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  1. Which game you like and why you like them is obviously personal opinion, so there's not much to be said there. The main problem with interactivity is without the ability to react during the opponents turn, everything becomes uninteractive. Even a mid-range slugfest between followers can be uninteractive since one can argue that it's a coinflip to go first/second (which ever is better) and just curving out. One thing I will stand by SV is the lack of game breaking RNG. Sure, Orthrus rolls can win you some games, but a 4th Iceblock and 2nd Pyro does that much more easily, with more salt on my part. Masters isn't worth much since it's more of a symbol of time spent than skill, though usually they tend to be a little bit better than average. I can't say much about the Haven match up but I lost 7/8 of my last mid-range Shadow games versus Vengeance Blood (this was in low Masters) since they can pile on so much stats in so little time that I can't build up a reasonable board nor can I contest the early game.
  2. A potential possibility is how (de)buff stacking works, when 2 or more stat changes are applied to a card at once. Perhaps evolution stat changes are added to the card before the debuffs are considered, and then those debuffs added back onto the card after the evolution is finished, effectively having your buffs and debuffs override the evolution stat changes. Basically, your Ascetic Knight has been debuffed by Pegasus Elf, and is at 1 hp. You evolve it, it first gains the +2/2, then the debuff is reapplied, effectively nullifying the hp gain. However, this has been in the game ever since standard, with Woodkin Curse, and the fact that it remains makes it evident that Cygames intends for this interaction, though they still need to clarify on the specifics and wording.
  3. Yes it is? Forte+Urd is a 2 card combo for 10 play points which deals 12 damage with evo and leaves behind a 3/3 and a 7/3 untouchable. Sahaquiel+Zell+Bahamut is a 3 card combo for 9 play points which deals 13 damage with an evo and leaves behind two 4/4's and gives your opponent knowledge about your hand. Even if we were to follow through with your nerf, Zell+Ouroboros is a 2 card combo for 10 play points which deals 11 damage with an evo and leaves behind a 4/4 and an Ouroboros. What changed?
  4. @Huck Fearthstone How the **** did we both miss PogChamp
  5. That is all true, and I agree, but that's not the point of the argument. The fact that they both stall quantifies them both as "late game decks", and all late game decks have a built in cap by which they should win the game (barring strange exceptions), either by using a straight OTK combo or by using insane value/storm. There exists no viable "grinder" style deck which seeks to outlast the opponent far past turn 10. These two types of late game decks are what Cygames refers to when they say "control".
  6. All of this is true, and I do agree, but the playstyle isn't the key point. It's when the game ends. It doesn't matter "how" you end the game (value, OTK, grinding until the deck runs out, etc.), all that matters is "when". That forces Control decks to run hard win conditions that can feasibly end the game around the turn 10 mark, which is only a few turns later than most "combo" decks. Those hard win conditions vary, and many of them involve massive bursts of damage to the face, similar to combo decks.
  7. Shadowverse had them, and now Cygames wants to delete them. All decks which aim to hit turn 8+ now need to have a hard win condition, be it storming the enemy face, dropping Aegis, or just OTK'ing the enemy. Cygames doesn't care about your definition of control, they just want to manage the length their games. Both DShift SHift and OTK Blood aim to control the board and kill the opponent in the late game. In effect, that's not any different from Aegis, who seeks to control the board and kill the opponent with their hard win condition. How you win doesn't matter, all it matters is when you win.
  8. Everyone seems to misunderstand what Cygames means when they say "control". It's not old Grinder ER or Blood, since they are too slow and Cygames simply wants those decks to disappear. What they mean by control decks are slow, removal based decks which run a win condition in the late game that's reasonably faster than just drawing into Satan. OTK control Blood with Baphomet is a deck which falls under their definition of control, along with Aegis and older decks like DShift.
  9. Oh for ****s sake. Auto filter when?
  10. Oh ****. I need to try now...
  11. If you make an noncompetitive deck for unranked, you'll still eventually rise to the point where everyone starts to play meta decks for dailies, in the same way that the D-ranker will eventually hit B by playing an auto made deck. All the new MMR does is put everyone back at the starting line, and in maybe a few weeks everything will be the same. Obviously, I understand the frustration of an archetype/card being unplayable, but realistically there's nothing Cygames can do about it barring simply making a new game mode that bans all meta decks/cards somehow.
  12. It does, to an extent. If the decks you're testing loses to both of the top decks which do completely different things, the game is telling you to reevaluate your deck design, since it lacks both early game staying power and late game finishing power. If you want to make a fully optimized tier 1 deck, you'll be glad to lose to other tier one decks so you know what cards you should add/remove. If you are purely making a deck for fun...I can only tell you that there's always people who want to win, even in unranked, and a separate MMR won't stop you from seeing meta decks.
  13. I estimate your next disappearance to be around 24 hours from now... But enjoy your stay while you're around.
  14. Wew. The absolute madman. Congrats.