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  1. Talk About Whatever

    Holy **** the forums is still broken? Back to my hole I go I guess... EDIT: top post is mine Huck
  2. Talk About Whatever

    Ah, so you could theoretically count it...Not that anyone would do that right...?
  3. Talk About Whatever

    Is a new page started based on the length of the previous page or the number of posts?
  4. Card change and restriction: 23/01/18

    Yea, in ToTG Mid-Shadow had superior win rates. Zell was cool but lul 3 cards and an evo point for 13 damage vs 1 card and 12 rush damage to the board. It wasn't rightfully nerfed but I didnt defend it because I didn't care? Didn't affect me. I don't spend my free time on these forums arguing with stupidity if I have something better to do. If you can't let go of your emotional attachment to certain decks and realize that win rate and play rate is the end all and be all, then we're done here.
  5. Card change and restriction: 23/01/18

    In case anyone needs a history lesson: Storm/Ramp Dragon has never been the best deck in terms of win rate. The only time Dragon has been the top performing class is the month of PDK. Sadboi Rowen has nothing but windmills left. And it's **** lul
  6. Talk About Whatever

    Well, they certainly gave up on these forums, for sure. Though they're still actively promoting HS streamers to play.
  7. Before I go

    The Dragon population dropped by like 33% today.
  8. Talk About Whatever

    Yea that's part of the problem. Apparently upgrading the forums caused it to turn to ****, and now nothing works. Nice.
  9. Card change and restriction: 23/01/18

    Ez baha buff Thank Mr. Cygame
  10. Talk About Whatever

    @Jack42 I seriously did not take you for a Harry Potter reader...that was the biggest shock this week.
  11. (Edit) Cygames wants me back

    @Unryuu Skull Ring fam.
  12. Talk About Whatever

    I'm autopiloting my way to GM every season and then go on hiatus until the next expansion. I can afford that since I'm a Dragon one-trick, and don't need as much cards. As for the decision-making aspects...I think they still exist. Most of my games that I lose I can find a specific misplay which lost me the game, or I simply didn't play my outs well. But we shall see that the nerfs bring.
  13. Talk About Whatever

    I guess that's why I haven't heard of it up until now... I'll probably just end up waiting for the DS1 remaster and live off the nostalgia.
  14. Talk About Whatever

    I'll be completely honest, I've never heard of the game before, but now I'll check it out. Ez
  15. (Edit) Cygames wants me back

    That's a lie, there are no girls on the internet Morrigan might've been the oldest active member of the forum at this point, but at one point we had even older veterans. It's inevitable that burnout hits them though.