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  1. Magic Illusionist is still decent. ER Rune just suffers more going second against aggro and forest in general. Thane will probably go back to being a 2 of in decks. While Shadow's 7 slot is crowded, it never hurt too much to play this on 8 and have an access pp. I don't play shadow enough to engage how well this nerf is overall. Bahamut is kind of neutered. The stat decrease now makes it so Dragon cannot threaten lethal with it and Arriet without also storing an evolution (if Dragon has been a potato and didn't push damage out). The removal of amulet destruction also hinders Dragon's MU with control sword and I'd think Artifact Portalcraft if they've managed to start rolling with Acceleratum. However, it does open up Dragon to experiment with their big amulets that never saw too much play so that is a + (also doesn't get gimped by Haven). I still think the amulets Dragon have are too slow for unlimited, but experimenting with them in standard may be fun. I still think this change is more negative than positive. To preference this, I never really tried unlimited as I was waiting to see how Cygames would treat it. I will be trying it now that they do plan on limiting cards that make decks too insane. I know Blood Wolf is a stellar card for Blood, but it seems odd to be limited. I presume changing cards to 1-ofs in decks are in line when a direct nerf on a card will just be too strong or not enough. I can see the reason for Aria despite not playing unlimited as Roach forest can just pop off consistently with her. A nerf on her effect while she's still in rotation may seem too extreme so this option is chosen I feel. Well, I got a week and a half to get the monthly card backs + emblems so time to make decks tomorrow.
  2. Artifact or Puppets?

    Might be easier to just compare puppet decks to come to a conclusion on what people are using. Here is mine - Empyreal Puppets From this list, I'd say there may be about 6 flex cards depending on how people want to play (primarily Gravikinetic Warrior, Empyreal Swordsman, and Badb Catha) - Gravikinetic is to give some value artifacts for the midgame if I evolve it. Most of the artifacts are also prime Hamelin targets. - Empyreal Swordsman just a big guy that will guarantee doing damage and a threat the opponent will need to answer. Playing defensively and waiting until closing late game is primarily what the puppet decks want to accomplish so this guy gives the small push needed. - Badb is just a test to see if it on T6 with puppets is enough of a defensive option to warrant at least 1 in the deck. Overall, I do think my winrate is about even so I could slowly grind up AA with this deck. It has enough defensive power to hold off midrange shadow (provided they do not play Ceres), but it doesn't really pressure control decks like Forest + Dragon to win favorably. Burn Rune just burns you. Sword isn't too much of an issue and Haven is also passive enough to do well against. Blood and Portal dittos are more draw dependent (kind of hard to fight T3-4 Blood Moon or T6 Deus Ex).
  3. Is Badb Catha the new alice?

    I've been thinking Badb has some niche uses in some decks, but only as a 1-2 of. I can see midrange shadow make use of her, but also Puppetcraft. If you need to trade out in the midgame, you can play the puppets out before her and get 2/2 chargers.
  4. Early Days Meta Report.

    So, Shadow is just making use of all of their overtuned 5-7 drops and now has a pseudo Albert that is more defensive on curve (not a bad thing, Shadow's midrange deck is more defensive) Rune is just going back to the previous expansions with burn and Daria which both were solid. If control gets more into the meta, Daria will subside. Burn rune may not and was one of the few days I dislike playing (both with and against) Dragon is just falling back on the Queen + Azi + Arriet late game package that can use Chronos to quickly draw back cards to finish afterwards. I haven't seen PDK/Storm yet, but playing the meme version of mill Dragon taught me that Aficionado + Dragon Horde are welcomed additions I don't get Portal's winrate, but I typically get matched with people getting Deus Ex on turns 6-7 so I typically lose. Puppets is less RNG dependent and can use Staircase to draw out key cards, but it feels very passive until turn 9. Forest is what I expected as people tend to not explore it as much as other classes that may have gotten new tools. Not too surprised from my times using midrange forest. I feel like Sword may stay at this spot as Artifactcraft seems like a better swarming deck and Sword seems more susceptible to board wipes. I'm playing Commander sword with Luminous Standard just because I got an animated Albert from my last 10 packs (It compensates for the less than average luck in my bulk pack opening, but I'd enjoy my 30k dust back I had to use to make decks) Haven is also kind of expected. I've been seeing people just using Bahamut on 10 over Aegis just to pop the clunky amulets. Blood seems a little unexplored right now, but they can't be as aggressive in their aggro + vengeance decks like they used to in order to end games fast. I haven't seen neutral blood yet to comment, but it may be decent over regular aggro.
