque ER deck and have D-Shift in the back for an alternate win condition against control. There was a similar type of deck with Daria, but I feel like that deck was one of the harder decks to pilot with negligible results (probably a better tourney deck over ladder). Roulette Dragon/Jabberwock Dragon (aggro/midrange) - This deck will not be as solidly build as a Neph deck, but it has the capability to finish a game faster than what Neph is capable of. A person can build the deck to swarm with 2-3pp follower followers, have storm followers like Forte, Gilgamesh, Zeus, and Jabberwock. Then hope you do not get 3pp followers from your 2pp followers and not your extra Jabberwocks. 0-20 damage of storm with all of the RNG you could ask for. I still find the revitalized aggro dragon list which will swarm and use hippogryff rider/aina will be stronger, but this is a fun deck. Ginger Rune (control) - I do not find that there is enough support to fully utilize this type of deck, but having access to another storm follower (although Falise can't be used after Ginger as her storm in an enhance) and sufficient card draw in relation to neutral cards might make it have enough tools to get the damage it needs to finish at turn 9. The deck is still going to be finishing with storm (zeus/gilgamesh) or with Lucifer/Reina evo bursts. It is another fun deck.
  2. I'll be posting my thoughts on the last third of the expansion later on today, but I kind of wish sword got a way to decrease the costs of amulets. Something like a 3pp 3/2 [officer] fanfare - Subtract 2 from the cost off of the first swordcraft amulet played next turn. It would synergize with banner enough to play it and it can get cannon out on T4 so luminous mage could come out on curve to deal 2 damage twice to followers. All in all, I'm okay with the cards this expansion and will go on whatever class the packs give me legendaries for (as I had to craft 3 Sibyl to ever want to make a dragon deck in the near future, but late on the train to do anything).
  3. Another PSA to say that the card home page updated so people can see the evolved arts.
  4. The decklist seems okay. I personally like using Blood Pact over Dire Bond now as Dire Bond can be a bit too risky to drop after playing Belphegor and that you may overdraw if you do not play on curve (which is unlikely, but plausable). I know Moriana has a niche with giving an evo point, but I still like Wardrobe Raider for reactive plays (I'd run 2-3). I kind of like the reach of a third Razory Claw so maybe go with the one of Hungering Horde (more personal preference). Aside from those suggestions, Imp Lancer is always nice and sticky if you need an aggressive late game card, but to add it in would be to replace Erinyes. I think that is another preference call though so it is up to you to test them both.
  5. Man-Eating Grove can stall out aggro decks at sometimes as long as you can answer the board once the amulet timer is gone such as Will of the Forest or Humpty Dumpty/Lucius (as forest doesn't have the best board clear). Ironwrought Fortress might be the only amulet that could be used without it feeling like a tempo drop. With the extra 1/2 body, it can make some cards really threatening when they otherwise wouldn't be. Going on curve with fortress into Pompous Princess can spawn 2 followers which is pretty major for board development. Another major benefit is Luminous Mage spawning 2 1/2 followers which can threaten 12 damage next turn if none of the followers are taken care of (usually is, but it is a threat anytime past turn 5). The amulet is decent in that it could be fit into the stereotypical mold of sword decks without it feeling like baggage (aka, 30/40 cards are the same, but changing ~10 cards makes it a new type of deck). Multipart Experiment can be splashed in Daria decks for a late game board filler. If it gets boosted by Daria, then you have a backup plan if the initial follower flood gets cleared. It is also nice in that a person can get rid of it without feeling too bad. I'd only use 1-2 in a deck though as having too much will clog everything up. Mask of the Black Death is a versatile defense option if one chooses to have a reactive card in a deck. Having the ability to eat up a +5 damage hit or enduring the effect of Belphegor is interesting in certain matchups where conserving defense is important. Gravekeeper Sonia is an interesting follower for certain matchups. As some decks typically have spell damage to remove followers over direct removal, getting a 4/5 out with immunity to spell damage can be very disconcerting. tbh it could the best way for an Aegis deck way to reliably take out D-Shift before they go off (as they'd need their Fiery Embrace in hand).
  6. I'd argue all of the decks listed here aside from commandersword are more obscure than bad (as I tend to play Daria and Homecoming Roach at times and still get wins fairly quick for quests in A ranked). In any case, I'll just name some mediocre decks. Aggro Forest - From trying this deck, it feels like it has to the propensity to fizzle out the quickest from the most of the common aggro deck types out (comparing sword, blood, and shadow). With the neutral support coming in from Alice and Woodland Band being able to make a cheap board stickier (going from an optimal situation of throwing 3 1pp followers out and the amulet on curve so you'd probably need to throw out 1-2 more followers next turn), it may be able to swarm an opponent down with chip damage rather than having to rely on the topdeck roach/beetle warrior. Banner Sword - I mainly say this for Bladed Hedgehog and Old Man/Woman as they provide some sticky followers to control the board and pose as threats when the amulet comes down on curve. I don't think this deck will return to prominence, but it will be stronger.
