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  1. That is true, but I suspect it may just be a case of it being a noteworthy character (a leader and therefore one of the faces of the game). There are many cards that are more likely to trigger prudes than JP Isabelle. Also swimwear might get a pass because of the context...but that's just me trying to justify it so I can get my Summer Forte
  2. For the vast majority of my losses there could've been an alternate line of play that either wins me the game, or at least prolongs it, even if that line was theoretically worse in terms of probability. Hence, I think that piloting any deck requires skill, despite the aggro hate circlejerk.
  3. I understand your point, but I feel like it's too far gone at this stage, and that Shadowverse already has the "hentaistone" stigma attached, so Cygames might as well just go all out.
  4. Tfw a deck runs both Goblin and Bahamut...this is why I prefer facing netdecks.
  5. He's "okay" in the mirror matches, but he's so absolutely garbage in any other match up that I can't even justify running a single copy. Dust him for more valuable legendaries.
  6. 3 lanes 5 heroes makes it seem like they're going to model it after the actual MOBA, which makes it decently original at least.
  7. Valve cashing in on the ccg hype? Does that mean csgo gets put even further on the back burner lul.
  8. Yes, and this is intended. Combo decks are essentially the control decks in Shadowverse, and Hearthstone styled fatigue decks will simply not work. You must have an active game plan, and be working towards that plan during the course if the game. Simply reacting to your opponents play is not good enough in many scenarios outside of facing aggro.
  9. I do like 3 Bahamuts still, though I cut a Conflagration, leaving only 1. Added Forte x3 back in, because DShift came back in full force.
  10. The Ouroboros nerf hurt, but I actually suspect it mattered less than it seemed. It was always a dead card against aggro and died way too easily against mid Shadow. I also suspect the optimized Dragon list to have not been found yet, and may post slightly better results. (My personal list has a positive win rate against Mid Shadow and not enough games against aggro Blood)
  11. Oh? I haven't seen any single target removal from Blood at all, maybe I'm just not playing enough. I prefer Zeus because I don't Dragon Summoner ever drawing Genesis Dragon, and the 2 damage will rarely matter. Neither should survive long enough for Urd or Arriet to land after a turn. Also probably shouldn't be counting on a 10 cost card to ever make an impact against a pure aggro deck. Once Mid-range Shadow burns their Corpses and Necro Assassins killing your Sibyls and Bahamuts, Zeus can take an entire Eachter flood. (That said I'm only low Masters this seaon so take this with a grain of salt)
  12. I actually find Storm Ramp better in this meta than Neutral Ramp. It suffers slightly against mid-range Shadow, but eats grinder Haven decks for dinner. Also Zeus>Genesis, because 10 hp wards when no one runs Dance of Death anymore is preeeetty good. And Forte, duh.
  13. You what now? You lose to a slow, clunky 9 cost card while playing a tempo deck? How? Also if Aegis could be killed it would go straight to the dumpster. Beyond Skullfane levels of crap. The only reason Beauty and the Beast are decent is because it comes out a whopping THREE turns before Aegis.
  14. Anyone else get absolutely triggered by arena giving out X5 gold as a reward? I've been torn between ending my runs at 2 wins just to try and get that odd 5 gold vs playing it out fully.
  15. Yes, you are correct on that one. I forgot about the evolve interaction.