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  1. Rush thematic , no moon , no valk general , no sarissa . Well maybe this deck is still something
  2. And dont forget , atomy is 9
  3. Well okay , gonna edit it , and i still using cards you mention lel
  4. Well kay then , well its hurt that how long i play this game since standard but only had 7 animated legends
  5. Maybe i should create thread about hated legendaries instead lol
  6. Imma ressurect this thread since theres so many legendaries (and new players)now but lemme tell you , no eachtar pls lol
  7. Well its so funny to see human nature of never satisfy . I remember during standard and DE meta , everyone just like pls balance go second cause of 1 extra cards and 1 extra evolve , cause cards like cudgel and floral fencer exist . Everyone just want to go second back there, pls give us control oriented cards that not including evolve dev, so we still can answer if we go 1st , pls lol . Now the developer answer you and you just keep whinig about if go 1st is unbalance . But i guess dev pretty screw this time lol
  8. Nope , if you tired with this bgm , just mute the bgm and listen with your own mp3
  9. Yeah except you didnt draw your altered fate or glimmer wing even already past turn 11 (being salty here)
  10. Nerf israfil ? Say that to eachtar 1st lol
  11. Wowhobbs is not only had good attitude , he is also so far i know who playing out of meta decks . Its always interesting to see his gameplay especially in cho show (if you know this then you already know him for long time)
  12. Well since nerf , every dragon user change it to polyphonic roar now. I still thinking he still usable thought
  13. Hs : Kripp , amaz, wowhobbs , savjz, kibler SV : aporo g (actually there are so many but they all japanese man lel xd) Dota 2 : singsing , bulldog , dendi
  14. So i recently just see some rage tournament and some1 using ptp forest deck . It caught my interest when he can fill his hand with fairies just by woodland bramble and altered fate make them draw like hell. Based on that deck , i try to edit it for my forest dailies https://shadowverse-portal.com/deckbuilder/create/1?hash=1.1.5zvAY.5zvAY.5zvAY.61jJY.61jJY.61k2Q.61k2Q.61k2Q.61QWQ.61QWQ.61QWQ.5zvAi.5zvAi.61oCC.61oCC.61oCC.5zvvQ.5zvvQ.5zvvQ.61k2a.65YC2.6H0p2.6H0p2.6H0p2.61qeS.61qeS.61qeS.6H2m2.6H2m2.6H2m2.61Q1A.61Q1A.61Q1A.61lmu.61lmu.65enI.65enI.61oww.61oww.61lmk Against aggro you just hoping you draw those removal so fast or dream hand like 1pp 2pp AE This deck favored against midrange shadow if i see (F you eachtar) . Theres also some cards that i still considering like pegasus elf , crystal lily or try to making 3rd will of forest( i only had 2) Need advice guys especially you @midgardsormr as known user who (maybe) still using forestcraft
  15. Im actually dont understand what exactly you wanna tell