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  1. Talk About Whatever

    Yep. My current settings are Master Bot (3s), 6 second turns, and 11 random units.
  2. Talk About Whatever

    I don't like the visual style of Into the Breach. Same reason I don't like FTL although people hail it as one of the greatest rogue-lites of all time. Prismata is currently selling their lowest backer tier for slightly cheaper than the Steam price, and that is a "good" deal if you plan to pick the game up ever. Um..... the game's AI is smart enough to kick my ****, so there's that. It has a single player game but that's more of a tutorial than anything else. The meat of the game is just playing against various AI difficulties or other people. I think my settings are set to bat**** insane at the moment, so I don't remember what the default settings are, but each game players share two tabs of units. The first tab is the same 11 units every game. The second tab is completely random. Than it's just an extremely complicated game of chess in which I consistently lose to the fricking computer but I'm okay with that b/c the random units are picked from....... a hell of a lot of units. It's got a F2P thing going on, but it's *currently* 100% cosmetic. Which I don't give a **** about since I don't play that much against people and the game lets you do dailies vs the 2nd hardest difficulty of AI (or the hardest) so...... it's basically Overwatch the card game tbh as far as F2P goes. Except much less friendly.
  3. Talk About Whatever

    I agree with the above gentleman and have nothing negative to say about either game other than that some people might have reason to dislike Prismata due to the complexity. Which is completely a design decision vs user preference and something you should be able to understand by watching people play it. ^ Note: At this point in time I cannot complain about either game. Someone told me when I said that about STS that that is the highest endorsement he has ever heard about any video game ever. For what I have paid in, I have gotten my money's worth. Although Slay the Spire says I have put in 360 runs across 210 hours over 40 days and I am not sure if I believe that metric or not. The in-game stats say it's only been 146 hours, so I've probably left the thing running over-night accidentally a few times or something and it only tracks in-game time as time spent playing through a run.
  4. Talk About Whatever

    I just beat Dancer, so now I can get a +10 Raw Broadsword. That will help a ton. The bosses I've got left are: - Yhorm - Aldritch - Dragonslayer Armor - Twin Princes - Oceiros - Champion Gundyr - Nameless King - Final Boss - DLC Bosses Not sure if I'm going to do the DLC to be honest, but that list is nowhere near as bad as it seems. The real list should really look like: - Nameless King - Final Boss - DLC Bosses Yhorm is a completely negligible fight. It just is. Your DPS has nothing to do with your character, and he generally 2 shots you reguardless. It's barely any different from a normal fight against him. Aldritch, Dragonslayer Armor, Twin Princes, and Oceiros are all "doable" without too much stress b/c they all have patterns that you can get used to after a bunch of attempts. My only rule on summons is that I can't bring in real people (I'm okay with bringing in NPC's; the run is hard enough). Thus Gundyr is completely doable with the summon provided for him. It's going to be like the 3rd hardest fight outside of the DLC, but it's not going to be impossible. It should also be noted that I'm going to do Oceiros and then Gundyr ASAP for the Prisoner's Chain, which will make the run SIGNIFICANTLY EASIER. Nameless King and Final Boss both fall into the same category where their combos last forever and they don't really have significant downtime. It's going to be hard to do damage, and I'm pretty sure they are going to be the only bosses capable of one-shotting me straight-out with a bunch of attacks. If I fail to do the run, one of those two fights is going to be it. ---------------------- As for the DLC, it's basically going to depend on whether or not I'm willing to put up with the Freya fight. That's the one super stand-out fight that I'm going to absolutely hate doing at Soul Level 1. Edit: So far I've only summoned for Abyss Watchers (was being extremely lazy) and Pontiff Sully (actually needed the help). I expect to summon help for Gundyr but not any of the other bosses. Out of the other bosses with NPC summons available, I think they are significantly more manageable when a second person isn't making the boss perform really erratic.
  5. Talk About Whatever

    Somehow I am doing a crazy **** challenge run in DS3 where I don't level up at all. Currently on Aldritch, Yhorm, and Dancer. Yhorm is going to be easy. Dancer is .... doable but I need to practice a bunch. I think Aldritch is going to have to wait until I have a +10 weapon.
  6. Talk About Whatever

    You want to discuss Dark Souls and things related to Dark Souls? Or any other game you are playing? Or post entertaining Skeletor memes? I'll take either/or/any.
  7. Talk About Whatever

    See what I mean? Dead. 5 posts in 20 hours and poor Void's post hasn't been responded to at all. Only one other topic has received any attention since Saturday, and people basically have nothing to talk to each other about other than why Shadowverse has gone down the ****ter. I'm going to be honest. I'm impressed by anyone who can play touhou on the highest difficulty in some of their games.
  8. Talk About Whatever

    And if you don't do anything else, at least watch the **** youtube video in the post above. It's cool and interesting for its own sake.
  9. Talk About Whatever

