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  1. This change is most effective for old or big-spending players, as they are more likely to aim for a full collection. The fact that Blizzard actually cares to implement this change indicates how threatened they are in the digital CCG market. SV is insanely popular in Asia, and Gwent is ramping up its popularity in the West (esp. Europe) and now hosts a bunch of streamers originally from other games, including Hearthstone. As there are finally big competitors in the market, Hearthstone is finally becoming more generous, and hopefully receives better expansions in the coming future. Isn't that what we wanted? This is the moment where Blizzard finally realizes its mistakes and is trying to fix their relationship with the old players.
  2. Guys are the prize cards basically the 14 cards you get from completing all the story chapters?
  3. Alright, thanks for the catch. Got caught not finishing the story modes yet
  4. NEW HEARTHSTONE UPDATE TLDR: 1. You will never pull duplicate* cards from packs anymore - effective on ALL PACKS once the new expansion hits 2. You are guaranteed to pull 1 Legendary from the first 10 pack of a new set (comes along with a new promotion/ discount for buying Un'goro packs with real money but who ****ing cares) *Not pulling duplicate, as in not getting more of the same card than you could include in a single deck. i.e. you'll never pull more than 2 of a common-epic, and more than 1 of a legendary.
  5. A particularly obnoxious user that was once a frequenter of this forum (but left already) once accused another popular was-frequenter of this forum of creating an alternate account to bolster his reputation in this place. I disregarded that as pure slander because the accuser was a massive arsehole. But now that I looked into it more, I found the accusations true. The accused person is your main pal in here fyi.
  6. Turns out alts are real. **** me, man
  7. New expansion coming, so I'm gonna bump this thread so you guys can get your s , s and s easier.
  8. Morrigan is back again
  9. If you're on PC with a reasonable resolution, you'll have to crop and resize your screenshots because they're almost always oversized. minor stuff: after copying a text from outside sources, your text color will be changed also. E.g. you copy some stuff from wikipedia, which has black font, then you'll be typing in black instead of the light blue color I'm currently in Pressing Enter gives a line break which has a half-line gap. Shift + Enter yields a line break without the half-line gap, and allows you to line-break without starting a new bulletpoint like this: <testing123> Pressing Ctrl + Enter submits your reply immediately. Highlight texts from others' comments to quote them. Useful tool when arguing discussing smth with the others. You can copy-and-paste images from other sources without going through the pain of embedding/finding a link or uploading the image from your PC. Try this: You can change colors and pretend you're a mod or a bot. Sadly the colors are limited, and you can't change font size, because of somebody in the past abusing this function. Also you can strikethrough , and of course, Bolden, Italize or Underline your text. Shortcuts for those 3 are ctrl +B/I/U respectively.
  10. So the expansion is coming on the 28th. In the patch notes( ): "– Changes to cards that appear in Take TwoIn accordance with the release of Wonderland Dreams, cards that appear during Take Two deck building have been adjusted. Bronze and prize cards from every class (excluding Neutral) will appear in addition to all the cards from Darkness Evolved, Rise of Bahamut, Tempest of the Gods, and Wonderland Dreams. All other cards, including the bronze Havencraft card Manifestation of Faith, won’t appear. Take Two decks created before the June 28 update may include cards that will no longer appear during drafting." So, relative to the last Take Two patch, the upcoming changes would be: Non-neutral Standard bronzes will be available in Take Two again Neutral Basic bronzes will no longer be available in arena Non-neutral prize cards* will be available in Take Two again The list of prize cards to be added to take2 is: Elf Metallurgist Rose Gardener Magna Botanist Royal Banner Floral Fencer Sage Commander Demonflame Mage Lightning Shooter Flame Destroyer Dragon Warrior Dread Dragon Conflagration Hell's Unleasher Playful Necromancer Undead King Wardrobe Raider Demonic Storm Abyss Beast Priest of the Cudgel Dual Flames Greater Priestess The bronze list is a bit too big to fit in this thread, so in summary, the current viability gap of all classes will further widen after the new Take Two patch hits: Sword and Shadow is getting better, Dragon and Haven is slightly better (some good or okay cards, not as polluted as other class will be), and Rune and Blood is going to be worse off. The only exception is Forest: they are much better off in the coming patch due to the return of Fairy Circle, Fairy Caster, and maybe even Pixie Paradise counts. What are you thoughts on the coming patch?
  11. Guys which SV discord servers are you on? Thought there were only one (/r/SV's server), turns out there are much more than that that I wasn't aware of.
  12. Gwent is awesome, but there certainly are obnoxious problems. There really isn't any "aggro decks", but now because of the power of weathers and removals, full-spell control decks is pretty annoying to be dealt against.You keep playing your stuff out and see them get removed one by one, then your opponent drops their few big dudes in the end to secure the win - not very interactive. Also, even if they have comparably much less RNG than what HS had, the RNG is stilll pretty damn important - in a highly deterministic game like this, the smallest variance of luck could be the deciding factor of a match. Nevertheless, Gwent is still a great game.
  13. Good, but a bit expensive. Loving it right now. A lot of cards and strats are synergy-demanding. Thus, it might be a bit tough when you first start the game. Once you grind enough and get on track (daily reward: 1 pack for an average of 4 games played, or 2 packs for around 12 games played; plus plenty side awards, it takes about 2 weeks to put together a decent deck), you don't really have to pay to continue the game. If you really trust CDPR that well, you may invest $20~70 ($20 for 15 packs, $50 for 40, $70 for 60) to get a good headstart. F2P is completely doable. Gwent is, of course not as generous as SV, but definitely much much more generous than HS (SV and HS is at the two ends of the generosity spectrum). Scrap (or vials; or dust, whichever way you name them) progression is surprisingly quick - somehow it takes less than a week to accrue enough dust for a legendary. Keg/pack progression is quick - I stated the average daily pack earning rate above, and along with other rewards (level up rewards, rank up rewards .etc) your gold income in the early phases of the game is quick. Also, by completing the tutorials and all the challenges for the 5 factions, you earn ~500 gold (equiv. 5 kegs/packs), some dusts, and 10 leaders (= alternative hero powers. You may also disenchant them for dust values of legendaries, but it is not recommended). Be warned in the beginning level, the game is indeed a bit P2W-ish. In the later parts though, it really comes to your creativity, skills and wit .etc. Other than that, the game is pretty good. It's better to try the game out then watch other streamers play it (a lot of big ex.Hearthstone streamers, like Lifecoach, TidesofTime, Noxious, and even PPD the Tea Eye winner from Dota) than the other way around - because you'd have absolutely no idea what's going on in the stream otherwise. If you want a competitive game, then Gwent is perhaps the best among the top 3 digital CCGs in the market at the moment. If you want a good game to spectate however, maaybe Hearthstone is better for that purpose.
  14. Is ES:L good? For me, this game didn't really stand out from the other CCGs. It felt too similar to Hearthstone .etc, and the propercy mechanic is too RNG dependent. Also an obligatory shilling for Gwent
  15. Oh nearly forgot about that. Congratz Dane! ----------------------------------- Just took a look at the steam charts. Duelyst's playerbase fall from their peak 2K (when they're first released on steam) to 200 now, RIP. Shadowverse on the other hand is looking preetty good. It hits a daily peak of 10k concurrent players. The concurrent player chart looks periodic - guess the peak hour is when the Asians are active.