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  1. Well i think that is his point, no netdeck does
  2. Well you rarely see those two. So kinda slipped i suppose. Still found it amusing
  3. No they've been complaining about Eachtar almost since release. Eachtar has been quite dominant for some time now and for a lot of people it basically boils down to "Not another Eachtar dominant meta" So to you it might appear a bit much.. But for a lot of people, Eachtar is a bit much. And back when aggro decks could not deal with it. Every shadow deck ran Eacthar, Aggro shadow, midrange, nephtys. Like there was no reason not to run him. And there largely still isn't. So i don't think it's about whatever is doing well. It's about what has been doing too well for too long with no real serious counters to it.
  4. Err.. That's not quite how it works People didn't like it because if they went first they stood no chance to win, it's now the other way around. The issue being that cygames just kept strengtening going first without giving second a chance to play back. I mean claiming people are never satisfied when what they want is an equal chance to win going first and second is.. pretty.. silly ? I mean you are arguing that people should just be satisfied with either extreme rather than ask for cygames to stop pushing either side very hard. That's not human nature of people never being satisfied, that is the nature of Cygames doing things in a rather clumsy way.
  5. Can't say i was aware of that, i think it's the first time they have given an amulet a voice line, granted they have been giving them out to spells in some of the later expansions, but i was quite surprised to see my opponent play the amulet in the first place and then further surprised when it was accompanied with a voice line. An amusing detail, i wonder how common it will be in the future.
  6. Let's just stick to the topic which is Eachtar. Though i think what can be said at this point has been said. Which is probably why it is trailing towards Snow white and Ouroboros now.
  7. Ultimately what it boils down to is choices, people need more choices otherwise aggro rules since aggro basically thrives on people lacking choices to deal with them. We need more tempo evolves, combos and synergies along with counters in some way. So we'll see if Cygames provides in the next expansion. About two weeks until it is revealed and the cards begin to appear.
  8. At most there was some confusion as to why they first chose to nerf Ouroboros now rather than when it was a bigger problem. But for snow white it was pretty much unanimous that the card was just too good. Hell even now Snow white is pretty good as it still a card that can trade well plus give you a free evo effect for heavenly hound.
  9. So i am currently making some larger revisions to my deck, rousing step is out, courageous knight is in.. Council of Card Knights is out.. wait what ? Yup, i took out Council of Card Knights, it felt like it did not gel very well with my deck. I mean it is pretty good if you are ahead, but if you are behind ? It's not that good i feel and i end up focusing more on the early game where i needed to strengthen my hand, which then left me with some choices on turn 5 and i actually took them out for assault commanders to that way buff my board that way more agressively. I dunno , i might make some alterations. I've also stuffed in a few Alberts because i am increasingly feeling like my hand is being forced in that direction, also Otohime for more board flooding consistency, plus comboed with Stratagem can allow me to draw a ton of cards, plus Walfrid is in as well. And fearless banneret is out in favour of bladed hedgehog. So some overall bigger changes as i try to figure out how exactly to play in this meta.
  10. That's called a counter, not counter-play. That is when you are adding something to specifically deal with something. Counter-play is when you have options for dealing with certain threats. In hearthstone what you are talking about are called hater cards because they hate on something very specific. So apparently it is very hard to understand for you. Counter-play is when i play in a specific manner or a specific card to counter certain situations or plays. Like Elf Child Liza is a counter-play to play around AoEs, White paladin is a counter-play to large hostile boards if not a downright counter in those cases, banishment is a specific counter to last words but can also just be a simple counter-play to deal with other things. But for example i use rousing step not just to buff my board to attack harder with, but also as a counter-play to alot of the lower damage AoEs as putting my followers in 3 defence avoids things like Salamander's breath and the likes. Again what you are talking about are counters, specific hard counters like Odin to deal with things like seraph. But counter-play is a broader realm of things you can do to deal with certain threats of combos and synergies. And it is a wider range of choices that players like in dealing with threats. And which we lack at the moment.
  11. Yup, hechtar dodging nerfs was the big meme for days.. and still is.
  12. That makes no sense. How do class cards not count as counterplay ? You're going to have to explain it in more depth besides calling something "silly" counterplay means you have some way of playing around things. Also certain class have weaknesses to other classes, like shadowcraft in theory has to Haven as an example (but increasingly does not) Counter-play means you can do something to counter a certain play, hence the name counter-play. And some will be class specific because certain classes have certain gameplay styles they want to support, hence cards like Elf Girl Liza for example supporting large forestcraft boards being a counter-play.
  13. Huh, didn't notice that. But yeah, swordcraft actually has the worst winrate going second now. It's even worse on masters. Not a lot worse than say forest, but still worse. Curious that. My guess would be because they got absolutely nothing to play going second on turn 4 besides Floral fencer or neutrals. They just don't have any good plays there really.
  14. Bone Chimera is from Darkness evolved, otherwise you got burst from standard and a few addititional summons, but nothing that actually fills aboard besides death's breath which does it defensively. That is one spell. Which means it is not a staple of shadowcraft , not sure where you are getting these ideas from. And you are talking about a rather specific and unpractical combo with mordecai there as well which won't work in most circumstances By that logic anyone could be about filling the board with sufficient imagination. And Eacthar is pretty much the win condition for any shadowcraft deck besides nephtys, and even those have been known to include Eachtar because he is just that good, hell Aggro shadow used to last expansion and i am not surprised if they do it in Wonderland Dreams as well. As for your image.. Err ? Why ? No need to be so defensive about it, if you like Eachtar, fine.. But, he is a problematic legendary, i should know because i've played him a ton and played against him a ton. He just wrecks anything else before him, there is a reason tournaments are half midrange shadow because it just beats whatever is put infront of it in most cases. You can try and legitimize him as much as you want, but he is a legendary that can fill the board up, give it rush and +2/0. No other legendary really works on that powerlevel. @Chappie And in the vast majority of cases, that won't matter. Eachtar will be played and gain control of the board. It is extremely difficult for a shadowcraft player not to have sufficient shadows by turn 7. You are trying to make it sound extremely difficult to play midrange shadow when in reality it isn't. It's.. pretty easy. And people have been asking for Eachtar to be nerfed for ages. It's nothing new, nothing hypocritical. Getting awfully defensive there aren't we ? Seriously he has been dominant for almost half a year now and your action is to call people liars ? Not a convincing argument when you have to hurl attacks at anyone who disagrees with you.
  15. There have been several but in many cases they end up being too weak, like you had Lecia.. but too weak and too easily countered by the thing it was supposed to deal with, you also had that bard.. but again, too weak and also wrecked your own situation so the price was too high to play him. They do print them, but in many cases they just make them really weak so they can't actually have an influence in most cases. Hell darkness evolved had .. plenty actually, white paladin, a lot of the evolve followers were counter-plays to evolving (though again, suffered from being countered by what they were supposed to counter in several cases), Elf Girl liza was the only good AoE counter-play they ever made (and which got powercreeped out) just to mention some. But they gave no active play to compensate and so going second went to dominate.. And now we are in the reverse situation. There needs to be a balance between the two, and a balance between what classes they support because there it tends to be a few classes get the goods while others are left to play with dirt. Just look at forestcraft.