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  1. Well dirt rune is pretty hard to be used since its not consistent , you either just drawing sigil or just ER activator without sigil
  2. Nope , cause charon evolved 1st to try trigger her necromancy effect , after checking it cant , then death chaser ability activated to give you 6 shadow Same case with my quiz before , will resummon leonidas got eff by leonidas resolve when he resummon by urd effect
  3. Well you know , if you think earthrite runecraft is not fun , then try play against dshift
  4. Well looks like this mode is great and tricky
  5. Bro you know dragoncraft can ramping so hard right ? I think this card pretty imbalance. But nice artwork you got there . About that amulet , we never have mechanic like discover in hearthstone in shadowverse , is really implementing new mechanic not gonna disturb about license ?
  6. Yeah , im also the one who still using shadowcraft so hard while all peeps just usig easy deck . if i got title , i will entitle myself as necromancer
  7. So you call a discovery for a greater good as item of human hypocrisy .....enuff with you comment , i just let you be yourself . Its none my concern anyway
  8. Cmon , its not like the end of the world . Evolution is created to make people living better , you cant just deny the new era and keep living like on a stone age . The new blood moon i think is used to adapt to the new expansion , otherwise it will fate like dinosaur ,got huge stength and dominating the territory but cant adapt to the upheat caused by meteor and extinct but insects adapt and keep survive lel
  9. In this cruel world , you need to swallow your pride just to survive .
  10. Seraph is in darkness evolve
  11. So yeah i just play arena , i control the board , i got 20 hp while opponent struggle with 7 hp and then ............force close appear . To somebody i just fight gratz you got ez win
  12. Its still shadowverse related though so , its okay in general i guess
  13. Fixing grades lol
  14. The reasons aggro is popular to climb point is because they fast to finish your game either its a win or a lose , i mean you play control and waste around 9-12 or more turn to win or lose but with aggro its at late you win or at turn 7 most late . Theres still some people enjoying using control but not for climbing i think