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  1. Oh right, I misread.
  2. What netdeck teaches people to run both Goblin and Bahamut? LUL
  3. Is this thread ded? Anyways, what's the best use of golds as a newplayer? Should I focus on buying packs, or should I play draft mode more?
  4. Holy moly, this game is actually amazing. This is the only game that had an enjoyable tutorial campaign. Or maybe I'm just new to the MtG format.
  5. I just went back to try Smite's CCG. Every single second playing it felt like an insult. Card art is lazy. The UI art is incredibly, incredibly lazy - it looks like as if it was a webgame from a decade ago. They seem to have changed to core mechanics. Now it looks a bit less like a blatant Duelyst clone ( it's slightly less blatant than before), but the game balance is simply horrible.
  6. ded channel
  7. Apart from Kripp, I also occasionally watch Hafu for the ASMRs. Feel free to judge me on that.
  8. How did you manage to get up at 4? Also Bayonetta is such a good game, even if it was published half a decade ago. I wish Bayo2 was available on PC.
  9. you didnt specify which game.
  10. Say I want to start another CCG. Faeria, Eternal, TESL: which one is the best for F2P and the easiest to get into?
  11. Hmm, Smite and Duelyst both uses a 5x9 board. Also the last time I checked, both games uses a leader unit. Not to mention the general statlines, abilities, movement/attack range and other basic mechanics are nearly identical.
  12. Coincidentially, Gwent has exactly 3 lanes and has the max number of Gold/legendary cards in each deck capped at 4, so there is a chance that this Dota-CCG will be based on the framework of Gwent. Smite CCG triggers me so much. It's basically a cheap, shameless copy of Duelyst. They made absolutely no effort differentiating themselves from Duelyst. I tried the game out a few months ago during the early beta, and the UI, card arts, and optimizations were so poorly done, I couldn't stand playing it.
  13. I wonder when would the CCG market becomes saturated. I hope that Valve would release the actual gameplay soon, and that the game is not a cheapass cashgrab.
  14. Dota announces their own card game. Interesting. Nothing about the in-game mechanics are revealed yet. The only thing we know is that there will be "3 lanes and 5 heroes". Will they base this new ccg on TES:L or Gwent? We are yet to find out.