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  1. K what control deck do you play?
  2. i want to win on my turms
  3. 1 was serapth, 2 were birds, 1 was aegis and last one was some sort of concede deck. I dont have Daria, DShift is dead. I played tempo ER and was hoping for shadow or dragon.
  4. I'm in aa0 my self. This is demotivating. Storm dragons, mid-shadow and heaven. yesterday i got quest to win 4 games with rune. I played 5 heaven in a raw! lost to ll of them. **** this ****.
  5. Also the problem is only shadow heaven and dragon can kill it via 1 spell turn 2 or 3.
  6. @Mouse, dude, people are salty. Can you clarify some things? - Is it true, that devs dont want classic grinder type of control decks to exist in SV? - What ER deck devs were talking about, when they said ER will be part of the meta? Can you drop list, or at least name key cards? - Do you have some inside on game statistics? Meta reports shows that shadow 70% winrat agaist rune, wich is nuts, wich is worse then Daria/roach statistics from RoB. It feels like there is no tier 2 decks.. We have tier 1 decks, and tier 3 decks, no middle ground, no backup plan.
  7. I'm kinda okay with rune beeing a hipster decks, but the power level of shadow and dragon is so high, that any other deck just cant contest. Also if you have decent deck against shadow and/or dragon, this deck will be destroyed by aegis, without chances, wich is sad. SO you cant even build "antimeta" deck..
  8. I think b/c cerb howl is stoped by ward, need space and can be out healed befor combo is played. you can ignor ward as tyrant + if you play minthe turn 5, tyrant turn 6, they have to remove minthe leaving them without time for heal, also 13/13 body is actualy a bahamut
  9. y, but if you canot do it he will get value. Grimnir is the same ****, but with garantyed value.
  10. So, is there a good minthe/tyrant deck? here is deck i found online https://shadowverse-portal.com/deck/1.5.63FiQ.63FiQ.63FiQ.65BUS.65BUS.65BUS.5_QqY.5_QqY.63Ezi.63Ezi.6EmHC.6EmHC.6EmHC.6Ei7Q.6Ei7Q.6Ei7Q.6CsCi.6CsCi.6737K.6737K.6Ejr6.6Ejr6.6Ejr6.63Kb4.63Kb4.6Ejqy.6Ejqy.6Ejqy.6EojI.6EojI.63MII.63MII.63JsW.63JsW.63KbE.63KbE.63KbE.6EojS.6EojS.6EojS How good is it? Also I have 0 hectars, do I realy need it for this type of deck? Gamepress have this deck https://shadowverse.gamepress.gg/deck/5411/aggro-tyrantminthe-shadowcraft no midnight tho..
  11. Turn 7 no hechtar? You were playing against week shadow player.
  12. Well this is 49% winrate heaven deck from statistics)
  13. missed leg i think is zeus. Zeus realy ****s shadow, if you manage to play it. If you put all this stuff, you win against aggro shadow and lose to everything else in ladder. Also you have no wincodtion, apart from grindout swarm.
  14. Actualy they are much better then I thought they will be. OHOHOHOH is actualy pretty good)