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    Alive game , alive forum
  2. Talk About Whatever

    try Prismata (not a card game) Oh also speaking of Gwent, they decided to overhaul the game midway through open beta. There will be 6 months without new content releases and minimal balance changes. Nevertheless it's not a bad time to get into Gwent now - they do a good job catering the newcomers, but the top-end ladder experience is really unfruitful.
  3. Talk About Whatever

    alright pic not related
  4. Talk About Whatever

    sup dudes how good is Darling in the Franxx, Violet Evergarden and Psycho Pass?
  5. Discuss Hearthstone here

    how's cubelock now?
  6. Talk About Whatever

    what bird monkaS also TIL
  7. Talk About Whatever

    anyways pee em me if you want to see the full pic of my pfp
  8. Talk About Whatever

    I feel so very compelled to post the original pic here, but unfortunately it's 400% nsfw.
  9. Talk About Whatever

    yes i swear
  10. Talk About Whatever

    Coincidentially my Discord name is related to FBI
  11. Talk About Whatever

    By definition, he's not a trap since we're fully aware that he's a guy. But that doesn't stop me from fa
  12. Talk About Whatever

    Unfortunately, that was Veight. Have you seen the full pic? It makes me question my sexuality.
  13. Talk About Whatever

    hnnnggg Guess who is this
  14. Talk About Whatever

    i succed my friends dicc and let him put it in my butt 6 inches deep. But today is April's Fools day and I merely pretended to be gay. Now i turned my friend gay haHAA gothem
  15. Talk About Whatever

    What sort of games are you looking for