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  1. Dragon vs Brigade of the Sky

    I wanna use Andramelech in Ramp Dragon. 4/6 fanfare deal 4 on turn or 6 is pretty good. And the draw allows it to replace Singer.
  2. Talk About Whatever

    Sasuga Nippon. I knew you'd vote well.
  3. And...? Zell, Ouro, and Sibyl all got nerfed, and now aggro is stronger is Unlimited, as is Roach and DShift. There's also the one in a million chance to auto lose to Nepthys.
  4. ??? I don't understand...
  5. Ramp Dragon has never been and never will be viable in Unlimited.
  6. Dawnbreak Nightedge 2nd Rotation GP

    4-1 Ramp Dragon. Ate PDK for breakfast and got luckey with Tenko decks not drawing their Shrine early. Lost one to Neutral Forest because LUL BNB.
  7. Talk About Whatever

    Azur Lane finally getting an English release? FeelsBadMan my CN account has too much work on it for me to abandon it.
  8. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    Lul proto-Bahamut is hot trash.
  9. Talk About Whatever

    Oh and quest Druid got nerfed because now faceless doesn't count for quest but if you chose that deck for the upcoming tournament LUL sorry no repicks.
  10. Talk About Whatever

    Gameplay issues exist in both games, I agree. However, it's not only in game stuff that made me quit HS. Stuff like Leper Gnome getting nerfed and Thermaplug not getting dust refunds just disgusts me on a fundamental level. And as much as people speak about HS's polish, SV is never gonna have crazy bugs like the one I previously mentioned. The most egregious ones are just translation and localisation issues. Finally, the issue of RNG. All card games are inherently random, and SV's polarised match ups make it even more luck based, but at least they'll never print Yogg or unstable portal.
  11. Talk About Whatever

    They released a patch. Now cards with the "cannot be targeted" effect can't adapt, elemental chains get broken somehow if your elemental gets transformed, Jabberwok no longer copies the battlecry if the card is silenced, among other hilarious bugs. In addition, they stealth nerfed Tess by giving her the Yogg treatment: stops casting if she dies, despite Mike Donais stating otherwise during reveal season. Also, no dust refunds because lul. Lynessa got the same treatment, but no one cards because she doesn't matter.
  12. Talk About Whatever

    I **** on Cygames all the time, but looking at the **** show that is team5 from r/hearthstone, I'm still glad I made the switch. Unless they nerf Filene.
  13. Talk About Whatever

    It is super unlikely you whiff on Oracle, Roy, Aiela and Sibyl by turn 5. Astronomical odds. An outlier situation so unlikely it's not even worth considering. As long as you have board presence, the opponent can ramp as much as they like. Even if they run something like Frenzied Drake (most don't), you can be 2 orbs behind and still ez remove with Scyther. In most Dragon V Dragon match ups, you just need to reserve a Roy removal for PDK if they run it, and a Scyther for late game threats. Conserving resources and out valuing opponents is far more important than card draw. It's why Ramp Dragon vs Ramp Dragon was my all tmie favourite match up of all time.
  14. Talk About Whatever

    I'm gonna be serious here for a moment and actually make some serious evaluations: Aggro Forest is common and so is PDK, along with some hints of Mid-Sword and Portal. A ramp dragon with its AoE effects and super mid-game power in the form of Filene is super strong against board centric decks, obliterating PDK in particular since it runs few minions and has so many ways to kill PDK. It has an end game of 3 Zeus and Azi Dahaka, therefore having end game power against stall decks like Runie and Aegis. I will delete this game if it happens. Leave my Filene alone. I disagree. The current iteration of dragon ramp decks (which I haven't seen anyone else play, admittedly) goes: tempo early game with tons of 2 drops -> mid-game evolve/ramp with Aiela/Filene -> end game of Storm. Going Oracle on 2 is almost always wrong now.
  15. Dawnbreak Nightedge 2nd Rotation GP

    4-1 Ramp Dragon to counter Aggro Forest and PDK Dragon. Lost to random off meta Darkfeast Bat meme deck...