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  1. And more that is ridiculous... I even understand that Portal had a low win rate before for having few cards plus 2 old classes with a Win Rate of those lol... I'm thinking of burying myself for a while in the Unlimited even though Haven and Sword are broken. Because my soul belongs to the Queen
  2. After much frustration testing Bloodcraft and Shadowcraft I decided to burn my vials on a Swordcraft deck ( after all everyone knows Sword is a solid class... ) If you are a Blood or Shadow player I really recommend that you wait until Cygames takes some action regarding Haven and Sword because there is a very large power level difference between some classes in the game ( just so you know a Haven and Sword has a victory rate +60% when they go first in unlimited format soucer: )
  3. balance changes!

    Return my Baphomet back!!! Everyone knows that Alice was the culprit with her damn 1,2,3 Alice the "Cupid Devil" is not to blame I want back my OTK Blood!!! Azazel and Laura Eternal Love!!! Blood Mary and Soul Dealer Perfect Couple!!! Meme Serpent turn 6!!!
  4. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    It seems that someone read my "reminder" on the previous poster was already thinking that they had forgotten to throw her spoiler... A funny thing if this translation really is right, and that if your opponent ignores it in unlimited format it can end up generating a lot of edge with some older cards
  5. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    Take 2 card
  6. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    Combo Blood is coming
  7. Goodbye hopes of a drop 6 for Puppet Portal... Rest in Peace Dolls
  8. The only time that Blood was oppressive was in Wonderland Dreams and it was because of the 1,2,3 Alice it was not the fault of Baphomet in turn 5 the funniest and that they nerfed half of the expansion just to nerf Alice a few days before arriving Starforged Legends... Well I'll wait to see I'm curious how they'll add this mini-pack
  9. 2pp that destroys anything... completely balanced... already I saw that Cygames really worries when their favorite classes are not in tier 1 But I must admit that the card is very beautiful.
  10. Yes, exactly if you already played with a Pure Puppet Deck, you probably noticed that until the 5 turn you have enough puppets in the hand but there are not good cards in the 5 and 6 turn you end up burning them all puppet to control table the Zwein was a good addition insufficient to hold your puppets until turn 8 and 9 ( logically that you can use some options of neutral cards here but we all know that people prefer "thematic" options with the deck ) As I said and a difficult card to evaluate without forehead, I do not know to have informs if she is good or bad without me to use on a deck of puppets
  11. Hmm let's see the drops 5 of Puppet portal: Masked Puppet - which can become a great creature if you burn a lot of puppets Automaton Soldier - you can act aggressively while burning your puppets with ward to protect yourself or save the costumes to be used with Noah Well either way it usually does not work well on turn 5 This new card is one that is difficult to evaluate without testing, to have a Victory in turn 5 and quite tempting, either she can destroy almost all followers who used evo to change the previous turn, Lloyd seems to be more interesting when used on turn 7..., however it appears to be a better option than the current options turn 5 for Puppet Portal ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ I'm still surprised that so far there is no drop 6 for Puppet Portal ( maybe it's the legendary mini-pack? )
  12. Finally Playing some Old Blood - Joy!

    Did anyone call me? On C. Blood he is practically non-existent in the rotation ranks (although I saw some in the Grand Prix Rotation Cup), Reach was a good addition to Blood's more Brand ... well Diabolic Drain and much better On Vengeance Blood looking at the cards that we lose in rotation and what we have I would say that "Aggressive" deck will no longer exist in Rotation, because even if you play Waltz in turn 3 the problem and play Blood Moon in turn 4 This is a turn that uses evolution if you did not control the table until here the opponent will simply evolve his creature directly attack you and put you with less than 10 life points doing with that Blood Moon that you lost 1 whole turn to play lose (if at least she recycles like Summit Temple something like "if your leader has 10 hit points or less and you have a Blood Moon in play, destroy Blood Moon buy 2 cards") More Blood Moon usually works well in Control Blood (because of Drain creatures and healing effects that make you take Blood Moon's lost turn) so nothing prevents Waltz from being an interesting choice for the control deck So summarizing based on what we have so far: IF THERE IS a Vengeance Blood deck in the rotation, it will be more control-oriented for a "Control Vengeance Blood" (perhaps using the new Vania to heal, Reach to clear the table, and Psema as the finisher) In the unlimited Vengence Blood aggressive deck will retire to Belphegor and use 3 Blood Moon and 3 Waltz ( yes maybe this has some consistency here since there is Diabolic Drain and Cursebrand Vampire ) since in that format there is Roach...
  13. Budget Competitive Decks

    Aggro Forest where:
  14. Sincerely I'm worried about Blood in the current situation we are not in good standing in the Rotation we are practically dead in the Unlimited (Roach and AtoZeus, Daria), Serpent Blood was abandoned, we did not have the "reprint" of the older sister of Lilith the Succubus... In the end I do not know the Cygames what to do ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