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  1. Yeah Storm Haven seems to be a good pick in this meta, seeing more and more streamers playing it amongst other things. And had some success with it myself as well.
  2. Honestly i don't particularly care about control, it is a playstyle that to me is personally not very interesting nor fun. So for me, if control was to go away i'd hardly be weeping. But i have nothing against it as such as long as there is some counterplay to it. And in this case Control is not being outdone by Aggro, but by Ramp dragon and variations on it and Midrange shadowcraft. Which don't particularly *care* about Grimnir, but every other deck tends to run into problems and Grimnir is just a really bad and lazy card which i on instinct dislike. So if control dies in the process, i won't really care because in the longer run, grimnir will be worse for the game. He has to be stamped out preferably as soon as possible. Because again. It is not just control running him, it is aggro, midrange and combo. If it was only control, i wouldn't give a damn. But it isn't now is it ? And thusly there is the problem. So you can keep talking about control, but every bastard is running him and that has to stop and if that means control has to look to something else. Fine by me.
  3. Well either way it needs clarified because either it is just a bug. Or it is a really dumb and poorly explained mechanic. Either way, that needs to be cleared up and then fixed, because either way. It's not good.
  4. It only makes way if this is intended if they are absolute dimwits. There is no way that such an effect makes sense that i can buff it but i can't evolve it. It is just utterly counter-intuitive to the point someone ought to be sanctioned for it. Like horrifically bad and pointless game design. So what i am assuming here is that it is a bug since that is the one that reflects the best on the devs since the other only other answer is utter incompetence.
  5. Except when it just makes everything more uniform, especially between the major archetypes and largely forces aggro decks to run grimnir otherwise they won't stand a chance vs decks that do have it. That's another problem. Grimnir just becomes too ubiquitous Plus he might just lead to more of these followers. IE good when played normally, like really good. And then even better when enhanced. Even without the enhance Grimnir is nuts, with the enhance he just becomes disgusting.
  6. Except we don't know if it is working as intended since nothing is explained there and there is no logic for it. Why would it also affect evolution ? There is no logic to it. The evolution should not be affected in any way. So again, as far as i can see it is a bug. Because it in no way makes any sense, that more has it, only means the bug is bigger. @The.Vortex That example doesn't add up. Evolutions just add 2/2 of stats unless it is a tempo evolve. I mean if you have a damage goblin and then evolved it doesn't also cut the evolve in half or something. Similarly lowering the defence or attack to 1 should not in any way affect the evolve since that should still add a 2/2 on top unless it is a tempo evolve.
  7. That in no way counters the idea that it is a big, that just the bug is larger than first thought, i just didn't go assuming it was bigger than Pegasus elf. Since none of them mentions that. I mean let's quote the effect. From here : Now can you tell me *where* it says this is also supposed to effect evolving ? Just because it is consistent with other things does not mean it is not a bug, just that the bug is bigger. Because there is no explanation for that effect effecting evolution afterwards, thusly i'd call it a bug. So unless you've got a better explanation than "Duh, other things do it too" which is a terrible explanation, i'll keep calling it a bug. Because it is a bug when it is from what i can see clearly an unintended side effect.
  8. Actually it hit about the same time. It was slowly appearing when the nerfs hit.
  9. Well unlike Blizzard though they don't actually kill the decks, so there is that in their favour. Plus they still end up reacting faster. But they aren't going to rush it out. I mean the rather nasty midrange swordcraft deck came up 2 months into the expansion as an example. So let's not assume the expansion is fully explored either.
  10. Sure but you're not always going to have a removal in hand, at that point he becomes good. There is a reason he is run in a lot of decks Either way, the 2/3 ward for 3pp is rather dangerous and should not be easily handed out i think, especially not with an enhance effect that good.
  11. So i had a match as swordcraft today and encountered an odd bug by accident. Basically i was playing against swordcraft, i had a big board of smaller knights, and my opponent played the pegasus elf turning an ascetic knights health to 1. I then played Rousing step buffing all of my followers by +1/+1 so far so good. I then decided to evolve the Ascetic Knight because all of my followers were +2/+2 and i like the evolved Ascetic knight, he looks cool. I then discovered as you can see in the screenshot ( i was a bit too slow in taking it only realised it by accident a bit after it had all happened) that his health had not evolved. He was still a 2 health follower despite having been evolved. Meaning that the Pegasus elf somehow disabled the usual +2 health boost when evolved somehow. Obviously wasn't critical in this fight, but it could prove nasty somewhere down the road for some poor bastard. So i figured i'd best report this.
  12. Veight would have been busted with that statline. He'd been able to in most cases then generate at least 2 bats meaning his effective stat line could effectively have been 4/5. Without evolving.
  13. Because [Asterisks] the developer having a different perspective than you and perhaps waiting to see if some sort of counter doesn't appear before nerfing a lot of stuff.
  14. Well. I don't think it is so much they removed the value of going second, it is just they took care of one issue with going first for the last few expansions. There were very few ways of pushing an edge meaning they could outvalue you by going second. Problem is only a few classes got anything for going first, and that was pretty damn good in their cases. So i think they are zooming in on something workable there. They just need to be better at spreading it out, one of their issues tends to be they tend to overcompensate heavily on one or two classes and then the rest of the classes are left adrift. Which tends to lead to some lopsided distributions of winrates.
  15. So they have revealed what you can get for it in may and the rewards a bit different from usual : No longer gold, instead you get Card pack tickets for the upcoming expansion and vials, and for the top 1000 (they have extended the eligible rankings) you also get 1 seer's globe. Also vials So 1 seers globe, 20 card pack tickets and 5000 vials for the top 1000 And for the top 10000 10 card pack tickets and 2500 vials.