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  1. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    People already talking about this taking Spinaria's spot in current Puppet lists. I can see why. More flexible (don't need to use the enhance), and the token can remove more than one 1 defence with its Last Words. Down sides are losing the random draw from Spinaria's artifact dying in the opponents turn, and the ping isn't reusable. And in a pinch, it's another good 3 drop for Silva's Accelerate.
  2. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    I would if I could, but I only get off work in about 7 hours
  3. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    Sorry, but it's the only rotation deck I have that stands a chance at the moment. Been inactive for a while and rotation killed most of my decks. If it makes you feel any better, I now want to make a Sniper Puppet deck.
  4. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    Need help with daily Private Match 37868 Rotation
  5. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    Done, thank you
  6. Lion Grail Haven

    Updated my list. Went down 1 Temple of the Holy Lion. With Prism Swing in the deck, I don't need a full set of Temples to keep things going. Took out both Red Hot Boots. While not a bad removal in the early game, they do waste board space and the other amulets have better Last Words for Hallowed Dogma to trigger earlier. Also removed the 2 Pure Annihilation. There's too many things I need to remove at once that also have different names. There's also: Themis's Purge was added. Sometimes you just need to banish EVERYTHING. I feel 2 is enough, for now. Godsworn Alexiel was added as a singleton as a hedge against Lindworm and the like. Lastly I added 2 Seraphic Blade for its versatility and ability to hamper some quicker plays. With this much removal and draw, I have easily out grinded a lot of decks today... well, maybe not easily, but they have been some of the more fun games I've had in a while.
  7. LIDL Bloodcraft deck, rotation edition!

    I didn't see much of it, because of how quickly he steamrolled me (partially due to bad draws on my end), so I can't say for sure, but that looks close to what I did see.
  8. LIDL Bloodcraft deck, rotation edition!

    While aggro is obviously a strong choice for Blood in Rotation, I did see an interesting attempt at a Vengeance build using Waltz, King of Wolves to get Blood Moon and using cards like Narmaya, Ephemeral Blade and Vania, Nightshade Vampire while Blood Moon is out to get only up sides. It, obviously, also had Dark General in for the Storm damages. Wish I saw more of the cards my opponent was playing, but he steamrolled over me too fast to take notes.
  9. Lion Grail Haven

    I personally dropped it long ago. Didn't fit my playstyle. Here's the current state of my list. Will be updating as I get some games in:
  10. What Were Your Brigade Pulls?

    88 packs opened (20 free boosters, 68 with saved up Rupies) and this is what I got: 1 Ferry, Spirit Maiden 2 Lococo, Little Puppeteer 1 Korwa, Ravishing Designer 2 Godhunter Selwyn 1 Adramelech 1 Proto Bahamut 3 Garuda, Ruler of Storms 1 Purson 1 Zooey, Arbiter of the Skies Now I really want to see Garuda, Ruler of Storms be a thing in Rotation.
  11. Lion Grail Haven

    So, I just found out Prism Swing puts a Holy Lion Crystal into your hand. {3} to deal 4 damage to a follower and get a Lion Crystal sounds good to me. Question is, is it good enough to make the deck better?
  12. balance changes!

    The Ceridwen fix (yes fix, not nerf) is a good thing. When it was originally designed Burial Rite didn't exist, so she only "reanimated" things that cost 4 or less when played on curve. Now with "Reanimate 8" she still pulls big things, but none of the stupidly large things. Ceridwen, Eternity Hunter can reanimate bigger with Eternal Potion from turn 7 onwards, which feels a lot more balanced while still being a strong effect. Demonlord and Illusionist reverting is an interesting idea and doing it after they leave Rotation is good. Opens options for Cy to try balance Unlimited without nerfs or limiting cards, and we all know we don't like the nerfs and limits. I hope this goes well for Unlimited.
  13. mini expansion

    Shouldn't this be in the salt thread? Sounds like salt to me.