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  1. Seraph , before she go unlimited

    Im sry but the link you just give is currently offline , can you create the deck via portal ?
  2. Seraph , before she go unlimited

    I just play this to finish quest , none else . Its hard to forget this game if you already had huge collection , so well okay healing prayers change star torrent
  3. Storm of Knights

    Man this deck make me remember about dane token deck , my question is why not otohime ? Your decks really evolve dependant , that arthurian light is way too slow and unbridled fury is too weak if you dont have any follower Gemstaff not really good too if you dont have evolve so i think this deck not really works in ranked ( consider for me is throw away arthurian light , unbridled fury , and gemstaff : change it too otohime , white paladin maybe , and also council of card knight ) . Im not really playing swordcraft though but gl with your decks
  4. https://shadowverse-portal.com/deckbuilder/create/7?hash=1.7.6N9tI.6N9tI.6N9tI.67pxY.67pxY.67pxY.6JNhI.6JNhI.6JNhI.60COQ.60COQ.60COQ.60COa.60COa.60COa.67st2.67st2.67st2.61KvW.61KvW.63_os.63_os.6N7gg.6N7gg.6N7gg.60E5y.60E5y.60E5y.6BjSI.6BjSI.67sO6.67sO6.6FX6M.6FX6M.6JGMi.645Pw.645Pw.67xlY.67xlY.67xlY Well meta nowadays , filled with burn dirt and aggro blood . Sometimes i even meet aegis wtf So i wanna play yet another counter for them , i need advice from you guys . This is my seraph that i just used to play in ranked . I got 7 win 3 lose so far in ranked but i still thinking theres still lack of something but i dunno what At all haven player come here i need your advice !
  5. Discuss Eternal here

    - Well for these new cards , i really like shush . Thats the really perfect counter for green dark yellow super revenge deck that run everytime on rank (bye bye infinity makto) i think i will run 2 only though -Mysterium orb i think only worth for the sentinel archtype cause the only explorer i ever seen is that 2/2 that buffing dinosaur and explorer from amber ring . -Well for oni infernal , theres so many weapons that really good on her , rakano got new minion now -That silverwing make me remember about a 4pp 2/2 valkyrie that giving 2 armor too , good for the new green legend that make your hp only 1 -Well for ashara is , the only follower that suit become her buddy is wisp and obsidian golem . But 3pp for 3/3 is already decent stat . I wanna see her interaction with gorgon fanatic though ( will she sac fanatic and fanatic not activated or vice versa ) - and last but not least highwayman is really great in token stonescar , i mean warcry and charge for 4/2 is already brutal , but i think bandit queen is more faster in token deck , maybe only 2 in aggro stonescar
  6. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Lel nep is gone buddy , mordecai is standard
  7. Discuss Eternal here

    For those who wonder how to use the last stand at the gate , you m8 increase your armor instead hp , green is actually great at increasing armor too Im actually more like old curioix than the new one but this new one fit well in my nictotraxian lel ,
  8. November Nerf Hitlist

    Once you join eternal , pls send me your id , im pretty lonely at eternal cause when i login morri or fangore already logut ( since time difference )
  9. Discuss Eternal here

    Yeah a new tomorrow deck is the 1st deck that crush me at ranked , i remember he keep playing harsh rule , ironthorn and that parliement summon 9 owls i mean i just wtf that moment . My favorite legendary is crown of possibilities for a moment , cause i love ramdomities , especially in roach lel ( cant extinguish these freakin bugs ) . But all my crown decks are for fun decks only , My ranked deck is feln control and midrange argenport and none of them usiny crown , im still finding what is fun deck using crown actually (either using call of titans and also curioux , lel i just realize curioux is my 1st avatar profile just when i opening curioux )
  10. November Nerf Hitlist

    Yay .... another nerf .......... grats i already leave this game and playing yugioh duel link and eternal . See they crush my dragon deck and my most of midrange shadow in bats of eye Gl to enjoy this game im out now lel , time to play some steam games that on autumn sale instead wasting time of anger in this games
  11. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    Anybody here ? I just need win 1 private mission now
  12. Discuss Eternal here

    I finally reach gold III with my midrange argenport deck , not really expect this though but well done finally , heres the decklist if any1 interest https://eternalwarcry.com/deck-builder?main=1-251:2;1-269:2;1-268:1;2-233:1;2-74:2;1-143:2;0-35:3;1002-13:4;1-146:3;1001-5:2;2-78:1;2-80:1;2-236:4;1-151:1;1-166:2;1002-7:3;1-286:2;1-285:2;2-86:2;1-162:1;2-240:2;1-172:2;2-242:1;1002-18:4;1-126:4;1-249:6;2-231:4;1-425:4;1-422:3;0-55:4;
  13. Discuss Eternal here

    Here piggy piggy , seriously this card is brutal , only removal works against it
  14. . . . . . . . An immortal but heartless...... well i dunno what to do
  15. Discuss Eternal here

    Clink clink thief , i can hear you Clink clink thief , i can hear you Clink clink thief , i still can hear you And he's death