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  1. Is it so hard to say by yourself Jack? It will obviously be Sword & Fairy Aggro, that's by far the 2 strongest decks that you can make just with Bronze & Silver cards & wreck everyone for fun, in a format were everyone will have decks with just Bronze/Silver cards inside ofc.
  2. It was the same for me also, it's the first time I ever did that but it was so much fun I couldn't stop laughing at the end Enjoy!
  3. I don't believe Dragon Quest Rivals can steal players from SV at least in Japan for 1 reason, the art is much more childish & there is no half-naked Waifu's around, also imo from a gameplay video I watch it looks much more simple compare to SV, I don't know that's my impression so far, I love DQ but I honestly don't believe that this game can compete with SV.
  4. One of the most stupid things I ever heard ^ 90%+ of veteran players like me hate some standard cards & almost all of them hate DS so wtf this guy is talking about...
  5. Me personally I can't w8 for rotation I'm sick of all the cancerous cards from standard, the game is amazing but all the cancerous cards ruin it for me, playing without DS, Roach, PtP, Satan, Mordecai, Tyrant, Themi's will be the best thing ever, so in my eyes rotation can't come soon enough, it will not just be a breath of fresh air is going to be a bless from the heavens!
  6. Thanks, I Suppose.

    It's hard to have faith on this balancing team when they kill cards, whole decks & they are responsible every month for how the meta shift, I might did only now a thread to express my disappointment because they manage to kill PDK with the last nerf they did but they have kill other cards also I was playing in the past by removing the enhance abilities like Falise & LB, do anyone know how many cards turn to crap when they decide to remove the enhance ability without give anything back? imo they could keep the enhance on both of those cards just alter the effect to something else, but every single decision when an enhance is strong was for them to just remove it, that was the best they could think, in short I believe that they did a horrible job till now balancing cards when they could have been much more creative about those nerfs but they always choose the easiest & most simple solution. About what you wrote that one other reason you want to take a break is to play some JRPG I am with you on that, that's what I'm also thinking the last days, to be honest the game I most want to play currently is DQ XI but unfortunately I don't have a PS4 just a PS3, it's not that there is no other good games to play but that's the one I want to play the most atm anyway cya around have fun & we will see each other when rotation start because I'm sure you will be back by then
  7. About the LB you said that it's good only against niche decks what about Neutral Forest? I think this deck is quite popular atm, do you know that LB is the best answer against a turn 6 full boosted B&B? we are talking for a 9/10 can't be destroyed, can't be damaged by spells & effects, when your opponent throw that at you banish this sh|t & show him the middle finger, simple as that then there is Atomeme you must take account for, LB & Scyther is the best way to deal with him, also some old school Ramp Dragon use Ouroboros, LB is the only way to get rid of it, then there is ofc obvious cards like Mordecai & Seraph you need it for & Mid Sword play Leonidas, there is many cases were LB is a Must & have save my a s s so many times already, I really can't remove it from my deck after having experience how valuable is it but if you don't like it feel free to replace it with something else
  8. @Kinxil Because you asked me about the Ramp Dragon deck I currently playing, I didn't answer sooner because I didn't have a standard one earlier but now it seems that I create something that is fun to play & also quite strong & I'm saying that because anything else I try before wasn't strong enough to allow me climb the ladder even a bit but this one took me from 0 to 1100+ points so I think I'll stick with it here a sample to see it in action: Here the deck list: https://shadowverse-portal.com/deck/1.4.6KUzo.6KUzo.5_394.5_394.5_394.5_38w.5_38w.5_38w.6AaSQ.6AaSQ.6AaSQ.6CsCi.6CsCi.6CsCi.62sZM.62sZM.62sZM.6EI-M.6EI-M.6EI-M.61PnY.61PnY.61PnY.6EQIo.6EQIo.6EQIo.6AY0A.6AY0A.6AY0A.62zty.62zty.62zty.6EM9A.6EM9A.6IERo.6IERo.694Vo.694Vo.694Vo.62xRi feel free to try it if you want or do any changes you might deem necessary.
  9. It's a shame we can't do polls on this forum I would like to see how many people is happy with the last nerfs that must be the main topic of discussion on this thread not any other random sh|t people are talking about, me I already express how disappointed I am with the balancing team of Cygames that kill the first ever viable new archetype Dragon ever got & manage to complete erase it's presence in ranked, what about everyone else? if we exclude the obvious Dragon haters ofc which I already know their answer, are you happy with the last nerfs or even the previous one? is this approach the devs decide to take the right one? I don't say to stop nerfing cards, if a card proved that is way too strong no prob with them doing some small alterations to balance things up, but what happen when they overdoing things & nerf so much some cards to the point of turn it to trash & no one use them anymore? in case some people didn't get it that's exactly what happen with PDK, the card was overnerfed so much & now no one find it worth playing anymore, PDK Dragon was a T1 deck & now it's not even a T3, the card doesn't see play anymore. Maybe those who decide what is nerfed & at which decree must do a better research & start taking a more careful approach while nerfing something in order to not overdo it & end up turning popular/fun cards to trash & that way kill whole decks & also kill the variety of options we have because their last nerf kill a new Dragon deck & now Dragon players end up returning to old classic Ramp the only viable option they have atm, for me that was a huge blunder on their part, you can't kill new decks every month by throwing ban-hammers on key cards recklessly, if this continues we will end up all playing the same sh|t for years to come because every time a new card appear that boost a bit the win rate of a class & people who don't like it start complaining the geniuses of the balancing team behind this game will do their magic & bring things back to how they were, that's not the right way to move forward & if someone agree with them now he will change his mind later when Cy decide to kill his next favorite deck at some point in the future, so I suggest everyone to stop hating mindlessly & start thinking what is good for this game as a whole.
  10. Talk About Whatever

