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  1. Cygames, please delete ambush!!!

    you forgot Witch of whatever from Rune.
  2. The anime thread

    It's the first time Rock went wild, it show his progression, but that's all. also Episode 5 Darling in the Franxx seems to have weird turn.. I guess how they handle this part will define how the series will be in the future.. but it's based on ongoing Manga so I doubt it'll end in how I wanted it to be..
  3. Did everyone just went to Unlimited?

    Treasure Chest happen everyone are desperate to win as expected of Wincraft, win is the only way
  4. The anime thread

    Hakuno IS bland, he's meant to be your self-insert character and he is required to be blank for plot sake,, at least in the original Extra. Last Encore however are way different from Extra so I wouldn't know.. at least it's definitely different from CCC foxtail Hakuno which is a funny guy with determination.
  5. Longest match in time??

    It's BS I tell you, he's not even that good of a player because he waste his Baha on trivial stuff early game, to the point he had to resort on trading with gene midway through. I really hate storm win since it's not tad fun but honestly not using storm cost me the game,, at one point I even have a 10/14, 2 x 4/4 and put him down to 4hp.. then suddenly he's at 14 hp again next turn.. that's BS
  6. Any Mysteria decks?

    it's because using Mysteria burn is not my only win con. My original plan is to stave out aggro early, use those spellboosted removal at hand to deal with mid game big follower while using illusionist and Grand Summoning to flood the board and if all else fails I will drop zeus and chain it with Illusionist.. I have other variation using earth rite and silver blade golem.. but using straight burn rune is way more efficient so I can't really call it a mysteria deck but just another burn rune. the biggest hit and miss in this deck is expel souls. if I topdecked it early it's a ****ty unusable card because.. well you can end up drawing 10+ card if you use it. but I've won quite a number of match with this card since it refill my hand by quite significant number,, but fate's hand is infinitely superior than this card. rather than concentration I prefer the Chimera for removal with body but it'll interrupt my Illusionist + Hannah pull so.. chain lighting is another hit and miss card, playing it is a huge tempo loss and in current meta that could cost you the game.. which is why I used grand summoning + Golem Evo to confuse the enemy making them have hard time picking the target. usually this net me a free 4 damage to the face. the lack of healing still hurt tho.. I'm still questioning Cy decision to not reprint Veteran Alchemist
  7. for now that is. I'm talking that their pp refund mechanic and their draw discard ability is way too broken for this kind of mechanic if it's ever implemented. unlike other craft portal are fully of discarding ending their own turn with a lot of pp or even without using a single one, and they might be able to carry more counter card than other class because of follower refill and Deus draw.
  8. note that my ultimate aim tho is to increase the number of playable deck for more variety on ladder and better overall experience for all user. It also help us to reduce the effectiveness of Cancer auto-include like Bert and Aegis without killing them outright, thus encouraging people to experiment more. however I do admit that this could let to dragged out match if they aren't careful with the balance.. however since Cy are trying to 'slow-down' the game in rotation I believe that this won't be a problem.
  9. Does this suggestion thread even matters? meh anyway I just hoped they will hear me and maybe apply it for next expansion somehow. I have this flash of inspiration when I used Noble Coun. PP refund on enhance effect during take 2 match. In that game I ended up with 1 extra pp that I can't use because I don't have any 1pp drop which means one point are wasted, and as we know any PP we don't use will keep light up even if it's on opponent turns. I believe that going to this direction of this PP refunds means that we can add another strategic dimension if we can utilize the PP not spend during opponent turns. Therefore I propose that we create a new mechanic that let us use those extra PP to play a card