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  1. He he nice I also did 3/5 today I lost one game vs an aggro sword which was very lucky & had all the perfect cards on his hand & one vs a very unusual new kind of Spawn Blood deck that used Crimson Purge & the fcker draw 2 & with the 2nd one he kill my Zeus & pass an attack with Spawn.. lucky bastards what you can do
  2. Glad you like it, have in mind there is 2 worst case scenario that can happen with this deck, the first is to draw all the big stuff at early game this will turn Jabber into a useless card because you will have nothing to pull with it, it's rare but it can happen, the second is to play against a follower heavy deck & spent all your cards trying to answer to everything that throw at you & stay out of fuel because you didn't pull any card drawing cards, Stairs for example or Summoners, it's very frustrating if this happen again it's rare but it had happen a few times to me, anyway if you try it for GP it is possible to win from just 2 to even all 5 games with it, as long you pilot the deck in the right way, you don't make mistakes & have a little luck on your side, good luck
  3. The decklist is already on the video try it if you want & tell me if you like it, have fun
  4. This deck is not just super fun to play with, but it's really powerful & it's obvious to me because there was many decks I had no chance before with Dragon & now I win pretty often & do 4-5 winning strikes all the time in the current meta were Dragon considered crap, btw this deck is my own idea & I'm proud I found a way to fight back on this Sword/Heaven infested meta & make lot's of bandwagoners who play only what considered T1 to bath on their own tears not able to understand why a T1 deck is loosing against Dragon who doesn't even have a T2 deck Have fun & enjoy! This was achieved with the same deck just now & I was extremely close to win the 1st match I drop the opponent to 3 life until he played Ginger & I had no answer, it was very frustrating to loose like that... if I had something to get rid off his only Zeus with just 4 life I would be able to give the final hit Another amazing match against a Master player with 10.000 score. Have fun
  5. I played at GP Rotation Cup before the reset & I lost the first match due to dc, my connection is an optic fiber 30 Mbps & it had perfect signal when that happen I refresh some sites while the issue took place & my connection had no issues or slow downs at all, I won 3 of the other 4 match but because I never play the first I lost the chance to pass to A block, now after the reset I once again enter to play same thing happen in the first match & then my opponent in the second match left or dc no idea what happen, something is seriously wrong here, my internet have no prob at all I check multiple times & I lost 2 times the first match because of this sh|t how you expect to compete when stuff like that happen? that's unacceptable!
  6. For anyone who wonder if this deck can work, imo it can & it's quite good from my testing & very fun to play This one was VS a GM player with over 10k score. Enjoy
  7. Too Hard to Die...

    In case anyone interested I upload a new video with the last version of my Lindworm Dragon deck, it's quite different from the last one although you won't understand the changes from this fight probably, still it's a nice fight which I admit luck was on my side
  8. DN Nerf Prediction Thread

    The main target for upcoming nerfs must be without a doubt Chromatic Duel, the enhance is too strong, but other than that for me even worst is the effect of Queen Magnus the Black, this card is way too strong imo, they need to nerf it in some way, this sh|t make all ally followers immune to dmg from spells & effects & your opponent play that thing at late game when most of the times all evolve has been used already & what other way you have to get rid of followers other than spells & effects? so if we exclude evolve, spells & effects what left? only rush.. that means just portal left to fight back what about every other class? so it's GAME OVER most of the times for everyone else, the effect need to change it's way too strong imo, this card leave you locked & helpless, unable to do anything to fight back, in short they need to nerf it A.S.A.P !!!
  9. This need to change.

    Why there is no option to see all the animated versions an animated card you own can produce? especially now that DBNE launch there is so many different cards a single card can change into that we need that option, to see any version animated not just the primary one...
  10. My new Rune deck is quite fun don't you think?

    Aha, very interesting to tell you the truth I have never play this card aside from take2 so I can't say how good/strong is it but yeah from what you say it sound very good but in my deck there is no space for changes I can't remove a single card else I need to change the whole deck but I might do a new Mysteria deck at some point to try it.
  11. My new Rune deck is quite fun don't you think?

    Mysterian Missile do 3 dmg to a follower + 1 to enemy leader if we add the effect of Blackwyrm it's 3 to follower + 2 to enemy leader so I don't understand for what are you talking about when you say 4 "face" dmg, face imply you can hit the leader with it but you can't you can only target a follower with it, so can you explain what you mean here?
  12. My new Rune deck is quite fun don't you think?

    The deck have just 6 followers 3 Mysteria & 3 Abomination, aside from that 6 amulet & the rest are all spells, you don't need any more followers I play Chain of Calling to tutor the followers & the Silent Laboratory is like extra followers & you can also get at 50% chance a 2/2 ward from Mysterian Knowledge that's more than enough you have so many spells & 6 of them is AOE & if we add the Abomination ability which is not that hard to activate you can wipe the board up to 9 times, the most important thing for the deck to work is to play at least 1 Mysteria turn5 & when you manage to play a 2nd one then the real fun begins
  13. Tell me what you think if you like it
  14. Storm ramp dragon help

    From the moment you are interested about Unlimited & if you wanna have fun I suggest you to try something like that you can check it in action in the video below That's an old Ramp Storm Dragon I used to play now I only play Rotation so I can't do it anymore but I had a very good time with it
  15. Too Hard to Die...

    I dedicate this game to fellow Dragoncraft fans who got sick & tired to loose from Albert since RoB released, let's give them a taste of their own medicine At this point I wanna say that I really fell in love with Lindworm, I didn't expect to like it so much but now that I refine my deck after countless games since DBNE released (I must have play over 15 hours till now ) it's definitely the highlight of the expansion for me & it's a blast to wreck poor souls with it