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  1. Arisa: Hi there! Aegis: HEAVEN REBUKES YOU! Arisa: Uh...o-....okay
  2. Actually I think I might even use this in my Okami Dragon deck. It seems perfect. Turn 7 Axeman into turn 8 Fairy Driver (3-4 fairies for 6-8 damage +2 ping so 8-10) into Okami Fairy Dragon + like, another 1 or 2 drop. By turn 9 your Fairy Dragon is at least 6 damage, probably 7 after using Fairy Driver + the 2 damage ping. And that's probably game. Even if it isn't, like for example 3 Fairies were for some reason the only fairies you played the whole match And Fairy Dragon is weak, it's A-OKAY. Fairy Dragon Okami will still do 5 damage and then any old thing you sling with Okami thereafter is doing extra damage. Evelisia for example would do 5 damage with Okami + any third card. Wait. Holy heck. Can you imagine? Okami Evelisia + Angel's Dress and evolve on turn 8 for 8 damage what the heck man. Since it's 2+1+1+2+2. Forest is getting weird man. And then next turn use Okami, Harnessed Flame, + like, a fairy? That's another 6 damage! Wow. This is gonna be so good in my Okami deck.
  3. That is just dirty. Will be very nice with my man Fairy Driver. Especially awesome is that it has on curve aggressive stats and rush. So it's not even a dead play. Probably won't go in Midrange just yet and probably won't go in Aggro either though. Midrange wants to play 2 Aerins and a Jungle Warden from turn 8 and aggro wants to have finished the game by turn 6. Being the memey kind of guy that I am though.... Ephemera Pre Evolve+Fairy Driver 3 Fairies on turn 10 and an elf song + Angel's Dress + double stacked Axeman 3+3+6+3+1+2+2. It's the best OTK I have ever created. No one can tell me otherwise.
  4. Somehow I missed this card. It's quite good but I'm not sure I understand why it doesn't get full Evo stats.
  5. I think Chronos would be ideal as well though. Actually necessary to Mill yourself in a timely fashion.
  6. Okay now I know everyone wants sword to get bad stuff and for good reason but you've got to admit, this is really cool.
  7. I think it could be pretty good though. I mean, this thing can easily get to OTK range with the amount of artifacts you can throw in a deck and pretty early too. 7 defense is no joke and you can just keep spamming them. They have rush so they aren't just dead in the water 'beatsticks' like Meme of Obliteration. Can you imagine? Turn 10 with Deus and Accel until turn 13 you just spam 20 30something/7 rush artifacts every turn and maybe some ancient/mystic artifacts as well. It would be sheer insanity.
  8. This seems absolutely wild. I kinda love it.
  9. Manasurge Tier list 5/18

    I think the "others" list is perhaps decks with very low playrates and so can't accurately be quantified? I mean, I play a lot of Fairy Dragon for example but I haven't seen it since the start of the expansion, literally. Just midrange and aggro Forest. Same goes for Neutral. I've seen it recently but just not that often at all. Nor Aggro Dragon, Dark Alice or any variation of dirt.
  10. This is gonna be one of those cards that everyone seems to have bad experiences against but won't actually be attached to a high winrate. Lol ^
  11. buff or nerf next month

    There actually are decks you can point to that, if you draw well, you just auto win. Reanimate Zeus for example in rotation (I'm not entirely familiar with unlimited anymore). Turn 7 Zeus into endless Zeus is 100% win. If the player misplays by not getting lucky and drawing and burying Zeus in time they almost definitely just lose. I bet you if the deck had tutors it would win 90% of the time because the power of the wincon if they get it is just that absurd. Midsword on the other hand is kind of the opposite wherein its wincon is actually quite underwhelming if you think about it but each and every play tends to be strong and consistent every turn every game.
  12. buff or nerf next month

    Oh jeez, I forgot about the bloody Hedgehog. See? Sword is just stupid right now. I can't even buff it lol. Screw it. Give Arthur Mars effect on pulls lol
  13. Dragon is almost always meme tier so business as usual, eh? Forest will not be meme tier just from losing Aerin and Warden. lol. Most decks I don't even use either of them; they're strong but completely unneeded for the class on the whole. Aerin in particular is just a crutch for people who don't know how to play Forest.
  14. buff or nerf next month

    This is the kind of unbalanced thinking Cygames needs. Give this man or woman a job, Cy.
  15. buff or nerf next month

    Sword buff: Valse's Fatal Spellbomb is changed to banish if the target has 3 or less defense and deal 3 damage if it has 4 or more defense. Holy Purebomb is changed to 4 cost. Valse gains +0+1 to base stats. "We decided to make this change because our super secret numbers suggest that Sword still has a few matchups that don't yet get completely steamro-...*ahem* We felt Sword would fall behind with cards like Luminous Mage rotating out and wanted to ensure a 'fair and balanced' play environment for all players, including the Sword fanbase. That will be all for this month's changes."