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  1. Deck feedback / rotation

    No, I don't have a single Jungle Warden. I removed the single cards and now I have 3 Leaf Man, 3 Beetle Warrior, and 3 Ipiria. I kept Fashionista Nelcha because it could be very useful. I only have 2 copies of Fairy Driver, should I add 1 more? If so, which one should I remove? I started losing some games yesterday on ranked, maybe I suck? I mean, I'm playing against bad players as me but most of those losses were against insane decks with insane combo+legendaries, not to mention that I always play first and I have to deal with 3 evolutions every game. This is the deck with the changes:
  2. Deck feedback / rotation

    Not sure if I have Jungle Warden but I'll check, how many? I'll add Leaf Man and Iperia as well to have 3 of them, thanks! It's basically the same deck but without bull****. There is no Jungle Warden as Yue recommended, I'll try both. Should I add more Fashionista? Or one is ok? Basically, everyone is recommending me the same things so I have a better idea what to do now. Yesterday I got 7-0 on my first 7 ranked games, 7 easy games not a single threat. I think it will be even more powerful with all these changes, thanks!
  3. Deck feedback / rotation

    I'm fairly new in Shadowverse so I don't have many cards but I think I have some decent legendaries for this deck and after thinking a lot, this deck was born. So far, this is the best I could create, an aggro deck. I'm not sure how good it is and instead of trying over and over, I think it would be better if someone with experience can tell me if it has potential or not. For now, I'll try rotation because I'm missing almost everything from the old expansions (darkness, classic, bahamut). Just give me general feedback, if it's good, if you would change some cards, what would you add but remember that I don't have an extensive collection yet. Here is the deck:
  4. 500,000 rupie event

    You could use the reddit thread (always on top, no way to miss it), you can find a private game or create one and get someone in quite quickly, less than 2 minutes. For some reason, the thread today has some issues showing messages, but you can also use their discord, same results.
  5. Price by region

    As I said, the $19,85 is a promo for the new upcoming expansion, where you get 70 packs instead of 50. Now, no matter the day of the year, promo or not promo, I pay between 50-60% less than someone in the US. The same thing on Steam, I pay almost the same numbers, between 50-60% off (new games, 40% off but it depends on the company, 95% are willing to give us unique prices, the other 5% want us to pay the same as someone in the US). The increased price that you are talking about in Hearthstone was global but the post you shared was the first step, where only Canada, Japan, and New Zealand went through the change. It's not a surprise they had an increase in the price, do you think any of those 3 countries are not first world countries? Do they need cheaper prices? No, none of them need it, besides, the "increase" was $5. Years ago, my currency was the same as US dollars, 1x1 rate. Today it's almost 21x1, literally, if I pay the same as someone in the US, I pay 21 times more, not 3, not 5, not 10, 21. Same for other countries. Not sure where are you from, maybe your country is not that bad to have a real difference. The difference with Blizzard and Steam is what I said before, Blizzard is 1 company and they decide the prices by region, Steam doesn't, it's the developer/publisher who decides. Those are the numbers in my country, 95% give us generous discount, the other 5% don't. It's different in other countries, maybe they have only 20%, it's up to them, Valve is the intermediary and they did the changes but they don't decide any price (not even the summer and winter discounts, it's 100% up to the developers/publishers). As I said, not sure how these Japanese companies work, most of the Japanese games I own are single player, but for example, Nintendo is quite a nightmare when talking about Youtube, even though they get free advertising they will flag any video with any Nintendo material, unless your channel is on the white-list. These days the things you have to buy in online games are way too expensive, I really hate the industry as it is right now. With loot craps and all the freaking gambling, the industry went 100% greedy all of a sudden, the sad thing? People pay it, no matter the price, even if only 1.000 people pay it, it's enough for them, the well-known whales. Not sure if it was you or the other guy who told me that these forums are dead in terms of the developers reading us, I hope that's not true.
  6. Price by region

