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  1. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    The better question is what are you trying to Jabberwock into in Standard? In Unlimited I would honestly rather just not run Jabberwock now that the odds have been ruined for it in PDK deck.
  2. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Question: Do Portalcraft basics count as part of the 42 cards they are getting?
  3. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Forestcraft and Swordcraft have gotten mostly bland cards so far. There isn't really anything exciting to talk about for either yet, and I'm not convinced any of the cards they've gotten so far will see play, because we have too much of the set to go to tell if either is even going to want that kind of playstyle. Forest got a Palace Fencer but who cares if they still end up playing B&B for another 3 months? That deck wouldn't want it, and that's the current top contender with the current spoilers. Similarly there's nothing to bet on but decks that already exist for Sword until they spoil more stuff, so the current cards aren't interesting at all. Joycraft Sammy at face value seems unplayably bad without further support for some mill variant with Chronos. The Dragon 2 drops are interesting. The one that gives a 1 pp spell is going to be a complete toss up depending on what other support this theme gets in the expansion. I like the idea of ditching high cost cards for a matchup where you won't use them, but I also want the ability to ditch cards like this in matchups where I want to keep my good stuff. We basically need more of this effect in general. The Ramp 2 drop for Dragon is a slight upgrade over a 3 drop that is considered unplayable. Basically it's Magic Owl, and I have no idea if it's worth using or not. An entire PP point is a pretty steep cost to ramp, but I could see the consistency being important enough to run this in Standard. I don't think I would personally run it in unlimited. The two non-legendary Shadow cards look absolutely terrible. The legendary is very interesting. If a 5/4 rush for 5, vanilla, is considered good, than it will be extremely good. If it's not then it will be really bad. Time will tell. The blood cards still look to me like they are going to roll over and die to Beauty and the Beast. Although the whole expansion gives off that vibe so far so what do I know? Haven's gotten cards that are theoretically okay but like Forest and Sword there's not much exciting to talk about here. Morton the Manipulator is an obvious MVP, and Mechanized Servant is an obvious MVP. These will both be a 3 of in every Portalcraft deck on launch. Other than that, it's all completely a massive toss up. I'm still leaning towards this being a bad deck on launch, but they've got over half the Portal cards to go so they could easily surprise us.
  4. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Zirnitra is almost a straight upgrade from Neptune, a card I already play, in terms of stats and ability to trade on the turn it comes out. For 7 pp and an evo point, you get a 2/3, 4/4, and a second 4/4 with rush. Turn 2 Dragon Orace -> Turn 3 Rahab -> Turn 4 Draconic Fervor -> Turn 5 Zirnitra going first is going to be a dream curve in Standard. It may not end up being a top tier deck, but it's certainly a powerful card. The same can be said of Stormborne Wings. A 5/5 storm for 5 on turn 5 is powerful enough that the card will probably see play, but I don't know if it will be a powerful deck. But it's one of the few cards we've seen so far where there's a ton of powerful potential already there without having to wait on further reveals. ------------ Chronos is probably going to an up being a bad deck, but it's definitely going to be a deck, and it's going to be a deck people are very pissed at losing to. ------------ I think Jeanne is versatile enough that it's going to become a staple in at least Standard. I am not convinced I would play it in Unlimited though. ------------ Grand Summoning is mostly interesting because of the interaction with Wizardess of Oz. If that card wasn't overstatted as **** than I wouldn't be super interested in Grand Summoning. I'm still waiting/hoping for some cheap replacements for Smelter and Ritual.
  5. I Don't Like Chronos

    It's definitely follower in play.
  6. I Don't Like Chronos

    At the end of the day, whether it works really well or ends up an abject failure, the Design of the card is to mill your opponent to death. It's too expensive at 8 mana for anything else, and that game plan is only going to work against slower decks with no way to close the game out fast enough to race the reaper. Just this single card's existence puts a hard limit on how long the average meta game is going to be in Standard, which ruins a lot of the potential appeal of what could have been a slower meta. Just the mere threat of running this is going to prevent something like a Grindy Ramp Dragon deck from becoming too popular, and I don't like cards that just ruin entire playstyles by existing.
  7. I Don't Like Chronos

    It's going to be weak against aggro and very strong against any control deck that doesn't have a combo finisher. Same damn thing. This is going to be a weaker (stronger?) version of that. This IS the combo, and the entire point of it is to STOP drawing after you play it. It's going to be a new deck type where any control deck without a hard win-con is going to mill themselves to death. You are going to destroy any kind of Dragon or Haven deck and pretty much lose to everything faster than that. It's going to be extremely skewed and extremely unhealthy and have a terrible win-rate. But it's still going to be popular because it's going to be the only ****ing mill deck in Shadowverse ever, and that's appealing to a lot of people. This is why you've failed to understand the problem. This is not a card draw tool at all. Stop looking at it from the angle of "How does this enable the rest of my deck to win via card draw?" and look at it more from the angle of "How does this win the game by itself?"
  8. I Don't Like Chronos

    Cool art though.
  9. I Don't Like Chronos

    This has got to be a contender for the worst design mistake in Shadowverse history, and there is some stiff competition for that prize. The entire reason a lot of people were excited for Standard was the fact that Dimension Shift is rotating out. Printing the exact same damn thing as a neutral almost completely negates the point of the exercise. Yes, I understand that Dimension Shift is in fact probably stronger. But this is the exact same type of card. If it's good it's going to push control decks out of the meta. If it's bad than because it's mill it's going to be another one of those "bad" decks people run way too much, and it's still going to have a negative effect on control decks. And it's such a skewed effect that it just isn't fun or interesting or dare I say interactive to play against. The silver lining here is that so many people are going to complain about this card if it is at all remotely playable that they will probably nerf it at some point.
  10. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Without much more to look at, the most powerful cards of the set so far seem to be (in no particular order) Grand Summoning Stormborne Wings Zirnitra, Dragon's Flame Jeanne, Beacon of Salvation Chronos There is great potential in the other cards revealed, but none of the other cards are powerful enough to register without the aid of cards yet to be revealed.
  11. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Lol @ this forum. Y'all haven't realized it yet, but Chronos is going to be the new D-Shift. Edit: And the new Satan.
  12. About the Internet

    The internet is primarily used as an echo chamber to satisfy one's own ideals and insecurities. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Forums, etc. all have large separated groups dedicated to catering to anything that might be your person opinion on any particular topic. It is so easy to avoid content that makes you uncomfortable in any way that most people just..... do. Then when people are confronted by things that they don't like, internet anonymity allows them to be very ..... not nice. Before the age of the internet, you had to actively put up with opposing opinions, because you had to talk to people in person and you couldn't quite so easily regulate all the content you see on a regular basis. The internet has made it a lot easier for crazy people to find each other and ignore/stigmatize everyone else.
  13. About the Internet

    The internet also allows crazy people to find each other.
  14. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    1pp Transform a Dragoncraft card in hand into WindBlast Dragon is a strong effect, but the card advantage on that seriously sucks. It will probably see play, but I don't think it's going to be as easy as "hurr durr turn 5 5/5 storm". I would not run this in my current post-rotation Dragon deck, because I don't have ANY other forms of burst in it and I'm not playing an aggressive game. So in the rotational format we are basically going to have to see a new aggressive archtype sprout up for me to want to run this. Including actual 1 drops for Dragoncraft for once in a lifetime. In the eternal format, this might replace Genesis Dragon in non Sea Queen decks. It's 2 less damage and uses 1 more card, but it's way more flexible and you aren't forced to play a 10 drop.
  15. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    The original text for the 1pp card is so outland-ish I would not have believed it.