  7. Part of me wants Anomaly, Lord of the Flies, and Imprisoned Dragon just for having leaders with only guttural taunts, but that opinion would need to be very favored for it to beat some of the choices. If my iPad is sufficient, I'll be going: Rose Queen, Amelia (as Yue probably meant her over 2 Aurelias), Merlin, Imperial Dragoon, Nephthys, (IDK for blood, there are like 4 that are really good), and Eidolon Footnote: If this thread turns into a taste comparison by the time I wake up, it'll feel like the old forum times. It could make for some nice activity.
  8. The standard D-Shift is probably the most optimal type of D-Shift to use if you choose to use it. If you choose to do so, take out the penguins, calamitous curses, and alchemist workshops for Ice Golem, Angelic Snipes, and Levi (and maybe add in Lou if you desire more specific card draw). If you want an ER related build of D-Shift, adding in Ancient Alchemist, Dwarf Alchemist, and maybe 1-2 Veteran Alchemists could do something and replace Conjure Golem, Penguins, and Fiery Embraces(I haven't tried this, but I've seen some lists of it). If you want to go with a penguin D-Shift deck (probably the 2nd to 3rd most solid D-Shift variant and the one I personally like using), you'd be taking out the ER related cards, Fiery Embrace, Enchanted Library, and Flame Destroyers for Lou, Ice Golem, Angelic Snipes, Rite of Exorcism/Petrification, and Goblin Mage.
  9. fyi, the main card page has been updated so you can see the evolution arts now.
  10. 2/3s of the expansion has been leaked, going to say good cards and potential deck types coming out from the expansion. Overall Good: Ephemera Angelic Slacker - Any class can have the potential to be similar to banner sword. I still find Wind God slightly better due to the better stat total for cost and having the ability to interact with the board (in the sense of actually trading without posing risk to losing the buffing unit [as a 3/<5 follower will probably die sooner than a 4/<7 follower]). However, it comes out a turn sooner so that is important to consider. Goblin Leader - A neutral Ascetic Knight. With buffs coming to neutral cards and having the ability to make 2 bodies to be buffed potentially is interesting for future aggro decks. Rapunzel - A sticky follower that will either help control the board during the evolution portion. The opponent can't really trade for this due to the health on turn 4 usually so it can be a prime buff target if you have them as well. Fairy Employer - Remember that card that gave followers rush, but is too expensive for Lionel to do anything with. This card is better than her even though it affects only Fairies. People have said the OTK possibilities for her, but in general, you can inflict 6-8 damage on its own (and if you got the fairies) and still be fine. There are also the fairy generating amulets that can get value from giving this card more fairy fodder, but that will probably be more T2 strats over ladder. Beauty and the Beast - I feel like this might be good enough for control forest as an alternate win condition. Even if you ignore the neutral part of the card, getting a 7/8 for 6pp isn't nothing to ignore and, if it hits anything, it will probably put the opponent in roach range or silver bolt range without wolf. I don't think neutral control will be as strong as wolfbolt, but this card could say otherwise. Cinderella - A bulky follower on 3pp. It can either be the target for an opponent's evo next turn, deal 6 on turn 4, be cannon fodder, or be a control tool to trade on board for value. There is so much versatility in this follower and it will be interesting how people try to handle her effect. Princess's Kiss - An efficient buff for neutral cards that will make anything sticky early. The commander portion might be a setup for future expansions as there aren't too much you'd need to ambush on the neutral side right now (that effect is probably the one one that stands out for commanders). Secret Swordsman Ginrei - This card will get you value unless the opponent has a spell to take it out. Having Medusa's ability is really nice on evolve and innately having bane will just take out anything else that takes it out. I don't