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  1. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Pls no more high cost storms for dragon cygames. 4 hours ego I had 18 hp, had board and got destroyed, just b/c was playing against dragon. It is not even hiden b/h 10 mana or evolve.. It has double speed up! It gonna be chose btwn sibyl or this dude on 6.... Do you like small storms? how about big storms! Interesting to know cygames opinion on fact that only dragon plays neutral legs, b/c it can abuse it and prevent anybody to play them?
  2. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Do you have twitter, can you ask him out?
  3. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    I love that channel. I like big head moments. My favorite joke is "Kripp, I'm God, you are second comming!" "....**** going second!" I laugh so hard every time Dude is silent for 2 month already...
  4. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Tyrannosaurus rekt!
  5. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Enchanc library is good amulet. I played it.
  6. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    already covered. Why Nep is dead? O_O In 90% of the time 1 mord is enough to win the game. Also it is heavy heaven card, not dragon one(**** dragon, played 4 in a raw today rtrying do my seraph quests. nice 18 dmg from hand. fun and interactive). It is better acolyte, but nobody plays acolyte. This card help again skeleton/bats spam, but it is not like heaven have negative winrate against shadow any way. People are overreacting on this card. It doesn't target amulets, so it has no reason to be played in mirrors.
  7. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Get hyped. New cards, New mechanics! (Sick art as well. Dat shadow 2/1!) https://i.4cdn.org/vg/1513153913000.jpg?__cf_waf_tk__=047853002gGigsNRAv72-I-xvGxh__-jN81Y Reanimate - Resummon one highest cost card sent to the graveyard that is lower or equal to the number written on the card. Randomly pick if there's a tie. Reanimate (2) means you resummon one highest cost follower that's 2pp or less. Sacrifice - Put a follower from hand into play and destroy it. Doesn't trigger Last Words. Basicaly the idea is that some of card will send your minions from hand into graveyard (without LW) and some cards will put creatures from graveyard into play (without fanfare), paying it's cost in shadows. Or some ****. Need off confirmations. New rune cards! Rune will have new trait. it is called Mysteria. Basicaly it is a set of cards who sinergies one with other. Like pirates, or beasts. Runecraft Legendary Mysteria Follower 5 cost 4/4 > 6/6 Fanfare: Give your leader the ability "Your spells do 1 extra damage" for the rest of the game. This ability can stack. Runecraft Gold Mysteria Follower 3 cost 2/2 > 4/4 At the end of your turn, randomly add Mysteria Magic Burst or Mysteria Magic Shield to your hand. If Mysteria Magic Burst or Mysteria Magic Shield is not played this turn but Mysteria cards are played, add a Mysteria Rite into your hand instead. Silver Runecraft Mysteria Spell Randomly add Mysteria Magic Burst or Mysteria Magic Shield to your hand. Bronze Runecraft Mysteria Follower Whenever a Mysteria card is played and your board does not have a Mysteria Beast Nick, summon a Mysteria Beast Nick. Bronze Runecraft Mysteria Follower 2 cost 2/2 > 4/4 Last Words: Randomly add a Mysteria Magic Burst or Mysteria Magic Shield into your hand if you have other Mysteria cards in play. TOKENS Mysteria Beast Nick Bronze Runecraft Mysteria Follower Token 1 cost 1/1 > 3/3 Last Words: Spellboost the cards in your hand once. Mysteria Magic Burst Bronze Runecraft Mysteria Spell Token 2 cost Deal 3 damage to an enemy follower. Deal 1 damage to the opponent. Mysteria Magic Shield Brone Runecraft Mysteria Spell Token 2 cost Summon a Clay Golem. Give all allied Clay Golems Ward. Mysteria Rite Bronze Runecraft Mysteria Spell Token 5 cost If you have a Mysteria card in play, this card costs 3 instead. Deal 3 damage to an enemy and summon a Guardian Golem. Looks like starting with rotation we will have themed packs of cards. Like Daria package, like Mysteria package. Also we can hope that every expantion will have some unique mechanics like Sac/Rea. Bonus heaven card. Banish enemy follower and all followers with the same name.
  8. Half-F2P half-aggro dragon

    1. I kinda forget that golden followers are a thing. 2. There are oracle for utility. If you didn't het 2 drop you can ramp and after 7 turn it is aditional draw wich is better then 3 drop. Emissary is for Forte pull. It will always pull Forte, your strongest follower. Without it deck will be alot less consistent. No you dont reach 10pp to win. Urd is good. I can totaly see it beeng swap for somethig but I dont know what for. I kinda get used to it. Here is direct link for deck PNG.
  9. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    http://blog.livedoor.jp/shadowv/archives/22834289.html new portalcraft cards Hakurabi : 5pp 4/4 Gold Fanfare : Add 1 random artifact to your hand. If in resonance, add 2 Mass Production of life. 0pp Spell. Gold Reduce the cost of an artifact in your hand by 1. Add 3 artifact cards of the same type to your deck. Icarus : 2pp 2/2 Silver. Add 2 ancient artifacts to your deck. Evolve : Draw a random artifact from your deck and add it to your hand. Gravity Warrior. 4pp 3/4 Bronze. Fanfare : Add 2 random artifacts to your deck. Evolve : Draw a random artifact from your deck and add it to your hand Lilim, lovely succusubs. 3pp 1/5. Fanfare : Your leader gains the ability : During your turn, whenever your leader takes damage, restore 1 playpoint, until this follower leaves the board.
  10. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Yes. roach suppport. Oh w8...
  11. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Official cards FML. Why are ER legs is so god awefull? CY trying their hardest to make sure that they all generaly are not good. In a world where Aegis, Seraph, Albert, Elephant, Roach exist how/why will I play this garbo? Fcn Olivia looks better
  12. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Mordeki is that you? Dolls have no end?
  13. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    3 mana 2/2 Hounted mension.
  14. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/12/12/designing-portalcraft-and-embracing-resonance ign interview with devs about Ivan TL;DR: - Ivan will get 42 exp cadrs + 11 basic cards - Over all there will be 13 resonance cards and 5 artifacts cards. All artifacts are tokens with abilityes above the power curve. - Portalcraft is strong in the midrange and control territory. Deus EX machina is not for aggro list. - Devs implemented so far 2 types of decks. Pupets one and Artifact one. - 28 december is the date of expasion.