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  1. Not yet, but everything I heard about it leads to me believe it is totally not moe. I'll probably pick it up sometime this week, after SubaHibi.
  2. Tfw I expect nothing and I'm still disappointed. Are we in a Moege drought?
  3. Have you ever had a suggestion that wasn't complete trash? Also, I thought all your friends quit due to Roach?
  4. Aqua Nereid sees very fringe play. A 2/4 is much better than ascetic knight since it kills 2 2/2's
  5. It's in account settings, not profile.
  6. This ****post is broken. Let me fix it for you. There. All better. No need to thank me.
  7. Bumping because I need this **** on the first page.
  8. It is 500. It's also not edited in the profile directly either, I believe.
  9. Tempo is essentially forcing your opponent to react to your plays, instead of developing his own. For example, if you have a full board of dudes, the opponent isn't going to play Fervor, even if he wants to, because he will get rekt. When you have the board, you'll usually have the tempo, which forces the opponent to make sub-optimal plays.
  10. How to derail a thread 101, taught by the experts.
  11. Not past 5. They would be insane in the 3's and 4's, but would be progressively worse every mana curve.
  12. A matter of personal preference. It seems all lists run 2 Staircases, and a varying number or Siegfrieds and Urds, to kill PDK and for burst.
  13. @fangore As it appears at the moment, Jabber and Genesis have both been cut for massive card draw (why tutor just PDK if you draw her and her fuel alongside) and ways to deal with opposing PDK's, because mirror matches are a dime a dozen.
  14. Everything that needs to be said has been said, so I just have PSA: DON'T ****ING QUOTE HUGE TEXT WALLS AND PICTURES YOU MORONS!!!1!1