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  1. Custom Card Creation Central

    Flavor text- “Let the best man win!”
  2. Custom Card Creation Central

    What if we made our own expansion? ;P Come up with a theme and such, then make legendaries and such as a group project, creating two for each class. And Nano is pretty cool btw. Edit; I hate how I only find my typos after my posts have been there for a long while
  3. Diabolus Psema rework idea

    That's also true. Either way, it seems so much better than the package he currently has for sure.
  4. Bloodcannon deck?

    This probably wouldn't work in rotation, but what about a deck idea utilizing all of the cheap strong followers like Mastema, Beast dominator, and frenzied juggernaut as Zodiac demon cannons, with a demon commander Laura to potentially combo out with the seven cost Zodiac demon? CoC would be great with this, as best case scenario you could otk with Zodiac on an empty board in vengeance with Laura and an evo. Of course, the likelihood of that happening is miniscule at best, but it's still an idea. Doubtful it would be fast enough to compete, but does anyone think there is a list utilizing this synergy that could be made and be pretty good?
  5. Arthurian Light and it's KNIGHTS

    This is honestly extremely refreshing to see. It's probably not meta, but I couldn't care less if it was or wasn't. It's a fun and creative deck idea that uses some excellent synergy cards that have been overlooked. I have almost never seen stratagem or conscription in a swordcraft deck, or at least very rarely, but here it fits right in. The best thing about this deck is it seems really fun, and I think that's the highlight of it. It also showcases how much of a terrible card Bahamut is. It limits design space for decks like this, because it's literally just "Lol, everything you built up is gone." And you can do that three times. That's insane. So I offer you my applause for making a fun, creative, and different deck. It made it worthwhile to check around the forums.
  6. This is an interesting idea. I think I'll keep tabs on it for now until I can come up with something.
  7. So what if Diabolus instead gave Reach of the Archdemon and blood Drinker’s brand? They synergize extremely well with him, and he seems to be very low impact or even self detrimental with demonic rain of all cards. You’re already in vengeance, and you’re opponent has the pp for their finishers, which almost all do at least ten damage. You don’t want to lower yourself with a self damaging small board clear. If he had the two cards suggested, then a major play could open up on vengeance. Say you have 1 evolve, 9 mana, and you have Psema. You can play him, reach of the arch demon, get more op back, play Brand on himself and take no damage and then gain drain, evolve, attack a follower that may have lived, and boom. 8 plus health gain, 3 damage to all creatures, and a sizable threat on board. That seems far better in a control deck, which is where he usually is. The two cards are great aggressively, but that doesn’t seem to fit when compared to his cost and what decks he’s in. Do you think this change would help or harm Psema? Flavor wise brand doesn’t make much sense, but mechanics wise it blends great with his abilities
  8. I would agree on this, but blood is already weak enough. Yurius is a powerful card on its own, but unless you have the perfect scenario that you have both a ward and the opponent has no removal (zombie party just makes you wonder if you should even play the guy turn 2) and the fact that his mass damage potential relies on two sticking on board. Simply because he’s a strong card isn’t enough to nerf imo. Because a card is above the power curve seems like a great way to see who needs nerfs, but you also need to look at the class. Blood would be far weaker without Yurius, and he has counterplays. So I’d go against getting rid of him until he starts making blood more powerful than it should be, which is certainly not soon.
  9. Custom Card Creation Central

    swordcraft, bronze Swordbearer- 2-3(?)pp 1/2 Gain +1 attack for each other allied follower in play Voice lines- Summoning: "Share the load brothers!" Attacking: "Surrender or die!" Death: "Keep fighting until the end." Flavor text: "Swords are a part of any warrior, a bond as great as the ones with your comrades." Summoning flavor text: "Treat your weapons with respect, and they will repay you by saving your life."
  10. Custom Card Creation Central

    Swordcraft, bronze Shieldbearer- 2pp 0/5 Ward, can't attack Evolve: 0/9 Voice lines- summoning: "An unbreakable wall of steel!" Death: "Hah! They've got spunk!" Flavor text: "I'm an unbreakable wall of steel. For my general, for my country, and for the crown!' Evoved flavor text: "I've got just enough left to stall you blackguards until help arrives. If you hit harder then you might actually get somewhere!"
  11. Favourite moments?

    Control blood; the kings of comebacks
  12. Cards you miss the most in Rotation

    Executioners axe combos really well into Isra when you don’t have any evos and you need her to attack. All of these cards (except my 1 terror demon. I dunno how I feel about him...) have proved their worth enough that I haven’t figured I needed to replace any. I only regret I have one of most my late game cards like bahamut. Rip
  13. Cards you miss the most in Rotation

    Maybe it won’t work on higher ranks when more have gotten used to rotation and I start facing more refined decks, but this gets the job done for me to climb well, and that’s all I really need. As long as I go positive in wins at the end of the day, it’s all good.
  14. Cards you miss the most in Rotation

    Sure. I’m playing at A3 and most of my losses have been to wallet Dragon and Eachtar midrange shadow. Everything else has been pretty decent at the least in match ups and yes, I have only 1’s of some cards that make things more inconsistent, but I don’t really have more until I get vials or draw them (haven’t spent a dime on Shadowverse since I started)
  15. Cards you miss the most in Rotation

    I’ve been using it and I’m doing pretty well. I actually forgot about revelation woops. Although reach of the archdemon does pretty good work despite not having the potential revelation had. I had been running budget for a long time, so most cards that were rotated out I had very few of and had learned a long time ago how to live without them