  5. Cards you miss the most in Rotation

    Forest - Glimmering Wings Sword - Aldwina's Command and Frontguard General Rune - (besides the common Levi, Kaleidoscopic Glow, Fate's Hand) Ice Golem Dragon - Forte Shadow - Soul Conversion Blood - Summon Bloodkin, Succubus, Laura, and the cards control blood lost Haven - Every good amulet and Guardian Sun Neutral - Lucifer (as I've never gotten Israfil), Healing Angel, Satan
  6. I feel for you. I got 2 Straddlers (1 animated), 1 Arthur, 1 Badb, and 1 Aria. Besides Sword and maybe Forest (not too much of a combo forest player), none of the decks I had drafted are discounted.
  7. Portal may be a problem. /Maybe/.

    I mean, Forest always had access to Humpty Dumpty : v ) Serious though, I figured that card would be crazy as it could come out on 3 without qualms and the opponent would need to handle it if you're second. If first, you still can get 2-3 pings off the evolve which is similar to the effectiveness of Haven's lion.
  8. I spent all of my luck these past 3 months on FE Heroes where I've gotten 3 5* units in my free pulls in a row
  9. I didn't really desire the leaders so I don't mind not getting them from 85 packs. Typically I just dust the extra legendary copy I have of them. However, only getting 5 legendaries from that many packs is a tad disappointing.
  10. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    The portal site finally updated.
  11. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    I don't know if you would have insight on this @Mouse , but why is the official deck building portal for Shadowverse not updated by now? The expansion comes out in about 7 hours (according to Taigane's timer) and the ability to share decklists may be hindered if it is delayed until release.
  12. Mid shadow rotation mode

    Off the top of my head, the deck will be slightly slower as the amount of quality 1 drops will be decreasing, but... Goblin -> Skull Beast, Skull Ring -> Bone Chimera, Skeleton Prince -> Death's Breath, and maybe Aisha -> Dark Bladefiend/Cerberus Card draw is inhibited due to Soul Conversion going away, but they were one of the better decks for card draw. There are 2 other 1pp followers you could try if the deck needs more of them and these 1/1s only falter to opposing 1/2 followers on turn 1.
  13. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    With my Portalcraft review up above, this is technically the final quarter of cards to be looked at. Overall, this expansion feels like it is the weakest out of all expansions, but it could be due to Cygames changing their card creation process and them making less extreme cards. In any case, the rotation meta will be less extreme than the unlimited meta so these cards will find a place there in the very least. I am finding some difficulties thinking of new decks for all of the classes so I may just be thinking of decks everyone has made for tomorrow when deck editor should be coming out. 2nd quarter of cards reviewed Decent Cards Rayne, Elf Smith - Standard 2pp 2/2 that gives a decent evolve effect if it is played on curve while playing 3+ cards. It would be hard to trigger this on turn 4, but on 5 it becomes easier for Forest with their fairies to pad out the card count. The +1 attack on the follower also stays which may matter. Seems alright in a midrange style deck or it could find a spot in rotation aggro. Dragon Aficionado - I would classify this as a better Aqua Neried as the difference between a 2/1 and a 2/2 isn't major (could be more than I realize if decks start packing the 1 damage AoE that was introduced for 4pp), but the 1 damage ping does matter against aggro if they don't trade efficiently into this card. This card could also be compared to Matilda, but is -1pp for a delayed 1 damage ping. Dragon Horde - On curve, this does give dragon a 2 drop to play against aggro matchups. Later on, Dragon can waste 3pp to gain 4 damage of storm burst next turn. People also say this card is decent for disco for card generation which I agree with. Tower Warden Adelle - I might be over-valuing this card, but it is a relatively safe way to gain back defense if you play this on evolution turns against aggro. Typically, player will avoid clearing your followers early on as Dragon has spells that can handle followers, but this can punish this attitude by giving back 5 defense + baiting out an evolution from the opponent. Whether this or Rahab is better in ramp dragon is to be determined as Rahab is better late game, but this can help survival. Frenzied Drake - A better Fafnir that will likely clear the board if the Dragon isn't a neutral based ramp deck. Bahamut may still be ran since the 1pp different isn't much late game, but next expansion can have this drake shine. Death Dragon Caller - I think this card may get better with more expansions as it sets up Shadow to possibly summon back +8 followers early if they were Burial Rite'd away early on. Right now, the biggest, most impacting card to get when playing this would be Zeus. Getting a 2pp discount with a 2/2 included for the