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  1. Oh, snap, I did it! I turn my self into a pickle, Morty! I finished this deck! It is working as clock, biiiiiitch! Easy rune quests. Complitely playable Neutral rine list. I'm happy.
  2. if you are asking this question, you should defenetly try Skullgirls) You have combos, launchers, blocks, throws there. I played only tutorial but it was dope. Potentialy the best fighting on a mobile
  3. According to numbers DShift has 40% winrate, why every one is ****ing about it? Dude, this amazing logic, Daria could handle meta better if piercing rune wasn't nerfed. Maybe in your kindergarden it was negative impact, in my kindergarden it has positive impact.
  4. Any one plays Skullgirls on modile? Any other mobile fighting game?
  5. 3 out of 4 so called "overwatch clones" were anounced b4 Overwatch trailer. Like Gigantic, Battleborn and Paladins. Just brinning the balance to the force.
  6. Nfh he is OK. Givin hectar ability to banish everything he buffs, will balance him. no more infinte hads.
  7. I saw, once... I lost...
  8. No they not. Ramp dragon still rekts, I dunno why people complain. The best builds didn't run Oro even during ToG. It was "important" only in mirrors. Aegis is bad not because of snow nerf, but b/c of aggro meta.
  9. y. it was like that. There was мукн few opposers, like 3-5 of them.
  10. Dude, are you blind or what? Did you read changes thread? EVERY ONE said it was acceptable, understandble nerf and was positive about it. People were surpirsed that Hectar doged nerfs. FFS reddit was flooded with Hectar memes for 3 days!
  11. There is impossible to keep followers on a board owa days and you can't combo it in 1 turn early, so it's pretty hard.. Minthe shinnanigans easier to pull of IMO.
  12. Actualy yesterday I did some rune quests with Neutral deck. Currently i'm playing with this build: It is some time junky, b/c you have 14 cards with 5+ cost and soe time you win by turn 6, b/c you run neutral package. the transition into the late game is not smooth. It is fu deck, but I have strong feeling that meta aggrolist is overall more effective better, and that my deck have something wrong with it, making me lose game, wich I should't lose.. @Yue how is your neutral deck doing?
  13. I never think that opponent was better. I genualy think that i'm made a mistake. Like you can some what predict themises, Bahamuts and other small combos. I just always belive, that they bluffing and have nothing in hand >_<
  14. all of them run middragne shadow