    Terrible, I do changes all the time to try & make this deck to work on the current meta without much luck, the deck have so many weak matchups that I can't see how you can make it work, I loose more than I win for sure, the deck is a disaster, first of all it's weak against aggro decks & guess what the TOP Tier decks currently are all Aggro, DS might be one of the few decks that you don't have prob to face as you win most of the times, but any kind of Aggro demolish it, Aggro Sword, Aggro Blood, Aggro Forest, Storm Haven, even Dirt Rune is a threat as it throw at you so much direct dmg, Dragon is in a bad state after the last nerfs, Cygames manage to turn this craft to almost trash-tier, Dragon players don't miss the chance to thank them for what they did ok? those guys are geniuses at balancing...
  11. Whether people agree or disagree with this kind of double over-nerf on PDK one thing is certain, Cygames manage to completely erase the presence of this card in Ranked, I haven't face a single Dragon deck that plays PDK since the nerf happen, PDK was a Tier 1 deck one of 2 strongest since SFL launch & after the nerf this card completely disappear & no one use it anymore, ofc as I was the one who start this thread I am against this nerf & I already express my disappointment on Cygames balance team, & because I didn't write what would be the best solution for me I'll say it now, reducing PDK's life would be the best nerf imo, because I recognize having played lot's of mirror match how tough is it to remove PDK having 5 life & be untouchable by followers, the mana cost should stay exactly the same, if Cy did that now PDK would still be playable people would have an easier time to remove it in some cheap way & the card would be still useful compare to now that no one use it anymore, I hope Cygames admit at some point that they screw up with this nerf they did because this was not happen for the purpose of balancing the card but with the intention to completely kill it, as they did.
  12. My Number One Problem With This Game

    When I choose to mulligan something it means that I don't need it, THE END, so card/s with the same name must completely removed from the drawing pool of cards, like they don't exist in my deck, if using mulligan means you can draw the exact same cards then how does this help you exactly? when that happen you are f ucked because your sh|ty hand doesn't improve & stays the same, there is no case that I mulligan a card with the hope to redraw the same card, is that what you do? as I said when I choose to mulligan a card it means I don't **cking need it, so simple.
  13. My Number One Problem With This Game

    Do you think I don't already know what you are saying? I don't **cking care what I want is to draw something else something with a different name from the cards I choose to mulligan, Cy need to **cking change that because if my starting hand is full of expensive stuff & during mulligan I choose to replace them & I redraw the exact same stuff then at that moment F U C K mulligan because what was the point I have this option when it doesn't help me at all?
  14. My Number One Problem With This Game

    Let me tell you what is for me the 2 things that annoy me the most on this game, the 1st & the thing I hate the most is to open a pack that have just bronze & silver cards inside, I want Cygames to change that & make it that each pack will contain with 100% chance either a Legendary, Gold or Animated card, that means that if you weren't lucky enough to get a Legendary or Gold then at the minimum the pack will contain at least 1 animated Bronze/Silver, I dream that this will someday happen a reality because I get so angry & I hate it when I open packs with just Bronze/Silver cards inside, the 2nd most annoyed thing for me in this game is when I redraw the exact same card/s during a mulligan, when this happen I wanna punch someone, can you plz change that Cy, it's unbelievable annoying & it happen very often that I start to believe that it's intentional & we are trolled by the devs, Cy need to change that because mulligan loose it's meaning every time this happen.
  15. If you really believe what you wrote, that as long you have Sybil in your hand & you ramp at least 1 time before you play her you win the game vs aggro, that proves that you never play any type of Ramp Dragon ever or at least since SFL launch, because if you did you would know that's far from the truth, in order to survive with a Ramp Dragon deck vs Aggro you must have a God-tier hand, you need to burn 2-3 followers, to keep on using evolves to remove anything your opponent put down, heal at least 2 times & also use at least 1 ward at some point, something like that is necessary to happen in order to have a chance to survive, I play Dragon for around 8 months now, I used Dragon to climb to Masters grinding hundreds of games, & what I tell you never change, even before SFL Ramp Dragon struggle against Aggro decks although we still had Sybil, imagine how things would be if we didn't have Sybil, even with Sybil & things are unbelievable hard, without her would be a lost game from the start, that's how important is this card for Dragon, it gives some chance to survive, the chance is small I tell you, but at least you have a chance no matter how small it is. About the cost of a Ramp Dragon deck, what all this you wrote have to do with Sybil? the average cost of an old school Ramp Dragon deck is around 50-60k & I used to play one that cost over 75k to craft but so what? that's how the nature of this craft is, to ramp fast at the early turns & play expensive value cards one after another when you reach 9-10pp, the cost of a deck have nothing to do with how effective it is, if a newbie wanna play a Ramp Dragon without spending any real money then the best he can do is to grind till his hands & eyes bleed, I bought all my stuff that way also, without spent a single cents in the game, if you are not ready to do that then you play some low-budget deck & get over with it, this type of deck is obviously not for people who just started playing the game, this doesn't mean that there is no cheap Dragon decks to play as a new player, you can very well craft a Storm Ramp with around 25k vials that's not so hard to do even a newbie can manage.