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  1. Vagabond is probably the one that is the best since you can buff it and attack with it, and it will ambush itself again. Shrouded assassin is rather a one time thing.
  2. Well hearthstone does it and does away with the combo decks. Because most of their combo decks end up being also good at controlling the board and murdering most other decks. Because blizzard doesn't provide counter play and provides way too efficient control tools half the time, and then provides very potent aggro tools to overcome them. Resulting in a circle of nastyness. Rather why i like Lecia, Liza and Galretto. They provide counter play to some of those control tools.
  3. Basically people want to know what affects it and what not, currently it is not clear what exactly does.
  4. I actually thought that the paladin card was interesting. Certainly seems to be pushing a more token heavy paladin archetype for which the legendary then fits. But a 1 mana 2 1/1s.. Not bad. Basically an oathless knight one cheaper. Though it does highlight a bit the busted powercurves of hearthstone by now I mean imagine if swordcraft got a 1pp follower or spell that did that with no requirements or anything, and even with requirements it would probably have a lot of people on edge.
  5. Well if they have to release so many FAQ updates they might want to be a bit more thoughtful about their mechanics in the future.
  6. I'll be trying out a midrange shadowcraft deck, and a midrange swordcraft both centered around tokens. Beyond that, who knows ?
  7. And how about waiting to see how things actually turn out ? Waay too easy to just dismiss archetypes just like that.
  8. @Kharaxx You weren't the one seriously proposing it. So i wasn't directing it at you.
  9. If you sneak in combos into an aggro deck you rather end up pushing it into the midrange territory. Best would probably be stuff like Aggro blood and aggro shadow which can burst out some agressive combos. Next expansion though should give midrange decks more options for dealing with control though, same with aggro decks.
  10. That still doesn't make any sense. You are trying to argue that for whatever illogical reasons that to help one class.. they gave an entirely different class a card that helps vs one deck type. Where is that supposed to make sense ? How is it supposed to make sense ? I mean looking at Shadowlog the answer is pretty easy in that direction. Neftis utterly annihilates Ramp Dragon. The only good matchup neftis has vs sword is vs control sword. Midrange is a 50/50 split and it loses to aggro decks. Nephtys is a control combo. So in that regard that spell is only going to potentially help deal with said combo.
  11. Nothing new there. Real question is, is it actually viable ? And will it push out other archetypes ? So far though not seeing anything seriously impressive. The paladin cards are.. pretty meh, some of them going straight against the Handbuff mechanic, and their legendary quest reward, yeah. Not much there either. Nor do i get how that one fits the Paladin Aesthetic.
  12. Pro-tip : And this applies to any game with a competitive environment. Thinking something is bull****, no matter how actually bull**** it is, only makes you worse. Because somewhere in your brain a switch goes off saying "Well it's not my fault then" and then you stop trying to improve or get better, you don't look for solutions or opportunities. You settle in for a passive "this is bull****" circus that causes you to lose most of the time, because ultimately.. You are not making any real effort. And so to describe Aggro as bull**** is in fact only hurting you, it is not making aggro go away nor is it going to help your matchups against it. What will help it ? Understanding aggro, how it works, it strengths and its weaknesses. Once you do that, then you can defeat it because you understand the underlying mechanics of it and can counter them. I mean striving to hit masters when you so utterly fail in dealing with aggro or even accepting it as a relevant decktype strikes me as .. Quite frankly bizzare. Masters is the the top of the competetive, so to see someone so repeatedly fulminate against aggro decks, which are very much part of any competitive environments while striving to hit the top. I mean it makes no sense, if you want to hit masters, you need to show an attitude that gets you there, and that means reacting to the decks put in front of you and dealing with them. Otherwise you just have to play casual only or something, anything else just strikes me as extremely greedy and completely ignorant of competitive environments.
  13. Shrouded assassin though is of less use.. Well i dunno, maybe a rogue's creed oriented deck can make use of it.
  14. Hmm. Looking at the full card set. I just saw that Jolly Rogers is a commander, meaning he could in theory be used with the support cannon.
  15. Problem is the way you are setting yours up it very much requires you to get the exact right cards or it is kind of dead. Which.. seems pretty weak to me And this case, catacomb prince would merely serve as a way of ensuring board presence and extra shadows increasing your chance of hector being worth something on Turn 7. But it's all theory crafting atm. So you could easily be on to something i am missing out on. Guess we'll see in a week how it will actually work out.