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  1. About PDK Dragon?

    How will losing Phoenix Rider Aina affect it? I wouldn't mind giving the deck a shot, but crafting for the cards for the deck to only be relevant for a few weeks would suck. ( have to craft a good deal of the legendaries to)
  2. Cost effective deck for quest?

    I need a cost effective deck to clear Swordcraft dailies. Currently set at A0 and here are my golds and legendary cards for sword and neutral.
  3. How to update a deck~

    I was wondering if Magic Owl would be better than Craig for some time and I like the addition of Chimera.
  4. How to update a deck~

    Any way to make this deck a bit more modern for unlimited play? https://shadowverse-portal.com/deck/1.3.5-gkQ.5-gkQ.5-gkQ.66NA2.66NA2.66NA2.6A6Qs.6A6Qs.6A6Qs.5-gka.5-gka.5-gka.5-gkk.5-gkk.5-gkk.62UtQ.62UtQ.62UtQ.66IIA.66IIA.66IIA.6A8tG.6A8tG.6A8tG.61LeE.61LeE.6A9bg.6A9bg.6A9bg.659nE.659nE.6A6RA.6A6RA.6A6RA.6A6RK.6A6RK.6A6RK.6ADlI.6ADlI.6ADlI?lang=en#
  5. Vile/Card Farm?

    I've been farming to craft some more decks, currently aiming for Temple Heaven and god the grind is real, but it seems to be taking an eternity and a half. Basically, I just play ranked unlimited (A.O) with Artifact Portal or Agro-Forest and Unlimited with Aggro Blood, D-Shift Rune or Mid-Ranged Shadow all day and finish my quests. Am I missing any sources of dust or gold for packs?
  6. How often do cards get nerfed? I have a good deal of dup and need a lot of dust how long should I wait before DEing cards?
  7. What would be some simple upgrade to this deck https://shadowverse-portal.com/deck/1.3.5-gkQ.5-gkQ.5-gkQ.66NA2.66NA2.66NA2.6A6Qs.6A6Qs.6A6Qs.5-gka.5-gka.5-gka.5-gkk.5-gkk.5-gkk.62UtQ.62UtQ.62UtQ.66IIA.66IIA.66IIA.6A8tG.6A8tG.6A8tG.61LeE.61LeE.6A9bg.6A9bg.6A9bg.659nE.659nE.6A6RA.6A6RA.6A6RA.6A6RK.6A6RK.6A6RK.6ADlI.6ADlI.6ADlI?lang=en?
  8. Subs for Temple Heaven?

    Coming back to the game? Why not try to build on the most expensive net-deck possible, because of you recently watching Fate Apocrypha and have a hard-on for Jeanne d'Arc! Also, Astolfo is not an option. Here is the decklist https://shadowverse-portal.com/deck/3.7.6N9tI.6N9tI.6N9tI.6Qzmg.6Qzmg.6Qzmg.6JNhI.6JNhI.6JNhI.6Ung2.6Ung2.6Ung2.60COa.60COa.60COa.6Qv7o.6Qv7o.6Qv7o.6UjGo.6UjGo.6UjGo.6Q_zI.6Q_zI.6Q_zI.60E5y.60E5y.6QzX2.6Uq6S.6Uq6S.6Uq6S.6JJI2.6NBqI.6NBqI.6NBqI.6Q_zS.6Q_zS.6Q_zS.6FZYS.60E5y.6JJI2?lang=en The card's I am missing and vials https://imgur.com/a/EuEcA. How should I approach crafting this monster?
  9. Unlimited Aggro Blood [ND version]

    I've been playing something similar to this. Changing over to your list any suggestion to replace one of the Carabosse? I only have the one.
  10. What is the Unlimited Experience like?

    My main focus will be Rotation. The reason I am entertaining the idea of playing Unlimited is finishing daily quest for classes I don't have functioning Rotation decks for Rune, Heaven etc. I could just dest my Unlimited Cards for more Rotation options, but decks seem so expensive now that I don't feel like I have a good choice.
  11. Is it balanced at all? Or is it more akin to Hearthstone and kind of a crapshoot? Also with that in mind, I know this is kind of broad, any of this single/ cards in general safe to Dust? I doubt I will ever craft another Prince of Darkness etc. https://imgur.com/a/MKTio
  12. Replacement for Zeus?

    I may craft one of the "stronger" decks so I more reliably win, as I am not doing great in the dust department.
  13. Replacement for Zeus?

    That is an idea, was under the impression that it was doing pretty bad.
  14. Replacement for Zeus?

    I was worried about that. My Tempest collection is super lacking and I really like Shadowcraft. What will I do!
  15. Replacement for Zeus?

    What can I use to sub out Zeus in this decklist? https://shadowverse-portal.com/deck/3.5.6S6mi.6S6mi.6MJgs.6MJgs.6MJgs.6MOZC.5_RZQ.5_RZQ.6Ei7Q.6Ei7Q.6Ei7Q.6KS2S.6KS2S.6KS2S.6U0rC.6U0rC.6U0rC.6Q8Io.6Q8Io.6Q8Io.6MOZ2.6MOZ2.6MOZ2.6MJgY.6MJgY.6QF8I.6QF8I.6QDQw.6QDQw.6QDQw.6IaQ2.6IaQ2.6U3HI.6U3HI.6U3HI.6QCi2.6QCi2.6Cueo.6Cueo.6Cueo?lang=en I'm basically F2P and I am not sure I can justify crafting Tempest cards as this should be the next set to rotate out.