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  1. Favourite moments?

    This is probably it, though I can't read any of it. Machine translations ate just confusing me on this. Not complaining though. I get to animate my only non animated Daria now
  2. Favourite moments?

    Playing Daria in the Grand Prix, I drop my 1 of Snowman King that I forgot in because of testing against a Sword opponent, choosing the 2/2's with Ward. The opponent conceded. I think, ok, maybe he just had no real answer. Next match is against Sword again. And again I get the 2/2 Wards with the opponent conceding. Have I stubbled upon an auto win vs Sword?
  3. Favourite moments?

    I always suspected this was the case, but it's nice to have confirmation. All these bounce interactions are ptetty cool. But because storm Celia returns /all/ your followers, you have to be very careful about what you bounce to hand.
  4. Favourite moments?

    Makes sense. His "printed" value is 5, so other than is cost altering ability, everything else will read him as 5 PP. And the Cannon interaction sounds like fun
  5. Witch holds dragoon at ratpoint

    I have a love hate relationship with the rats. I absolutely love to to get those few extra points of damage in, not just because of their start of turn effect, but also because the spell removes Ward and other annoying abilities preventing your win. But I also hate it when it's your only viable play buying you one measly turn before your inevitable demise.
  6. Witch holds rabbit at ratpoint

    While playing 2 Temples is sometimes a useful tool, it's very situational on whether it is a good idea or not. I've been playing Lions for a while now, even going 4-1 in the Grand Prix on my first attempt to qualify for Group A. 1 Temple = good, 2 Temples = only if you absolutely have to get that extra Crystal and never against Rune for the reasons shown in this video.
  7. Favourite moments?

    Just had an opponent try use Blade of Dark (from Devil of the Gaps) to remove Heavenly Aegis's ability. While I still lost the match, it was amusing to see the opponent try that. Aegis welcomes the free +2/+0
  8. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    I'm doing very well with a non netdeck. Exactly, it's another method for people to actually enjoy themselves. No one is forcing anyone to play the Grand Prix, so if you don't like it, you don't have to play it.
  9. Holy Lions

    4-1 on my first attempt with my build of Lion Crystals
  10. Subs for Temple Heaven?

    I've not played Summit Temple myself, too busy getting my Aether Aegis Control and Lion Crystal decks to work (Aegis is almost there, Lion Crystals are doing well for me). That said, I have an important question: How much you willing to spend on Crystals? Because two of the Legends you want are obtainable in the premade decks, specifically Aegis in the Set 2 deck Alabaster Shield and Princess Snow White in the Set 3 deck Winged Blessings. And buying then gets you a lot of Vial fodder for a few of the others you need.
  11. Lion Grail Haven

    So, I've been testing you list out. The only problem I have is Godscale's Banquet. I don't know if I'm playing it wrong, but every time I see it I either don't play it, or playing it feels clunky / inefficient. It also takes up board space, limiting plays of other cards and often forcing evolves just to clear the space. I feel Gemstone Carapace might be better here, seeing as evolves feel like a key removal / trade factor in this build. The Tortoise is a bit more beefy and takes up less board space. While I haven't got a problem with Tarnished Grail as an alternative win condition, I've yet to actually use it as one. Most games I hard mulligan for Lion Crystals or draw / removal, and have won or nearly one just off Lion trade value and removal. I do miss Dark Jeanne on 6 and Jeanne, Beacon of Salvation on 7 as mass removal. Waiting on 8 for the Grail's 2 damage feels slow after getting used to the Jeannes on earlier turns. Holding up Hallowed Dogma to speed up the Grail's Countdown feels almost impossible as the draw to (hopefully) get more Lion Crystals or targeted removal feels too good to hold onto it. Both Grail and Dogma a good cards in here though, I've just never got Grail to pop in a favourable time frame.
  12. Dawnbreak Nightedge 1st Rotation Grand Prix

    And here we go again, another 4-1 in the first stage. Sadly not on day 1 this time, was too busy with real world stuff to find time to play on day 1. Really loving Haven of late. First Grand Prix I got through to Group A Final Stage with only using a Aegis control deck. Now I'm trying it with my take on Holy Lion Crystals Game 1 - Won. Lion Crystal Haven. Game went back and forth, but I managed to get some chip damage in the early game, which was a deciding factor in the end. Game 2 - Won. Mysteria Dirt Rune. Lots of removal on both sides, his with face damage tacked on. Pure Annihilation on Mage of Nightfall with a second Mage in Ambush was a game changer. Game 3 - Won. Mid Sword. I had more trade power and removal than he could handle. Lions reached storm status pretty quickly here, even though I had to use most of it to keep his board empty (fearing the Sky Fortress or Captain Walfrid). Game 4 - Lost. Summit Temple Haven. Saw a tough game. Despite him having the upper hand most of the time, I was just one key card / play away from turning it in my favor. Sadly, that card / play never came in time. Game 5 - Won. Forest. Not sure what he was playing. I saw lots of fairies and a few common bounce targets. Not much else.
  13. Until you come across someone like me who is OK with waiting for then opponent. I've often come across opponents trying this tactic on me, so I pull out my Vita and play indie games on that while waiting for my turn. Maybe, but then they meed to do something about animations eating up your time. Artifact Portal can take long on turns they spam artifacts to clear the board due to animations, so something like this suggestion has drawbacks too. Adding "play x games without quitting" to the mix would make dailies a lot less frustrating. I've often had a good run through my dailies and hit a losing streak when I needed just 1 more win.
  14. Lion Grail Haven

    This list looks interesting, I might give it a shot and let you know my findings.
  15. Replacement for Zeus?

    Play Mid Shadow? Apparently that's still doing well.