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  1. Were one of these cards played?
  2. Oh, I thought you meant drawing as in art not pack draws l0l. I guess RoB / Wonderland might be the two metas dominated by Aggro/Midrange then. Anyway I think DS alone would make it difficult to have a truly control dominant meta.
  3. IIRC there was a time when PtP Forest was strong, they had to nerf cards from it repeatedly. Not sure if you count Elana Haven / Ramp Dragon as control but they were also pretty dominant at certain points. Not sure which drawing you're talking about. >_>
  4. There are control decks that can beat aggro pretty solidly. The problem is they have bad matchups against decks like DS, Ramp Dragon, and Aegis, because these decks punish you hard for being control. And losing to greedy decks feels worse IMO than losing to aggressive ones. Because you have a bunch of reactive cards that basically have no targets.
  5. One thing I don't like is how dailies and ranked encourage you to play aggro decks because faster games = higher efficiency. I think both systems could be better.
  6. Not sure why there is stigma towards cash grabs / following the $ when that is literally the point of a company l0l. If a company makes innovative games that's great, but I see little sense in criticizing companies for not being original. Most things in the world aren't original.
  7. Probably because mirror match was most common match l0l.
  8. I didn't think it'd be feasible to have a "real" fighting game on mobile due to limited touch-screen controls. I'll have to take a look later.
  9. How do you play a fighting game on mobile l0l.
  10. Recently I'm experimenting with a more aggressive version of neutral rune with Abomination. I'd say it's doing pretty well, I'll probably update my thread with it at some point.
  11. I'm trying it out as a 1-of in an Aggro Forest deck that I use to finish dailies. The deck does fine, but I haven't drawn Woodland Band much. In the 1 game I drew it I won without it l0l.
  12. He's not strong when you don't have shadows or board, at that point basically nothing will save you l0l. I think that Eachtar, along with Sibyl, might be the strongest individual cards. Although I'd personally be happy if Eachtar got nerfed, I'm not sure it's needed right now.
  13. The English voice. I think I like different accents in general (also liked Ceridwen). It keeps things fresh. I just threw together a first draft for an Elana deck. [link] Just played my first game, I matched up against Dimension Shift. I got the nuts with turn 2 Aria turn 3 Elana (turn 4 Pure Healer) turn 5 Tenko. Other player didn't have Kaleidoscopic for my Aria so I got a turn 5 concede l0l. Caption: Moments before conceding.
  14. I'm tempted to try Elana just for Tenko's voice acting l0l. I never played the deck, even when it was popular (didn't get Elana from pack pulls). I feel like it might not be bad in this meta.
  15. It's rare that a person will feel that their opponent was better than them. It's human nature to think that you are better than others by default l0l.