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  1. Talk About Whatever

    Im around 9.3k master point right now . I swear to god , if i reach grand master this month , i will craft 3 giant chimera and 3 runie as respect for rune , and begin to playing meme in ranked , wish me luck guys ( if i cant reach GM this month , well i think i will quit this game for good)
  2. Maintenance April 25 no nerfs

    Its still a long wait for those 17 cards to be released , its at end of may which is 1 month . And after that , we got another expact in 1 month after that .
  3. The salt mega thread.

    this literally him
  4. The salt mega thread.

    well , thats my case when i was still AA0 lel (im maniac of ramp satan , guardian sun satan, and midrange shadow back then) i try playing aggro blood and i keep trading instead go face lel
  5. Favourite moments?

    nvm my bad, also i hate roach so no ty
  6. Favourite moments?

    goblin mage ,fairy, wisp, wisp,wisp , fairy , roach, guidance, roach, airborne , roach so total is 7+9+11 = 27 oh dear
  7. Neutral rune (or you could say hand rune)

    Bonus ... (as blood main before , i miss revelation :( )
  8. Im so tired playing either portal or haven , so why not trying neutral rune . This deck actually pretty amazing , i got 14 winstreak against portal , midsword , summit haven , and aggro blood . If you could control what cards you gonna play , this deck brutally outtempoed your opponent , heres the decklists . https://shadowverse-portal.com/deckbuilder/create/3?hash=1.3.6Cpmc.6Cpmc.6GdvI.6GdvI.6ODlM.6ODlM.6S6mi.6S6mi.6HkiY.6HkiY.6HkiY.6KS2S.6KS2S.6KS2S.6Hn96.6Hn96.6Hn96.6Hs1S.6Hs1S.6Hs1S.6OIdY.6OIdY.6GdvS.6GdvS.6GgLs.6GgLs.6GgLs.6Hn8o.6Hn8o.6Hpb2.6Hpb2.6Hpb2.6Cuey.6Cuey.6Cuey.6E1uI.6E1uI.6Cueo.6Cueo.6Cueo&lang=en Lose that one against haven lel , i also think frenzied drake is the counter of this deck lel but i never see dragon anymore
  9. Favourite moments?

    Oh great , i wish i could do same lel xe
  10. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    Well im tired using portal so i m8 try summit all game against 3 portal 1 vengeance blood , and 1 aggro sword . That 1 lose is against blood because i brick my hand so badly meanwhile he keep pressuring using goblins , and other 2 drops . And he finished me with emeralda
  11. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    Well yeah , especially when he debate with dane lel
  12. Forum issues

    I have bad news for you , both of it will never exist So it will draw
  13. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    Well as artifact portal players who targeting midrange sword or summit haven , i have no issue in going 1st or 2nd actually
  14. Discuss Eternal here

    well im not really sure cause i just too focused playing rank , nut i m8 try it later
  15. Talk About Whatever

    Or just play eternal , the meta also varied and so many decks and fun (except skycragg aggro , fuvk it )