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  1. Arthurian Light and it's KNIGHTS

    I would probably agree with you on the point of onslaught with any other deck build, but I must respectfully disagree on this one. The main focus of this deck is with Arthurian Light which is 1) a commander and 2)an amulet. Having a commander in play make onslaught worth looking at. And having that commander be AL help both these cards to synergize together. Onslaught will get rid of an enemy follower and give me a 1/1 follower ready to attack because of AL. I understand that someone could destroy my amulet and that's the end of that, but I don't think most people play with an amulet removal and if they do it's one or 2 cards, and on rare occasion it could be more. I once battled a player that destroyed all 3 of my amulets with 3 "Execution" in a row. I imagine that the player originally thought "what the hell am I going to do with all these Executions or maybe they just popped up one by one when needed. In any case my point being that's only happen once to me and yes it can happen but not often. Usually people will reset the board with Bahamut and often it may already be to late, the damage has been done enough for me to throw down Albert. Or so has been the case, but now I'm going on a rant off track, back on point. Momo and Cuhullin are both good cards, although I don't know if I care for Momo's bane only activating with an enemy follower having to have 5 attack. I've found Wolf Fang working fairly well with this particular deck, again with AL I can drop Wolf Fang on his enhance and he'll also gain storm. I also like having Old Man and Old Woman for their bane effect. Granted, it eats up an evo, but in mid battle this has help me either regain control of the board or at the least reset it. I will have to consider Cuhullin though, I do like his enhance feature of not taking any damage. He could potential take out 2 followers if your opponent doesn't take him out first. Thanks for the tips, it is much appreciated. Your input did have me reevaluate my deck and reconsider the cards, but in the end Onslaught has been a worthy card to keep in this deck in particular.
  2. Arthurian Light and it's KNIGHTS

    What I like about Accolade is that not only do you get clash "draw a card," but it also turns an officer follower into a commander. Which can work very nicely in the early game if you have Accolade and Conscription, which states: "put a random officer card from your deck into your hand. Put 1 more into your hand if an allied commander is in play." By turn 3 or 4, I'm able to pull 3 extra cards if played right, sometimes more. And even in mid game, if I see I have an extra play point why not get an extra card out of it if I can. I've found all the 1x cards to have been extremely useful. The 1pp followers are meant to synergize with Arthurian light and the 1pp spell are Accolade and mentors teaching. Free draw cards from both and Mentors teaching gives an extra attack point. Which has come in hand with cyclone blade. Imagine round 6 I have Royal Banner and Arthurian Light out, at the start of my turn a 1/1 knight pops up with storm. Now it's a 2/1 because of Royal banner, evo it and its a 4/3, add mentors teaching and now we have a 5/3. Drop cyclone blade and you pretty much wiped the board, what ever survived you can take down with your original 1/1 knight or face hit your opponent and force them to deal with the knight on their turn. Also some people find wolf fang swordsman complete useless, I disagree. With Arthurian Light in play you can use it's enhanced skill and immediately take down a heavy card. I've done this multiple times with great pleasure. As far as Lancer of the Tempest goes in comparison with Blitz Lancer, I think it's a great card and you're correct to think it better then Blitz Lancer. The only reason why I don't swap them is because Tempest Lancers is a commander and I try to minimize my commanders in this deck, only to insure that I can pull Royal Banner or Arthurian Light with the Maid or Lux. Also if Royal banner is down then Blitz Lancer just turned into 4/2. Blitz Lancer is a sacrifice card, meant to take down an enemy quickly. I'm in the middle of making some more example videos of this deck. I find it a ton of fun and will post when ready.
  3. Arthurian Light and it's KNIGHTS

    So I discovered Shadowverse at this past Twichcon in California. Out of all the crafts, I would of never thought of playing swordcraft. In any other game I'm usually a mage or necromancer, and I fancy dragons and vampires. So you could see some other crafts would appeal to me and they do. But I've been having some fun with swords, so much so, that it's the one craft I play consistently when not having to do daily. Now that I've giving my proper introduction to this subforum Let's move on to the topic on hand. So I'm a bit of a new player and there fore my decks are limited. In looking at what I got, I notice the Arthurian Light Amulet and got intrigued in trying to make a deck around this amulet. I started to research all the possible knights and 1pp cards to see what I can come up with. I'll have to be honest, it's turned out to be a fun little deck. I don't know if it will ever compete in high ranks or against the meta, but for my first creation I don't think i did half bad. And now with chronos, I've been able to tweak it with some additional cards and I'm not doing to bad in Unlimited. Granted, I'm only in C rank, but even in C rank I feel I'm hitting decks that are part of the meta. Well, with out further a do, here's my deck list. Let me know what you think? I don't mind criticisms as long as it's constructive. Deck list: Youtube:
  4. Storm of Knights

    Thanks for the tips. I was able to copy my deck over using the portal site from shadowverse, as you'll see down below. I also agree with you about lux, I definitely want to add at least one maybe two of her in my deck. Would definitely help produce my amulets, which are key in this deck. The deck stats are as follow. 25 follower 11 spells 4 amulets 10-1pp, 6-2pp, 8-3pp, 7-4pp, 7-5pp, 1-6pp, 1-8pp
  5. Is there too much storm in this game though?

    I've only been playing for a couple of months. And I'll tell you, I would get my *** handed to me when I first started. What I've realized about this game is that you better have an end game ready by turn 7 or 8, I've had plenty of games go further then that. But that seems to be the general goal. This game doesn't let you slow build and have a casual game with someone. So with that said, as for swordcraft and storm. Given that every other class has class specific heals, sword does not. So I believe the trade off is storm. And yes, I know that sword can dip into neutral to get heals. But my point is they are the only class with no class specific heal in any way currently. So I believe that is why they have the #lets hit the fast and hit them hard" mentality. Just my 2 cents.
  6. Storm of Knights

    Oh nice! And here I thought I was the only one who uses Arthurian Crusade. I have a different version for my knight storm deck. Although after reading your thread, I've been inspired by some of your cards to possibly make some additions. But, you work with what you got right haha. Mine is definitely center around blitz aggro attack. I center my game around AC and Royal Banner. While that may only leave me 3 playable space to run with. I've found the damage increase is a decent trade off. I could have 4 1/1 with storm or 3 2/1 with storm. If done properly I'm constantly dropping 2/1 down and tearing thru my opponents defense. The trick is when to drop both amulets. AC is almost always on turn 5 if possible. But RB, you have to be smart about. It could be turn 4 or after you've dropped AC. Just depends on how well you have control of the board on turn 4. If you have no tokens in play you'll want to wait on RB and defend your board first. My trick in getting my amulet has been the maid and the fact that besides the 2 amulets the only other commander I have in my deck is Albert. Although, I do like your lux option, I may need to create and add her in. I'm some what new to the forum so as soon as I can figure out how to post a copy of my deck, I will.