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  1. LOL! Juve is my favorite foreign football team who could guess that they are gonna choose my favorite team to sponsor, sound amazing that Juve is going to have on their t-shirts the symbol of a company I'm so involved the past years & I came to love not only because of SV but due to the anime Bahamut that I really enjoy watching & there is the upcoming JRPG Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link from Platinum that I'm really looking forward to play.
  2. You keep assuming again & again that Cygames decide to do whatever changes they plan to do because people complain when they & everyone else saw the reports of the past 2 weeks were you can clearly see that 1 single deck occupy over 40% of the current meta & this specific deck have over 60% win rate when it goes first, & aside from that specific deck, almost everyone else use some kind of Neutral/Alice deck no matter what craft they play because it's so f*cking OP, it's like every match we play is a mirror match, what other proofs you need in order to understand that Cygames must take measures to fix this mess before more & more people stop playing? is it so hard to understand that people don't have fun anymore playing the game? & how can they when all they play against is Neutral/Alice, this meta have completely destroy slower decks & it's all about brain-dead aggro face neutral decks that win turn5-6, not everyone enjoy playing those kind of decks what everyone else must do quit the game? even if that is your answer Cygames doesn't think that way obviously because they want to keep happy as many people as possible & not drive away thousands of people just to cater to those who enjoy playing brain-dead aggro decks, in short there is legitimate reason they decide to do various changes that is more than obvious to everyone else aside from you, so how about stop being blind & open your f*cking eyes for once & see how f*cked up is the situation currently.
  3. Very nice news they said over 5 cards so let's assume they are talking for 6 cards, in that case those are the cards I want to see nerfed. First the 2 cards that literally ruin the meta on this expansion: Second 2 Blood cards that I think everyone agree are way too OP: Also this neutral card that imo is way too OP in the current meta & especially in combination with Alice: Last I think something must be done about this Heaven card, I find it overly OP in an Elana's deck: Last although it's from a previous expansion I would very much like to see Cygames do something about Aegis already, I can't accept that there is a follower in game that have absolutely no way to dealt with, it's indestructible & unkillable, that's bullsh*t, if they want to keep it like that they must release a neutral spell were everyone can use that reduce the ATK of all followers to render it useless in some way, in short they must give us a way to deal with it in some way other than just throw ward followers on it when it doesn't help at all from the moment the Heaven player can play next turn Themis or even Bahamut & clear the board aside from Aegis...
  4. My suggestion & imo the best thing Cygames can do in order to avoid this disaster to ever happen again is to dedicate 1 week before each expansion launch, a close beta period were around 5000 keys are going to be distributed to AA ~ Master+ players (or just Master/GM Rank) were people will play-test extensively, figure out if there is any issues with some cards/combinations be overly OP/broken & after they have gather all the statistics & feedback from those who participate in the beta they will do the appropriate changes before the official release, that's the only way they can avoid this to happen ever again & if they seriously care about the player-base they will do that & they won't let us again w8 for 1 month playing in the worst meta this game have ever seen since it's release.
  5. Exactly, 0% skill, that's why countless scrubs with low rank have copy that deck & I have face countless A rank players (while be AA myself) till now with this exact Neutral Blood/Spawn deck, they didn't lost the chance & all use that broken sh*t to climb the ladder while they still have time before nerf hammer fall on it, because there is so many such people around who copy the most OP/broken deck after each expansion launch this deck usage play rate skyrocket to 60%+ & it's very common to play with 5-6+ Blood in a row, it's like there is no other classes, it's one Blood after another non stop...
  6. You are spot on on this one, forest is the class I hate most, regarding what OP ask, I suggest him to focus on 3 or 4 max classes that way he will be able to burn legendary/animated gold cards from all other classes & it won't be hard that way to complete any deck he want.
  7. Agree with both you & Frank in some parts, Frank says for example that Cygames need to take immediate measures & nerf what it needs to be nerfed in order to fix this chaotic/completely mess of a meta the worst I ever remember personally we ever had, but even though nerfs need to happen & ASAP I agree with you that they must be careful on how they do the nerfs, because as a Ramp Dragon player it wasn't nice when Cy hit LB so hard that make it completely useless when as you said there was much better ways to go about it, for example they could keep the enhance & lower greatly the power of the effect like "Banish 2/3 followers &/or amulets at random" just one example of what they could do & if they did that now people will still use 1-2 copies in some decks compare to now that no one ever use this card anymore in any deck.