prerequisite of Burial Riting Zeus before turn 8 is something to consider. In Unlimited, Mordecai would be looked at, but Neph is better at guaranteeing this. Nacht - 1 damage bleed effects to go around with it being on a decent body (only -1 defense from Sibyl's pre-nerfed stats and both relate to their class' effects). Aggro/Jorm/Vengeance blood decks will consider running it. Vassago - If powerful last words Blood becomes a thing, this card will flourish. Right now, only Jormungand benefits from this and the only way to guarantee this would be having mostly neutral followers + Vassago, but it leads to variance (presuming 3 Baphomets, 2-3 Jormungands, and 1-2 Vassago). If you do not trigger the evolve effect, it is still a standard 3pp 2/3 so it is fine on curve. Terror Demon - Discount Righteous Devil that can potentially give more drain defense back in exchange for losing out on bane. Control blood will need this in rotation, but not in unlimited. Godscale's Banquet/Gemstone Carapace/Featherfall Hourglass - Truthfully, these amulets are average to slightly good in quality, but Haven needs some amulet core to include in decks for other cards to become relevant. Fall From Grace - 4pp hard removal for any very sticky followers or amulets. It stops a few decks that control has issues with so they can find space for this card. Badb Catha - Either a worse Angelic Knight, a neutral Sage Commander with worse stats, or a late game play to do when there is a slow turn. The first 2 forms of this card are likely to be the reason to use this card, but midrange vs midrange might need the 9pp form when it turns into top deck wars. Possible Decks Nothing really new from the last quarter of cards shown. Besides Portalcraft, there seems like only 1 new meme deck and 1 new decent deck.
  14. Y'anno. Since we're getting that class in a few days and probably having the Shadowverse official deck builder updating tomorrow. I know the forum has been going through some tough times with how the likes were removed, but hopefully the website can be edited in time @Mouse .
  15. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    So, I'll be making the Portalcraft analysis today and finishing the rest of the card analysis tomorrow. On the 27 should be a day where the official deck editor is updates to make decks and I can post a thread for new rotation decks in the class sections. I will be analyzing the strengths of each of the artifacts for the first part of the post and lead into looking at the universally good cards the craft has. After that, I will be stating what cards will be 'deck filler' (cards that are better than neutrals, but may be replaced once more cards are added into the craft) and give my thoughts on the decks that may be first made at the end. Artifacts (and Puppets) Looking through the artifacts, I rate them in overall power in the following: Mystic > Radiant > Ancient > Analyzing . Puppets aren't artifacts, but I would place them between Mystic and Radiant in terms of power level. Mystic Artifact - I just think this is the most solid artifact in terms of it blending its efficient cost, defensive power, and utility. Drawing it early from artifact generating effects won't be a bother as it has standard 3pp stat for ward and card draw. It is still good late game as the card draw can allow it to be chained up with other cards if you are in top deck mode + ward is still relevant. Radiant Artifact - Despite its higher cost, having access to a generating storm follower that has the versatility of card draw is nice for the mid to late game. There is also some higher level of thought in whether or not to use it for trading as your deck could only have Radiant Artifacts in it and trading will allow a person to continue playing Radiant Artifacts to be defensive. Ancient Artifact - It is basically a pseudo efficient removal spell that you've generated. It is frail so it can be removed midgame when you may just drop it down to potentially have it go face next turn, but it is unlikely to go face. Analyzing Artifact - If only discarding the artifacts could trigger last words, this card would be better. Since it doesn't, it is basically a strong 1 drop where you get card when you trade it into a follower. It is better mid-late game than Ancient Artifact, but you still need to wait a turn to get the benefit of it and the opponent may just ignore/banish it. It seems like more cards give this support than Ancient Artifact, but I doubt people will be making a deck fully to exploit this until another expansion. Puppets - With the flexibility of having 1 damage pings that can be edited to become better, they are just decent to have around. I do think these not being artifacts is more of a gameplay limitation as discarding these cards may make the followers that involve this mechanic a bit too strong in a puppet deck. Universally Decent Cards *Disclaimer: These cards are for all Portalcraft decks. These do not include great cards that are only good in 1 type of deck.