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  1. I dont know how to fit him in ER. IF you whant capitalize on him, you must add spells that, you dont whant to play from hand, wich will brick you.
  2. PLaying aggrodirt. Waiting Minthe and ginger decks
  3. With all free stuff, you have at least 20K of vials, to build any new deck you whant.
  4. From a long break resumed my last arena run. Had 2/4 score. Had high hopes for last match. My deck was pretty mediocre, but I felt good about it. So i log in into 5 match. Heaven mirror. I have pretty good opening, going second, have nice courve, playing control, waiting seraph and outvaluing opponent. I had 15 hp and board. Opponent played TOS on 8... My eye twitched a bit. Dude played Aegis, I droped everything I could, setting up lethal. Dude played zeus. WHAT A **** IS THIS ****? tos on 8, aegis on 9 and zeus on 10, is this ****ing constructed???? WHAT A PIECE OF **** THIS GAME AND THIS MATCHMAKING. I played ****ing reno heaven against ****ing constructed aegis deck, siriously?
  5. I dont understand how you can design Albert and not be afraid that every thing will go into oblivion.
  6. Some think usefull i hope. THere was several times said, that class push strategy backfires awfully. If he came and says: "I asked devs. Devs said that everything is fine, this time they tested every thing and are sure, that there will be not overdominant deck with 70% winrate" Some thing like this will make me realy possitive about new exp. Curently i'm on positive sid, since my rune and shadow have some good potential options. But blood powercreeped grimnir package is like dark cloud on a blue sky. Also it will be very nice to know how devs interpret our messages and what conclusions/desicions they are making. Some thing like " Here, there was a message about X, we read it and thougth it is pretty cool idea"
  7. He is community meneger, we are community. Didn't see any problem. He is dead like a mounth already + disscusion have a good point. Why shouldn't we inform him about important stuff. He is collecting feedback and data, so here is some data.
  8. @Mouse people are concerned about dark future... can you drop some light of wisdom?
  9. **** rump dragon, play 6 cards to win the game is such a bull**** piece of
  10. oops, looks like I droped old version. Here is my curent one.
  11. Grimnir cost 3 mana, zeus 10
  12. Yes, but nobody exepct Dragon will not play Baha. Baha have no earlygame. Grimmnir is run bt everybody.
  13. unfair strategies?? LoL WUT? The only unfair strategy is cheating, every thing else is a part of the game. Also whta if I thinking that Grimnir it self is unfair strategy? I play ER, I played AA and Juno. I wasted 4 cards + alot of mana, to build a wall. Why in **** my investment should be destroyed by ****ing 3 drop? Also I got hit in a face for 4. I lost all my resources, al my value, all my set up for what? I got hit in a face and opponent who should not kille mesuddently have a range to do so, why? Why should I ever play board control and ER in general if my entire deck is killed by some 3 mana ****er? Dude, you will not win in this battle.
  14. This is my goto deck for doing sword quests. Yes it works on ladder. Yesterday I played with it, got 3 wins streak. With maid leaders and luxi you basicaly evolving itch turn after 4. You are fighting very well for the board against other aggro decks.
  15. I know dat feeling. I had same ****, but I was storm heaven against elana heaven.. My amulets were Odined.. twice... in a raw..! I was sitting like, who in hell runs triple odin(!) in elana(!!) heaven(!!!) novadays.