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  1. Talk About Whatever

    Overwatch right now has the 11th most viewers on Twitch, and it's an off time. It's definitely not dead. By comparison, Deathgarden is definitely dead. Game has 25 players on Steam Charts as the MAX.
  2. Talk About Whatever

  3. Talk About Whatever

    I posted outside this thread. I feel dirty.
  4. Hearthstone is getting desperate, isnt it?

    By the way..... Seriously??? I know Shadowverse players have this weird tsundere paranoia going on when it come to Hearthstone; but why in the world would people think Hearthstone is going to copy the *Knife Juggler* mechanic of all things?
  5. Hearthstone is getting desperate, isnt it?

    And yes, I don't think it's impossible for Hearthstone to come up with different variants of their Magic Missile / C'thun mechanic without having to copy anyone else.
  6. Hearthstone is getting desperate, isnt it?

    I do not think they copied Shadowverse at all. But if we really want to **** and moan about who copied whom, I believe the original cards were called Magic Missile and Mad Bomber. Cygames basically ripped Magic Missile for early forest cards, only removing the ability to hit face b/c that's one of the main complaints about Hearthstone mechanics.
  7. Talk About Whatever

    I would recommend getting this: https://store.steampowered.com/app/208200/Doom_3_BFG_Edition/ Not for Doom 3 itself, but for Doom I and Doom II. You'll have to work a little bit harder, but they are designed with keyboard-only in mind. And they don't even have the Z-axis. ----------------------- Safer choices would be: Deathsmiles Risk of Rain Slay the Spire
  8. Talk About Whatever

    After a quick skim through Steam: Amnesia: The Dark Descent The Binding of Isaac Bioshock Danganropa Dark Souls Darkest Dungeon Dead By Daylight Deathsmiles Doom Doom III Duke Nukem 3D Enter the Gungeon ESV: Skyrim Geometry Dash Golf It! Gold With Your Friends Hollow Knight Left 4 Dead 2 Orcs Must Die! Portal Risk of Rain Salt and Sanctuary Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Slay the Spire Sonic Adventure 2 STEINS;GATE Super Meat Boy They Bleed Pixels The Witcher 3 I could probably come up with more...
  9. Talk About Whatever

    @Huck Fearthstone The right foot doesn't go on the left leg.
  10. Talk About Whatever

  11. Talk About Whatever

    Pop Quiz: How many times can I fail to get an item with a 1% drop chance before I go slightly insane? Edit: Hint - Well over 100.
  12. Talk About Whatever

    Huck is my right foot.
  13. Talk About Whatever

    I didn't join the forum until the game came out on PC. In hindsight I regret everything. -------------- It's very suspicious when you get harassed by 3 lolicons with the same day/night cycle and rarely overlapping posts who all left the forum at about the same point in time. Just sayin'. ---------------- The funny part is how everyone who's been playing since release was suddenly my alt account.
  14. Talk About Whatever

    A **** Game-Stop employee redeemed a 3rd of my rewards points without my permission. Hate their **** rewards program.
  15. Talk About Whatever

    The order I did the Chapter 1 bosses in was Tressa -> Olberic -> Primrose -> Alfyn -> Therion -> Haanit -> Ophelia -> Cyrus. Doing it in that order, the difficulty for the bosses was Cyrus < Opheila < Tressa < Olberic < Primrose < Haanit < Therion < Alfyn. Opheila's and Cyrus's bosses seem unable to do burst damage. This makes sense given who their respective starting characters are, but it made those fights very easy. My current levels are: Tressa - 15 Olberic - 15 Cyrus - 6 Ophelia - 11 Therion - 9 Alfyn - 10 H'aanit - 7 Primrose - 13 The lowest level area for Chapter 2 is 21, so it looks like I've got some grinding to do lol. Only done 1 side quest so far so won't be that bad.