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  1. They have Top Men working on it
  2. Welcome to swordcraft, where everything you play is too slow because it got powercreeped out, especially if you try to play with the tokens. Especially against shadowcraft you really don't have much choice, council of card knights and bladed hedgehog will help with that , but still 5 days to go before we can use those.
  3. Well we will see how swordcraft turns out, it's not all bad cards. Bladed hedgehog is looking to be a strong card in my opinion and Council of Card Knights is a bundle of value. 8pps worth in a 5pp spell. But there is a critical gap at 4pp where nothing was added. At the very least we got a better 2pp removal spell which should help offset things as well. But i had hoped for some more token generators or at least cards that could take advantage of it. More cards like Enraged general. The overall issue for me being that swordcraft just really isn't getting many of the fun cards. The legendaries have been ABYSMAL for the last several expansions compared to what the other classes have gotten.
  4. No, just a bit of fun since it's angels vs knights.. Ie havencraft vs swordcraft.
  5. Not really, what we wanted blizzard to do was stop relying on RNG as a crutch and starting working with the class synergies. But so far they are just sticking to old habits there and just favouring the big spenders. Ultimately a short term solution that won't shore up the encroachment of Shadowverse, Gwent or Elder Scrolls legends.
  6. I didn't mention any bandwagoners.. quite the opposite i talked about those who actually liked playing the respective classes who got them boosted only to then be ignored again as they move on. It's not sustainable and only in the longer run leads to a bitter playerbase where essentially only the bandwagoners are favoured.
  7. So currently encountering a much more control heavy environment with a lot more board clears and so ultimately decided to try out some different things, including this variant which is a bit more robust : Token Sword MK VIII L Basically adding in Lecia since i figure with a more tempo heavy deck there should be a better chance of generating some good value with her which was lecia's issue all along. It was a struggle to get off a good enough fanfare with her, but if your deck is focused on getting in right away, you are more likely to have enough things to cover with her. So trying her out to help with all the added AoE's i have been facing lately Maid leader went out in favour of Veteran lancer since the loss of naval lieutenant then means no wards otherwise until much later. Of course that means little to no card draw which caused me to then include Avant Blader which can then draw you two officers giving you more fuel for the later game. So there you have it, another version of token sword, still filled with that lovely tempo but in theory much harder to remove and also less likely to run out of steam thanks to Avant blader and in part Goblin princess.
  8. At most all mouse can do is tell us that our concerns are being relayed. But beyond that, unless there is a larger push for clarity on the subject from both the english and asian markets, i don't think we are going to get much of a response.
  9. Pretty much this, not exactly a good long term solution because it also means to then bring the spotlight back on to other classes.. you then need to powercreep those, it becomes an endless cycle of powercreep as it becomes a constant game of catchup and the ones that get screwed over are the ones that actually like the classes as they get their time in the light and then have to wait ages for something to happen again.
  10. Well shadowverse gives a lot more free packs compared to hearthstone, all blizzard did here was try to ward off what has happened the last few expansions where people complain the system is rigged. So less generosity just trying to keep the paying customers satisfied. I mean it would be neat in shadowverse if they added a pity timer, but considering overall generosity, less of an issue. At least for me.
  11. Pretty much this, you can't really just have a situation where several classes are in the dumps just to have one class shine. There should at least be some viable decks for every class. Yet currently a few classes are dominating, bloodcraft actually part of the stronger classes whereas others are languishing, which honestly follows the pattern from last expansion where Shadowcraft was actually kinda good with aggro shadow and nephtys, and then gets catapulted into nr 1 with more support. And currently bloodcraft is on the cusp of being great if not for shadowcraft.. and is now being powercreeped. I mean it's their big problem for RoB and Tempest of the gods and one reason people have been griping so hard and it seems like Cygames just haven't learned anything from it.
  12. Well this episode could also have been called : Havencraft OP. Charioce's swordcraft gets punished by Gabriel's havencraft as Rita and the rest escape from the women's prison with some pretty impressive chase scenes. And Kaiser and Favaro free themselves as it turns out the prosthetic hand Rita made for Kaiser also doubles as an explosive, apparently expecting Kaisar to one day having to blow himself out, but never telling him but instead Favaro.. Rita sures likes Kaiser but can't admit it. And then the Onyx death star arrives. Curious as to what happens next.
  13. That would be a negative. Probably at the start of next week or some such.
  14. I dislike ramp dragon and take pleasure in absolutely wrecking it when i can. But really tiresome to play against since it really removes player inter-action.
  15. Looks like there has been an update : Basically a few interactions for swordcraft commanders and support cannon have been made. So basically Aurelia deals 2 + whatever damage buff she gets depending on the board via the support cannon, and luminous standard buff also now applies to the attack. So say you have support cannon and luminous standard in play and then play Luminous mage you'd then do 3 + 3 damage rather than the usual 2+2.