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  1. There is one called Uriel if you want an understatted follower to pull an amulet out in non-Haven decks. If you want something neutral, the only way something would come out to help this would be another specific tutor for neutral cards (as I feel like specific tutors for amulets will fall into class specific cards like what forest got recently). I guess an example that work would be the following 3pp 2/2 Last Words: Put a random neutral follower with 3 or less attack from your deck into your hand. Similar to Goblin Mage, but it can pull itself again when it dies. The upside is that it could curve into Uriel for amulet based decks (lets presume a 50% chance if you run 2 of it and 1 Uriel). This also helps other decks that want to use key neutral cards like Goblinmount Demon, Gruff, Teena, or Humpty Dumpty for control decks or Ephemera, Wind God, Goblin Princess, or Gabriel for aggro deck. I guess people could meme with this as well with Qilin or Demonic Simulacrum.
  2. It shouldn't. Just be sure the ticket was in the standard section of the game. If the simulator was reporting wrong cards for the section, you could report it to gamepress. I'm presuming there has been an error on your end before a program so maybe take a screenshot of the incident if it occurs again.
  3. All of the cards I've seen while running standard 10x in the simulator appear in the standard set. Maybe you had it set to a different expansion by mistake?
  4. Unfortunately, if PDK were to get nerfed, it will be the only subject as none of the smaller followers are too vital to it and changing any of Dragon's ramp or specific card draw(while this may become a larger issue in the future) will be looked passed as ramp dragon isn't performing as well as PDK. As for how it could be changed: Stat changes: 4 defense - All this does is make it unreadable for Dragon's Foresight and open it to getting solved by Shadow (Pact with the Nethergod), Blood (Diabolic Drain), and Dragon (Conflageration). Truthfully, the deck has enough draw that losing a way to draw it more reliably (which isn't always as the deck runs Sybil and sometimes Genesis Dragon) won't hurt it too much. 0 attack - This would get rid of the gradual chip damage it would do if games to last for too long. In addition, it would need to be evolved in order to trade in case its ability doesn't take out a follower. This change would be okay imo, but it could be too little of a change to matter. Play Point changes: 4pp - The main change in making it cost more would be to restrict having the ability to drop PKD with 2 followers on 7pp. With 4pp, you'd need to have Aqua Nereid or a 2 drop with Ivory Dragon. This kind of change feels like it would be the most balanced between inhibiting power level and keeping the card's identity intact. It would also open up PDK with Dragonflute which some people would enjoy. Enhance 5 - This kind of change would be slightly too much, but an option would be taking out the overflow mechanic that restricts certain traits of the card and open them up with an enhance. So, the pros would be that you could go off at 6pp over 7pp, but the downside is that it is more bulky (cost wise) so a person can't chain as much followers after it like they do now. Ability changes: I do feel like any changes in PDK abilities overall will affect it too much and people asking for it kind of wants to murder the card. The face damage is what drive decks to be made with this card in mind as it inches the Dragon player closer to bursting people down. Taking away untargetability will just have the opponent saving an evolve to deal with it and then it only goes off twice. Decreasing the board pings to 1 damage is perhaps the weakest change, but it might make PDK a tad weak to build a deck around as 2 damage to a board won't clear it (which is the main appeal of the card when dropped on 7pp)
  5. Let off some imaginary money and see how long it takes you to get a leader. I was lucky enough to get Aidos in the first ~60 packs on my actual account, but Dragon isn't a craft I play all too much despite having enough cards to make ramp, aggro, and PDK now.
  6. Meanwhile, I'm close to getting to AA as 2 out of the 3 top tier decks I don't mind playing, and about 2 or 3 decks I've thought of are doing well to climb without resorting to top tier stuff. I still even meme with atomy with having singleton copies of Corpse of Woe and Mail of Obliteration in the deck and still get a 5 win streak (about 3/5 of those wins were highrolling).
  7. For people who understand the page, is PDK Dragon actually about 80% of dragon accounts that were recorded? I kind of called it in a thread a few days ago, but I will say that is a decent prediction. If anyone does this, can they check if face/aggro sword is 75% of all swordcraft accounts?
  8. As Cygames has given a couple of evolve effect cards, maybe it would help to give cards with fanfares triggering based on if the player has more cards in hand over the opponent. In a vacuum, player 2 will typically be able to get it off as they gain an extra card and will be playing cards after player 1 has. This also gives some counterplay with Shadow, Forest, Rune, Haven, and Dragon having a tendency to hoard cards in hand from either generating effects or from being focused on the late game. IDK if this would be a separate mechanic or not, but it would most likely shift first vs second if this were to be added in.
  9. If you disliked aggro decks, sword just got a bit more consistent in going fast. If you used to play midrange decks, then dragon just got a card that makes midrange feel inferior. If you ever got rolled over by Atomy memes, then that is happening with a lot more consistency with this card. Aside from all of those things, none of the decks feel aggressively oppressive as past top tier meta decks and there has been some variety in ranked (albiet, every 4/5 of dragon will be Prime Dragon Keeper based and every 3/4 sword players will aggro). PS: Those numbers are subjective to how I feel playing in A ladder. Not literal statistics.
