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  1. What cards do you think should be nerfed next Monday?

    ...really? Well they gave data for the 1st vs 2nd winrate, but in Rotation it feels WAY higher than 53% tbh. Also, every time they say "there is a diverse game enviroment and no deck is oppressive", I lose all faith in them. If they really don't want to balance things because the mini-expansion, I prefer them to tell the truth and say "there are some problematic decks, but with the new cards we expect the game enviroment to change" or something like that. Manasurge's meta analysis will tell the truth, or at least something more accurate.
  2. What cards do you think should be nerfed next Monday?

    I was nodding the whole time until this came out of nowhere: Why? Ramp Dragon is far from being meta, even though Sybil is overtuned there is no reason behind for nerfing her. Not only that, but I said "keep an eye onto Unlimited's Mid Shadow" because I'm against preemtive nerfs. Eachtar is not the problem in Mid Shadow, Lady Grey is. You know a card is super busted when, by itself, can make an entire deck win a matchup out of nowhere. Lady Grey nullifies aggro decks and makes combo decks less threatening. Not only that, but she does all of that while building board. Eachtar is overtuned, but he is not the reason why Mid Shadow is tier 1 atm.
  3. What cards do you think should be nerfed next Monday?

    With Forest at 56% winrate overall and the highest winrate BY FAR in Rotation, it needs WAY MORE nerfs. It has reached the point of pre-mini-expansion DbNe Mid Sword.
  4. What cards do you think should be nerfed next Monday?

    I only said "if something had to be nerfed". It totally depends on the real winrate of Mid Shadow honestly, because we already know it has the highest playrate in all Unlimited. If I could address something more...just nerf D-Shift. Make it 18pp, but not giving you an extra pp and a card the extra turn and take out the ability of chaining D-Shifts. This would make it like in the past: flood the board, gain a turn and smash face. Nowadays it is: remove a couple things, get a turn, cheat out Giant Chimera a turn or 2 earlier. Then unlimit Mysterian Knowledge and maybe make D-Shift 18pp again if needed. Just make control decks viable.
  5. Balance changes come out with the mini-expansion, any announcement would be done tomorrow. I don't think Cy can ignore the situation of Rotation or Unlimited knowing the cards that are gonna be put into the game. I think the following changes should be done: -Nerf Silva. Make her accelerate non-stackable. Highrolling Silva pretty much closes games by itself. If something makes Puppet Portal win so much is the amount of face damage you obtain from her. Also, there is a new 3pp follower coming out that will make her accelerate even more bonkers. -Nerf Aggro Forest. In any way, but HARD. Forest has a 56% winrate AS A WHOLE CLASS. It's most played decks share 80% of their cards. Nerfing 1-2 key cards that are in both decks should be enough to make it drop. -Buff Blood in Rotation, but only if it doesn't affect Vengeance Blood in Unlimited. I think Shadow will not need help as Gremory (aka loli Eachtar) and Danua are coming, but Blood needs a big push. Evil Eye Demon will help things like Jor/Darkfeast Blood, but won't make them "meta viable"; meanwhile, Thunder Behemot is just awful. Here are my proposals: +Make Reach of the Archdemon cost 3 if in Vengeance instead of the stupid "recover 3pp". +The same goes for Blood Drinker's Brand. +Make Vira's "face protection" a fanfare. It wouldn't affect Unlimited that much as Vira is put into play with the Airjammer. -Keep an eye onto Unlimited's Mid Shadow. I don't know the exact winrate of Mid Shadow atm (Shadowlog says it is at 53%), but with Gremory and Danua it could get crazy. If something had to be nerfed, it would be Lady Grey and maybe Danua. Yes yes, I know Danua hasn't even been released, but 1st it is a full-stated body that gives brambles with full-stats at evo and 2nd "all stats are subject to change". Outside of that, Unlimited is not in real danger.
  6. Brigade of the Sky 2nd Rotation GP

