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  1. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    1: So what you are saying is that you don't know how a midrange deck actually works ? Because Neutral blood was a midrange deck, it relied on tempo gains and board control and THEN swung around, an aggro deck would have gone straight for face, but the plan for neutral blood was most of the time unless the opponent put up zero resistance to stall until spawn. Or in other words, to control the early game and then swing hard in the midgame, which is what most midrange decks do. 2: We are talking about what warps the meta, midrange shadow warped the meta, it was the literal definition of warping the meta. You want to talk about warping the meta, you want to talk about aggro being too good, i provide examples and you proceed to just ignore them and then talk about midrange shadow was fine ? Aggro is not but midrange shadow was ? Are you for real ? 3: THen how how Aggro warping the meta ? Like you are claiming there are all of these decks out there, most of btw aren't played at all because of D-shift, if it was truly what you said you was, there would be more control decks, but there aren't, because of D-shift, it's like you somehow manage to come up with singularly wrong conclusions just to support the idea that aggro is somehow warping the meta. 4 : How is it the best archetype when it has several weak matchups including control ? It's a solid one, but it is not the best archetype by a long shot, if we look at what has generally been the best one, it's midrange decks, because midrange decks generally tend to end up dominating, pdk was in control just the month before, did you forget that one ? You are not making a remote case for Aggro warping the meta, all you are making a case for is that you don't even know what it means to warp the meta. I mean all you are doing is listing what an aggro deck will do to adapt to a meta, that is not warping it, warping it is forcing all decks to have to deal with it. Guess what does that ? D-shift, you literally cannot have a deck that does not plan to win before turn 7 if you expect it to do decently , all decks are aiming to defeat it, control decks are gone. If aggro decks were warping the meta everybody would be tossing in tons of wards and removals and heals. Guess what ? Most decks aren't running that and the ward heavy decks that do run, like midrange sword and control sword ? Aren't even posting a 50% winrate. If you want to convince me that aggro is warping the meta, you're going to have to put forth an actual argument for it, logic for it. Not just go "But aggro wins ! " because that is apparently your only argument, that aggro wins and thusly is warping the meta, your arguments are not based on logic, because if they were you'd not be writing half the things you were because you are actively contradicting yourself. You don't even seem to know what it means to warp the meta, i mean you are not going to convince *anyone* besides the people who already hate Aggro. But to anyone who knows how the meta works and how decks work, all you are doing is tossing out random bits and trying to make it seem like Aggro is the big bad when Aggro literally has a lot of counters, it is a deck other decks actively prey upon. It is the reason Neutral forest is still strong besides it's ability to screw over control-style decks, it screws over aggro decks. It then loses to midrange decks, but that's how that goes. But you have literally only proven that you hate aggro to the point you don't even understand how aggro works. And when you don't even understand that, how on earth are you going to convince me that aggro is *somehow* warping the meta ? The stats do not support it, basic logic does not support it, hell the tournaments aren't supporting it. There is nothing wrong in hating an archetype, i don't like control myself, but to argue that aggro is warping the meta, simply because you don't like it ? That's just not right. Again, if Aggro was warping the meta, control would be the king of the roost as it has all the tools for dealing with it, every midrange deck would be teching in as many wards as possible. But none of those things are happening, what is happening ? D-shift is warping the meta causing people to try and play more agressive decks overall. So provide actual evidence for Aggro warping the meta besides "I hate aggro", because that is literally all you have done so far.
  2. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Neutral blood was midrange, so was neutral sword, neutral blood relied on Spawn as a finisher around turn 7 or later. And none of those killed you before turn 5 unless you did poorly. But if you're not even going to try to have a sensible discussion on this by just trying to resort to absurdities, then by my guest. But, you're not really making a case for aggro warping anything. And Midrange shadow destroyed most control decks because it could easily outvalue them. Midrange shadow is not the definition of a good midrange deck, and certainly not one that does not warp the meta. I mean your very example of what a midrange deck is apparently supposed to be was an example of what warps the meta and putting control decks out of the trade, it was the reason aggro blood saw play along with aggro sword because it could not stop them. But what it could stop was every other midrange deck and control deck.
  3. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Ever hear of Midrange ? If you actually paid attention to what was dominating during each of the different metas.. It was some sort of Midrange deck taken waaaay too far. Neutral decks, Midrange shadow, aggro blood while nasty was not the dominating deck and got away with a lot of it because Midrange shadow suppressed all other decks. Like you can claim Aggro is somehow warping the meta all you want. But every time aggro is a problem it's because of some degenerate deck which only has aggro as it's weakness. Because it crushes every other midrange, combo and control deck without fail. You can't even yourself point to a single meta where Aggro was doing it, only somehow hint that it was a problem when it wasn't, the decks suppressing it's counters were. Control decks beat aggro decks, if aggro decks are a problem, it's because something else is wrecking the control decks to a point where they stop trying. There are no excuses, just facts. And you seem to ignore them so you can rail against Aggro as the big problem when it's just part of the food chain. D-shift is the problem, and midrange shadow is likely another one because Midrange shadow has always been very good at screwing over control decks because it generates absurd amount of value late game, more than most control decks can handle. Hence why it got nerfed. It had next to no serious counters but Aggro. So please provide some actual facts that Aggro decks are *somehow* wrecking control decks and not other decks like D-shift. Because logic would dictate that D-shift, a deck that can win before Control decks can do what they want to do would be the issue, not aggro decks which most Control decks can stall and grind out. Again, i posted winrates, clearly showing control decks laying down the law on Aggro decks. And every single one of them gets trashed by D-shift. What more do you want ? Like on what conceivable level is D-shift not the problem yet Aggro is, the only thing keeping D-shift seriously in check because it hard counters D-shift like nothing else ?
  4. Discuss Hearthstone here

