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  1. @Yue what's your trick in getting so many 5-0s? Do you find it generally easier to 5-0 with tempo/aggro plays, or do you prefer to do value trades and be prudent with evo usage, thus dragging the game longer? I'm 1 run away from the taker of 2 flair. Somehow I nearly always end up as a 4-1, no matter how good or bad the deck was.
  2. Ay, thanks for catching that. And I hope that someone other than us two would use this clipboard.
  3. SFV Leaders in Shadowverse is an utter misfit.
  4. Seems like mostly everyone is back. Now we only need to bring back Anisette to have the full-crew. Edit: Furrigan sounds like a nice nickname btw
  5. Morri loves furri confirmed guess he'll be great friends with Ellezard
  6. That doesn't sound like a good estimation. I didn't read the previous posts. What are you trying to calculate? I've done quite some math regarding mulligans and starting hand, so see if I could help you out here.
  7. Well, seems like he's having fun with Hearthstone right now. At least he is much less bitter and salty than he was during Karazhan and MSoG.
  8. Tired of sugar coating or pretending to be polite. @Ellezard a lot of people against you a few weeks ago because they thought it was too early to judge the meta. They did NOT think that the game has no problem. They merely wanted to be more prudent with their words. Time has past, and most of the hasty judgements you made turns out to be true (and that does not guarantee you to be right every time you make judgements that quickly). Somehow, you misinterpreted them and completely twisted what they said. I hope you not to walk the exact same path as Anisette did.
  9. And also some people who just can't stop hitting strawmans or making false/unfair accusations You sound like you miss them. I hope you aren't.
  10. Double ****ing Ouroboros. A good day for Kripp
  11. I kinda have the feeling that Kripp doesn't enjoy Shadowverse as much as he used to. He used to play SV to escape from the stagnant meta in HS, but now he is pretty satisfied with HS. I guess he enjoyed PtP Forest the most. It's a shame that PtP isn't viable anymore - that deck is why I joined Shadowverse.
  12. As usual, Kripp newly released SV sponsored video on youtube got disliked to hell.
  13. ****, always 4-1. And Im just 1 5-0 away from Taker of Two.
  14. Or maybe your opponent is plainly bad.