during opponent turn for certain situational condition only - for now I will tentatively call this new mechanic "counter." I believe this idea are compatible with the newly introduced PP refund mechanic and thus will raise the worth of those "PP refund" cards so that they could see some play, because AFAIK Noble Councelor, Lilith, Reach of Archdemon are considered to be bad cards and never see any play in the ladder. Anyway I believe that this mechanic will add new strategy depths, with this sometimes not using up all of our PP is now a valid move, it could add realistic layer of psychological warfare in form of bluff, and it might let control deck become viable for the first time while at the same time let the weaker deck compete. Realistically the card effect should be like this [3pp Neut | Counter-Fanfare (<- condition, can be changed to attack, clash, face, etc.) | Fanfare ability will not activate] Thus when you spare 3pp it'll make the opponent suspicious even if you don't have the card at hand (bluff). On the other hand now every player have to manage how they spend PP as opposed to using them all brainlessly. Now some questionable things I've consider bout this mechanic Q : Won't it be too powerful? A : No, I don't think so, you're still limited by 40 cards which means taking too many 'counter' card might be counterproductive(no pun intended) since they're ultimately passive card that doesn't help you win. Q : Doesn't that effect are way too powerful? disabling fanfare of certain cards might kill some deck completely (Nep, Arthur, B&B) not to mention it's pretty cheap to play A : It's only an example, and in practice I'm sure sparing any PP will be harder than it seems. then again I wouldn't know because it's still a theory. Not to mention it's not cheap because that 3pp are paid with leftover,, having 3pp extra leftover means you can only play 1pp at turns 4, 2pp at turns 5 and 3pp at turns 6.' In my mind the effect are supposed to be more simple but useful, for example : [1pp Swordcraft | Counter-Attack | Give one of your follower a ward till the end of enemy turn] This is a simple move that can be used to avoid face damage from Storm, or simply protect the unit you don't want to lose. Other variation like reduce damage taken to ally by 3 or even putting follower into ambush.. I will lick Cy Boots if they print a Counter-Storm effect.. Q : Won't Dragon benefit too much from this? I mean with Ramp they'll have more PP to spare early. A : I believe that each class should take advantage of each of their own craft ability for this counter card mechanic. At this point I had this idea in mind Sword : A cheap counter card that use follower on board or maybe even commander synergy. that 1pp Ward is a good example. Also enhance sword should be a thing and more card that refund PP from filling the board or Commander/Officer synergy should be implemented, for example a 3pp 1/1 Commander that restore 1pp for each officer played. Forest : Using number of cards played as requirement instead of PP might be a good idea for forest, or maybe something in between like cost reduction based on cards played this turns. for example [Horde Rush | 5pp Forestcraft | Counter-clash | Reduce the cost of this card by X, X being the number of card played this turns. Add effect to one follower : Clash, Give follower x/-, x are equal to the number of 1/x follower] Rune : Spell boost or ER requirement is the most obvious answer,, as of the effect I'm not sure. Maybe something Magical? Heaven : another one that I'm not sure.. Heaven doesn't have obvious traits other than Amulet.. maybe a counter to reduce amulet countdown according to damage dealt to leader? dunno. Dragon : you have ramp anyway so just play expensive Neutral one that no other crafts bother to use.. seriously tho you got Ramp so I don't think you need any PP reduction right? Shadow : A cheap card that require Necromancy to be activated.. so it's dead card without Necro.. Blood : Already got PP refund on vengeance, just keep at it. Portal : Cancer, don't give the Artifact deck any counter.. they could literally play 10 cards for 0pp.. or give them extra expensive one for mediocre effect or cheap one for low effect. anyway that's my crude proposal. I sincerely hope that they somehow implement this (and doesn't fail spectacularly at doing it)
  10. Any Mysteria decks?

