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  1. I have found my self to play very rarely when chest event is off & much-much more when chest event is on, & that have something to do that I feel that I have nothing to win play ranked after having finish with my dailies, at this point the only thing that matter to me is to get more & more gold in order to have a chance to get more animated cards for my decks, so what I propose is for Cygames to add gold rewards in ranked for every win we do, I thought how they can do that & after some thinking I believe the best way is to add 2 type of rewards, 10 gold for every win when your opponent is up to 999 higher score than you, & 15 gold when your opponent have 1000 or higher score than you, if they do that what is gonna happen is: a) Create a sense of progression that is currently missing from the game as most people me included do their dailies atm & stop playing after as they have nothing to win after for playing more & when I say that I mean 'gold' not experience or enjoyment from simple playing so don't go there, I'm speaking for gold here, that's the most important thing in order to buy more packs. b) Motivate players to keep on playing even after finish their dailies & there is no denying that this is going to happen because I'm sure chests which is not the same always increase the active Ranked population of the game. So Cy that's my suggestion wanna bring people back & increase the active population? put gold rewards in Ranked for every win we do, that way we won't feel that playing more is a waste of time & it will be better do something else instead.
  2. Changes to Cards in the February 14 Release

    Based on my personal experience Daria is by far the most played deck & I believe that something between 20 to 25% of all players currently play this particular deck, so I can't believe what they say about no deck have higher usage rate than 4% so imo what they say is plain & simple a big pile of crap.
  3. I made a new Dragon deck & I think I like it, have fun & enjoy Here another one, this one is one of the fastest match I did with this deck, definitely worth watching
  4. It's funny that people demand for a myriad of nerfs on dragon & then add at the end of their phrase "it's not that I want Dragon to turn into meme tier..." when it's obvious what they really want to happen is for Dragon to turn into a trash-tier & burn in hell, because this is what is going to happen if all the nerfs all those people suggest implemented by the devs, Dragon has been nerfed already multiple times why don't you all go to fu<k off? that's my own suggestion to those who ask for more nerfs on Dragon, drown in your rage & salt & just STFU already, first was LB & Zell then PDK then Sybil, you continue to demand more & more nerfs until Dragon end up be unplayable & a permanent bottom tier in order to not be a thread to your own deck of choice, enough is enough, none of you fckers will be satisfied anyway until Cy really turn Dragon to trash so instead of writing bullsh!t just write what you really want, "I want Dragon to turn to trash & be unable to win against any of my decks.." just say it, either way it's not that anyone can take seriously what you are saying, it's obvious how salty you are from a mile away, if a 4th/5th nerf hit Dragon I wish for all those ba$tards who wished for this to get hit 3 times as hard on their own deck.
  5. I Love Ramp Dragon...

    The first time Saber release her sword was vs Rider check the video I post that's the first time, & yes the F/SN heroes was available just for a month I think & it was a promotion kind of stuff for the new movie released in Japan, Heaven's Feel, so if you didn't buy them back then you can't anymore.
  6. I Love Ramp Dragon...

    Indeed lol it seems I didn't notice because I was in a much superior position & I wanted to swarm the battlefield with lot's of followers, but as you said I missed the change to do a much better lethal I'll have my mind from now on
  7. I Love Ramp Dragon...

    Be sure that I am well aware of that I just risk it, it was a perfect example of the phrase "Go for broke" in the end it was if he had Eachtar I was dead if not.. the game is MINE!
  8. Aisha is the card that I hate the most currently, like it wasn't enough we had Albert in the game for Sword now even Shadow got it's own Albert & it's even stronger because Albert need evolve to deal 10 dmg Aisha deal always 10 dmg as long you have 10 mana & 10 necromancy something that is extremely easy to do for Shadow at late game anyway, & when I'm thinking that this crap just released this means Cy is gonna forced us to eat it in da face for a looong time, I'm already sick of it when it's just few days the new expansion released I don't know how much my hate is gonna be in a few months from now.
  9. I Love Ramp Dragon...

    I pay real money is the answer you ask for, the first time I did it btw but I love F/SN is one of my all time favorite anime so I couldn't resist, it was just 5 € & it was totally worth it just to hear Kawasumi Ayako scream every time I use evolve on a follower, eargasm for my ears every time
  10. I Love Ramp Dragon...

    ...I just love it what can I say in which other class you can do such nice stuff? ENJOY! Here another good one, have fun
  11. Cards you miss the most in Rotation

    For me as a Dragon player I miss the most 3 cards & 2 of them are neutral, Forte, Urd & Lucifer, those cards have no equals in rotation & I miss them a lot & I'm sure the same can be said for all Dragon players.
  12. New birthday leaders, all locked behind RNG

    Did I say 3 Legendary + a Leader in 10 packs? I just open one more pack & I got one Animated Legendary, this one: So I guess it's 4 Legendary (1 Animated) + a Leader in 11 packs now
  13. New birthday leaders, all locked behind RNG

    LOL, when I see people saying that they open 80-100 packs & only got 5-6 Legendary sound very funny because I just open my 10 free packs so far & I got 3 Legendary + a Leader
  14. New birthday leaders, all locked behind RNG

    Same as Legendary. Dergonu here a gift for you & any Kana Hanazawa fans out there
  15. New birthday leaders, all locked behind RNG

    The funny thing is Blood is my 2nd least played class in the game. (Btw I got this from the 10 packs we get for free)