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  1. Ya, there is insect blue/yellow (or is it purple/yellow?) deck. But it works more like jade golem deck. I haven't seen storm combos in Eternal...
  2. 1. Why? 2. You can code pxl position to do mouse click as well as spacebar press. There is no difference in result. Also I'd sujest to add "all rest minions go face" button.
  3. topic-black-swan-shadow/ - no black swain in a list Well over all pure tyrant lists are weak curently, not enough meat in a deck. Troth curse is pretty good, I play it in nep shadow.
  4. Nice sword bait!
  5. It depends of how involved you become. They give alot of resources at the start. But every thing is very expencive. PVE content is at the top lvl. I enjoy it lot. In about month you will suck all PVE stuff, and then it will go ranked or go home.
  6. When? not soon I hope. people becaming nerf addicted wich is not good.
  7. Fantom drago is asked to be put into slacking angel/tears deck.
  8. @Taigane Activision/Worner defenetly hopes for it beeing a norma.
  9. OH MY GOD! RAMP BuL**** Finaly BROKE THE GAME! What a wounderfull news! PDK is not a problem, garantied ramp is. Going HS steps. 5 mana draw 3 cards heal+ramp is tempo loss only against aggro deck. Midrange deck will have like 4 dmg on board wich is totaly manageble with heal. I'm against instant nerfs, how ever. Let people adapt. If CY show not intetions of fixing it instantly people will start to think. Starcase is busted in several decks.
  10. This is multilayered concide ER deck. You control the board untile the moment opponent give up, or you drew your bombs. Things I noticed: - 1 Juno, 1 Olivia and 1 PTP is perfect amount. You dont need more of those. - PTP activates around turn 12. - Abom into Concentration = GG if abom wasn't traded. - Remi/Rami is great. Thing I'm not sure about: - is it worth to add last Abom? - is it worth to add 1 Stella instead of 1 AA? - is it worth to add 3 Golem assault? - All Levi/Taboo/Camatous thing. I'd like to hear feedback and mayby some testing. I dont have 3d Abom so I'cant properly tested it.
  11. I coming for you! >:X
  12. Isn't OZ and Daria have antisynergie?
  13. Damn! This is salt from the past! Delicious!
  14. Finaly finished.. Rune quest was easy TNX GOD. Control ER eat those ****ers alive. Opened Python from victory pack... FML
  15. I build deck to **** all aggro... BUT NOW I PLAY AGAINS COMBO ONLY!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS BULL****!