think any sword decks need him aside from maybe control, but it is interesting. White Rabbit - Card draw + decent stats for a 3pp on a craft who usually only has Maid Leader and/or Mentor's Teaching. This card is probably the best incentive to go more neutral heavy in sword over Princess's Kiss or Cinderella imo. Mysteria Grimoire - Despite the stats for its cost, getting card draw in a ER deck without needing spells is kind of important. With this and maybe Oz, I don't think ER is in a spot to dominate yet, but getting card draw not dependent on spells is a luxury for deck building. Forbidden Elemental - Why does this card exist at its stat total? Imprisoned Dragon and Devil of Vengeance are the best card to compare this card to. Dragon needs to only evolve to deal damage and Devil of Vengeance needs to be in vengeance in order to attack (and evolve into a 6/6). Aggro lists will use this card specifically to deal 6 at a person and D-Shift now has a way to board clear + get a decent follower out early. Illusionist - So, this card can be a cheesy way to get lethal if the game gets to a grind. If you happen to run Gilgamesh/Zeus and it gets destroyed, you'll have a guarentee'd way to deal 5-7 damage at turn 9+. Aside from this cheese, this card probably works similar to Sahaquiel so you'd get healed by Lucifer. Probably a Ginger Rune card if that deck becomes a thing. Red Ragewyrm - The ultimate coinflip. If you're going second and this card comes out on curve, you will deal 10 to the face. If you're going first, you will probably never play this card as the opponent will clear it before it can go face. Aggro may use it if they're against control matchups. Hippogriff Rider - This card + Aina work really well with one another. You can spend the first 4 turns building up a board, Hippogriff on 5 to deal 4-6 damage (without evolve), then Aina on 6 with whatever board is left for the probably finishing blow. Forte is also a substitute for Aina, but for the deck I imagine, Aina is the go to while Forte is backup. Caterpillar of Riddles - This can be used in a standard Death Ledger (without Neph) deck to decent success. You'll have a 1/2 to pull this or Hell's Unleasher on turn 5 if Death Ledger is played on curve, but you benefit from buffing your neutral followers and easily popping Attendant of Nights and Hell's Unleasher if it is in the deck. I'd say it is worth testing 2-3 of in the deck and see if the inconsistency is worth it. Ded Moroz - Similar place as Caterpillar of Riddles in the standard Death Ledger deck, but you won't pull it off of an on curve Death's Ledger. In addition, the base stat total is pretty good. Noish, Paladin of Red Clubs - A solid 2 drop and has a ridiculous late game ability. In Seraph decks, if you do not have the required accelerators, this can save you from late game threats. In Aegis mirrors, this will make the opponent's Aegis hit like a wet noodle for a turn (which is critical going second). New Potential Decks (first list is here): Neutral Forest (control) - With getting solid followers that benefit greatly from neutral cards and the addition of Elf Twins' Assault, you should be able to survive the early game. With the addition of great heals and finishers like Jungle Warden (along with Satan/Bahamut), it could be a grinder deck for people who miss old ER decks. Neutral Sword (midrange/tempo) - With White Rabbit, you can get an insane amount of card draw if the deck just plays on curve neutral followers. With the addition of Princess's Kiss to snowball out with early game cards and Council of Card Knights to build a board to get buffed suddenly by Alice/Sage Commander, this could have some potential. There is also Cinderella to take advantage of with trading/priority target to get rid of.
  11. I'm inferring that El Dorado would be an extra card draw card as you'll probably want to just be using Sacred Plea or maybe Tribunal (I personally don't use it, but I know the majority do). The only risk is that El Dorado pulls Alice's Adventure and thins out the way to accelerate out Seraph/Grail. I guess this deck can use Through the Looking Glass as well if you want to convert some of the midrange control followers haven has to neutral to help.