  10. I'll just make 2 lists, 1 for usage and another for art. Usage 1) Staircase to Paradise - Any aggro deck should make at least 2 spots for this card as it will give a great opening card on 1 over a 1/2 usually and will give you some fuel for turns 6-7. 2) Airbound Barrage - The 'return to hand' card Forest needed if they wanted to get past wards early game or to allow Roach to reach face. Probably the most efficient spell in the game. 3) Prime Dragon Keeper - A unique card that can be both aggressive and defensive in the midgame. Kind of forces any midrange decks to try and tech cards to handle it, but it is a necessity. 4) Round Table Assembly - Pulling cards from deck and getting an overall discount if you were to play them from hand is pretty nice. Can be used either aggressively for damage or utility with amulets. 5) Ceres of the Night - An incredibly defensive follower that the opponent will need to handle if they plan on damaging the person efficiently. It is carrying Shadow this expansion. 6) Globe of the Starways - A person can build a deck to have a 60% chance to drop Aria afterwards if played on T1. Having that high rolling is pretty vital for competing for board midgame. 7) Spring Green Protection - This card can snowball forest really hard if it is in hand on curve. Giving an optimal bounce target and getting rewarded for doing so is pretty spectacular. Card draw galore. 8) Purehearted Singer - Decent card draw tied to a less than average follower is usually decent in decks that want to search through their deck and don't mind the tempo loss. 9) Trial of the Gorgons - Similar stats to Goblin Mage, but 2/3s of the time you'll get a 4pp play for next turn. It is also a spell so neutral blood decks can run it without messing with Baphomet. 10) Chain of Calling - A very specific tutor that rune could run if they desire more ways to pull followers. Used in D-Shift now, but the optimal use would be in Ginger as it can be the only Rune follower. Art 1) Heresy's Avatar - This flying atrocity will steal your soul if you look at it. Too much detail. 2) Fulminous Demon - Badass who probably has drinks with Lucifer. 3) Ceres of the Night - Details in art, beautiful design, and cute red head. 4) Mail of Obliteration - (obligatory animated spot) The effects are pretty decent with the green flames radiating from the armor. I haven't evolved it yet to see that art as it is a meme :c 5) Prime Dragon Keeper - Pretty intimidating art. The color scheme going from black and blue to a pinkish purple is kind of nice looking. 6) Mars, Silent Flame General - (obligatory animated spot) The flame effects are pretty nice and the shine the armor gives off is a neat touch. 7) Astrologist of the Mist - Lots of little designs and details. Has an owl buddy. 8) Starchaser Waifu - Obligatory best girl The background is also pretty nice and gains detail with evolution. 9) Globe of the Starways - It is a neat globe with a jewel in it. The animated version has blue light flickering around it. 10) Magic Owl - Animals are always nice. Owls are cute too.
  11. Is this actually a thing? I used to run 2x Sandstorm dragons last expansion when I was testing Jabberwock Dragon as it seemed like a sturdy 2 drop that would be ignored by the opponent in order to get something to transform. It felt really unimpactful early game so I took them out, but I'm surprised they're coming back to possibly combat forest/dragon mirrors/aggro sword.
  12. An aggro sword player tried to do this to me yesterday when I had 4 hp and he'd have already played 1 Albert on like turn 7 or 8. They taunted twice and I Arisa gasped to mock the bluff. They did have the 2nd Albert, but no other damage so I won that game.
  13. Ofc that is what the new deck is running now. I just crafted 2 of PDK to cave into playing Aldos and I took out Genesis + Jabberwock for 2 Urd and 2 Staircases without looking at the net decks. When you feel creative when it turns out that you were on the thought process with everyone. I also have the new 3pp neutral to draw 2 cards follower over foresight as that seems a tad better than guaranteeing the PDK at the expense of losing 4 pp in a turn for aggressive matchups.
  14. @Jack42 Then don't consider the cards listed as power creep in that they will be used 100% by people after they have been made. I'm insinuating all classes have gotten some buff to their past cards in varying degrees and that they are similar, not that you'll consider using the card after it has been done. I agree forest and sword did get the better end of that this expansion, but I am touching upon cards made to be duplicate in the possible scenario I place above does happen.
  15. Ehhh, plenty of cards this expansion seems to powercreep/seem very similar to cards from standard from what I've noticed. People have speculated that, if set rotations due occur, that they may take out standard first (as opposed to leaving it intact like what another card game does). Forest - Cassiopia, Spring-Green Protection, Elf Song, King Elephant (looking at Silver Bolt over Roach), Venus Rune - Magic Owl Dragon - Draconic Singer, Dragon's Foresight (a bit of a stretch, but both it and Emissary are specific draw cards), Cetus Shadow - Andrealphus, Gloaming Tombs, Hresvelgr Blood - Trial of the Gorgons Haven - Globe of the Starways, Star Bishop, Star Torrent (taking from Angelic Barrage and Haven was one of the classes to tech it back in the day), Hersey's Avatar (a bit of a stretch, but it and Skullfane both mass destroy amulets and are the same cost, but one is immediate and the other is ongoning) Not going to look through neutrals, but there are quiet a bit of cards here (17).