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  1. The Spawn of the Abyss nerf does not even care since he is a creature with ambush and it does not even depend on vengeance to take off so much damage, plus the Baphomet was a key card of several decks and the fact that it was nerfed killed many decks so in the end the Cygames finally solves the problem of expansion Alice that ironically was just at the end of its expansion (after all it has already sold its expansion we do not need it anymore...) Now Blood and the class less played with "practically" no competitive deck ( even Loli Medusa failed to raise Blood's popularity )
  2. Do not tell me you want Cygames to nerf half the expansion until it hits the real problem? How many cards were unfairly prejudiced until they got Alice... Believe Baphomet make a mistake... ( 1 deck died with the nerf and 3 were harmed )
  3. But Elana and a good deck do not tell me that you never lost to Tenko... But I agree that amulets that do not have cumulative effects are half useless... ( mainly those who do not have Countdown because it occupies space on the table and the other in his hand and a dead card )
  4. I do not know why people are talking so much about this card ( just because she's incredible :D ) let her in peace use her and be happy
  5. Almost Perfect...
  6. I'am Dreaming?!?
  7. Under Night In Birth I thought no one else remembered that. I was shocked when I heard I used one of the songs when I was opening the expansion packs
  8. Translating Galretto is useless then , but for sure I was not the only one to think about it after all it has nothing in its description that if it becomes immune to effects and spell it loses its effect I wanted to see if my plan with Galretto would work out but did not win the fight :D
  9. Do you really think that the effect of Galretto would break the game?
  10. So Bug or works as intended? what is your opinion about Galretto in effect not being targeted by spells and effects? In theory Galretto should not be target of spells and effects and protect your other creatures and you of spells and effects more as you can see no and this happens...
  11. Remember Me?
  12. 70% of the PDK Dragon that I face nor use this card on the deck so do not... leave Staircase to Paradise in peace Aggro Sword is not the problem since even if you go second you can handle it if you are playing in control Already PDK and another story...
  13. Aggro Sword is not the problem use creatures with Ward and Unica and win them More PDK really is a real problem since the deck does everything and this makes it unbalanced If I came a nerf will be sure about the PDK
  14. Mr. Full Moon Saves the Day!!!