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  1. This costs upwards of $500-$600 from scratch, and unless you saved up for an entire expansion or are an arena god the absolute lowest amount you would spend is probably $350 - $450. Something like 60+% of that will be you just trying to finish off the legendaries. The problem is that it's not guaranteed, and the odds are extremely poor. If you spend $640 on packs you only have a roughly two-thirds shot of getting a Daria leader. If you spent twice that amount you would only have a ~86.75% chance of opening up that Daria leader. Guaranteeing opening one up if you get super unlucky can be thousands of dollars, which most people absolutely will not have or be willing to spend on this game. Right now these are more like the animation orbs, where only whales can afford to spend the kind of money required to guarantee getting them.
  2. Shadowverse is in the worst state it's ever been in, despite being the best meta in theory since DE. There's simply no there there anymore. People have completely lost the will to innovate and try to counter-deck the meta, simply because 3 months with a monthly nerf cycle isn't enough time to do jack **** and everyone knows it. There is literally no discussion or innovation to be had because all people want to do is speculate about how Aggro Shadow and PDK Dragon are going to get nuked at the end of the month. And because WD has been mostly erased from the game people are still playing the same damn thing for the most part that they were playing for the last four or five expansions in a row. They really need to do an expansion something like 3 or 4 times the size of current expansions every 5 or so months, rather than all these weenie expansions four times a year, and they need to do a significantly better job of balancing the game without micromanaging it to death.
  3. A decent argument can be made that if Goblin Mage and Piercing Rune hadn't been nerfed, then they wouldn't have had to decimate Aggro Shadow in Tempest meta. A decent argument can then be made that if those 3 decks were around in Neutral Blood meta than Neutral Blood possibly wouldn't have been quite so bad of an issue, even if it still would have been bad, and Neutral Haven certainly would not have been a nerf target. And being blunt if all of that was still around then Aggro Sword and PDK dragon wouldn't even register on the scale.
  4. Does anyone else think Tempest would have been a healthier meta if Piercing Rune hadn't been nerfed?
  5. Mail of Obliteration went in the class with the most Last Words token generators. From a design standpoint it makes sense. There isn't another class except maybe Forest that could get a Mail of Obliteration as big as Shadow can, and if it's the largest card on your curve theoretically it's a very scary card in a midrange deck. In reality it's too easy to remove, so it's just downright horrible. Having a 20+ attack follower doesn't do anything when they don't have storm, and it's insulting that this was released in the same expansion as Giant Chimera.
  6. Sometimes you play a game and you just have to share an "Oh ****" moment where you massively geeked out. This is one of those, brought to you by the random youtuber lucky enough to have top search result.
  7. Aggro Sword has tons of decision making. You need to decide whether to play Vanguard or Perseus when you have both in your hand. That's a very hard decision to make. /s I think Aggro Sword, like a lot of decks, has a lot of skill involved in the deck-building process; but actually piloting the deck is just an exercise in not being too greedy with your mulligans, going first, and playing whatever looks best for your current turn. There is skill involved in piloting the deck, but you can pilot it extremely poorly and still win most of your games because it's extremely forgiving to play. I hate it when one of the top decks is also by far the easiest one to play in the meta. Edit: Being real, if your starting hand going first is Vanguard + Perseus + Centaur Vanguard + Palace Fencer; then you play one or the other based on whether you expect to have to trade next turn. Even if it's something like Princess Vanguard if you want to trade you still play the Vanguard on turn 1, because Perseus + Centaur Vanguard is a decent turn 3 play. ^ This is more though than the average person is going to put into 10 games of playing aggro sword; and you can probably get to Masters without thinking about any of that as long as you go first a lot more than you go second.
  8. Game balance does not matter. Selling product matters. There is no long term strategy to balance the game. Shadowverse expansions are just a series of cash grabs where they'll nerf anything that gets complained about once they've made their money on each set.
  9. No. You should still run 3. Never drawing the thing is usually far worse than drawing an extra copy, because you usually can't win without it but you can sometimes win with a dead card in hand.
  10. When you build a deck around an amulet, you basically lose the games where you don't draw it, and you don't necessarily win the games where you do draw it. Compared to a deck with nine 1-drops, 12 2-drops, etc.; these kinds of amulets are just inconsistent and will win less because of it. They are also a tempo loss in what is usually a very aggro heavy meta, and most control decks worth a damn run Bahamut which completely bodies these kinds of decks. For better or worse an amulet has to have an immediate effect or be a powerful countdown amulet to be worth much of anything long-term in this game, simply because the game's too fast for you to spend your entire turn playing a card that won't make up for it for at least a few turns unless it's very powerful and doesn't lose all of that power to a card like Execute. Just think about how slow Elana actually is. You probably don't get a sizeable creature out of it until turn 6, at which point the aggro deck already wants to have killed you, and Rabbit Healer is no longer good enough for a defensive card when you are just taking massive amounts of face damage from cards like Ephemera combined with storm followers. And if it gets destroyed you are playing subpar followers that just lose on board.
  11. inb4 it also becomes part of the basic set just to spite everyone.
  12. We Yugioh now. Seems legit.
  13. Okay then. I thought it didn't need a nerf. Also, bad nerf. Would probably utterly kill the card for the foreseeable future. So it should be unplayable then? I'm okay with that but this would make it unplayable for the foreseeable future. Do tell. So your control finisher is more board-reliant amulets? I don't understand. Like...... I would support them releasing more amulets for Sword. But again your Albert nerf is bad. M'kay. Let me just stop you right there. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. EVER. They are not going to add a sixth spot to the board for an extra amulet to sit in. This would require an ENTIRE REWORK of the interface and game balance and I can't see them doing that the same way I can't see them increasing the deck size to 60. It's too much of a change. I'm sorry I agree with the sentiment (plz don't nerf Atomy) but for heaven's sake have you ever heard of a comma? No. He needs to be able to destroy enemy amulets and if he wasn't a symmetrical wipe it would be much less fair. You'll just have to deal with wiping your own board at the same time as your opponent's, WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY FAIR. In fact, it's particularly relevant in some classes such as Havencraft that want to destroy their own amulets. The card is perfectly fine and shouldn't be changed just to change it just because you want it to work a specific way with Swordcraft. That's a bad reason to change something. What you really want to do is ask for a similar card that is brand new and does the thing you want. No. Screw that. They shouldn't nerf things just because you think the mana cost feels weird and you want Mythril Golem to be better. That's absolutely awful terrible reasoning that should NEVER ever be the basis for nerfing something. I fully agree with this one and even expect it to happen at the end of the month. Sure. As long as it isn't severe power-creep I would support some variant of Choose One coming to Shadowverse. Ignoring the balance ramifications (which would also be a huge obstacle), this simply wouldn't happen because it's too big of a fundamental change to how the class works. No. No they have not. They have been doing an absolutely terrible job and the only reason I can't say it gets worse every expansion is because Wonderland Dreams probably stole that crown for all time. But if we cut WD out of the picture and pretend SL comes right after Tempest, it really does get worse every single expansion. @Imperial Dane Me too.
  14. Or at least just do what I do and do a double post.
  15. I'm 99% sure they'll use the South Park Margaritaville method a few times and call it a day.