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  1. So i just play ranked with my ramp dragon against pdk . After struggle to taking board control , I blow enemy board with my bahamut and i only had 7hp left , meanwhile they still had 13 hp left , i barely got removal but i have 2 scyther left , the rest card is goblinmount demon , lucifer , and sibyl . I think this game is in my favor until they drop 2 pdk...... %@%&8^67%&%^& (**7^#2/3@!!!*& .... srsly ...... !!!! I cant destroy them with my scyther freakin **** .. so i just hoping i draw salamender breath but instead its an aiela , so i just put goblinmount demon , and sibyl hoping for next turn i could draw avow strike or salamender breath but ...... theres no next turn . Now heres the question , how they clear my board that consist a 13/7 bahamut , a 5/6 evolved goblinmount demon , and 4/5 sibly and also i had 10 hp and they manage to kill me that turn also with only 2 pdk and 10pp. You not believe ?! Its up to you because its my real experience .(psst they also didnt use a single scyther that turn, you m8 dont believe me maybe but its up to you lel) .
  2. Actually , crown of possibilities is so strong in roach deck that also include shadow like tock tick and revenge , i remember when ifight against roach with 7 battle skill i just like wtf man 😂
  3. Well you mention about giving icaria unblockable , its remembering me about my nightmare before (i already told morri about this that tranquil scholar get unblock and give it to her) . And btw i want that crown of possibilities 😂
  4. Hmm i dunno actually the real meaning of dishonest in this thread , is dread sea queen otk count as one ?
  5. Gratz for you anyway 2 fullmoon and 3 odin .... thats too overkill i think , how your matchup against aggro lel
  6. Actually i had 6400 shiftstone , im confused should i make 2 vara for my mono shadow, or 2 crown of possibilities for roach deck , in other hand i also want 2 sandstorm titan . But i also want to making another 2 katra for my xenan life force deck .... geez so many cards i want to create but i dunno what to make instead i leave that shiftstone like it be
  7. Well gratz for you , thought its better to stay out 1st from a0 to farm your bonus point , but okay gratz to reach that ,
  8. Aggro sword , pdk dragon ..., geez im tired of this games . Okay back to eternal
  9. Hey guys whats new this weeks , i think i go off from forum a bit long cause i distracted to watching yugioh cause some1 just remind me bout those memories lel .
  10. I sometimes see it in 9gag , well its pretty fascinating
  11. 20 match and its all either pdk dragon or aggro sword , (rarely bump into other classes) . What a boring game
  12. Maybe because i olny run 1 https://shadowverse-portal.com/deckbuilder/create/6?hash=1.6.6F6FS.6F6FS.6F6FS.67SGY.67SGY.6BIrA.6BIrA.6BIrA.6F6kY.6F6kY.6F6kY.6F9Ao.6F9Ao.6F9Ao.63iH0.63iH0.63iH0.6FB7o.6FB7o.6FB7o.6IwOI.6IwOI.6IwOI.63i_Q.63i_Q.63i_Q.6KPcC.6I_Go.6MkXS.6IyqY.6IyqY.6IyqY.6I_Gy.63i_a.63i_a.63i_a.63iHA.63iHA.694Vo.694Vo
  13. Ivory dragon to 2 and summoner to 3 lol
  14. Aegis ? You mean a 1/8 brick in your hand that cant do **** except tickling my leaderfor 1 dmg xp lel (mr moon mvp) @rpgmaniac i hope you like this i know you hate aegis so much and @Othello sry to dissapoint you