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  1. Well that is what we are slowly getting after 3 expansions worth of the exact opposite. But it is going to take time to get there. But overall, more creative and complex cards are the preferred thing. Cards with synergies and things actually happening mechanically.
  2. Of course not, but it helps until you can fix it by tossing in more and better cards, until then you try to control the worst of it. It's damage control. To ensure that not too many people up and leave the game because things are just not fun for them. Overall your solution just seems to be doing absolutely nothing and let people leave the game entirely or just kill it, which is obviously not in Cygames interest. Nerfs will continue to happen for some time until they get the design process fully right and until they manage to cycle out the Hearthstone Trilogy. Such is the result of almost a year's worth of bad expansions.
  3. Sure, but they aren't here. The english ones are, thus they get to carry all the blame Further highlighting just how irrational it is.
  4. Is it that time again already ? Where people blame the nerfs rather than the terrible design decisions that lead to the nerfs ? Oh well Here is the thing. Nerfs are bad, sure, but so is lingering rubbish design that leads to a stale and rubbish meta that allows for little deck variety that causes people to leave the game. And here is another thing, Cygames is a business, their job is to make money, os if a meta is causing people to leave their game, they will look to fix that and bring people back, meaning decks that are overperforming and are unsurprisingly gathering negative attention across the internet community get hit. Anything else would mean Cygames is not in the business of making money because that would mean stagnation and the death of the game. Thusly nerfs are utilized as a short term solution, the long term solution is designing better expansions. And we are slowly getting there. BUT, and this is a big BUT. We have had 3 pretty terrible expansions in terms of design and it's going to take a lot of work to get that out of the system. How Terrible ? Well you know how they admitted that designing overpowered cards for classes they wanted to push was a bad idea ? Well that's not all they did. What they ALSO did was the following : Give loads of neat synergetic cards for the classes they wanted to push while also witholding similar cards for every other class. And i'm just going to use the class i play the most as the example here, Swordcraft. During RoB, WoTG and WD, the overall usage for most swordcraft decks was overwhelmingly in favour of Standard/Basic, like half of all the cards utilized minimum were Standard/Basic because most of the synergies and mechanics that were anything worthwhile .. were there. Most of the expansions offered maybe two or three cards that would actually see adoption in general. Most of the cards from each of those expansions would see next to no use. Then Starforged Legends hit with the new design direction and all of a sudden, there is a lot more cards in usage from it, hell they have even made cards from previous expansions more playable. It's a huge shift.. Because they gave Swordcraft Synergy cards, cards that allows swordcraft to do interesting things mechanically. HUGE shift. Problem is though, most of the cards there are enablers, and most of the actual synergies are still Standard/Basic, and the most worthwhile ones are.. Aggro ones. oh bother. Similarly you can see the same story for Forestcraft as well, hugely neglected for several expansions and all of a sudden. Boom, stuff is happening again and decks are actually happening as well. Most of them are getting toasted by PDK easily (which will undoubtedly get nerfed) but things are still happening. It's like magic, or a sudden shift in design direction no longer leading to rubbish. Of course there are still problems on the horizon, and i'd not be surprised if most of the nerfed cards will be from previous expansions, you know, the terrible 3 of expansions. And they are going to be lingering for some time, because.. It is almost an entire year's worth of bad expansions that have to be worked out of the system, but also almost an entire year's gap in actually worthwhile cards for several classes. So there's going to be a lot of fun hiccups like these until they can just rotate out those terrible 3. The Hearthstone trilogy if you will. So yeah, Nerfs are bad, but they are a necessary evil when dealing with 3 rubbish expansions and the fallout from them. Not nerfing cards would quite frankly be even worse from Cygames perspective. Which again, are in the business of making money which means not losing customers but attracting them.
  5. Well there is some variety at masters atm, not all PDK or Aggro sword. Could be Atomy Shadow, Midrange shadow, Nephtys, the occasional control sword, Vengeance blood or Control blood do happen as well. I've even encountered a single Neutral Shadow, seems like there is an increase in people experimenting with neutral synergies, seeing them on streams and on ladder.
  6. Not Frightfully consistent are we ? First saying don't nerf PDK then moving on to do so. As for your changes for Albert. Ehh.. I honestly think Albert is overrated, but those changes will just render him not played at all. Not even used as a finisher for Control Sword. His ability as a finisher is reliant on his storm, without it he's just a bundle of stats that does nothing else and will be easily removed by other control decks. And for your other ideas for Sword.. Amulets ? Really ? Swordcraft does not work with amulets, it is a board and tempo oriented class. Most Swordcraft amulets do nothing there and if anything are counter-productive to what swordcraft wants to do. Doesnt't matter if it gives clash or what not. It's taking up a slot without really doing anything else, it's why Cannon Sword has taken off about as well as a brick. Swordcraft wants Follower oriented synergies and to play followers, the only way an amulet becomes viable for Swordcraft is if it does something amazing. The only really playable amulet Swordcraft has ever had was Royal banner because it gave all officers +1/0 and acted as a commander for Synergies. And died after Darkness Evolved because those synergies were poorly supported for the next several expansions. But that is it, no other Swordcraft Amulet has actually managed to be even remotely viable because they are all tempo losses of a large degree, and Swordcraft cannot afford that. So any actual Amulet would have to be a tempo boost and work together with Swordcraft followers or it would need to have a reasonably easy to achieve payoff unlike Castle in the sky.
