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  1. Love this ...

    Shouldn't this be in the Favourite moments thread?
  2. Changes to Cards in the February 14 Release

    As much as I like playing Daria, with everyone seemingly playing it (i haven't really been paired against it all that often), and everyone (all the vocal people anyways) complaining about it, it, I've basically shelved my Daria deck. I've found it boring of late too.
  3. MTG Arena Discussion

    Game limitations are always going to be a problem. I know that in MTGO there is a limit because there's "infinite" combos (loopable combos that have no cost to loop) that can make an "infinite" number of tokens, and MTGO has a limit in the 100's (not sure on the exact number). So I can see there being a limit in Arena, but it would be nice to know the limit. On a somewhat related note, while there's no maximum life total in MTG, there's a limit on MTGO. Knowing that limit would be nice too.
  4. Special sleeves?

    Then imagine how I feel, I live in South Africa. In addition to not getting any of the special stuff that any other country gets (not just Japan), it costs me a ton of money to get anything. Import fees, international courier fees, and worst of all, the damned exchange rate.
  5. MTG Arena Discussion

    Lol, I was merely pointing out that there's a lot more. I don't want potentially new players to be scared away by the Eldrazi menace. MTG is an awesome game amd one I'd recommend to anyone.
  6. MTG Arena Discussion

    You've only really seen a very small percentage of the game then. I've been playing MtG a little over a decade now, and while Eldrazi Tron is a big contender, it's far from the only one. I just did a quick check on MTG Top 8 and in the last 2 months in Standard we have 5 aggro decks with 5%+ usage (with the highest at 14%) with 2 Control decks with 5%+ usage (Highest at 9%), with 40% of that meta covering everything else. In Modern we have 5 aggro decks with 5%+ usage (highest at 8%) and 2 control decks at 5%+ (highest 6%), with 56% of that meta covering everything else. There's a lot of 4% that I didn't include, but of note is 3 combo decks with 4% usage. The Eldrazi deck you most likely saw was the Modern 6% control deck. That's only 6% of about 50+ different decks in the format. MTG is a very diverse game, especially Modern, with little to no excessively overused decks, and thanks to the sideboarding system, you can include mach specific tech cards without the main deck suffering.
  7. Short answer: Nothing's changed. You cam see their reasoning here:
  8. Special sleeves?

    I think some sleeves are only available at certain events that sadly only happen in Japan. Attend event, get limited event code, get awesome sleeves in game. I could be wrong though.
  9. Favourite moments?

    Fairly new to playing Aegis based Haven. Got a 7 win streak, 2 vs other Aegis Haven decks, which was broken by drawing the wrong removal against a Daria deck. Really liking how Aegis's mere presence wins you games.
  10. Longest match in time??

    Never really timed the game, but I had one opponent that never pressed the end turn button through the whole game. Didn't bother me much as I was playing on my PC so I got to play on my Vita waiting for his turn to finish. I think he was trying to get a free win by making me rage quit due to him taking so long. There's a reason I use the "Cool and Casual" flair I've also had a few games almost reach turn 20, but again I never really timed it.
  11. Just asking some question

    And this is why Fanfare only works from hand. As a long time MtG player, this was a hard lesson for me to learn.
  12. And make this game Oay to Win"? No thank you. Besides, that's why Vials exist. There's a big difference between paying for physical cards and digital cards. Collecting physical object is more impressive and satisfying than amassing digital stuff. It's half the reason physical game sales are still a thing, even if digital is outselling it.

    Been running Daria since I started playing and neither my Unlimited nor my Rotation Daria decks run legends other than Daria herself. I've had decent win rates with the decks with little impact of meta. Here's my lists, hopefully they can be a good reference point for you: Rotation: 3 Insight 3 Mysterian Knowledge 3 Craig, Wizard of Mysteria 3 Magic Owl 3 Magic Missile 3 Conjure Golem 2 Frozen Mammoth 3 Clarke, Arcane Scholar 3 Piercing Rune 3 Ogler 3 Blade Mage 2 Fiery Embrace (might swap this for Wind Blast) 3 Daria, Dimensional Witch 3 Chimera Unlimited: 3 Insight 3 Timeworn Mage Levi 3 Craig, Wizard of Mysteria 3 Magic Missile 1 Conjure Golem 3 Kaleidoscopic Glow 3 Witchette Emmylou 3 Clarke, Arcane Scholar 2 Demonic Strike 3 Piercing Rune 2 Dance of Death 3 Ogler 3 Blade Mage 2 Mutagenic Bolt 3 Daria, Dimensional Witch I'm interested in trying this myself, just not sold on Enchanted Blade myself.
  14. Shadowlog 2/4/2018

    The Baha "nerf" affected the meta quite a bit more than just "nerf Dragon". One could argue that it warped the meta because of all the amulets that can now be safely played. If these new numbers hold, we may be seeing Neutral Witch (Rotation), Aggro Sword (Rotation), and Aggro Blood (Unlimited) getting hit. Interesting thing though, I have personally not come across Daria decks that much in both formats (not even me playing my own Daria decks), so it often surprises me when I hear its been the most played recently.
  15. Infinite Evo Orbs???

    Ya, it's possible, but not advisable.