    Well i am starting to think they are realising they need to do *something* with those silver hand recruits unless they want Paladin to be the Murloc class for the rest of all time. But yeah, we got Champion's maul and Level up which are recalls to some of the best cards paladin ever had, and only one of them is roughly as good. Level up.. ehh.. They'll need some serious Silver hand generation for that to work i think. And some other synergies with them.
  5. Discuss Hearthstone here

    Two more cards : Joust is back it seems. And then we have a Paladin Weapon : And what this bonus effect is.. well. There are four : Basically you have a chance to get any of those 4 mauls when it is drawn into your hand. That one seems.. Playable, being able to give a full board +1 and having a weapon isn't bad, nor is divine shield. And early on getting 2 1/1s along with a weapon is reasonably solid. The less useful one might be the taunt, but even that could depend on what you are up against, vs aggro, not bad. Basically a Navy Lieutenant on a stick.
  6. Discuss Hearthstone here

    Two new cards revealed. Silver Vanguard is trash no matter how you look at it. For a 7 mana follower, having it a recruit an 8 cost minion with those stats. It's just too weak i think. As for Lone Champion, it'll probably see some usage in control decks where a divine shield taunt can be useful. Though most other decks will keep using Tar Creeper or something else instead.
  7. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Except for that one expansion were Aggro blood was a bit too good. But most of Aggro blood's core cards will be out in close to a month, so won't matter much for too long.
  8. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Aggro blood is a bit of an anomaly at the moment thanks to Carabosse and i have said before that one needs to be nerfed. But even then, there is a reasonable amount of decks that can deal with it and ultimately Aggro blood while really nasty, does not warp the meta. It does not prevent cards from being played.
  9. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Midrange is midrange because it has a general chance of dealing with all 3 major archetypes. It can outvalue Aggro decks, it can burst down Control decks and it can aggro down combo decks.. in theory. Aggro deals with Combo, Combo deals with Control and Control deals with Aggro. They all have a roughly 50% chance of dealing with Midrange.
  10. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Check the stats for control decks in shadowlog, most of them tend to deal with Aggro with a few exceptions here and there, that is there usually is some sort of weakness. Like what a balanced deck has. But importantly, none of them warp the meta. Here at the win rates for Control blood : As you might notice it deals with most aggro decks easily. Here is Control Sword : which destroys Aggro Sword. Aggro decks are in no way countering Control decks and to even remotely suggest it is the height of absurdity. The decks that deal with Control decks are Midrange and Combo decks. Not aggro. Currently the meta is in a bad spot because a Control-combo deck is warping it and preventing most lategame cards from being playable. Meaning most control decks struggle to do anything. So let's not go around kidding ourselves by even remotely entertaining the notion that Control decks can't deal with Aggro decks, and if you are looking at what is rotating out. Aggro loses even more than control. A lot of the cheap storm, burn and tempo removal goes straight out the door. Comparatively control doesn't lose a lot of it's more efficient tools. As an example here is a control deck from a japanese youtuber that doesn't run a single Standard or Darkness evolved card : So control is hardly going to be hurt as much as aggro which loses a lot of it's premier cards with the rotation.
  11. Portalcraft is coming

    I am guessing they are focused on the rotation, doing a new class plus doing a new expansion and that new arena tournament mode. They really decided to put a lot on their plate all of a sudden. So guessing that Portalcraft's storyline is a secondary thing until they get the rest out the door.
  12. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    And that says it all really since you're providing no clear counter-argument or.. Anything. Just trying to discredit me. So yeah, i think that says it all. No counter-argument, no reasoning, just an attack to try and somehow ignore what i wrote.
  13. Discuss Hearthstone here

    I could see rummaging kobold being used to gain more value from the legendary weapons @Alexx55 apparently hunter was designed as a control class and blizzard... well not that good at design
  14. Shadowlog Report November 19th

    Anyone saying Aggro is warping the meta is utterly clueless as to how CCGs actually work, Control decks by their very nature destroy aggro decks, but thing is. With decks like D-shift around which utterly annihilates control decks with them barely having a chance. And it's that which is keeping back all of the control decks, D-shift is such a fundamentally skewed and terrible matchup that it is keeping the control decks down. I mean what is the point of playing a control deck if you risk running regularly into a deck where you have a less than a 30% chance to beat it ? With a lot of the other awkward matchups for control decks which are midrange decks, there is actually a semblance of chance at winning it, but not vs D-shift. D-shift is utterly warping the meta by forcing every deck to try and win before turn 7 because otherwise it won't stand a chance. To even attempt to foist this upon aggro decks is utterly ludicrous. Aggro decks don't prevent an entire deck archetype from being played, certainly not one which has a specific purpose of dealing with aggro decks.
  15. Discuss Hearthstone here

    And they revealed the Druid Legendary weapon. People are already imagining all the ways this weapon could be abused, so far they tend to involve Medivh.