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  1. Talk About Whatever

    ellezard ?
  2. Talk About Whatever

    DEM MANTIS LORD IS REALLY BRUTAL but manage to defeat them phew
  3. Brigade of the Sky 1st Rotation GP

    Well i got 1 win because game 2 tenko highroll win to victory . Im using my reanimate shadow , but whatever im pretty happy with beatrix emblem and sleeves
  4. Shadowverse quiz part 4

    - Merlin is got buff , not nerf . She get from 2/2 and evo only to spellboost to 3/2 and add spellboost spell and her attacking to spellboost instead - I cant say jeanne is nerfed cause her change is from 7pp 4/4 to 8pp 5/5
  5. Shadowverse quiz part 4

    So the answer for the quiz today 1. Its father punishment both voiceline is when he is dead (unevolved: "that was merely a trial" evolved : "you ruth the day , you curse the heaven") 2. 16 , (4 from wyrm god eff , 2 keen only giving 4 atk so it become 8 , then after atk 16 ) 3. "This machine driven world must end" 4. Yeah so many , old man levi , vania mk1 , lyrial , toy soldier, transmogrified wyrm etc 5. No , because wyrm god effect only affected the follower that come in play not already in play 6. This is maybe hard questions for you but i will tell you then Its skullfane from 6pp to 7pp and old zirnitra from 3/3 to 3/1 . Well ofc only few know this 7. Gabriel and prince of darkness 8. Bellringer angel 9.eidolon of madness 10. 8 for normal fanfare , 11 with 3 dragonclaw pendant , 22 with loki Okay thats all for today quiz
  6. Shadowverse quiz part 4

    Well looks like this quiz is too hard to you hmm ... okay then i will answer it all now
  7. Shadowverse quiz part 4

    Well okay , i anticpiated in case some1 saying 8 for normal fanfare , 11 with help of 3 dragonclaw pendant . But im not thinking using loki too .... but well gratz i take that answer as yes And for no.6 ...... ouroboros , snow white and spawn was nerfed in same time - -" so ofc its wrong when i also hinted that the answer not spawn
  8. The salt mega thread.

    But it needs extra 3 turn to draw extra one but well , its also not really balanced though ... you got the point ... Step aside , what i means by run dragon foresight is because it surely draw lindworm if its the only follower with 5 defense in your deck , but seeing lindworm now running adramelech and zooey too now well gl then
  9. Shadowverse quiz part 4

    @Othello for question no 4 , usually when follower evolved , its either +2/+2 and rush then nothing else or like cudgel +1/+1 ,get rush , and additional effect banish a follower with 3 defense In this question im asking , is there a follower that when evolved it gain +2/+2 and rush .... and the evolved follower also gain another additional effect
  10. Shadowverse quiz part 4

    Well no.9 yes its eidolon ... , i though its renounce because he telling the prayers to abandon their false religion and pray for his religion , but denounce also make sense too hmm No.10 yes its not tricky question lel No.6 wrong Keep try for no 1,4, 6,7 , and 8
  11. Shadowverse quiz part 4

    Well that is the correct answer , wow didnt believe you know it
  12. Well i just bored , so here's the quiz . Voiceline interaction based on english voiceline 1. These 2 voiceline is from a single card ---- "that was merely a trial" and "you ruth the day, you curse the heaven" .. true or false ? If true , what is that card ? 2. This turn you got wyrm god of skies effect activated , you play beast rider +keen enchantment 2 times on her then attack with her . What is her final atk point ? 3. Deus ex machina evolve voiceline is "restore order to this world" but what is deus ex machina old evolve voiceline ? 4. Is there a card that when evolved gain +2/+2 and rush also additional effect in its evolve ? If yes , what is that card? 5. If there's forte and wyrm god of skies in your arena . Your wyrm god of skies die but your forte survive. Will forte affected by wyrm god of skies last word effect during your next turn ? 6. What is the 1st legendary card that get nerf ?..... (Psssst, its not spawn of abyss ) 7. When open beta launch , there are 2 free legendaries you receive when you sign in to shadowverse account , what are they ? 8. This is voice interaction of shining bellringer when come in play -----" ding..... dong .....ding ....dong" . The question is with who ? 9. Who has this effect voiceline --------- "Renounce your false religion" 10. What is frenzied drake maximum fanfare damage ? I will answer those later Bonus question (srsly i dunno the answer, so pls just help me with this) 1. What is lowain of bro family voiceline when played? 2. Vira, knight fanatic voice interactiom ------ " you sleazy little ......." but with who ?
  13. The salt mega thread.

    Well some people run dragon foresight for that cause lel
  14. Talk About Whatever

    anyway , what is the function freeing ceterpillar in the jar ? so far i just got bestiary from the hunter , and helping zote from vergefly king ... but man he seems not thanks to it at all what a cocky . dem hornet really have so many tricks in her sleeves but manage to beat her and get mothwing cloak
  15. Discuss Eternal here

    "By icaria name you will be judge " Well i still haven't got any legendary yet from new expact but i think i still want to making a strong standalone legendary like rindra etc . And also I just realize that how to using tribute . Its not that we sacrifice the unit that we got the effect but , its like summon but restricted by condition that theres a minion sent to void . So if we want to use kenna effect , we didnt need to sacrifice her but we must send something to void 1st then summon her normally to get spell