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  1. Daria is guaranteed for Rune, same with Albert for Sword and Cerberus for Shadow. Moon looks to be leading Haven with a large margin, along with Dark General for Blood. Imperial Dragoon is almost guaranteed for Dragon, with Forest being the only one looking uncertain. The Western votes can actually swing the lead away from Fairy Princess and into Aerin, should they desire.
  2. Wew. I come back from the dead and the first thing that catches my attention is waifu popularity contest. Never change Cygames, this is why I love you.
  3. Aight. Initial impressions: easy to learn rules, but obviously allows for deeper manipulation of strategies. The ability to concede a round to gain a tactical advantage makes for good mind games. I did a good portion of the challenges, so I'm not super knowledgeable about the game. From what I've seen though, the gameplay is really soild. The fact that it takes a decent amount of skill makes it attractive already. I'm not someone who particularly cares about UI that much, so anything that's passable is fine to me. The things which need improvements are mostly tutorial or explantions of the game. If I didn't have a friend who played Gwent and told me that Gold cards were untargetable/buffable, it would've taken me a while to find out. But it is still in beta, so those will probably be improved by the end of it.
  4. @Huck Fearthstone Your shilling got to me. I just installed it. Will reflect with my thoughts later.
  5. I run a 3× Saha 2×Luci 2× Isra neutral Ramp, with 3× Fortes for Aegis and DShift. Counters most mid-range since the heals are pretty insane, and Forte is enough burst. I lose against Nep 100% of the time though.
  6. Personally I'm predicting an influx of mid-range decks, Sword/Shadow/Forest, so I'll be keeping the Sahaquiel package while cutting down on the Storm.
  7. There's absolutely no reason to consider LB since Odin is literally better in every way except banishing a 6/7 drop, but there's nothing which urgently needs banishing at those pp ranges. Also Dragon doesn't need 5+ banishes. Nepthys is auto-lose and nothing that, and Seraph is near auto-win with no banishes.
  8. I didn't say we didn't have any, I said we never needed to use any. Ramp Dragon never ran DoD, execute, or any other hard removal spells. There's no need. No ones runs 5pp destroy a dude/amulet, despite most amulets being rekt by LB not even having countdowns. People run DoD because it deals 2 to face, but no one would ever run LB as it is since 6 pp to kill off a dude, which sucks, or 6 pp to kill off a cheap amulet, which sucks, or 6 pp kill off Seraph, which Odin does better.
  9. It may not need the enhance effect, but it needs something. As it is, Dragon is the only class which traditionally never ran hard removal spells (except maybe CoC, for the dude). Dragon's removal has always been playing an even bigger guy and smashing it in to whatever needs to die. Also, there's nothing which urgently needs banishing on 6, so why play Lightning Blast when you can have Odin.
  10. I think it depends on what opponents are around after the nerf. Neutral Ramp, once we put Lucifer back in, destroys mid-range for the most part, but has a tough match up against DShift and Aegis, in which Storm is better.
  11. Lul yea Lightning Blast is pretty ridiculous in arena. Maybe that was factored into the nerf?
  12. Never too early to theorycraft. Now that both Zell and Lightning Blast are dead, we need some adjustments. Do we cut the neutral package entirely? Add more Storm? Add Wyvern Cavalier to reduce Zell back to original cost and pull the combo off again?
  13. Khawycaust ptsd triggered. Never forget 6 gorillian Rowens dead. Side note: Lightning Blast is now complete trash.
  14. Lul goodbye Nepthys matchup, back to a 10-90
  15. 1 Fight Promoter. Epic card.