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  1. Went 4-1 with midrange sword. Played against a lot of Forest.
  2. As you know, this is very much a luck-based game, so if luck is not on your side then there's not much you can do. BTW chaining Daria is not a common occurrence. I don't think I did it once in my run. Doing it in 1/5 games might even be higher than average.
  3. This is the nature of card games l0l. In a sample size of 5 games, all outcomes are possible. But if you are consistently doing badly, then it might be related to your decisions.
  4. It's pretty interesting that they don't have the newest expansion, making them a separate player base. I wonder what the motivation behind this was. Maybe they thought it'd be unfair for new players of other regions since new Chinese players have access to better decks? But that still wouldn't explain why they don't have access to the newest expansion. Hmm.
  5. Seems interesting, 70087 if anyone wants to play. Edit: Room expired, message me if you want to play.
  6. Glad it worked out well for you. Even Old Levi was cut, owl too strong l0l.
  7. This is the list I used https://shadowverse-portal.com/deck/1.3.61O4A.61O4A.61O4A.5-gkQ.5-gkQ.5-gkQ.6PQ9g.6LYrs.6LYrs.6LYrs.5-gka.5-gka.5-gka.5-gku.5-gku.5-gku.62UtQ.62UtQ.62UtQ.6HqJw.6HqJw.6HqJw.6A6RA.6A6RA.6A6RA.62Uta.62Uta.62Uta.6A6RK.6A6RK.6A6RK.6Dzkg.6Dzkg.6Dzkg.6ADlI.6ADlI.6ADlI.6Dz0G.6Dz0G.6Dz0G?lang=en From this website https://sv.j-cg.com/compe/view/match/975/230507/
  8. I can't believe they actually did this...

    Wow they finally buffed some cards l0l. I think Sword is a bit strong right now. It's kinda weird that they added a lot of good cards for Sword this expansion at the same time many of their counters left rotation, like Saha+Isra, Daria, and Salamander.
  9. Haven't played unlimited, so I net-decked a random Daria and went 4-1, the 1 loss was to a Daria that out-RNGed me l0l. Interesting to see some old cards again.
  10. Got cheated out of a 5-0 with Spellboost Rune from computer crashing the turn I was guaranteed to win. But got Yggdrasil from the reward packs so I guess it balances out l0l.
  11. Talk About Whatever

    Wow, I didn't expect you to have played more titles than me. I didn't know height mattered in Radiant Dawn. Oh you mean the terrain, not the characters. I thought that was pretty cool, I hope they bring it back. I didn't like how in the end you get access to all the Laguz royals which were basically better than like all your units though l0l. The last part of that game was my least favorite.
  12. MTG Arena Discussion

    Finally got the invite, I'll give it a go after work today.
  13. The salt mega thread.

    You know I'm starting to think that your name doesn't really fit you.
  14. I like the idea of having more than 1 release per season since it does get a bit stale near the end of it, but I don't like the side effect of making the game less F2P.
  15. Talk About Whatever

    I'm just hoping they don't incorporate gacha-like elements with how successful the mobile game has been l0l. I really liked Blazing Sword, Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, and Radiant Dawn. I liked Awakening, Fates was ok, Echoes voice acting was great but maps were a bit forgettable IMO. Which FE games have you played?