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  1. meta report 2/12-18/2018

    Will bang, ok?
  2. Shadowlog 2/5-11/2018

    Daria sits at a staggering winrate of 50.8%. LOL!
  3. 16million Download Event

    The secret is that there is no secret at all. You just do you dailys and get all event sleeves. I got mine 3 out of 3 with out grind
  4. Any Mysteria decks?

    Interesting... Have you tryed any other mysteria cards? It is kinda shame that from all new cards, only leg find it place..
  5. Any Mysteria decks?

    As I understand you are surviving until turn 5, then drop leg, then cpam chain lightning? How many turns does it take to win? You have alot of spell why not add Oz?
  6. Call Me When Daria-verse is Done

    I belive the problem is lack of AOE.. not Daria it self.
  7. The anime thread

    Something like Kill la Kill meet Gurren Lagan. Giant robots with boobs, fanservice, action, best waifu of season. It is collaboration btwn trigger and a-1. There is 4 episodes so far. I higly reccomend to take a look.
  8. The anime thread

    Overlord season 2! Darling in a Franxx!
  9. Any Mysteria decks?

  10. Call Me When Daria-verse is Done

    Is it me, or people hate Daria more then they hate Burn ER? Like WTF, Daria was here since for ever. New 1 mana spell is OP, better then Insight..
  11. Call Me When Daria-verse is Done

    wtf Salt thread is over there
  12. Unlimited my Behind

    salt megathread
  13. Card change and restriction: 23/01/18

    Those type of nerfes were proved to be better. If you paid attention, their said about changes in balance handling 3 or 4 patches ego. I think they decided to not strictly kill decks. Any changes to the roach will inevitably kill archetype. Potentialy handle roach changes is more trublesome then doing small indirect steps.
  14. Catherine remake

    Nah it is delusion. Vincent is shoced b/c he is always shocked. Catherine doesn't position it self as a choice driven game.. I think only ending is based on your choices
  15. Shadowlog 1/15-21/2018

    Portalcraft doesn't exist?