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  1. Honestly I'm hating (almost giving up) before my deck control Serpent was doing pretty well before the nerf (had got enough AA2) now falls to half of AA1 Who is in AA rank knows what I'm talking about this rank is looking like hell easily you lose 5 battles in a row and do not talk to me on netdeck because they do not run ( you can not get enough victories to reach the master ) I think the Cygames will have to make some change in the AA rank because with the amount of players that are in that rank and with the classes "balanced" apparently you can not get out of that hell
  2. Remember Eachtar: Snakes never forget and neither forgive...
  3. Money can not save you Kaiba!!!
  4. Well many players think that Vania and Veight are brothers of blood... but not well and well (at least in the past) Vania really is the daughter of the Queen of Vampires, successor to the throne, plus she and the type that is more important to her interests than the bummer of being princess, irresponsible and immature (this will cost you later...) always Fleeing the castle to see the world outside The Vampire Queen then decides to bring Veight to stay "Eye" in it (here I do not know to tell you for sure if he was transformed into a vampire by the Queen or if he was somebody of the vampire nobility) more and factor that Veight has a A great admiration for the Queen of the Vampires (many of her art have reference to Queen) and a certain hatred for Vania, at least in the beginning, because she shows no respect for the Queen nor her responsibilities, Veight demonstrates the typical arrogance of the nobility what Vania hates at the beginning Well Veight becomes Vania's coast guard (so that's why they gave Ward's ability to him ) Vania treats him more like a pet talking about it Vania has another pet a Dragon named Malinda the one she met in a Of her escapes from the castle, because she has taken care of her since she is a cub, she considers Vania as her mother (will we have her in the future...) Due to her position and her, she does not get along very well with the other vampire nobles Vania so te two close friends Spinaria and Sapphira (this last one and the daughter of the Soul Dealer ... ok and joke forget that ok...) Leave their story and how they met for another time... Vania and Veight after some time together began to be "close" here was never very explicit but I think we better keep it secret, do not tell the Queen!!! Due to some "tragedies" that can not be avoided, since Vania and Veight was not around (I said Vania's fleeting ones were going to cost them dearly) Vania was forced to Succeed the throne, but it was not easy, many persecutions , Struggles, manipulations, she finally got her "responsibility" back along with Veight who stayed by her side all this time But Vania has become somewhat "bitter" even as Veight tries to cheer her up in an attempt to bring her brightness back, now they have to rebuild their destroyed reign... To finish here is one of the art of "adult" Vania Unfortunately I do not have the adult Veight, many arts have been lost the long years even the very sites of Range of Bahamut are Incomplete missing many arts (I call them Lost Arts)
  5. I'm waiting for the old cards buff... I give up...
  6. Make the cards unnecessary in useful pls cygames... (My Beast Dominator is waiting... )
  7. I preferred a thousand times the Devil of the Bands... ops the Azazel than the Dark General...
  8. I had been commenting on this when she left she is not that good, many see her as if it were BOB the MTG (which deals damage to the enemy instead of you) plus the detail and that BOB does not stop you from throwing land per turn... She's interesting on an Aggro deck and maybe as a fake creature of cost 10 (more toddlers and dragging a very slow game because of the Aegis from the Haven ...)
  9. Really more ... not impossible, Spellweaver at one time had if I do not mistake 2 patches of buffs that resurrected some deck that were dead... Well, dream...
  10. Who says I have all those cards? Anyway, it would be incredible to see cards never played before like Fafnir the Skullfane did not need to be absurd things, for example, from Rush to Medusa ( or Bane that fits better with Lore ), it would certainly be used on some deck. Sometimes nerfs would not even be necessary if this were done And we have to admit mainly that some cards in the basic collection have a serious designer flaw (which is somewhat "natural" since it was the beginning of the game) I see the buff of some cards as a positive way to give a "breath of life" to them who have never seen a game, let the players that already have them happy and still open the opportunity for new deck to suggest ( who knows a Dragon discard that works... )
  11. Yes I know the changes on July 29 will probably be nerfs on some cards of the new expansion, but who knows could be a buff on some old cards (basic collection and DE) here I just put the gold and legendary cards ( some bronze and silvers that needed to be revamped ) some of them did not even need to undergo major changes, only minor adjustments And which cards would you most like to add? And what changes would you make in them? (Without leaving them OP pls)
  12. In what part was the word "Nerf" written? It may be a buff on the old cards that have never seen the game "Ne Skullfane that was once 5PP homesick..." Okay, it costs nothing to dream...
  13. Sneak Sneak Spawn and Meme remember this (seriously how many times do I have to say this...) Do not get me wrong, but this and the best Meta since DE I'm not seeing anything "OP" that causes imbalance is the time to stop and look at what you have. Yes 11 victories in a row, I went from AA0 to AA1 using this deck the base of Medusa and Maelstrom, my God Cygames had to cast Furtive Fangs so I finally understand that Medusa is not rubbish now I know why she is a Gold card. I'm almost in the middle of AA1 I think that in 1 week I'll arrive in AA2 (only the night game practically) The problem is that people are not having the ability to counter the current Meta and not the fault of Cygames (at least not this time) and there joins the Blood Abyss for incompetence. Look at your Damn Collection!!!
  14. Remember Spawn and Meme they said it themselves
  15. Abyss is nothing against the Power of Cats