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  1. Shadowverse discord server!

    Greetings! I would like to welcome you to my server: We are starting out as a shadowverse server but hopefully, as we grow, we can blossom into a server of many different themes. Our Objectives •To grow as a community •To be there and play/team with you •For everyone to be happi If you've gotten this far (or scrolled right to the end just to get the link) here it is: https://discord.gg/229FMCA I hope you enjoy! YOU'VE BEEN INVITED TO JOIN A SERVER 11 Online 25 Members Also we are planning on holding a tournament, come and join in, plus the free 100 gold xP
  2. Shadowverse discord server!

    Heyo everyone ^-^ I would like to welcome you all to my discord server based around shadowverse. We are a growing community, we would love all players to join, whether you are new or have been playing for a while! There are only a few things I ask of you: -Are alive and talk (I know people have lives but it's nice to know your not ded xD) -To be respectful of others and the server rules. -To accept everyone. -And to have fun! Our objectives: -To grow as a community. -Be there when you need someone to vs. -Try out suggestions/cards/games you may suggest. If you managed to skim through the wall of text and have any questions please feel free to comment and ask me or join and you can ask questions there! If you are interested in joining here is the key to the gate: https://discord.gg/229FMCA Feel free to share this link with friends ^w^