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  1. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    Went 4-1 with Dragon. Lost 1st game, won last game in a race against Seraph after overextending against Themis (forgot that was a thing l0l). Didn't see a single person like that. >_> At most just a hello in the beginning.
  2. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    Went 4-1 with Forest, the 1 loss was the result of a misplay on my part playing Bahamut into 5 5/5 Serpents. Regrets, I've had a few.
  3. Leader Poll and 50 Free Boosters

    Pretty disappointed by these leaders. Only really like the Haven one, and even then I prefer moon bunny which I already got. At least I don't have to worry about not getting Toy Soldier. Maybe Aisha will be interesting with her psycho sounding voice.
  4. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    Went 4-1 with Sword round 1, 5-0 with Haven round 2. Haven't played enough to say which class is strongest, but Haven doesn't seem bad at all. Sword is solid also.
  5. Talk About Whatever

    I'm pretty excited to play the new game, even though it's been delayed to next year. Hopefully the story will be better than Fates l0l. It looks like the girl will be the main character and the teacher unit might be a customizable player unit. It could be interesting. I wonder if having your unit command a bunch of soldiers will have a large impact on the game mechanically. It was always unrealistic that you had just a few guys taking on entire armies, but I figure that even with the addition of more soldiers it's still much less than reality. It looks like there's may be more activated skills e.g. Magic / Combat Arts. I always thought that the combat in FE could be more complicated, but the simplicity was also part of the game's charm. I'll have to wait and see if I like these new additions. I've always been struck with how otherworldly some FE music can be, like with the chanting near the beginning of the trailer, the Heron songs in the Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn series, and Azura's singing. I'm not completely sold on the new art style, but maybe it'll grow on me. Edit: Also I hope Three Houses doesn't mean it's split into three games like Fates l0l.
  6. Free Packs = no leg , no golds.

    1 Legendary in the 3rd 5 packs (Barbarossa). Somehow my luck in these free packs is much better than my normal luck.
  7. Free Packs = no leg , no golds.

    Got 3 legendaries from the first 5 packs, then got 3 legendaries from the 2nd 5 packs l0l.
  8. So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

    See you space cowboy.
  9. Cygames becames official EVO sponsor

    Oh, I watched a few minutes of it. Why is it called the canopi video? It's pretty weird to see their logo at a soccer game l0l.
  10. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    Latham seems decent. Other reveals were not great. I guess Albert isn't getting a reprint l0l. Maybe he can be demoted to a Gold since Latham was promoted to Legendary l0l.
  11. Cygames becames official EVO sponsor

    What's the canopi video?
  12. New expansion: Brigade of the Sky

    None of the 3 cards so far seem particularly exciting. Maybe Forte can get a reprint, although looking at the Granblue version it seems a bit different from Shadowverse.
  13. Cygames becames official EVO sponsor

    I never knew the horse girl anime was related to Cygames. Where do people come up with these ideas l0l.
  14. It feels weird to have the new expansion right after the mini-expansion. >_>
  15. Dawnbreak Nightedge 2nd Rotation GP

    Thanks, though I think there are more newer players than I'm used to. Finally got a 5-0 on my 4th try with Lindworm.
  16. Dawnbreak Nightedge 2nd Rotation GP

    Went 4-1 with Arcus Shadow. In the 1 loss I misplayed, clearing a 6/6 allowing the opponent to play Aegis instead of being board-locked, and short 1 shadow for lethal with the 10pp do 10 damage lady. I've gone 4-1 3 times in a row now l0l.
  17. Dawnbreak Nightedge 2nd Rotation GP

    Went 4-1 (Round 2) with Maelstrom Serpent.
  18. Dawnbreak Nightedge 2nd Rotation GP

    Went 4-1 Lindworm (1st round). The 1 loss was to Haven where I drew all my non-spell cards and auto-lose to turn 9 Aegis.
  19. Leader Poll and 50 Free Boosters

    Wow. I wonder if Cygames will do something about this l0l.
  20. Leader Poll and 50 Free Boosters

    I don't know about the lore, and card utility doesn't matter to me when it's being used as a leader. Zwei / Orchis aren't exactly great in constructed right now anyway l0l. As for design and VA, I prefer Toy Soldier. Who is this youtuber anyway?
  21. Leader Poll and 50 Free Boosters

    I can't believe Toy Soldier is actually having a chance l0l. It looks like this might be my only choice that can win.
  22. Leader Poll and 50 Free Boosters

    Voted Forest: Zain (edgelord) Sword: Celia (crack that whip) Rune: Snowman King (funny voice) Dragon: Lindworm (favorite deck currently) Shadow: Ceridwen (like the character, though I prefer the gold version) Blood: Scarlet Sabreur (redhead) Haven: Taurus (PURIFICATION) Portal: Toy Soldier (funny voices)
  23. CytheS Summit Haven (unlimited)

    Have you considered Aether Wing? It works well with Moon Bunny. If you do decide to include it, Cleric Lancer also works well with it, blocks Roach / aggro fairly effectively, and also works well with Summit.
  24. Went 4-1 with midrange sword. Played against a lot of Forest.
  25. As you know, this is very much a luck-based game, so if luck is not on your side then there's not much you can do. BTW chaining Daria is not a common occurrence. I don't think I did it once in my run. Doing it in 1/5 games might even be higher than average.