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  1. https://shadowverse.com/news/?announce_id=616 Black queen - text adjustments. Everdark Stryx will be changed to Everdark Strix. WTF patch is this?
  2. Forum issues

    Taking a stick and poking @Mouse to see, if he's dead or just hibernate...
  3. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    Actualy not? She were played when she was relised, then droped in the end of that same expantion. And she went into oblivion until rotation. There were individuals who stil played her, but it was minority. Daria were the most hated and the most loved card at the same time. CY desided to keep her unchanged, b/c of her emotional impact on the players. Or something like that.
  4. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    What is curent DAlice deck look like? Add cannon tutor?
  5. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    GOD DAMN IT! Almost went 5-0. I ****ed up 2 last turns and got hit by unexpected Aegis into unexpected HK. ***. I was this close! Victoria couldn't break them @Mr.Smiley Try to play 2-3 hours pre this post.
  6. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    It feels like you didn't took anything from posts erlier
  7. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    HOLY **** STAIN, BATMAN! 4-1 with PUPPET PORTAL!1111 First try! Damn, I'm happy. 1) Aggro forest. This one played extremly bad. I dunno if he was bad, or just unlucky. But turn 8 Orchis - end turn with evo ready, doesn't run any bell for him. Orchis into second Orchis - beutifull rare lethal. 2) Summit heaven. Dude played badly. He refused to evo no matter what. Dude died with 2 evo-points. (Actualy last turn he wasted 1 evo, but it wasn't metter already). This game had top 10 anime lethals in it. Double Noah into unexpected 15 dmg from hand!!! Did I get lucky, or summit players can't play good if they do not have summit in starting hand? Can some one tell me how skill intensive this deck is? 3) Another aggo forest. This one got me. I went first and coudn't abuse evo. My turn 5-6 were weak, I didn't draw aoe. He forced me to waste all puppets turn 7 and finished me turn 9 with no cards in hand, 1 fairy on a board and 1 evo-orb. I had 3 hp... I'm still not sure if wasting puppets was correct play... 4) Aggro rune. I didn't classify deck correctly fast enought and made weak turn 2 play. I started to panic, but he didn't draw any levi (or didn't droped them, b/c I was expecting it and played accordenly) and totaly ignore 5/5 Orchis - end turn. O_O First time I killed some one with vanilla Orchis 5) Last one is new leg blood. Dude played sheaps and vengeance stuff. He constantly had 6+ cards in hand, but used only 6 mana aoe.. It felt weird and weak. Things started to get intence turn 8. Dude had 11 hp and leaved Zwei on board. I wasn't sure, I was low on pupets. I Decided to drop 2/1 on a board and passed. It was correct play. Dude instany played Vania, didn't get ward and was dead next turn. I cannot say if it was a mistake from him, or he realy had nothing... Over all it was strange. I have mixed filling. I'm not sure if I played against ordinar players, or simply nobody have no idea about puppet late game. In 3 games turn 8 Orchis + pass was simply ignored.
  8. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    Cygames are good at making us hyped about trivial things in the end. The temptation is real. You kinda have some life experience and self aware to be hooked only 1 time.
  9. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    highnoon is also managebale
  10. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    Correct. I live in Russia.
  11. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    We have an example here. Old tempo forest deck. CY admitted that pre-nerf gobu deck sneaked from them, wich led to the horroble meta and correct fix. Funny fact, the deck was discovered midexpantion period. It was not day 1, week 1 build. Kinda have to give probs for creating environment where good deck can be discovered at anytime of the meta.
  12. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    Same here. There is also a sneaky strat, to play when all tryhards are sleeping. It is early morning for me. You can find you own time by playing ranked at different time.
  13. Meta Report April 9th - 15th 2018

    Well I belive they do testing. And do it better then Blizz f.e. There are details that you are see only after playing for a while. For example: - you can't combo darkqueen with arthur in one turn. - you can't combo bear with darkqueen in the middle game. - you can't play 3 moon and suns, but you can play exactly 2. - Empty hand Orchis gives you exactly 3 puppets to make perfect turn 9 Noah with 4 puppets. There is other stuff like this. Those a small ajustments to make some combo better and other less broken. Those are result of testing. Things you talking about are problems of fully optimised decks, "tested" by several millions of players. You can't predict that far in a future. For example, CY new how sword and heaven decks will probably look, they tested it inside and it was shown that cards X helps against them and created interesting back and forth. And then, after relise and millions of test, it turns out that card X is not worth or pushed out via meta balance. How can you predic that? Bashing cykagames for not patch is ok, b/c it is what should be done (or a least make an official reply). How ever blaming them for not testing stuff I belive is unjust... Just look at HS f.e. People ragin about jabber day 1 cancer and bugs. FCN BUGS in a card game in 2018. Bugs so obvious, they wre found day 1. Like woodoo doll and chamelious interactions.
  14. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    I know how you feel. The moment GP is over you will be very happy In the last GP some one did 5-0 with DAlice deck and it blowed my mind. My experience tells, that playing only 1 deck is better, then jumping. Especialy if you are low on cards. GP is very random, just use all your attempts and kinda dont bother with it. I was like you previous GP, I stressed alot. Imagine that you had already lost Vania sleeve and keep hammering that nail with your deck. Deck experience matter alot in this format. I belive Zero posted a pic with 1-4 midsword, wich is extremly unlucky after 7 winstreak in ranked. There will be matches that you have no way of winning. You actualy have them every single day, problem is stakes are so high, that you notice them and became fixed on them.