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  1. Adding -summon veight when theres vania : vania , lets return to castle
  2. Lets try finding as many lore interaction each cards have , heres some i found - Summon gelt when theres amelia : amelia , get out of there - summon feena when theres teena : teena, its been forever - summon feena when theres goblin mage : stop playing around goblin mage - summon teena when theres lucius : can you act together lucius ? - summon aerin when theres tia : tia, how come ? - summon jeno when theres albert : its for future , captain - summon grimnir when theres odin : its i grimnir the , hey quit ignoring me Anyone , finding another interactions ?
  3. Nah , even if they didnt read your posts , they still do that event , every expansions always like that
  4. Meta in master is shadow aggro and ramp dragon too . Sometimes you meet otk roach and sometimes you meet meme decks
  5. Lel keep blaming the game , i always got lose streaks when trying making fun decks , and did i crying bout it ? .... nope , because its its for fun not competitive lel , sometimes i win , sometimes i lose lel , when life give you lemon , make a lemonade . When you keep against shadow , then try to make a deck that counter it . Life is simple , your mind make it hard
  6. So you just gimme some 13 face dmg by using that zell saha + bahamut ? Well then let me give you back
  7. Actually i ever (ty wyvern) but i rarely meet with those condition so i say nope
  8. Lel 8/8 animated is pretty lucky but can you defeat mr aporo's luckiest pack ?
  9. I see you got ouroboros and bahamut as starting pack , then just go play ramp dragon with those , even the budget one still good to be played , and cause you got 2 albert, just create aggro sword deck , their expensive card is just 3 albert and 3 alwida , the rests is just ordinary bronze or silver , you also can ty to budget it too P.s skullfane is actually not viable right now so you m8 consider to liquify him but who knows what will lies in next expansion lel
  10. Well for now we just playing our meme decks ahaha but one day , theres a challange to reach top 1000 rank to get animated featured legendaries and some rupies but its not now , so just practice
  11. Kripp shadowverse take 2 arena stream begin . Now
  12. Gratz on your master rank and btw @Chinadude101 looks like there some1 who try break your record as most dragoncraft user lel
  13. Lel , you might see me like drafting 1 op decks and show it here while actually you dunno actually i got several bad draft decks but i didnt show it cause hey for what spare some salt to other peoples and also this is thread for 5 win arena . I even ever got 5 loses cause trying drafting heavencraft and got bad gold and legendaries ahhaa
  14. Man i literally name this image as snake clutch cause 2 things - i comeback with 1 hp - i gonna suffocate that **** shadow player with snake clutch lel
  15. Lecia only protect from destroy and effect damage , banish is not count to that so yeah dark ritual will do too, in liza case their follower cant be damaged but still can be destroyed by themis, bahamut or tribunal