  12. I feel like the cards revealed will be hard to tell whether they will be good or not so I'll divide the cards into two sections: Overall good and Potentially good neutral decks. Overall Good: Old Man/Woman - A bulky follower who receives double the benefits from buffs. I can imagine this being in aggro and banner (if they come back), but I know people may combo this card with an excessive amount of buffs similar to Vagabond Frog (or they may run it in the same deck as an alternative win condition). Council of Card Knights - 3/9 in stats with the flexibility of being on multiple bodies + multitude of effects. It is an optimal card to be played on curve before Sage Commander (or Alice) to double the attack and make the board even stickier. Big Knuckle Bodyguard - It is good. The only way this card wouldn't see play is if aggro vengeance is still top tier as, truthfully, the deck is fine for 4 drops. Midrange vengeance and control is strengthened, but I don't think this card is enough to put it on the similar playing ground as aggro vengeance. Odile, Black Swan - It is an interesting card. Unless old control shadow goes back into style, this card will probably not fit any existing deck. In any case, it will live at 1hp if you need to trade into the summoned unit and give a guarentee'd 2 AoE on the opponents board for 6. Carabosse, Wicked Fairy - It is another interesting card. I can realistically see it in aggro blood as a finisher in control matchups if you decide to add in Baphomet in the deck as well. Something like a 2:1 ratio in the cards should be fine and you wouldn't mind dropping Baphomet at base value as that card would be a backup if things aren't finished by turn 6-7. Fairy Mage Lila/Red Riding Hood/Demon Hunter Momo - Cheap follower based removal is always nice. Mysteria Carbuncle - The Crafty Warlock of spellboosting. Probably better than a spell early on as you can delay destroying it until you got more spellboost cards in hand to activate its effect on. 2/1 is okay stats as you'll probably be using it in D-Shift and it will be used for trading. Dragon Summoners - Until official translations comes out, hopefully it can't pull itself. If it can't, then there can be some aggro tutoring with Forte to be done now that it doesn't have to rely solely on Dragon Emissary. Potential Decks So Far: Neutral Forest (aggro) - So, this deck will likely be using 15 1-2 drops and then split the remaining 10 card spots in 3-4. Alice and Woodland band would be the main highlights of this deck along with other low costing buffers like Cybele, Blessed Fairy Dancer, and Woodland Refuge (a big maybe here). Don't even think you'd use Roach in this deck, but maybe the Beetle Warrior. Oz Rune (midrange) - This can be synonymous for neutral rune and ER Rune, but not for Ginger rune. Truthfully, this deck will probably be more follower based with spells such as Spellbook Decryption and Conjure Twosome. There are some bulky ER spells that never have seen play that can with Oz such as Golem Protection and Twin Guardians. There can be a burst list for this, but you'd be better off with Daria as you'll guarantee more draw in order to play the burst (since you banish, then draw over drawing alone to 5). Reckless Flight Dragon (control with combo finish) - Uriel can call the amulet out as you will probably want to take out the opponent with charging neutral followers. Through the Looking Glass can turn your hand to neutral followers as dragon is probably one of the few classes that can afford a 2pp draw a card spell. Then it is up to living until the moment to bum rush the opponent with big followers like Hydra, Lucifer, Servant of Darkness, 1-2 drop (Hamsa, Unica) and Gabriel. Current storm ramp dragon is probably better than this theoretical deck, but people like to meme. Dark Alice Shadow (control) - Remember the time where control shadow used to exist without Neph. This is probably the reincarnation of the deck. Build with the intention to stall the opponent and then add into the deck 1 Bahamut and 1 Satan. When Dark Alice is played, then you have a 50:50 to either get the deck to win or to clear the board entirely. In any case, you just need 1 Satan to fully rap up the game. Neutral Haven (control to combo finish) - With Lion of El Dorado + Alice's Adventure, you'll be more likely to control the board in order to pop Seraph/Grail. You don't need to run amulet acceleration if Alice's Adventure is drawn with Uriel before Lion comes out (as you'll likely be running Sacred Plea, Alice's Adventure, and maybe Tribunal). There can also be storm, but it may be tricky to hybridize the deck with neutral and still be aggressive on the opponent. The downside is also the amulet pulling the 1pp amulet which makes the buildup kind of a disadvantage when you could've been more aggressive. End Note: I think each class with have a general and neutral specific gold and legendary this expansion. I kind of hope it isn't true as some people who may not want to build neutral decks might have to and vice versa.
  13. I said Daria is still the best. I'm saying the deck is arguably better than D-Shift. It can be a meta call for which is better when, but worrying about a meta in A rank isn't too vital.
  14. Not translating the text, but the token card pictures have the sword gem color on the bottom of them. I imagine this might change in the final take of card illustrations, but could this be an error on the part of game-ai similar to how Ouroboros was handled? It is probably an illustration error as no followers from swordcraft lack a officer/commander trait and game-ai is familiar with Shadowverse unlike the news site that handled Ouroboros. And I'll only be sparsely commenting on this thread as giving my opinions of the cards in thirds seemed to make some of what I said a bit more focused.
  15. Arriet is kind of a brick in most matchups unless you're against Haven (which you can burst down with a decent hand) or Dragon. So, aside from getting a better matchup against dragon, it isn't worth it to have a card that will do nothing as you generally are able to go off with Blade Mage by turn 6-7 (with it costing from 0-3). A more dedicated combo spellboost list is better than trying to splash in a way to combo in a generally aggro deck. And for people who look at this deck, I feel like this deck might be the 2nd to 3rd best rune deck you could play and operate well enough to get about a 45-50% winrate. Daria is still the strongest rune deck from messing with it again today and D-Shift is still competent if the person playing it has experience. I feel like this deck is stronger than the ER burst deck, Ginger decks (before the expansion), and Conjuring Force combo decks.