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  1. Talk About Whatever

    Is ahegao without nudity publicly appropiate? :thinking:
  2. Talk About Whatever

    in case anyone cares: there's a Shadowverse art competition going on now. You get to win real bux if you top the competition.
  3. Talk About Whatever

    I wonder when will SV get its first Trap character... *edit: just to clarify, no, i dont like traps
  4. Talk About Whatever

    Not really related to the nerf, but inform me in case you come across anyone looking into buying accounts. Thanks in advance.
  5. Talk About Whatever

    Speaking of Jack, ever considered this? or maybe you're not an MGS fan and don't know what i'm talking about
  6. Talk About Whatever

    Hey, at least and aren't so bad. Also, I didn't even get a warning the last time I used as avatar. You'd not want me to prove this again.
  7. Talk About Whatever

    I know you'd ask for this. I have a lot in store for you.
  8. Talk About Whatever

    it wasn't serious. Besides, the joke wouldn't make sense in japanese. Jack
  9. Talk About Whatever

    The official name is "Isabelle's Chest"
  10. Gwent

    Amazing game, a completely new type of cardgame (unlike HS-SV-T:ESL, which are variations of the same base ruleset). Very generous reward for laddering. Animated (foiled, or "golden" in Hearthstone) cards are absolutely stunning. Note that the Standalone Gwent is very different from the minigame in Witcher 3. Gwent in Witcher 3 was basically a contest of "see who plays/decoys the most spies". This game has a lot of 'tutor'/consistency tools, so you can consistently pull off your gameplan (unless your opponent intercepts it), and is much less highrolly or prone to bricking (unlike Aria-Dogma stormhaven, 9-mana-by-T5 ramp Dragon, good old neutral Lion Haven/ prenerf Daria .etc). So yeah, definitely go check this game out.
  11. Forum new interface , good or bad ?

    Was this change intentional? I thought they accidentally ****ed up the interface. inb4 "it's not a bug, it's a 'feature' WeSmart"
  12. Discuss Duelyst here

    How good is the game now? And how was it in the previous two expacs? I quitted sometime ago because there was a community uproar every expansion. I left somewhere around the time when Enfeeble-Meltdown Faie dominated the ladder.
  13. Twitch Emote Clipboard

    will update these this and the master post later with the names of each respective emote. In case anyone cares at all, check this post later. Like, 1 day later or smth, idk
  14. Twitch Emote Clipboard

    testing post oh **** how do i delete posts
  15. Twitch Emote Clipboard

    We should add puppeyFace as well. Kappa Oh, and i've seen quite a few good SV emotes. I'll add them tommorrow i guess