    GP finals, what happens the first game? Puppet Portal mirror... GOING 2ND. This is just ridiculous, going 2nd is pretty much losing unless the opponent bricks hard.
  7. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    They are the exclusive (until now) leaders for the Chinese server (you know, the one that is an entire expansion late and has censorship on skeletons lol). I heard they are confirmed to be ruppy leaders like the RoB ones.
  8. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    Nononono, don't do that, Azi is already causing bugs:
  9. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    Even if it is random, standard Ramp, PDK and many more Dragon decks either don't have that many followers or most of their followers can benefit from having their cost reduced. Not only that, but Warbreaker Dragoon (what a name lol) reduces the cost of 2 followers AND gives them +1/+0. With a single attack, it is providing a 7/5 worth of stats and 2 1pp discounts, which can be argued to be a 4pp 5/5 with rush and deal 2 to the enemy leader lol. Yeah, actually pretty busted but Dragon is not in a good spot to begin with. Here's how I'll implement him in my favorite Unlimited deck: Even if Bahamut and Zeus cannot have their cost reduced, that makes it easier for Zooey to get her cost reduced. It's all according to keikaku.
  10. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    So now I'll talk about what I'll do about Rune and Dragon: -Rune I'll...pass. The legendary is not that useful for Burn decks and the gold is not neccesary for Mysteria decks. I think tho that Burn Rune will dissappear and a midrange deck will be the new direction of Earth Rite, in which case the Rune legendary might be key. -Dragon gold is average, I don't think I'll craft it. The legendary tho is insane, actually in Unlimited Storm Ramp decks could arise by running this to buff and reduce the cost of storm followers (specially Zooey) and not lose tempo at all, because it is a 6pp 5/5 with rush that the opponent will have to kill (if it attacks it gives +1/+0 and reduces the cost again) and that comes at turn 4-5.
  11. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    Rune gold and Dragon legendary revealed: Ms.Miranda, Light mage Runecraft gold follower 6pp 3/3 (5/5) Fanfare : Randomly put one of the following into your hand, Mysterian Missile or Mysterial Circle Whenever you play a mysteria card, subtract 1 from the cost of this card. Evolve : Add a mysterian rite to your hand. Warbreaker Dragoon Dragoncraft legendary follower 6pp 5/5 (7/7) Rush Whenever this follower attacks, subtract 1 from the cost of two dragoncraft followers in your hand and give them +1/0 So a Mysteria support that, despite being 6pp, is actually cheap due to having "Mysteriaboost" (xd), and an utility Dragon card PERFECT for making Zooey a 10pp 8/6. The Rune one is nice, the Dragon one is actually not exciting but extremely good.
  12. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    Easy: ALL OF THEM Now seriously, I'll open 15 BotS packs and craft the neccesary because I have over 3000 ruppies and over 30000 vials, but about what I want/need: -Khaiza is a pass. -Forest leggo is a maybe, the gold one is interesting. -I'll wait to see if any Sword card is actually useful or if any Combo Sword arises. -(not gonna talk about Rune yet) -(not gonna talk about Dragon yet) -Gonna craft 3 copies of all Shadow cards, they are just insane (pls Cy nerf Danua before release). -Blood gold is a 3-of, the legendary is even a insta-dust. -Haven gold is a must have, the legendary...I'll wait. -Portal gold is a must, the legendary has potential in Aggro Portal but it is too soon for knowing that.
  13. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    Shhhhhh, come closer and I'll tell you something great... ... ... Do you realise the only cards that haven't been revealed are Rune gold and Dragon legendary? ... ... Do you know what that means??? ... ... Yeah... ... ... ERASMUS AND FORTE CONFIRMED!!!
  14. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    Heresy is from SFL what are you talking about xd. As long as D-Shift exists? Nope... Also Seraph wants a deck around it, you cannot slap Seraph and pretend it eventually pops... It would be better Grail+Death Sentence (destroy 2, Tribunal will not have its fanfare)+whatever you want. Even though, still too slow for Unlimited, and Aegis is still a thing.
  15. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    Ok for the ones that are too lazy to go to Reddit: (Insert name here) Havencraft legendary follower 9pp 6/6 (8/8) Fanfare: summon random countdown amulets with different names from your deck until your board is full and destroy them. Overall...still not Aegis. Someone could argue that, with so little aoe in Rotation, this could work as a Control Haven finisher, and a better one than Garuda. Garuda can deal up to 12 damage but you have to spend turn 8 doing nothing. Running this in a standard Control Haven deck you can summon a HUGE board and remove an enemy follower (Moriae) without spending turn 8, with the drawback of getting lethal 1 turn slower (not a big deal in Rotation as D-Shift doesn't exist lol). Won't be used in Unlimited tho...