  7. They definitely both need to be nerfed. But i think PDK needs more extensive ones. But there is no way around these two not getting nerfed, they just have too big winrates going first.
  8. There is one Tier 1 deck besides aggro sword. Stop being so dramatic and besides Aggro sword it has incredibly few bad matchups compared to Aggro sword which loses to a lot more. It loses to Neutral forest, it loses burn rune, it loses to most aggro decks and plenty of other decks ready to step in if PDK gets nerfed. Also PDK is played twice as much as Aggro sword. I am not boosting anything here, just pointing out that PDK is the main problem and that Aggro sword has numerous counters.. Unlike PDK. But hey if you're going to be salty about me not saying what you want to hear, then be my guest.
  9. Source : A week has passed and Dragon has only grown Stronger spearheaded by PDK dragon. Now at 33% of all played decks, Dragoncraft is overall dominant in the meta. PDK having undergone some bigger changes this week going from a ramp heavy deck to a follower heavy Tempo deck (But still has ramp in the form of Aiela and Sybil) with plenty of removal options and alot more synergies with what it does adding in Hippogryff and Phoenix Rider to take advantage of wide board states for extra damage on top of everything else, which has essentially shored up it's weakness to Atomy to an extent as it now runs more options for removing him with Siegfried. Other variants of PDK are run, but the tempo version is currently the most played version, able to play a lot of very efficient followers on curve and then throw down PDK all while being fed cards by Stairway to Paradise and Ivory Dragon. Overall the deck does have some weakspots, Storm Haven seems to have grown as a bigger threat to PDK Dragon, and there is still Aggro sword, beyond that it is harder to say with much smaller sample sizes. Aggro Shadow apparently does well against it and... Dragon Dragon ? Moon Moon ? I dunno, if i had to guess it's a deck centered around making a lot of 5/5 Dragon Tokens. Best guess here. But small sample size so hard to say how serious it is to be taken. Following that we have Ramp Dragon which is doing alright but gets beaten handily by PDK. And Storm Ramp which is probably having a field day able to take care of alot of other decks trying to race down PDK. After Dragon lies Sword, Losing numbers to the Dragon Decks, Aggro overall remains the most played Swordcraft deck and second most played deck in the game atm. Still with an increasing number of decks preying on it, which includes other aggro decks, midrange decks and control decks, it is not having an easy time of it, unlike PDK. Overall no major changes have happened to Aggro sword over this week, at most i have seen some players include Maisey in the deck to help deal with Larger threats, but overall it seems to not have caught on yet. Next Swordcraft deck is Control sword very far down the ladder with a under 50% winrate, it can deal with plenty of other decks, but absolutely gets destroyed by PDK. Same story for Midrange sword which has a 50% winrate, destroys aggro sword, atomy shadow and plenty of other popular decks, but gets utterly annihilated by PDK Dragon. Next up is Runecraft with D-shift and Burn Rune. D-shift despite losing to a large chunk of the meta is still played for it's unique Playstyle and possibility for mixing in whatever win conditions you want, usually Giant Chimera is popular at the moment but there are other variations. No bigger changes have happened with D-shift this week. next up is Burn Rune, another unique playstyle deck with it's Earth Rites and Sigils setting up for board control oriented combos and the ability to deal a lot of damage to the enemy leader. Both decks get trashed by PDK Following Runecraft is Shadowcraft carried forwards by the lord of Corpses, Atomy. Centered around filling the board up fast and then using that to cheat out an 8/8 follower with some last word followers out in one massive tempo swing, it's a tricky deck, but again with a unique playstyle and so has it's adherents and it is one that i personally find fun to play. It loses to a lot of tempo oriented decks but can in several cases highroll out victories where it is tricky to stop for a lot of decks. It is also one of the few decks that can take on PDK going first, though with the changes PDK have gone through it has lost some power. Overall Atomy decks exist in several variations depending on how agressive and greedy they are. But there has been no major accepted changes to the deck this past week. Down the list lies Nephtys which is doing alright vs a lot of other decks, but struggles vs PDK. Followed by Midrange Shadowcraft which is having a much more rough time with the current meta losing to most of the top decks. There is also aggro shadow which is supposedly showing a good winrate vs PDK dragon, but no idea what that involves, so hard to say what is going on there. Though i could see it having some heavy burst potential with Phantom howl and maybe an Ephemera combo. Coming next is Forestcraft. Neutral Forest having become the most played forestcraft deck ahead of OTK with a 50% winrate it relies on not nerfed Neutral Synergies from Wonderland Dreams to play out big and difficult to remove followers and then destroy the enemy leader using those. Dealing with a lot of popular decks though losing to others, it overall also struggles with PDK unless it gets to go first at which point it has a tiny chance to pull it off. Overall no major changes have happened to this deck though i do see some