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  1. Favourite moments?

    Well now we know that Blood needs a card with the effect of the Yurius, more that cause damage to you Quite strange that Cygames has brought one of the Succubus Sisters in this expansion ( is it that she "forgot" just as it was with Romeo and Juliet in Wonderland Dreams and only brought them later in Starfoged Legends ) Well we're hoping for them to come in the next expansion...
  2. Favourite moments?

    Note: Loki is there because I wanted to test a certain "theory" you can change it by Maestrom Serpent ( since the deck is well aimed for vengeance )
  3. Acceleratium is a problem

    Actually acceleration is going to be a probable problem in the future, not now ( after all, the class does not have 40% of victory... ) On the rarity of the cards I agree that the rarer a better card, it should be more like the other card games like to place some completely out of curve cards with their rarity ( the new shadow amulet has at least rarity silver there ) to Cygames seems to enjoy doing this too About Cat because people hate her so much? 3/2 Rush is nothing new in Sword and she still puts 2 cards 3/1 with Rush ( that for some strange reason people find it bad... ) if people are having problems balancing the deck with buy and replace not her fault is not and after all everyone adores cat girl does not?
  4. Favourite moments?

    I figured that the Puppet was a weak deck since it did not get any legendary or gold card in that expansion, but I was wrong, and a very reasonable deck, great for anyone who wants to try Portalcraft and wants a Cheap Deck ( Budget Deck )
  5. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    I'm really disappointing with the last cards of blood so I had rubbish lol on the arena card (and pretty bad...) Terror Demon - Has the attributes below average and still has an effect that you will never get active 2 times in the game and Drain (which is a half-mouth ability to only good creature with drain in the game and Righteous Devil) Devil Blade - And A Royal Banner Worsened Glassbrand Demon - There's just so much better that this thing is simply enough to take up space in the game...
  6. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    ++= Ok ok missed Vania more is already suspected for the next expansion... More serious Artifacts and almost certainty that will play only have strong card in this look at this Safira on turn 10... I see that only Lilith came and not her sister to Succubus, Cygames must have forgotten her just as they forgot to put Romeo and Juliet in Wondeland Dreams...
  7. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    I think I'll play the 2 most afraid of Roach and D-Shift in the unlimited... I'm a little sad that Beast Dominator has not come back and by the way Cygames will not support Medusa and her sisters in this expansion
  8. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Nacht and Fulminous Demon Power Creep I think Cygames was inspired by my video:
  9. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    and I thinking that Cygames had kicked them out of the academy will it be that she read my post from page 16 and remember them
  10. Favourite moments?

    While expansion does not come...
  11. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    I honestly do not understand the people, they say that Arthur is not good because of Board Clear as if decks controls were the majority of the decks that people play plus if they did not have Board Clean Arthur would be completely broken as there would be no way to counter he
  12. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Do not you like the little friend? The reddit people are saying that he also put comandanter not so officer so I see someone shouting from far away "PERSEUS"
  13. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    More Portalcraft cards
  14. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis no blood