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  1. It's better than not being able to translate at all. I took French and I still can't speak it.
  2. How close are we to all reveals anyway? Has there been any Haven Legs revealed? I don't keep track of all of them. Edit: There's also that Deer thing from the trailer, right? That's probably Forest. Probably has storm too by the looks of things so far.
  3. Someone else called it a Saha reprint so I'm not the only one who read it that way. But at any rate @zzMedVeDzz I'm not mad that you say such hurtful things, I'm just disappointed. ;D
  4. Greevilz translated as such: "Swift Wolf Forestcraft Gold 5pp 4/4 Whenever a follower besides this one enters the field, give it storm., and then at the end of the turn it returns to the hand ? Translation seems a bit less clear." Is there any possible way that I could have taken that as ANYTHING other than the ability to play multiple things to give them storm? Fyi, my English is spectacular.
  5. Okay so this is a bit less broken then it seemed thanks to the translation. You get precisely one thing with storm. Haha, oh man. You'll be able to give Jungle Warden storm on turn 10. Too op nerf immediately. EDIT: But really, I don't think Deepwood is gonna be great still because it's unlimited and that's pretty slow. Think in rotation it's best with Lilac or Fairy Dragon.
  6. I think 100% the Ape Menace will be on the chopping block. They need to remove the ward or reduce the damage. Maybe make it so that it actually loses some attack and defense evolved. That way it's the difference of having a big thing to protect you or sacrificing its big thing status for immediate payoff. Which would also jive with the choice theme.
  7. Forest Aggro has been the most fun aggro I've played. See with sword it's just "hey let's throw 40 storm cards into a deck and see what happens." Aggro Forest is a bit more mindful, particularly in rotation now that Roach is gone. Been playing around with a concept deck for Yggdrasil with a light aggro skeleton and it has 0 storm, not even Beetle. Still able to win just by comboing crazy board states with things like Fairy Dragon, Vist, Elf song and Leaf man. I'd like to see more of that but unfortunately Cygames, while going in a good direction (imo, w/ exceptions - I still hate Acceleratium) with Chronogenesis seems to be backpeddling and going back to "Print crazy big storm things to go face." It's a little sad. I mean I don't mind storm but there needs to be conditions for counterplay. That's why I love Yggdrasil so much. It's a low impact turn 7 and your opponent has the opportunity to respond. They know you have Nature's Wrath now. They can think about what else you have in hand. How many Fairies have died? Did they play a Fairy dragon or Vist already? How many? Obviously you have to have a ward or two in hand but there's an option, you know. You can counterplay. Then I see this bull**** like adding even more "Ignores Ward" effects or "Give the enemy leader unavoidable 7 damage every turn." Absolutely terrible. And I mean I played Elephant which also has the ignore ward but it was that or BnB and I can't stand neutral. And you also can counter and play around the wolf.
  8. Is it the worst though for low cost followers? Is it really? You can do some dirty plays with Felpur Kitten. A 2/2 for 1 in a class about playing **** tons of cards can't be underestimated. Say it's turn 5 y'know, and you have Fairy Wisps or 0 cost Fairies from EPM and you play those, play the Kitten, a 2 drop AND Elf song. I make the example because I've done it. Pretty average 1 drop played on curve but lots of use later on when you normally DO NOT want to be drawing into Goblins, ya know? 2x 2/2s and 2 3/3s turn 5. Pretty impactful. You always have to look at it in the context of the class. People often just take the most impactful forest cards and throw them in a deck without really thinking about the combo potential which is allegedly its deal (though ****ty Vanara is throwing that concept out the window with a coy nod to the past with the buff thing)
  9. Doom Prophecy

    Wow I am so glad it doesn't work like that. Holy Moly, that would be insane.
  10. Vanara confuses me the more I think about it. Why on Earth does it have ward? Why on Earth did they make a 6pp Ward/Storm for 5 damage. It's the most brainless, safe, obvious option. Yggdrasil will require an unsafe turn 7 but this is just... Like the best option 9 times out of 10. I mean you have to use an evolve on turn 6 I guess but say you're running Fashionista Nelcha, right, you choose Angel's Dress and then you have a 6/6 Storm/Ward on turn 7, no Evo point required. Ya know? It's like Zeus, it's just this absurd mixture of incredibly safe yet aggressive and deals face damage and I hate that design. Except this is way worse because it's only 6pp. And it's not even like Nelcha is gonna be a bad setup play because she has such a good statline for 4pp. I just don't understand.
  11. That's it. They saw control everywhere and thought "never again"
  12. Give it Storm??? I'm sorry WHAT. WHAT IS GOING ON CYGAMES, ARE YOU OKAY?
  13. I actually really dislike Vanara the more I think about it. It's too strong. Like turn 5, fairy fairy evolve Beetle into the face for 5, the opponent has to kill it because it's a 5/6. Turn 6 evolve Vanara into the face, they have to kill it because it's a 5/5 ward. You've already dealt 10 damage out of hand alone nevermind chip from early aggro. It's 6 so it procs Vist too. I don't think I'm gonna use it. Seems boring and op.
  14. I'm guessing if played on curve you just evolve it for storm but by turn 8 you can use this plus Weedman or something.
  15. Holy ****. That's beast. Did it have to have ward as well? I mean, I play Forest so I'm not that peeved but I liked Yggdrasil a lot better. This is uninspired aggro support. This is an Albert through and through.