    I feel like I have to at least make an effort at this while I'm here. This is the opening cinematic to Darkest Dungeon, and the opening cutscene to the tutorial mission. There are no other movies in the game until the ending credits, but the Narrator you hear here is excellent and will narrate most of the game. This game is really really good. Not only are the narrator and the art style fantastic, but all of the games systems are surprisingly deep. At the most basic level it's a Rogue - Lite with item management and turn based combat, but it's so much more than that and I fully recommend checking it out to anyone who likes Rogue Lites and/or Lovecraftian Horror. It's worth every penny at $25 on Steam, PS4, and Switch; and if you don't pick it up before then I would almost certainly recommend picking it up on the next Steam sale. That being said, aside from looking at some basic game play so you know what you are getting into, this is one of those games like Dark Souls where the best experience is going in blind. If you choose to take my advice and check this game out, do not spoil it for yourself by looking up guides. This game is supposed to be a bit punishing, and if you spoil it for yourself you will miss out on all the great moments like the skeletons from the Dark Souls 1 grave yard. Again, I cannot recommend this game enough to anyone who likes Rogue Lites (just period for that audience) or anyone who likes Lovecraftian Horror and doesn't mind rogue-lites. This is one of the best Steam games I've played in years, to the point where I bought it a second time on Switch so I could play it on my big tv. All of that being said, do not buy or install any of the DLC or any mods until you have gone through the game once on the "vanilla" build. That will also ruin it for you, especially since the DLC is a massive difficulty spike.
  10. Talk About Whatever

    Put a Different Way, This is what is up with Jack: Games Currently Playing: - Dead By Daylight - Darkest Dungeon - Skyrim (Switch) Games On My List to Play (Often play again actually) Sooner Rather Than Later - Binding of Issac again - Ark Survival Evolved again - GTA V again - Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy again - Scholar of the First Sin again - Super Meat Boy again - Oxygen Not Included - Xcom 2 again (maybe?) Youtube Series I Am Currently Watching - Northernlion's Ultimate Chicken Horse Next Youtube Series on the docket - Rewatching Markiplier's Drunk Minecraft OR - Northernlion's Factorio Haven't decided yet. Anime I am Currently Watching - Bleach (Again) Anime I am planning on watching - I don't know I am rewatching Bleach and I'm not even 100 episodes in yet Twitch TV - Background Noise and no other use for it Books I'm Reading - Nothing you would give a **** about. Books I want to Re-read But will probably never get around to - Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss - Harry ****ing Potter Tv I'm watching - non-existant If any of yall want to have a long detailed discussion about any of that, then I can stick around for a while and we can discuss it. But otherwise I don't know what I'm supposed to be ****posting about here.
  11. Talk About Whatever

    As for why I'm probably going to try to stop posting on these forums, there is basically no discussion to be had. If I want Shadowverse content (assuming I can't kick the habit but damn it I'm going to), the Shadowverse sub-reddit is a far better source of both intelligent discussion and interesting ****-posting. ... Don't think too hard about that or you'll start to bleed out your ears. If I want other content, the sad fact is that the entire forum is, to coin an old phrase I still find distasteful, "deader than Luna's parents".
  12. Talk About Whatever

    Long story short, Chronogenesis is a failure, rotation as a whole is currently a failure, and the game is going to take at least 3 more expansions (basically everything before Starforged Legends rotating out) before it even has a chance for Rotation to work. Because Cygames is that bad at balancing Shadowverse. I am at the point where I can make any deck i want and i just don't enjoy playing the game. I don't enjoy what is essentially a mish mash of the SL meta and the Tempest Meta. Because of this I'm not going to play the game enough to have enough gold to be able to play whatever I want when the next expansion comes out. And I'm ****ing done giving Cygames my money in exchange for this absolute dog **** of a game. Video games as a service is a terrible model, and this service isn't even good. So I'm not going to spend more money on the game, I'm not going to play it enough to F2P it, and I'm not going to play a game where I can't play what I want. <- Thus the only real option is to stop playing because this game is ****. No offense meant to people who still like it. You do you. That is why I'm stopping playing Shadowverse. I know it's a bad idea to keep playing it, and I am damned well going to kick this bad habit this time around.
  13. Talk About Whatever

    Oh God. I remember now. The other game that should not ever be investigated is called "The Surge". The only reason that game exists is so I can tell my friends IRL "I told you so."
  14. Talk About Whatever

    Don't do that. Ever. It's like someone took Dark Souls, made the fastest roll a fat roll, and screwed up the timing on all the weapons as well as completely screwed up basic enemy and level design. Both Lords of the Fallen and the game they made after it are completely awful. If you really want to play a Dark Souls game that isn't Dark Souls, try checking out Nioh Complete Edition on Steam. Some of the level design isn't up to par, but other than that it's a decent game that is sort of like Dark Souls had a baby with Diablo III and the baby forgot to balance the loot table. Edit: Put a different way, Lords of the Fallen was so completely awful that I didn't buy the sequel, and now I legitimately can't remember what it was called so that I can explain why it too is also bad. They basically tried to cash in on the popularity of Dark Souls but did a really bad job of it.
  15. Talk About Whatever

    @Chinadude101 wins by defualt.