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  1. Played Doki Doki Literature Club yet?
  2. For the love of god please don't click this link, tyvm.
  3. Is it just me, or is Discord down for everyone? Edit: NVM it's back online already.
  4. why would you even have spare tickets IMO arena > constructed, fite me
  5. Guys wanna hear the worst joke of this century? What do we call a hoe who only does Canadians? … It's a leafblower.
  6. Yeah, guess I'll shoot them an email for a refund if I still can't fix the problem by this week or so.
  7. Bought Divinity: Original Sin 2. Game crashes every time on launch/loading last save. Spent almost a whole day looking for solutions, none worked. The crash was so horrible, it glitches up my desktop, taskbars and prompts, so I have to restart my PC every time it crashes. The last time it froze for a good 10 minutes or so and I couldn't even turn off my PC by holding the power button. I can't even refund it, because Steam only refund games played less than 2 hours, and the crashing problem didn't start until the 2-hour mark. FeelsBadMan
  8. I want to ****ing kill myself already
  9. They're free if you can go infinite in arena. (Unless you factor in the time cost)
  10. P h o n e ?
  11. Oooh @Jack42 is finally back. You're back here for just one day and you already filled up 2 pages of this thread by yourself
  12. Anyone else here tried Hand of the Gods (Smite CCG)? How good is it?
  13. Remember Thomas the Tank Engine?
  14. Duelyst.... It's sad and disappointing how the game has gone downhill.