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  1. Talk About Whatever

    I thought you already dead
  2. New flare ?

    If you mean rayne elfsmith sleeves, you need 12000 rank point this month to get it
  3. MTG Arena Discussion

    Im new with this mtg , ofc i just seen less game than you lel
  4. MTG Arena Discussion

    Well i see some people playing mtg cause of curiousity and my conclusions is Every deck run freakin eldrazi ramp and they always run -That 3pp 4/4 eyeball (thot knot seer or something like that ) , oblivion sower a 5/8 that exile 3 cards from your opponent deck and ofc monster of all ulamog that will exile 20 cards from your opponent deck wtf is this game
  5. Shadowlog 2/5-11/2018

    Portal 45 % .... well at least it increase a bit
  6. Talk About Whatever

    any undertale fans here ? Well i just searching my old favorite youtube video , and found this old gem . What if we killed sans instead papyrus and papyrus become the last genocide boss instead ? I almost thinking this fanmade video almost like real one even when 1st time watch this lel , what a nostalgia
  7. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    Well , you cant expect to get 5 - 0 wins everyday lol , and also our veteran arena players looks like already gone for long , so .....ofc this place almost dead
  8. Forum issues

    @Mouse bro , any advancement on forum reparation ? Or nothing else ?
  9. Songs while playing

    Man all undertale boss theme songs are amazing , cant stop to hearing those songs
  10. If we have frozen mammoth in play , then we play gloomy necromancer to drag zeus and destroy it , will it cracking frozen mammoth ? Nvm just found the answer : its not
  11. Why, you got vial to create cards with rarity you want . Just buy packs , vial some and create what you want
  12. Sword noob here, need help

    Im still tweaking my aggro sword deck but at least in ranked it got positive winrate Heres my link if you interested
  13. Talk About Whatever

    Isnt it obvious that a feline attacking a rodent , my questions are how could that cat attacking your guinea ? You didnt cage your guinea ? And how you let a stray cat coming into your house ?
  14. Well cause you all thinking theres so many neutrals in this decks , im reconsindering to making the neutral aggro sword version now , https://shadowverse-portal.com/deckbuilder/create/2?hash=1.2.5zWm2.5zWm2.5zWm2.6CnKM.6CnKM.6CnKM.5-Hb2.5-Hb2.5-Hb2.68_dc.68_dc.68_dc.6GdvI.6GdvI.6GdvI.6KS2I.6KS2I.6KS2I.5-Hbq.6HRAY.6HRAY.68zBg.68zBg.6GbTC.6GbTC.6KS2S.6KS2S.6OL3y.6LCtS.6LCtS.6LCtS.6HN0w.6HN0w.6HN0w.69rKo.69rKo.69rKo.6HMI2.6HMI2.6LG2Q Im also reconsider to change rta into 3rd kunoichi elite , and also pureheart singer to rabbit ear attendant but i found only draw 1 in early cause opponent trying so hard to remove our followers and i think pureheart can be synergize well with faeria evolve or kiss of princess since opponent seems never care to destroy her , so many possibilities so many choices , still thinking and tinkering. Im throw away frog cause he's too weak (yeah just realize that ) well for now this version seems quite consistant , still need tweak though