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  1. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    you are 2 expantion late. Everybody playing Hectar now.
  2. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    Its despairing me how, format that should encourage wast majority of playstyles and decks is fcn less deversive then rotation ranked.
  3. Brigade of the Sky 1st Unlimited GP

    I ****ing hate unlimited GPs... Can we pls nerf Hectar back into oblivion? Out of my 5 games I played 4!!!!!!!!!!!!! against fcn shadow. They all played same deck, and all had hectar on 7.
  4. Brigade of the Sky 1st Rotation GP

    I fcn hate rigged MM in this game. Continued my yesterday run with puppets. I had 2:0 it was very promissing, but then 3 TENKO HAPPEND. ALL GOING FIRST. ALL HAVE EXACT SAME DREAM OPENING. K it was bs, how about i pick aggro forest with bunch of amulet removals. Gonna rekt all of them, right? WRONG. I GAVW UP AT 0:4. 2 fcn lions and 2 non meta, half joke control decks. K. Lion is pretty good and cheap. Get it. Started to play. AND IT WAS ANOTHER FCN 1-4. I lost mirror, b/c dude play his temple first. I lost to aggro blood, wich is total bull****,b/c i didn,t saw this deck since 2 expantions back? And probably will nevwr see it again. And i lost to sword with a help of connectivy essues on Cygames end. The worst day of this expantion. I could even finish quests. For like 4 hours, i got like 4 wins.
  5. July 17th Card Changes

    0 mana tom nerf. CREYGAZM!!!!!
  6. Brigade of the Sky 1st Rotation GP

    I fcn hate heaven. Did 1-4 today. 2 games i lost b/c of greed. But my last game was total bs. It was heaven. Turn 1 globe into tom, into halftribunal, into dragon, into tenko, into delafille, into lion temple, onto full lion match, with strom lethal turn 9. THIS IS BEYOND REDICULUS! free ping from tenko makes you imposible to get anything on board, giving lions stacks for free. This is so unfair. I starting realy hate 0 cost unconditional cards. Turn 1 globe into tom is 1 mana draw amulet and 2 catds. Heaven deck has only 27 cards basicaly. It is like DS but with autoheal on top. Also finaly got seraph blade to counter tenko AND IT DIDN'T FCN WORK, B/C DRAGON POP ON TURN 6, MAKING AMULET REMOVAL FCN USELESS ACTION.
  7. What happen when 2 unstoppable force clashed

    When i read the post title, i imagine dingdong with bane vs bahamut
  8. Shadowlog 7/8/2018 (Unlimited version)

    Personaly I dont like when rotation decks role over unlimited decks. This is just wrong. Strating that it devalue your collection and ending it with the fact that unlimited ranked is a double of rotation ranked. Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, nowhere to do quests.
  9. Brigade of the Sky 1st Rotation GP

    Picked tested puppet portal finished 1-4. Picked day one aggro portal finished 4-1. Logic.
  10. Brigade of the Sky 1st Rotation GP

    B/c it cast 0 and draws a card. Like you play rogue and you put in your deck coin that draws you card if comboed. How ever you are probably right
  11. Isnt Silva a bit too much?

    Dude stack any effects and it will became strong. If you do math, chances to play silva into silva are abyssmal comparing to the fortress into fortress play. Also turn 6+ silva is not that strong. Did you played the deck you are talking about? It is important, b/c early silva into silva happens once in like 20 games. I play since the begging of tue expantion and it happen to me less then 5 times. And not all of them was auto win. Starting turn 5 with 1 card in hand is not that great.
  12. shadowlog 7/8/2018

    One more generator was nescesary. What removal can lion play? Scripture and halftribunal?
  13. shadowlog 7/8/2018

    What card broke heaven? I think it is new tom. It shouldn't cost 0. It turn combo deck into fcn autocurvetempo deck. I just noticed that it basicaly powercreeped Insight o_O
  14. Brigade of the Sky 1st Rotation GP

    Another day anorher 1-4. Sword and heaven bs are unberable. One dude just randomly added new 2 mana banish amulet in his sword list. This **** ****ed my manacurve for 3 turns. Had to banish fcn 1-3 instead of playing nicholas. 0 mana tom for heaven shoul't exist. I just got KO by lion heaven, turn 8. It's became more deadly and more concisten deck then puppet. Are you kidding me? **** new tom in particular. You just add it and suddenly your deck have 34 cards instead of 40. Make it 1 mana at least.
  15. Aggro Portal

    Oh. I saw this one. It is better then my variant then higroll.