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  1. Very excited to play the new chapters of the main story finish them all get any reward they give & also I'm very glad they finally decide to increase the cap level, more stuff that we are gonna get from there hehe, can't w8 for the update to open all those juicy packs
  2. I hate DS as much & I never touch things I hate, as for Seraph I could never enjoy getting wins in such a cheap way, those who enjoy playing that crap are not much different than those who play DS or Aegis, all these t@rds are in the same category, disgusting piece of shlt worst than slime.
  3. Me I'm not sure but I am sure for one thing, I need 2 animated of this card here: That's the best card we got from the new expansion (& ofc I'm gonna upload the video on YT after for other people to laugh with you) Btw how much money do you have till now? I am at 3200 atm I keep all the gold I earn in game since the start of the month but I don't see spending all that on SFL packs, no way, I'll get anything I want with Vials probably.
  4. Can someone explain in detail in which case you can get 6 or even 7 chest in one day? because by reading this I don't get shlt.
  5. Nep decks I fight the last days have not much difference than that, some of them must have at least 12 removals in there & if you add the followers as removals also it's like they have over 20 ways to kill followers, it's all removal-removal-removal either with spells or last word followers until turn 8 were they start spamming Nep, Khawy, Mordecai, Nep, Khawy, Mordecai... but it's so satisfying to banish or transform all their Morde & forced them to quit or even push them to suicide themselves as they left out of cards, I win 70-80% of all my matches against Nep decks so those are welcome for me.
  6. DS & Aegis, if not for those 2 decks I would be a Master over a month ago, & the worst thing is there is so many f.u.ckers who play those 2 decks I loose every day 70% of my points to those 2 decks, there is times I do a wining strike of 7+ wins & then the f.u.cking game match me with only DS & Aegis 5+ times in a row & go back to were I was, it's like it's trolling me, I hate those decks I hate these 2 cards & I hate every f.u.cktard out there who play those cards, I wish all the mothaf.u.ckers who play DS & Aegis the worst of luck in anything they do for choosing to win games in that way.
  7. That Rune gold spell were you bring a random follower on your hand sound stupid for a Rune card & I honestly find it useless, the only case were it can be useful is if you have just a single follower in your deck & you are certain that this is what you are gonna pull if you play it & everything else in your deck is spells/amulets, can't think any other case were this might be useful.
  8. That's my standard way to stay alive & rape countless & countless aggro deck of every kind
  9. Are you speaking for the English or Japanese voice? because the Japanese one is not annoying at all imo actually it's very funny I write that DS & Aegis are my 2 most hated cards & definitely most hated in the game by almost everyone, add Eagle Man as my third most hated card, that sh i t is broken as f u ck & it have cost me enough games already, they need to nerf that sh i t, the least they can do is reduce the toughness by 1.
  10. I might have save some dmg in the beginning but without Levi at turn 6 when I evolve him I wouldn't be able to kill 2 followers & give me a breather as my hand had nothing else at that point that will allow me to kill more than 1 follower, anyway we don't know how it would have gone if I did what you say imo the evolve of Levi was way too precious in this match to waste him like that, in the end all go well though
  11. You see that his hand was full of 'Zombie Party' the reason I didn't risk to do what you said is because I didn't want to loose him like that from a removal before he had the chance to kill something, he never would have lived long enough to kill the Goblin, at least when the time come to play him I get rid off 2 followers with him, I believe what I did was the better option.
  12. This video is from a fight I did for a green chest, I was from the start certain that I have no chance to win this, but in the end check what happen If I was in the place of my opponent I don't know what I would have done... EDIT: This was seriously an EPIC! fight my heart was beating so hard while playing I came close to loose numerous times but the heart of cards was in align with mine & I was pulling all the right stuff when I needed them, my opponent was a Sword AA3 player & it was very tough & skilled but let's say that my partner (my deck) & me was very hard to die.
  13. There is no worst card in the game than DS & Aegis, both are pure cancer & every game I play against f u cktards who play those cards make me to hate the game, & I know for a fact that the vast majority feel exactly the same that's more than enough reason for Cy to do something about them.
  14. When I play against Neutral Haven & my opponent play that broken s h i t on turn 5 for *free* there is absolutely nothing I can do to save myself, it's always an auto-concede, that thing is broken as f u c k because it's a free 4/5 ward when almost all followers have max 4 atk on evolve form so you can't kill it & it protect the horde of other followers that most likely are buffed by that point, I thought everything that can be done, there is only 2 things that could save you from something like that, Themis ofc is one if you play Haven & Calamitous with sigil if you play ER Rune, that's the only 2 ways to clear the board & live another day, nothing else can save you, in short that thing needs to get nerfed asap as is way too strong & lock games & force people to concede because there is no way to deal with this situation.
  15. More than her beauty her attitude is what makes her so hot & the reason I like her so much