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  1. Unofficial Official Forum Closing Contact Thread

    Whoops, seems I was mistaken about your position. Sorry about that.
  2. Unofficial Official Forum Closing Contact Thread

    As far as I know Derg isn't associated with any of the big 3 localization companies, so he doesn't get paid.
  3. Unofficial Official Forum Closing Contact Thread

    That's not how translations work my friend. VN's take months to years depending on the length and team involved. Not something to be done at the drop of a hat at the request of a stranger online. Though I will say you have good taste... On topic: Discord Chinadude101 #9991. Reddit: Hylus9029
  4. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Dragon's playrate is literally Dragon mains trying to make a **** class work most of the time. Same with DShift back when rotation didn't exist. No one else plays those classes. My point is even "boring" classes and decks have a core player base clinging to them, simply because of the playstyle. I've never, in all this time, ever heard of such a thing as an entire class seeing no olay because it's "boring". For one, if people think playing on curve is boring they might as well quit the game, since thats all you do for 90% of the decks. From puppet to tenko, all decks play on a curve because that's how you use playpoints. Not doing so is sheer idiocy.
  5. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    I don't think this has ever been the case for any class or deck archetype in the game. No one just stops playing a class because it's boring
  6. Talk About Whatever

    Yea, that's basically 95% of my interest in the game as well. Blizzard clearly knew what they were doing with those character designs.
  7. Talk About Whatever

    Well, I'm no expert on the game but from what I hear casual player base will almost always be around, because of all the fappable characters and solid gameplay (kinda like shadowverse in that regard), but I'm not too convinced of the esport side. Blizzard has been throwing huge cash at tournaments but the casual player base doesn't particularly care for it. They even have 2 sub-reddits, one for casual play and one for competitive play, which I don't think is a good sign.
  8. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    And I have over 2000, what's your point? You're free to try and make Jabber 2.0 work, that's your call and your vials to spend, I won't interfere. I simply suspect it will be a wasted effort. Running no 2 or 3 drops will be completely're cutting your summoner, Filene, whitewyrm, Aiela and Roy. Without those cards you get laughed away by the aggro crowd.
  9. One last Gathering i guess....

    All these specters coming back from the dead. Now all we need is Skeletor, Annisette and Ellezard and the OG forums will be back.
  10. Talk About Whatever

    What do you mean? Like casual player base? Or competitive esports? Or something else?
  11. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    She was hot garbage too. She only saw play because Bahamut rotated out and no one could AoE her board anymore. Lul wtf? If I wanted to skip my turn I'd go play Canyon. Harder to remove and better pay off. Edit: I just glanced through the discussion, and it seems @Taigane and @Kinxil are with me on this one, and I trust that they're are 2 people on the forums who plays Dragon as much as I do, so I'm sticking to this call.
  12. New card expansion: Omen of the Ten

    Lmao this forum shuts down just in time for me to see one last piece of hot steaming dump of a Dragon is tradition. I can't fathom how people can think this has a chance in hell to see play.
  13. Talk About Whatever

    @Mouse I propose that for the dying days of the forum, we take off all profanity filters and any anti-spam measures you may have implemented, for the lulz/ Thoughts?
  14. One last Gathering i guess....

    **** YOU'RE ALIVE I PogChamped irl