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  1. Custom Card Creation Central

    Ooooh, nice, nice. I didn’t realize imgur had a place for custom cards. I’ve been trying to think of a Galahad card that could give a purified grail and a Lancelot that I haven’t figured out, but should Galahad go into Haven bc of the grail or into sword because that’s where the knights of the round table are?
  2. Custom Card Creation Central

    Forestcraft, silver Flurry of petals-3pp Amulet At the start of your turn, choose an enemy and deal 1 damage to them flavor text- The scratches did not halt the intruders. The signs were ignored. The forest had given them enough chances, but allowed the small gift of a grave marked by scarlet petals
  3. Storm of Knights

    Very lucky. They had already used revelation and they used an Emeralda on my goblin king, so they seemed to haven’t drawn an extra (thank goodness) so yeah, pretty lucky. They were stalling with mask as well
  4. Storm of Knights

    That seems like a good amount of pp to summon something that can’t deal damage I might need two of him. Hero just won me another game against vengeance blood.
  5. Storm of Knights

    Dang. Israfil is honestly so frustrating to fight against. Think you’ve got lethal, decent hp and board? Think again. You could still try and finish after a bahamut with storm. Israfil packs a huge heal that usually puts them outside any possible one card lethal range late in the game. So many games I could have won until she hit the board.
  6. Custom Card Creation Central

    Shadowcraft, Legendary Hel, Keeper of the lost-7pp 4/7 Last words- Summon each allied follower that was destroyed while this card was in play, starting from the most recent Voice lines- Summoning: “I’ve come to collect my dues.” Attacking: “It’s your time.” Evolving: “This is my responsibility.” Death: “I must attend to the other fallen...” Flavor text- Young or old, she has cared for all of those who’s lives were lost ingloriously and thought forgotten. Evolved Flavor text: Given the task to be the keeper of the realm of the dead, she silently carries out her job without complaint Attack animation: Purple claw slash
  7. Storm of Knights

    It’s fine. I just recently added it in so no problem. Illusionist seems like such a good card though, why wouldn’t more people use it? Still, that’s part of why running an off meta deck can actually help. No one expects it so they don’t learn to play around it. Sometimes you can guess what card comes next in a deck, so you can prepare. (Playing against Dirt rune feels like the same game every time. Dwarven alchemist, Halo golem, Levi (both versions of him are so good) and magical illusionist. Same deck every fight)
  8. Storm of Knights

    I just imagine the salt he was feeling. He really had a chance to win. I could try it with Uriel (though if she grabbed staircase that would be bad) so I might run a deck with her replacing staircase and see how well that goes 🤔 As a side note, Arthurian + Leonidas amulet would be such a powerful combo if it could be pulled off, and I realized in my earlier post that Walfrid ended up autocorrecting to Walrus. Rip Wally
  9. Storm of Knights

    I actually did take out one, and replaced that slot with another Lux (which can pull the amulet for some reason?) and after making changes I’ve gone on a 5 win streak in ranked. Unbridled is gone, gemstaff is, and lastly I got rid of noble knight and did goblin princess instead I added staircase because I ran out of followers quickly, and enough due on one turn to get to that last words effect quick as a blink. Arthurian is certainly a key card, but now I’ve been able to pull off wins without needing it. Mostly because Hero has been doing work. I usually save him until the opponent uses all their evo’s, then drop him and the opponent just has no answer The most recent match I had was against dragon, who lost because he did understand Hero’s ability. He attacked it with dragoon scyther, then while on 5 health dropped a bahamut (with evolves left) and instantly ended his turn without noticing Hero was alive. He conceded. Even if he had evolved I had answers to keep Baha under control. Walfrid has saved me so many times it’s crazy. So has sage commander and wind god.
  10. Storm of Knights

    So far in rank A1, I've won 3 out of my four games. In ranked btw I defeated an Elana deck after they even used themis and cleared my board. So I played Arthurian and was able to finish using Walfrid, and I even had a sage commander in my hand in case things went bad I defeated a Shadowcraft deck, which is to be expected I think. Not a lot of their removal save foul tempest work well against the deck since most is random and 90% of the targets are 1/1 I also beat a burn rune deck, which was mostly because I don't think they ever drew their levi, which would have demolished me since my Arthurian light that lets me recover from board clears was also never drawn that match And lost to a dragoncraft deck that used conflagration and wrath drake to clear my board twice, and again no way to recover as I never drew Arthurian light Best cards- Arthurian light for sure. It makes board clear hurt so much less because I can rebuild quickly, and it can't be removed by Themis Walfrid, because he works so well with the group mentality in this deck Jeno. He was good before, but when you think that the two 1/1's can also have storm afterwards with Arthurian you can really get so much value out of this Monika is never leaving my deck. She works great during the evolve wars because I almost always pull off 3-5 damage with her, then she still has her rush attack and can just dominate when played right. ANOTHER EDIT: Wind God is best waifu
  11. Storm of Knights

    I would, but that ends up causing problems. Three spaces for followers, which reduces the burst damage effectiveness of cards like wind god, Walfrid, and sage commander (cards that have caused my opponents to just concede off the bat XP) since at max they can only affect two people. I haven’t tried it, so it’s mostly assumption. I could test it and see though, but Arthurian Light generates tokens already
  12. Storm of Knights

    It affects neutrals? Then I’ll definitely add it in. I had assumed it was swordcraft only. I’d go White paladin over pompous. I only have one follower that actually costs 1. Most of the time I generate the 1 costs through other followers, so definitely white paladin
  13. Storm of Knights

    The deck is just for fun, and if I had Otohime I would put her in, but since it’s not really for competitive play and more just to fool around I didn’t bother crafting cards or trying to make them. And ironwrought would take up space, which keeps me from flooding the board as much as I can. AoE counters it, for one turn at least. Then I usually get a whole board of stormed up 1/1’s again. The point is to have a crap ton of 1/1’s and sometimes I have to sacrifice knights to play more knights. So unbridled fury makes an excellent choice to get through big defenders considering I almost always have a board of four. Seriously though, whenever I drop Arthurian it’s always worth it. It’s like hype incarnate whenever immediately after on the curve I have enhanced Juno and blow right past em. And Perseus with this is just great as well. I’m definitely going to replace gemstaff, but I need to find a three drop that synergizes with Arthurian
  14. Storm of Knights

    What would make this so many times better than it already is would be if I could replace all the Knight's voice lines. Why? Because it would be great to have a bunch of knights attacking saying "DEUS VULT!"