* Hamelin - A 2pp 2/1 that generates a card that will likely be played next turn if played on curve. Depending on the quality of 3pp cards, this effect can also be very valuable for the mid-late game. Dimension Cut - 2pp removal that is either slightly below average to slightly above average for the cost. Mechanized Servant - A standard 2pp 2/2 that gives rush on curve if you're going second. A nice, defensive 2 drop if you plan on making a control/combo deck. Puppeteer - A standard 2pp 2/2 that can be evolved later to give you the option of taking out an opposing follower whenever you want. You don't need a puppet deck to make use of this card. Iron Staff Mechanic - Since this guy produces Mystic Artifacts and I rate that artifact as the best, I do think is should be in decks. It is also a 3pp 2/3 with ward so it is already decent. Gravitkinetic Warrior - Standard 4pp 3/4 with a random artifact generating fanfare, but is gives card draw on evolution with full evolution stats. In other wards, it is able to trade well on evolution turns and it will give a person a card to play next turn. I don't know if puppet decks will use this, but any other portalcraft deck would find this effect decent. Rosa, Mech Wing Maiden - Similar to Mechanized Servant in that it is a defensive 2 drop, but it is instead a 1/4 ward if you're going second on curve. Substitution - If you were to combine Blacken Scripture and Angelic Snipe, that is what this card is in my head. Banish is an valuable effect and it shouldn't be ignored for a few matchups. Morton the Manipulator - A slightly weaker 4pp evo effect card, but its ability to take control of an opponent's follower can be pretty valuable. Depending on how specific 'copy' is, it may copy a follower's evolved status which can be even better in addition to a card's damaged status. Only playing it will determine it, but I think it is decent overall. Otherworld Rift - 5pp banish spell with drawing attached to it. Might be the strongest 5pp destruction effect spell made imo. Filler Cards Decks Will Be Using Acceleratium - Cheap amulets hold some usage as they can be played early without a tempo loss. This amulet may be the thing that makes Analyzing Artifacts a key card to gain early on for artifact decks designed around this card. Demon's Epitaph - With the addition of random artifacts, having a way to get efficient, hard removal by sacrificing 1 amulet may be worth it in general artifact decks. Only downside is that it may not be used until turn 4 for that effect. Bear Puppeteer - A standard 2pp 2/2 that can give a slightly weak 4 drop, but can include a puppet for trading on evolution turns. Automaton Knight - 3pp 3/2 followers are slightly weak since 2 drops can trade into it, but it gives a puppet and puppet decks want those things. Ironforged Fighter - While its fanfare is decent as it gives the 2nd best artifact, it is a 4pp 4/3 with no immediate effect which is kind of bad. Artifact decks may need the reliable source of Radiant Artifacts. Black Iron Soldier - 6pp 5/6 with artifact draw power. It is a solid body with a decent effect, but it comes out kind of late which is a drawback. General artifact decks might desire it. Metaproduction - The cheapest way to get a specific artifact into the deck from the get go, but it results in including a worse insight. Ancient Amplifier - The most efficient way of getting random artifacts into the deck. It is also a 1pp amulet which is okay to play on turn 1. If you don't have enough artifact generators, then this is the one that gives the most. Unidentified Subject - Depending on how this card tracks cards and its power-up, it may either be junk or a decent snowball tank. Would only be used in general artifact decks. Possible Decks Types Artifact related Tempo Artifact Deck - This deck is reliant on using/discarding 1pp artifacts early on and ending the game with Radiant Artifacts. With Acceleratium, the Analyzing Artifact functions as a draw engine for the deck. The deck doesn't want to be filled too much with random artifacts as it doesn't need Mystic Artifacts and doesn't want to potentially get clogged with too many Ancient Artifacts. Midrange Artifact Deck - This deck is more about filling the deck with artifacts once the deck has played Deus Ex Machina. It would likely be trying to swarm the opponent out before you'd deck yourself out. There are plenty of randomly generating cards, but it is a downside to try and play them before having Deus Ex Machina in hand. Puppet related Early Game Puppet Deck - This deck would be having a neutral early game, but have the addition of generating puppets to combat any decks planning clear out your board/trade efficiently. The deck will likely be including Radiant Artifacts for storm damage and some pulling agents for that. There is also Masked Puppet that can be a big beatstick if you manage to keep your puppets for that midgame. Combo Puppet Deck - This deck is reliant on Vengeful Puppeteer Noah and keeping puppets late game for him. This deck is flexible as it can be more stall oriented to hold out for Noah or midgame oriented with Noah as a secondary win condition.