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  1. So like we can see from mouse forum here i think i will leave 1st to this forum , so it will not really craving more memories , well since 1st i join this community , its so much fun . Theres also so many drama (like annisette and jack42 dilemma , baka ultimate " why you must nerf dshift thread " that will give you seizure disease lel xD, or even fangore and imperial dane heat discussions about swordcraft nerf or not )........... well so many memories in this forum since i join it I thx to skeletor that the one who welcoming me with warm greet 1st i this wonderful forum but he already leaves so ....... i think he wont read this anyway . And thanks to everyone to become a friendly chat friends so i can keep on this forum until really the end ...... Well , i hope we maybe will meet again in another way hope for the best for we all , So i think thats all what i can said and ........... farewell my friend
  2. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    Guys , i need help doing private mission , anybody here ?
  3. Favourite moments?

    Oh god its beautiful , gremory not evolving 4 ghosts but 4 stacking followers
  4. Favourite moments?

    Hey portal player , i know teddy bear giving you puppet but dont mean you can keep them alive forever . Now you gonna get killed by your own tedddy bear
  5. The salt mega thread.

    Well , i have around 30 albacore when i was opening packs ofc i liquify them, lol
  6. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    Guys , i n3ed 1 win in private mission at room 30481 , any help ?
  7. The salt mega thread.

    No matter how bad legendaries looks like , i still keep it just for collection , until now i even still had fafnir and skullfane eventhough i never play unlimited actually just for collection purpose
  8. The Chinese are gonna get a NEUTRAL leader.

    Man , im actually already waiting for so long for neutral leaders ( leader that can be used in any craft it means , not it can use all craft lol )
  9. Talk About Whatever

    W8 ........ you are a girl ? ... .. ...
  10. Favourite moments?

    Dem its so juicy to see sky horror reach 20 atk lol Anyway i jot got 2 pair from the jaws that bite , the claws that catch . Dem poseidon and warbreaker really make this deck absolutely pretty good too bad jabby rotationg soon next
  11. The salt mega thread.

    At least evil eye demon seems good in jorm deck .... but still blopd still dead in rotation
  12. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    12 pack and got nothing but vials , but at least i already craft 3 gremory and curcru sisters
  13. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    How to train your macchio Step 1 put : amplifier in non resonance turn Step 2 : play macchio and tranquil cog , grats you got 6/6 at turn 6 well not that really imba though Step 3 : if macchio survive , well your opponent ****ed up
  14. Another Rotation GP and Chest Event.

    Ahh chest event , the only event that i still enjoy maybe
  15. Theres a news guys (dunno is good or bad ) but there will be " no" nerf next patch , its from twitter announcement