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  1. Cost effective deck for quest?

    I need a cost effective deck to clear Swordcraft dailies. Currently set at A0 and here are my golds and legendary cards for sword and neutral.
  2. How to update a deck~

    I was wondering if Magic Owl would be better than Craig for some time and I like the addition of Chimera.
  3. How to update a deck~

    Any way to make this deck a bit more modern for unlimited play? https://shadowverse-portal.com/deck/1.3.5-gkQ.5-gkQ.5-gkQ.66NA2.66NA2.66NA2.6A6Qs.6A6Qs.6A6Qs.5-gka.5-gka.5-gka.5-gkk.5-gkk.5-gkk.62UtQ.62UtQ.62UtQ.66IIA.66IIA.66IIA.6A8tG.6A8tG.6A8tG.61LeE.61LeE.6A9bg.6A9bg.6A9bg.659nE.659nE.6A6RA.6A6RA.6A6RA.6A6RK.6A6RK.6A6RK.6ADlI.6ADlI.6ADlI?lang=en#
  4. Vile/Card Farm?

    I've been farming to craft some more decks, currently aiming for Temple Heaven and god the grind is real, but it seems to be taking an eternity and a half. Basically, I just play ranked unlimited (A.O) with Artifact Portal or Agro-Forest and Unlimited with Aggro Blood, D-Shift Rune or Mid-Ranged Shadow all day and finish my quests. Am I missing any sources of dust or gold for packs?
  5. How often do cards get nerfed? I have a good deal of dup and need a lot of dust how long should I wait before DEing cards?
  6. What would be some simple upgrade to this deck https://shadowverse-portal.com/deck/1.3.5-gkQ.5-gkQ.5-gkQ.66NA2.66NA2.66NA2.6A6Qs.6A6Qs.6A6Qs.5-gka.5-gka.5-gka.5-gkk.5-gkk.5-gkk.62UtQ.62UtQ.62UtQ.66IIA.66IIA.66IIA.6A8tG.6A8tG.6A8tG.61LeE.61LeE.6A9bg.6A9bg.6A9bg.659nE.659nE.6A6RA.6A6RA.6A6RA.6A6RK.6A6RK.6A6RK.6ADlI.6ADlI.6ADlI?lang=en?
  7. Subs for Temple Heaven?

    Coming back to the game? Why not try to build on the most expensive net-deck possible, because of you recently watching Fate Apocrypha and have a hard-on for Jeanne d'Arc! Also, Astolfo is not an option. Here is the decklist https://shadowverse-portal.com/deck/3.7.6N9tI.6N9tI.6N9tI.6Qzmg.6Qzmg.6Qzmg.6JNhI.6JNhI.6JNhI.6Ung2.6Ung2.6Ung2.60COa.60COa.60COa.6Qv7o.6Qv7o.6Qv7o.6UjGo.6UjGo.6UjGo.6Q_zI.6Q_zI.6Q_zI.60E5y.60E5y.6QzX2.6Uq6S.6Uq6S.6Uq6S.6JJI2.6NBqI.6NBqI.6NBqI.6Q_zS.6Q_zS.6Q_zS.6FZYS.60E5y.6JJI2?lang=en The card's I am missing and vials https://imgur.com/a/EuEcA. How should I approach crafting this monster?
  8. Unlimited Aggro Blood [ND version]

    I've been playing something similar to this. Changing over to your list any suggestion to replace one of the Carabosse? I only have the one.
  9. What is the Unlimited Experience like?

    My main focus will be Rotation. The reason I am entertaining the idea of playing Unlimited is finishing daily quest for classes I don't have functioning Rotation decks for Rune, Heaven etc. I could just dest my Unlimited Cards for more Rotation options, but decks seem so expensive now that I don't feel like I have a good choice.
  10. Is it balanced at all? Or is it more akin to Hearthstone and kind of a crapshoot? Also with that in mind, I know this is kind of broad, any of this single/ cards in general safe to Dust? I doubt I will ever craft another Prince of Darkness etc. https://imgur.com/a/MKTio
  11. Replacement for Zeus?

    I may craft one of the "stronger" decks so I more reliably win, as I am not doing great in the dust department.
  12. Replacement for Zeus?

    That is an idea, was under the impression that it was doing pretty bad.
  13. Replacement for Zeus?

    I was worried about that. My Tempest collection is super lacking and I really like Shadowcraft. What will I do!
  14. Replacement for Zeus?

    What can I use to sub out Zeus in this decklist? https://shadowverse-portal.com/deck/3.5.6S6mi.6S6mi.6MJgs.6MJgs.6MJgs.6MOZC.5_RZQ.5_RZQ.6Ei7Q.6Ei7Q.6Ei7Q.6KS2S.6KS2S.6KS2S.6U0rC.6U0rC.6U0rC.6Q8Io.6Q8Io.6Q8Io.6MOZ2.6MOZ2.6MOZ2.6MJgY.6MJgY.6QF8I.6QF8I.6QDQw.6QDQw.6QDQw.6IaQ2.6IaQ2.6U3HI.6U3HI.6U3HI.6QCi2.6QCi2.6Cueo.6Cueo.6Cueo?lang=en I'm basically F2P and I am not sure I can justify crafting Tempest cards as this should be the next set to rotate out.
  15. Need advice on Dust.

    My collection is extremely lacking in Tempest, Wonderland, and Starforged cards. My Classic, Darkness, and Bahamut collection is pretty robust. Is it safe to DE most of these cards, while holding onto a few classes for Unlimited Grand Prix? Which classes should I hold onto? How often do sets rotate out?