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  1. A bit o’ advice!

    I'd say Ol' Saint Nicholas is one of the best cards in the deck. And it's silver, so it's cheap. Most decks nowadays are pretty expensive, but Aggro Forest is another list that isn't too heavy on the vials, and quite effective.
  2. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    Sword Gold / Portal Legendary don't seem great IMO. New Rune Legendary / Blood Gold: https://www.reddit.com/r/Shadowverse/comments/97glb5/new_rune_legendary_and_blood_gold_cards_revealed/ Rune 4PP 3/3 > 5/5 Accelerate 2: Do 1 damage to an enemy and summon Witch's Cauldron Fanfare Earth Rite: Do 3 damage to an enemy follower and 1 damage to enemy leader Evolve: If you have another follower, destroy an allied follower and get +2/+2 Blood 5PP 5/4 > 5/4 Accelerate 2: Do 3 damage to an enemy follower and 1 damage to your leader Evolve: Do damage to all enemy followers equal to how many times you took damage during your turns (counted same as Bat Boy) These two seem promising.
  3. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    I don't think Thunder Behemoth is as bad as people seem to think. It might even be pretty strong. We'll see. However it doesn't have much class synergy, it's more a standalone type card. it's not particularly exciting mechanically, being a copy of Hearthstone's Overload with a basic do 3 damage effect.
  4. Winner decks of BotS Unlimited GP

    In this one I went 4-0 with Dirt Rune, then lost the last game to PtP haven l0l.
  5. New prebuild decks are here

    I'm saying that vial-wise, you will get a better deal on average if you buy packs (assuming you use the daily deal). However, if the prebuilt deck contains a lot of specific cards you need that are Legendary / Gold, it could be worth it to go for it.
  6. New prebuild decks are here

    Comparing the value of prebuilt decks with packs.
  7. New prebuild decks are here

    In terms of golds and legendaries you get slightly more from the prebuilt on average, but the lower quantity of bronzes and silvers makes it a significantly worse deal vial-wise (on average).
  8. New prebuild decks are here

    I was thinking about buying some prebuilt decks for the alt art, but I'm not sure if I still like the game enough to buy them now. Sword one is garbage, Sylvan Justice has been losing favor, Shadow / Haven / Portal ones aren't great. Razory Claw for Blood, Insight for Rune, and Dragon Oracle for Dragon are the ones I would consider. If you buy 5000 crystals for $80 then they would cost $12.80 each, comparable to physical cards. If I buy all 3 then it will be $38.40, Cygames really knows how to make money l0l.
  9. I agree it's imbalanced, but usually Cygames doesn't care about individual cards that are out of line as long as the class is balanced.
  10. Favourite moments?

    Clearly the superior Haven deck l0l
  11. Brigade of the Sky 1st Rotation GP

    Went 5-0 with Lindworm. The trick is to go first a lot.
  12. Talk About Whatever

    Those two figurines together are probably more expensive than the TV behind them. That's some dedication.
  13. Got a slightly above average result. Got the best result out of anyone here and still complaining, not sure if troll l0l
  14. Brigade of the Sky 1st Rotation GP

    5-0 with Mid Sword first try. Seems balanced l0l
  15. What Were Your Brigade Pulls?

    10: 0L 10: Zeta, Despondent Chimera 4: 0L 10: Korwa, Selwyn, Bahamut 10: Spinaria, Adramelech 10: 0L 10: 0L 10: Garuda, Purson 10: Latham, Bahamut, Garuda, Zooey 10: Purson Total: 94 packs Legendary Count: 14 Got a pretty above average yield, surprisingly. No shiny though, which is unusual.
  16. The salt mega thread.

    All 3 Lindworm in the bottom 10 cards of my deck lmao.
  17. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    Went 4-1 with Dragon. Lost 1st game, won last game in a race against Seraph after overextending against Themis (forgot that was a thing l0l). Didn't see a single person like that. >_> At most just a hello in the beginning.
  18. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    Went 4-1 with Forest, the 1 loss was the result of a misplay on my part playing Bahamut into 5 5/5 Serpents. Regrets, I've had a few.
  19. Leader Poll and 50 Free Boosters

    Pretty disappointed by these leaders. Only really like the Haven one, and even then I prefer moon bunny which I already got. At least I don't have to worry about not getting Toy Soldier. Maybe Aisha will be interesting with her psycho sounding voice.
  20. 2nd Anniversary Take Two GP

    Went 4-1 with Sword round 1, 5-0 with Haven round 2. Haven't played enough to say which class is strongest, but Haven doesn't seem bad at all. Sword is solid also.
  21. Talk About Whatever

    I'm pretty excited to play the new game, even though it's been delayed to next year. Hopefully the story will be better than Fates l0l. It looks like the girl will be the main character and the teacher unit might be a customizable player unit. It could be interesting. I wonder if having your unit command a bunch of soldiers will have a large impact on the game mechanically. It was always unrealistic that you had just a few guys taking on entire armies, but I figure that even with the addition of more soldiers it's still much less than reality. It looks like there's may be more activated skills e.g. Magic / Combat Arts. I always thought that the combat in FE could be more complicated, but the simplicity was also part of the game's charm. I'll have to wait and see if I like these new additions. I've always been struck with how otherworldly some FE music can be, like with the chanting near the beginning of the trailer, the Heron songs in the Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn series, and Azura's singing. I'm not completely sold on the new art style, but maybe it'll grow on me. Edit: Also I hope Three Houses doesn't mean it's split into three games like Fates l0l.
  22. Free Packs = no leg , no golds.

    1 Legendary in the 3rd 5 packs (Barbarossa). Somehow my luck in these free packs is much better than my normal luck.
  23. Free Packs = no leg , no golds.

    Got 3 legendaries from the first 5 packs, then got 3 legendaries from the 2nd 5 packs l0l.
  24. So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

    See you space cowboy.
  25. Cygames becames official EVO sponsor

    Oh, I watched a few minutes of it. Why is it called the canopi video? It's pretty weird to see their logo at a soccer game l0l.