include Strix to throw in another big follower and another threat against PDK and other decks. OTK forest follows with it's own unique playstyle and a less than 50% winrate. It largely preys on control decks and certain slower midrange decks. Haven is the second to least played deck, the most played still being Aegis, though it is losing ground, unable to contend with PDk at all and losing to several other popular decks. It struggles alot compared to Storm Haven which is showing a lot of strong matchups, pdk including and really only struggling with Aggro Sword. No major revisions have happened with it (that i know of), although i have personally begun teching in Temple Defender to help vs the Aggro matchup. But it is one of the few decks that can consistently deal with PDK Dragon going first and second having an almost 50% winrate going second. The changes from last week might have been due to PDK going more tempo and thus less control tools to deal with Storm Haven's tempo swings. Finally there is bloodcraft, as always with Aggro blood in the lead. Currently a 52% winrate and so doing alright as it can prey on aggro sword and several other decks and can actually challenge PDK dragon going first. Following that is Vengeance and finally Control blood, both decks holding on and dealing with their own threats but with PDK being the reigning champion and terror they are having a very hard time in this meta. Overall PDK dragon continues to reign largely supreme with only a few decks able to seriously challenge it besides Storm Haven, Aggro sword when going first and .. Dragon Dragon ? Maybe Aggro shadow. Going first and second is for the most part less of a huge issue with the exception of PDK and Aggro sword where it continues to be a big deal and i'd certainly expect both decks to receive nerfs to bring their winrates more into line. Until then, Storm haven is a good bet if you want to take on PDK and maybe Aggro shadow ?
  10. Yeah that one had goblins as well, saw no Unicas or Fallen Angels. But i could see it happening just to help with Maisy, makes it less stormy, but it does give it more breakthrough power. Nasty stuff though either way.
  11. Well i just ran into a nasty Aggro Sword deck that ran.. Maisey. Bloody clever too since with Ephemera you are always guaranteed to have a neutral on board to trigger her destruction effects off. Lost a game to Maisey just blasting all of my wards as Storm Haven. Which if it catches on could make things.. really nasty. Definitely makes me think Ephemera needs a nerf just to help break up that combo. Doubt it's enough to help vs PDK though it does help deal with the titular card, but it probably helps vs a bunch of other matchups quite a bit.
  12. A definite problem there, though the issue currently lies with the most popular decks, PDK and Aggro Sword, other ramp decks and aggro decks share it, but most other decks have less pronounced differences. We'll see if they ever get it closer to right,.
  13. Neutral Forest runs it too, several control and midrange decks do as well. You just don't see them nearly as much, and considering that Neutral forest is looking pretty strong besides it's matchup against PDK, it might be a good nerf for down the road as well. I'd not be surprised if it becomes an issue one way or the other. Powerful card draw is always something to be vary of.
  14. The thing about Divine shield is, that it was primarily meant for Paladin. The thing about Paladin is the following : It's a class Blizzard has always struggled to do anything seriously meaningful with because on a core level it was supposed to centre around Buffs with Divine shields being the things that sort of made it useful. And that is the key, Divine shields were a mechanic meant to make buffs stick, the problem was they were easily dealt with most of the time and that the buffs were generally not cost-effective. Mostly because they were spells and not followers. Now which class buffs most of it's followers in Shadowverse ? Swordcraft. Does it have problems buffing ? No because A) It has ambush and B) Most of it's buffs are stuck on followers making them a lot more efficient + It's a more token oriented class with board buffs as well meaning overall, it's buffs just more naturally stick and you are generally not just going to immediately lose value on them. That is, unlike Paladin, Swordcraft is on a fundamental level not a complete mess and thusly does not need Divine Shield. Secondly and this is also very important. Shadowverse has a much larger range of "Defensive buffs" if you will, protections against different things. The problem is in half of those cases they are a lot less useful for varying reasons. But they exist and thusly further leave less room for the need for divine shield. I mean if you have an ability that grants protection from Spell damage and destruction effects, why need divine shield ? I mean hell, Shadowverse has followers that are pretty much indestructible. So the question really becomes, what exact purpose would Divine Shield serve in Shadowverse ?
  15. Well if Staircase was limited it would hurt the decks considerably as their ability to rapidly refuel is one of the things making it nasty. A 1pp draw 3 followers even with a 7 countdown considering the ability it has might be a bit much. It will hurt some decks though, but it might help with some future problems as well since other powerful looking decks are also fueled by staircase. But it would help bring down some of their powerlevels as drawing 3 cards is incredibly powerful, especially when they are guaranteed followers.