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  1. Is that gamemode out already? I thought it will be available at 29th March.
  2. Since Jack has gone into a hiatus, I guess I'm talking to myself by posting in this thread. Nevertheless NEW PATCH IS OUT FeelsGoodMan
  3. Seek help.
  4. It's best suited in "necro posts" Void necroing so hard he should be the next leader for Shadowcraft.
  5. They are pushing harder than a mother giving birth. AND they are pushing TWO archetypes for Shaman. sigh They are all nice for arena. Constructed tho... _______________________________________________________ Elementals: Tokens: ___________________________________________________________ Paladin stuff. Guess this will piss Dane off. Japanese sources say that Galvadon's text is: "Battlecry: Adapt 5 times." _________________________________________________________ Here comes the murloc stuff for Shaman. Damn, my prediction for Shaman quest is wrong. Keep on forcing the murloc archetype for Shaman, duh. Prepare for Neptulon 2.0 ___________________________________________________________ Rogue quests. A high chance that these are all inviable. A very small chance that Blizzard actually could force the return+gangup archetype, except that Gang Up is rotated out of standard in Un'goro. __________________________________________________________ Lonely Hunter card.
  6. It's the prerequisite requirement for more advanced courses. Local students have it easier because they did some of those prerequisite classes in their highschools. I'm an int'l student, so even if I had had the required courses and knowledge for the advanced courses, they aren't counted as I am not in the same educational system. I'd prefer going straight to the courses of my level than to redo stuff I've already learnt. But I can't deny that it feels good to have a few easy months of not having to study much and still get good grades. I have a lot of free time to get ahead and to relax. Guess which one I did more tho lol
  7. First year of uni has too much overlapping with highschool materials. Plus my credits in highschool aren't transferable because I am an international student, so I essentially have to "redo" some classes.
  8. Buying Witcher 3 2 days before my finals exam is certainly not the best idea.
  9. They are decent choices at least. And Latham and Monica are actually pretty good. My draft is usually full off Saha/Percieval/Luminous Knight/Ironwraught Fortress .etc
  10. "He enters thru my albert-hole" It's not even NSFW. It's more like NSFL
  11. A standard 4chan copypasta, but it's still topkek anyways: Can't copy and paste the text here because it's pretty nsfw
  12. More new cards coming. Damn they're pushing the elemental archetype real hard. I predict that Shaman will get a quest for summoning elementals, and Mage a quest for putting secrets on.
  13. Don't forget he is also good against Jades and Infernos. But he'll probably still be unviable anyways Disco is not gonna work until a lot of discard-related cards are printed.
  14. They're not bad. At least they're doing a better job than they had during Karazhan. Also more new cards. meh. Seems pretty bad.
  15. I like this place over Hearthstone forums. Here are the new cards: Not much to say about Crystalline Oracle, just another Webspinner/Swashburglar/Pavelling Book. Good minion for triggering quest. Probably would be a staple. I like Sunkeeper's design, but I'm not sure if he'll be viable. Really good in late game and against Jades. Also a good Silverhand Knight buffer. Not the best card against swarms. Man, Un'goro is really interesting, at least design-wise.