    Let's say that we don't pay in US dollars, we still pay the equivalent of what people in the US pay, so it's basically the same. Not sure how's for everyone else, but I have US dollars in the shop and the same price too. Yue, where should I provide feedback on this topic? Isn't this forum the official one? Ellezard I don't think I'm out of luck. A year ago, Valve and Blizzard were the same but they did the change not too long ago. It's a very wise business model, they literally make more money. If it's done correctly as Valve and Blizzard did, nobody can exploit the system with VPN services because if you want to change your location, you have to provide real evidence and real documents to prove it. I bet that there are quite a lot of people in the same situation, willing to give them money for creating such a great game but due to this problem, they can't and they won't. After doing some research I found that in the UK, they pay $20 USD more for 5000 crystals, so they have some kind of different prices. I can't find the store in JPY if anyone of you have it, share it please to compare it. I'm not very familiar with Japanese companies in the online world but my impression is that they don't really care if we can pay it but I'm not sure. For example, there is a promo right now in Hearthstone where you can buy 70 packs for $50 USD, my price is $19,85 USD. You can clearly see the INSANE LEVEL OF DIFFERENCE and I'm glad to pay because they give us a reasonable price based on our location. I have a 60.3% discount. You think someone is going to pay $50 USD here? Maybe a few whales, now they have many people buying, including myself. Same for Steam games, I can buy without having heart attacks now.
  7. Price by region

    Well, that's what I'm saying. We can't pay the same as people in the US and when I say we, I refer to many different countries.
  8. Price by region

    Well, if it's cheaper for you in US dollars, it means that the Play Store is more expensive. Even though you're paying in your currency, you're paying the same or more, it's not a unique price for your country as it should be.
  9. Price by region

    I think that having different prices depending on each region will work better. For example, Valve and Blizzard did it and it was for the common good. To be honest, I can't pay the same as someone in the US, my currency is pretty much garbage not to mention our economy. What Valve and Blizzard did was great, they have different prices depending on where you are, I don't pay the same as someone in the US and it's amazing. Let's say I want to buy the most expensive pack of crystals from the shop, it's about 16% of a normal salary here, 16%! That's complete insanity and nobody is going to pay it because nobody can. Maybe the ones with extremely good salary. I want to spend real money to support this awesome game but if I have to pay in US dollars, I can't and it's unfair. If someone says that they have regional prices is wrong because when that happens, you see your own currency and I see US dollars, not to mention that someone in the US has the same price as me. Valve did it and Blizzard as well, not sure how difficult it could be but it will help a lot. They were also right saying "we're not losing money because they were not buying, now they're buying". Steam and Blizzard were extremely expensive for me before they implemented this awesome system (as far as I know, every single company decides how to approach the discount on Steam but still, they are all generous with us). I pay 30% less or even much more than someone in the US for games on Steam, same for Blizzard. I don't want things for free I just want something more flexible for people with a bad economy and devalued currency. It can't be abused, at least if it's done as Steam or Blizzard did. The moment you want to change location, you have to present local taxes and many different documents to prove your new location. The moment I see more flexible prices for me and with my currency, I'll buy everything but now, I can't pay US dollars, I just can't.
  10. Liquefy filters

    Oh, didn't notice there was a right bar to scroll down there, my bad. I guess I'm blind. Thanks!
  11. Liquefy filters

    I was wondering, is there a way to sort cards by pack/expansion? I would like to liquefy old card but not new ones, maybe they get some nerf and I want the extra vials. Quite annoying checking every single card 1 by 1. So far, the only sort I see is very simple where I can select rotation or unlimited. For example, I want to see all cards except the new ones (latest expansion) but I can't.
  12. Card info

    But I'm talking when you're building a deck, not on the card screen. If I click a card when I'm building a deck the only info I get is "neutral, class, and what it does". For example, maybe I want to include a card and I'm not sure if it's going to rotate soon or not, I have to go to the card screen to see or a faster one, internet. Are you sure I can see it when building a deck? Can't find anything.
  13. Need help - New player here

    Yes, I have King Elefant (my bad, I'll edit it). Kind of cool because I like forest and I think I used something similar to finish the main quest today, using Swiftgait Okami, Fairy Dragon and King Elefant but it wasn't very good because I don't too many cards to get more fairies but it was enough to clear the story. I have something like 5-6k vials, maybe it's enough to start with. Do you have any deck to share with me? Seeing an example will help for sure to build something better. Thanks a lot man.
  14. Need help - New player here

    Well, since my post was waiting for an approval it was stuck above so, this message is to take the thread up again. So far the recommendations are about building an aggro deck, based on my legendaries, do I have something good?
  15. Introduce yourself here!

    Hello guys, new one here. To be honest, it's not the first time I see a game and I think "meh, it's not my thing" but once I try it, I think how stupid I was before judging without playing it. So far my experience is incredible, nothing like Shadowverse in terms of new player experience. Card games these days are always looking to make the most money out of everyone and here I can play and get good things without spending money, that's exactly why I give them my money, it's my choice and they're not forcing me. The game is fun and I'm sad I wasn't here before, it feels more difficult to learn with all the cards already in-play but nothing I can do about it. My only bad experience is my restriction in the forum, waiting for infinite approvals but I suppose they had issues with bots or something, I'm not a bot.