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  1. Rise of Bahamut

    More cards are being revealed in the weeks leading up to the Rise of Bahamut release! Here are the latest cards. How will they fit into your decks?
  2. Rise of Bahamut

    Here's a another sneak peek of our upcoming expansion, Rise of Bahamut! Which cards are your favorites so far?
  3. Regarding region-specific content

    Today we kicked off a tie-in promotion in the Japanese version of Shadowverse that many of you have shown a great interest in. Unfortunately we had to make a decision not to include the items in the global version since the tie-in is with another title only available in Japan. We understand this has disappointed some players but we hope you understand.
  4. Rise of Bahamut

    Rise of Bahamut coming on December 29th!
  5. Rise of Bahamut

    Introducing two new abilities Enhance and Clash: If you have enough play points, they're automatically spent to activate the Enhance abilities of a card when you play the card from your hand. Clash abilities activate whenever attacking or defending against an enemy follower. It does not activate when attacking leaders.
  6. Rise of Bahamut

    Here's a sneak peek of our upcoming expansion, Rise of Bahamut! For more updates, check back here regularly! A new era of Shadowverse awaits—are you up for the challenge?