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  1. MTG Arena Discussion

    I signed up for the closed beta ~ a week ago, haven't heard back unfortunately. Hope MTGA goes well (and goes into open beta soon). I haven't played MtG in so long.
  2. Basically like instants in MtG. I've been wanting this for a while, but I don't think that strategic depth is a high priority at Cygames. I'd guess they're more focused on making the game more fun to a wider audience.
  3. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    This place is so dead l0l
  4. Talk About Whatever

    You can get 3 chrono packs by changing language to Korean. Maybe I missed it, but I haven't seen it mentioned here. https://www.reddit.com/r/Shadowverse/comments/7vx102/announcement_change_your_ingame_language_to/
  5. Favourite moments?

    0/10 BM Wolf tutors Elephant on turn 9 => omae wa mou shindeiru / all according to keikaku etc. Suicide Roost l0l
  6. I'd appreciate if we could opt out of the randomness of pack opening, but it's not going to happen, because randomness > more $ for Cygames. You can tell by how they implemented the new alternative leaders that they're going towards more gacha, not less.
  7. Post your 5-0 Arena Decks here!

    Just finished a draft that I started who knows when. Portal seems pretty good in take 2.
  8. Talk About Whatever

    I'm pretty sure there's no formal definition for what is considered furry, if you're really asking for academic purposes l0l.
  9. Favourite moments?

    I can't resist the Magna Legacy. It's too perfect TT_TT.
  10. Talk About Whatever

    The code to start a new page based on length would be pretty annoying to write, I'd imagine.
  11. Talk About Whatever

    I don't think it's necessarily gotten that much worse. I guess I'm just disappointed that it didn't get much better l0l. Basically the state of the forums in regards to Cygames:
  12. Talk About Whatever

    This was one of the reasons why I didn't like the way Cygames handled rotation. So many archetypes that were never quite good enough but have potential maybe with future expansions are just thrown in the dumpster. Unlimited is always going to be dominated by those few hyper-efficient decks, so most of the "fun-cards-with-potential" that are older are left by the wayside. I'm salty about Bloody Mary. I would have preferred if they manually selected "good," balanced, "core" cards that get to stay in rotation like MtG Standard (not sure if it's still like that in MtG).
  13. This is often going to be a problem with games where people accumulate resources over time. The one way I can see to make it work is if you have a steady stream of new players to play each other, but it's rather unrealistic.
  14. Talk About Whatever

    Does anyone know if it's possible to play on 60fps on android? I couldn't find it in settings, forgot how painful 30fps is.
  15. Yue's Decks

    Alice Shadow Summit Haven Masochist Blood Alternative names: Happy Pig Shadow Happy Pig Haven Happy Pig Blood
  16. Talk About Whatever

    Nice to still see some familiar faces. Are you still playing dragon? Seems pretty strong in rotation.
  17. Talk About Whatever

    A day or so ago. Didn't expect so many changes.
  18. Talk About Whatever

    I was wondering why people aren't playing Aether Wing. I play Aether Wing on turn 9, don't get Aegis. Oh that's why. Also I thought the Haven amulet that makes your attack = defense continued to do damage with attack when I tested if attack > defense, so I crafted 2 more and later I realize it's because those followers were neutral and the amulet only works on Haven followers. Not reading for the win!
  19. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Surprisingly yes. I thought she was another RNG unlock or $.
  20. I think Shadowverse may be too far off in the deep end of "not-safe-for-respectable-western-culture" content for this censorship to make a difference. But it's their game, so w/e.
  21. Blood getting the short end of the stick?

    This is the list I'm playing around with. It's pretty funny (mainly because of the random Happy Pig).
  22. Opened less packs this time around since I haven't been playing / accumulating gold. Got ~8 or so legendaries in about 50 packs, about average.
  23. Question for Rotation Only

    I just got back and got hit by the new format and a new class. This is not the way I would've done formats, but oh well. I would hold onto the older cards for now because who knows which format will end up coming out on top. On a side note, are the forums looking wonky to anyone else or is it just me?
  24. Talk About Whatever

    Well, better that the windshield gets wrecked than us, I guess l0l. Scheduled an appointment for Monday, $285 for the replacement. In case anyone was wondering how much it can cost to get your windshield replaced. Too bad I went for cheap car insurance, so they don't pay for anything less than $1000.
  25. Talk About Whatever

    Randomly got my windshield wrecked today by a flying blue container filled with water l0l.