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  1. Portalcraft Ruining Meta

    @Kyro can i see your decklist? (Just curious)
  2. Acceleratium is a problem

    Unless they give some really powerful mean to draw artifacts (no, not deus, deus draws random) acceleratium will be ok "But portal destroys board based decks" it's not really an argument to me Every deck is good against something, Portal is good against boards (and apparently, not so much) This thread is about acceleratium, pease don't derail the whole discussion talking about albert or whatever (professor oak intensifies) Have a good day.
  3. +1 or +2

    Well, usually you want to put some artifacts in your deck, then when deus comes out it's time for the "single card" draw to pilot the hand refill I decided to add less cards (basically i put only production, icarus, lion and cannoneer) and draw more than i need with deus, usually i end the game with 10-15 cards in deck (or less, one i had only 4 cards) and a 9-15 atk safira I didn't tried out war whale because hakrabi is better imo, but it could be used in a deck with more 3 cost artifacts.
  4. Artifact or Puppets?

    @Inquire my deck looks like this, i try to make around 7-9 damage during midgame to end on 9 mana with noah I put a lot of puppet generators so that i can use one or to to trade with eventual wards when noah pops out Bahamut wants to be a lifesaver for when things doesn't work
  5. Artifact or Puppets?

    The greatest problem i had with puppets (in this limited amount of time) is i can't reliably push enough damages in the early turns, ending up missing the turn 9 noah otk, or worse, i'm forced to use the buffed puppets to clear out the enemy board
  6. Artifact or Puppets?

    Wait, i got to 13 with 4 puppet and evolved noah I tried a "semi-aggro" early game using the puppet synergy with starcase of paradise and goblin mage to tutor out some puppets for early board control and push those 7 damages asap It's... Still kinda bad tho
  7. Artifact or Puppets?

    (Hello, new player here) I would go for puppets, But the artifacts are more fun :<, the best they could do now is swap the theme beetwen decks.. I can only dream.
  8. Introduce yourself here!

    Hi! Haven main here, loving the game so far! See ya!
  9. Introduce yourself here!

    Hi i'm Bannerman, i started playing a week ago I'm not new to online ccg and i like any kind of healing archtypes, currently b1 on ladder with a kind of elana deck (I'm doing a lot of take two runs in order to farm for the incoming rotation) See ya!