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  1. I don't think there's any precedent, since the only cards that can debuff defense set it to 1.
  2. I'd give it a try, because 6PP 13/13 is highly efficient cost-wise.
  3. You want answers? I want the truth. You can't handle the truth!
  4. Phoenix Roost still under maintenance l0l.
  5. I predicted Zell and Catacomb nerfs, but wasn't expecting Lightning Blast (which goes straight to the garbage bin l0l). Maybe that one was for arena. Anyway, these changes seem good to me overall.
  6. Well for one I wish they would buff some cards that don't see competitive use. Generally, I prefer the use of buffs over nerfs, and it could be a way to breathe fresh air into the game without destroying decks that people enjoy playing or releasing a new expansion every 3 months. In the end though, a varied meta is a result of good design. The prize pools for a lot of tournaments are sponsored by Cygames.
  7. I don't think any of the tournaments have an entrance fee, if that's what you're saying. Anyway, tournaments before were pretty unvaried, but I feel like they've been even more unvaried after the newest expansion. That's part of the reason why I stopped updating the deck archive thread, the barrage of Shadow + Dragon made me sad.
  8. When I said you don't usually need to worry too much about board control for certain matchups, I didn't mean that you don't care about it. I meant that you usually don't need to sacrifice your burst to survive e.g. by playing Zell on turn 2 to contest board, so the trade-off is not as much as one might expect. Playing Zell on turn 2 is usually a mistake in the Dragon mirror. If you are forced to spend all your evo points as Dragon and your opponent still has some in these matchups, then you'll usually lose because your opponent is probably Dragon and they probably have Zell. Zell is the main reason why it's so important to conserve evolution points in the mirror. Zell Zell Zell. IMO Dragon doesn't have as many good board control tools as Bishop, the designated "screw your board" class, but it has more than Rune, and most other classes. It's the only class that can ramp into more efficient board clear / higher PP followers that can control the board more efficiently, so that should be considered also. I do run a deck like this, and it's very common to get Zell combo with Sahaquiel > Israfil/Bahamut or Ouroboros. In a pinch, even Sibyl for 4 damage is decent. In games where the plan is not "survive and win by default," if I win then I've generally pulled off at least 1 Zell combo.
  9. This would be the case if Dragon didn't have good board control tools, and if Zell only worked with Sahaquiel + Bahamut, and only worked if it dealt lethal damage. I'm not really surprised, in part due to the popularity of Aggro/Midrange Shadow, where Zell Combo is basically irrelevant.
  10. I'm not going to argue with you about the details of DS vs ramp dragon, but I think you would agree that ramp dragon generally deals with pressure more successfully. There are usually two types of games when you play Ramp Dragon. One is where if you board control the opponent, you will win because you have better late game, heals, and wards. The other is when both players have enough late game and answers, so the way to win is through burst. In games where board control is relevant, you usually don't need to worry about bursting the other player with Zell + Sahaquiel + Bahamut, and these 3 cards happen to be pretty decent at controlling the board. In games where you want to burst, you usually don't need to worry too much about controlling the board. So the trade-off isn't really as much of a trade-off as it might seem.
  11. Banner is a Commander.
  12. I don't see how Dragon "clearly sacrifices the most." DS is not able to deal with pressure as well as Ramp Dragon, having no heals and less efficient board control tools. Roach is quite bad for board control, where Dragon's burst also happens to be pretty good at board control. Atomy is a meme. I'm not saying that Ramp Dragon is OP, I just think that Zell is pretty ridiculous. And Ramp Dragon is one of my most played decks.
  13. If I were to nerf dragon, I might look at Zell rather than Sibyl. I'm not even sure Sybil is better than Fervor in most games, though it does play the role of giving Ramp Dragon an extra 3 good ramping cards, which I think is more significant than how good it is individually. I find it pretty ridiculous that Zell + Saha + Bahamut/"Fighting is so Sorrowful" or Zell + Ouroboros have such ridiculous burst damage. You could argue that they require multiple cards to work, but the thing is those cards aren't even bad individually.
  14. Anti-Vengeance 3PP 0/3 Ambush If the enemy player would take non-lethal damage that would bring them to 10 or less defense, instead give this follower +X/+X for each damage prevented. Anti-Aegis 6PP Do 1 damage to each player for every follower they control, then do 8 damage to all followers. Repeat until no more followers are in play. Anti-Shadow 2PP Amulet Whenever a follower is destroyed, each player gains 2 defense.
  15. Belphegor and 2 Golds. At this point I have a ridiculous number of vials that I'm just hoping to get Serpent / Gawain for all the legendary emblems out of OCD.