  8. Cygames fixed 1 thing just 1 thing, they make ER Rune viable finally but how can I celebrate about that when they fcked up everything else, when all I'm playing against is Neutral Blood/Spawn or some of the myriads Neutral/Alice decks with the exact same cards inside, I said so before & I'm gonna said again, this is by far the worst expansion ever released & I'm here since day1, Cygames create a disaster of Epic proportions & I'm w8ing to see what they are planning to do to fix all this mess they are responsible for, & I still can't fathom how they thought that a card like Spawn of the Abyss was fine & go ahead with it when some class have absolutely no answer against it like Dragon for example were when that sh*t drop turn6 all we can do is quit as the next turn we are gonna loose, that's what absolutely ret*rded about Cygames design team, they design & put those broken OP cards in the game, scr*w up everything & next we have 60%+ of players playing the same deck in order to climb the ladder easy-peasy taking advantage of the situation, they have no excuse for me, they screw up hard with this expansion & I'm w8ing to hear admit it themselves & I expect to hear some apologies for not doing proper testing, there is no way they have test that & agree to go ahead unless they are brain dead or if they like to troll the community & then sit & watch as we rage.
  9. You made a thread to say that what you like about WD is Neutral/Forest with Alice? GTFO & your f*cking troll thread...
  10. I suggest you to ignore that dude every forum have a blind white knight that make it his life purpose to defend the developers in any way possible, there is a guy like him in BDO forum also with name Plunge, this dude here is the Plunge of this forum, nothing you can do about it you won't get rid of him, usually those blind white knights have a crazy amount of posts because the forum is their lair, they keep silent w8ing for their next prey to troll, the trigger is always the same, negative comments about their beloved company, either ignore him or if you can't stand him put him in your ignore list.
  11. Aha, amazing I'm jealous of you I always wanted to study Japanese but there is no place where I live to do that, so that's what she says that she won't forgive even God, that makes more sense to be honest, anyway I love Aoi Yuuki's acting can't w8 until season 2 of Youjo Senki start
  12. Eh.. are you Japanese? how you are so sure that this is exactly what she says?
  13. Aoi Yuuki definitely! I love her so much she had lot's of noticeable roles in the past the one that make her famous was probably Madoka in 'Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica' but me personally start to love her when I experience her acting while playing sadistic/ruthless type of characters like Clementine in Overlord, if there was Oscar for Seiyuu then she deserves to get one for that role, & most recently Tanya in Saga of Tanya the Evil / Youjo Senki. The first line she says in the video although I don't know Japanese but having watched anime for over 20 years now I acquire the ability to understand most of what I hear so I'll give you my interpretation of what she says: "If you dare to harm Remi not even God is going to forgive you"
  14. The worst thing you can do regarding balancing in a game is to keep your mouth shut like OP does & never say what bother you & what seem off/wrong while playing, if something looks bad like the fact that since this expansion launch people no matter their class all play Neutral/Alice deck & have the exact same cards in it aside from 10 at most from their class make the game look so bland, so f*cking boring, so annoying, because guess what, when everyone play neutral decks then f uck class individuality, there is no variety anymore & all matches look the same, a Neutral/Alice deck play the exact same cards in the first 4 turns almost every time, it's always Goblin->Unica/Lyrial->Goblin Leader->Alice every f*cking time again & again & again in every match... If that seem fun for the OP ok but he can't expect to looks ok & fun for everyone else, Cygames f*cked up very bad with this expansion & make the game 'unfun' as everyone playing Neutral/Alice or Blood/Spawn, the worst thing Cygames can do at this moment is to leave things as it is & not act fast because I'm sure lot's of people currently are in a state of 'observe & w8' while not playing or playing very rarely & w8 to see if Cygames plan to do any drastic changes that will put players that are not interested to play Neutral/Alice or Blood/Spawn back to the game. Btw OP remind me a blind white knight we have in BDO forum were no matter what always support the devs/publisher & say everything is perfect even if the devs did a change that cause an uproar & thousands of players complain & even if every community poll shows that no one agree with that change, that's why everyone stop taking him seriously anymore, continue like that OP you are close to become exactly like him, soon no one will take you seriously & everyone will start call you troll & your presence here will be just a meme like the guy I'm talking about.
  15. I never lost so many games in a row with my my Ramp Dragon actually I won at least half of the games I play (AA1) but I still stop playing because this meta disgust me, it's so f*cking boring to play against Sword/Alice or Blood/Spawn non stop & that's what I'm playing against 80% of the time, even when I'm playing against some other class it might still be another neutral/Alice deck with the same f*cking cards, worst expansion ever by far, Cygames f*cked up the whole game hard with their last inspiration... if they ever fix that mess they have create I might start playing again until then f uck that sh*t.