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  1. No evidance , no clue , absolutely fake :facepalm:
  2. Well i just realize that demonic key not restricted only for bloodcraft follower , which means it also can drag neutral high pp follower too . Well in this expansion , lucifer , bahamut , zeus , israfil , etc . And so does bandersnatch enhance effect
  3. Well , im thinking bout queen otk , using it to satan and wizardess oz , save it for next turn and then Next turn playing satan and wizardess oz and hopee you pulling 1 astaroth and 1 dis damnation or 3 dis damnation for otk ( oz turn them into 1 pp spell ew so nasty) But we only draw until we have 5 cards from oz ( which means maybe we only draw 4 cause next draw ), i want some1 see the chance of this lel And remember guys oz turn them into 1 pp spell and so maybe we can using 1 silent rider for help this otk
  4. I think you dont need dark angel olivia bro , change it to prince catacomb or soul conversion maybe , or other phantom howl or eachtar
  5. Oh great , but choosing this between calamitous curse also my question, its good to use cause not really using earthrite but ..... i dunno is rhis good enuff
  6. Oh great , i love another contest ^^
  7. I can help you , but looks like the room already gone
  8. Thats why i told you its atomeme mk 2 lel cause its a meme deck
  9. But im not sure you will put flower bed in deck that using huge follower , it almost like lord atomeme playstyle : inconsistent Indeed it works , it summoned at end of t4 thought ( lord atomeme mk2 maybe)
  10. May i ask , if jabberwock didnt destroy anything (a.k.a he played when we dont have any follower ) will he still summoning ?
  11. Well im not sure demonic key work like mask of black death , i think everytime you lose health, substract 1 not substract for each hp gone
  12. Man , im not really understand about this jabberwock , so you destroy your board so you can change those board with 1 big follower ? But dragon always put 1 big follower everyturn , or we will come in meta where dragon will fill board with aqua nereid maybe , goblin princess etc , then jabberwock destroy them all ? Well so confusing -_-"
  13. Hmmm gabriel anyone , im used it when making budget aggro deck , like banner sword , aggro haven , aggro token oriented , and i remember gabriel (and satan ) is my 1st legendary cause of event long ago
  14. @Mouse hey mouse i think this one is also good idea , can you tell the developer team ^^
  15. You better not , deck that focused in polyphonic roar sure exist but its hard against meta nowaday , and we evevn almost reach new expansions in some weeks , so better to save your vial instead testing this card