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  1. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    @Chinadude101, I know Bahamut is stuck to Rowen like white is to rice, but he isn't a Dragoncraft card. Anyway, making a post to say I'll be reviewing the cards every 1/4 of the expansion that gets revealed. Also to say the main card page updated with the released cards (Bone Bug has cute evo art).
  2. Not Coming Back

    My drive for the game has been waning these past few days as I await another card game whose expansion is coming out soon and then trying out another card game which got a steam port in November. I'll be waiting a month until the next expansion comes and restricted format comes about (as restriction breeds creativity) to make a decision, but it is more tiresome to complete quests to obtain a decent amount of gold for packs. I do feel like nerfs are a core part of the waning, but I need to think of a way to articulate it more.
  3. November Nerf Hitlist

    I do think Sword is in a rut as for what can be done for the class. It just seems contradictory to not look at this class for the same reasons as others due to winrates atm. inb4 Sword meta next month and they say the class was on radar for awhile As for forest, they have so many potential cards to look at, but these cards are generally only used in 1 type of deck such as Elf Song in Aggro, B&B in neutral, and Airbound Barrage for roach. Roach and B&B are too core to directly nerf as I feel like Cygames wants to keep those deck identity's intact. tbh the only cards I see being used in more than 2 decks usually are cards like Airbound Barrage and Wood of Brambles. Both are solid defensive options and have utility, but these wouldn't make anything too oppressive in Forest.
  4. November Nerf Hitlist

    Cygames' Link to More In-Depth Descriptions Seems like Cygames capitulated to the some of the demands people have had in regards to balancing cards. I feel like 4/5 of the cards on this month's list were complained about a fair deal as of late. D-Shift: With this change, it may delay the time these decks go off by a turn. I don't see it as too drastic of a change which is kind of refreshing to see from previous nerfs given. I doubt this change will affect the skewed D-Shift to control deck winrates like what they report. Sybil: I feel like this change kind of killed what chance Dragon had of combating a board midgame. I can't say whether ramp will discard this legend after this change, but I do think the changes may have been heavy handed. Soulsquasher: Cygames is kind of late on the hate with this card, but I guess they wanted to touch all of the cards that are prevalent in decks. This card is likely ran in all shadow decks so that is enough of a reason in their eyes. It is still fine, but people are less likely to throw it out on 2 against aggro now. Carabosse: The aggro blood finisher got a tiny bit weaker. This change doesn't seems to do too much as this card will still be trading 2 for 1 or drawing removal out. It will still be ran. Staircase to Paradise: I guess Cygames saw this card being prevalent in everything so now it is not an auto-include in every deck. IDK how enticing this card is for aggro now as they need a follower out on 2, but midrange and control will still enjoy it. It is refreshing to see this card's mechanics still stay the same and wasn't change like Baphomet or Eachtar. If you are following Cygames' reasoning for a lot of these nerfs, you'd expect some nerfs to cards Forest/Sword uses like Airbound Barrage or Round Table Assembly/Albert. I don't know specifics on winrates, but I guess Sword is under the radar for targeting and Forest might be too varied to find something particular to target.
  5. Net-decking on Ladder?

    I'd say 'good enough' is when you have a deck that you can ladder with for about 5+ crafts for when you need to have quests to do there. You don't need to have an expansive collection and not everything needs to be cookie cutter, but you should have a deck you win with a decent amount. And losing only affects the ranking. You can't go under 0 for any rank so grinding up past A2 and getting to AA0 will be a relief if you're looking to meme in ranked. Score isn't affected and only goes up with ranked wins.
  6. Never drawing x card that a deck relies on to succeed and there aren't any good tutors (if any). Examples are Neph, Altered Fate, Ironwrought Fortress, White Wolf, or Atomy.
  7. Talk About Whatever

    Crudely photoshop 42 jackals in the dimensions allowed for a profile picture.
  8. Shadowlog report November 11th.

    So, I tried Mammoth Shift out on ladder (more D-Shift focused than the Daria D-Shift hybrid shown here) for about 6 games. I would say it performed average with winning 4 games out of 6 total (all games were somewhat tied to aggro). I won against 2 dragons (storm ramp and aggro) and 2 havens (storm) and lost to forest (aggro with Fairy Driver) and Shadow (old style midrange). It feels a tad clunky relying on the Mammoth's to possibly end out games (as I run 2 of them for a mock deck), but it does make for a solid midgame offense if only Chimera's have been cost reduced. As an aside, I can kind of see why D-Shift is kind of rising now that I've played it this expansion. The deck doesn't have to rely on the defensive spells it used to run to stay alive as it now has low cost followers it wants to use. The extra draw also helps if you use the ER package (I personally prefer Scrap Iron Smelter over Commence Experiment as 2 defense + chance to play it early > 1 spellboost), but I don't think this part powered up D-Shift drastically as opposed to the previous point. I still like Penguin Shift more than this, but it is a workable meme which is refreshing to see.
  9. Jormungand Blood

    I'd say the deck has too many Urd's for how many cards that benefit drastically from her. I do agree with adding in 1-2 Zodiac Demons as that is the only reliable way to trigger it's effect when facing against Haven primarily and then possibly against ER Rune (as it comes out during Mutagenic Bolt turn). Aside from that, I'd maybe Trial of the Gorgon's over Baphomet as Baphomet's card draw is going to be mostly low curve with how the deck is, but Trial of the Gorgon will typically give a 4 drop (which the deck may want if going second) or another late game card.
  10. Forest - Neutral Midrange Sword - Neutral Midrange, Banner Rune - Abomination ER Shadow - Atomy Midrange Blood - Neutral Jormungand aka Jormungand Lite Dragon - Ramp Dragon Haven - Tempo Elana Aside for Dragon (as I tend to mess around with it and usually like to do T2 with that class), most of my decks have given an average to slightly above average win rate when I need to get quests done on ranked AA ladder.
  11. Talk About Whatever

    I'd probably tech in Dragonnewt Fist over Lightning Blast as that card will only help in niche matchups like Seraph and Neph a ton and neutral Forest mildly. Those aren't as common right now and you'd need to have the card once they go off which may not happen with tech cards. That was about the only card I saw that seemed odd for laddering atm. If you dislike discarding a card, Humpty Dumpty is also decent as an alternative turn 4 play over Rahab.
  12. Talk About Whatever

    So @rpgmaniac, how is ramp dragon going with all of the D-Shift and Atomy around (as those were the primary decks I was facing before fighting you for my forest quest) ?
  13. Winter's Caprice is standard which is why I didn't list it. It is too bad as that removal is decent for control as long as you don't mind taking 2-4 damage from snowmen afterwards.
  14. Blood has Lethal Blade (not as good by a longshot, but it is cheap AoE removal) or Demonic Storm (basic) and Rune can use Mutagenic Bolt. Not as good as before, but they are kind of better off than other classes in terms of keeping AoE.
  15. Top 7 reasons why rotation will be good for anyone playing control ER/Blood decks*