    Nic Nic and that professor is **** on rotation, the professor are inconsistent because you need to play 'Mysteria' cards before you pop him, otherwise he's just vanilla 2/2. nic nic cannot flood your board and considering the cost using that other critter, I think it's called Carbuncle of Mysteria is better. Using those however means you're running a spell boost variant. I still have my list of spellboost Mysteria from back then where kektar is everywhere, you could win but it's not tad good. StuCo Hannah are good card if you combine her with illusionist for unlimited recycle + swing her around as decent beat stick. At the very least dropping her will guarantee a mysteria cards which is nice. Oz are good addition for this deck but you must be careful not to lose her lest you'll lose all the spell in your hand. I used this list for a while during Kektar period and haven't optimized it yet. I found the lack of heal is a huge problem when dealing with Burn or midrange sword.. if only Mysteria also affect positive quirk like Heal from spell. Anyway looking at the meta I believe that if you don't drop Mysteria by turns 5 and have nova Flare in hand then you're toast vs Midrange sword. VS Daria you'll manage somehow as long as they don't take the BS route of dropping one 0pp blade mage each turn and evo it + Piercing rune for 6 each f'cking turn.. because seriously that's just BS. VS Burn.. the lack of healing HURTS. Contary to it's look this deck are powerful when dealing with powerful board swarm.. and understandably weak vs weaker board swarm. I'm open for any concept or improvement. So far spellboost is the only mechanic that seems to support Mysteria type.. BTW I also have list that replace Karl with Chain lighting.. but I often found myself using the 5pp Mysterian spell instead of chain Lightining as it's infinitely superior.
  11. The anime thread

    It is both, the author wanted to make it a "Hollywood" like, sometimes gritty, with some laugh thrown in just like reservoir dog.. wait that's not good example.. uh it's like free fire or Die hard with the MC being OP af throwing cuss and one liner. Your observation however are pretty astute, the main focus and the only character to constantly get a development is Rock and to some extent Revy. The other character are there as plot device, even fellow member of Lagoon like Benny and Dutch (In fact Dutch and Benny will play minimal role in the subsequent story arc which is Roberta's Blood trails, and the chink girl agent arc) Black Lagoon is ultimately a story about Rock and how he; someone who're born in "normal" society would change overtime in Roanapur. As I said it is something like a hollywood parody but as you can see in 'bloodsport fairy tale' and 'Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise' they don't slack when it comes to the core of the series which is about Rock development. In fact look for Roberta's blood trail, a 4 part OVA directly after Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise. From then on Rock is like entirely another person thanks to his experience in Japan. Oh and since you like Balalaika then you have to watch Roberta's blood trail,, you might love or hate the direction of Rock development and maybe kinda hate it that the Terminator Maid is back but I must say that one scene where Balalaika once again acted as "Kapitan" for one time occasion is among the best scene she ever had.
  12. Longest match in time??

    never timed it but it should be around 30 minutes and it last till overdraw.. It's storm dragon deck and I'm using control dirt rune deck... I'm cornering him in near lethal state and he's not packing ward so he need to deal with my board manually.. after 3 Bahamut, 3 Genesis, 3 Forte, 3 Sahaquiel, 3 Israfil, 2 Lucifer, 1 Zeus and 1 polyphonic roar later, I finally ran out of cards first. However the opponent are down to 3 cards too. I think it reached turns 25 or something? That match teach me that you should never try to out value wallet dragon,, you just can't... no matter how many board you build, how many removal you carry, how many times you heal.. they will give you the middle finger. Well other than that I remember having that nice mirror match with Neutral Forest.. we're both trying to drop our B&B by waiting the opponent to lose cards first.. I won the match because I'm carrying Elf Queen and Lion and Aerin while his only healing is Aerin.. compared to the wallet dragon that fight is fun...
  13. 16million Download Event

    If it ain't broke don't fix it... joke aside so it's been like this since... forever? (I joined from WD)
  14. Dragoncraft Ramp needs to be balanced

    Dragon doesn't have anything else going for them tho.. last time Cy printed new deck for dragon people complaint bout it being too OP or whatever.. However Dragon is screwed bad if they can't ramp.. or sometimes still screwed even if they ramp tho it's pretty rare to see that. This is why if you're not Shadow or Rune, going aggro is the only way to play the game, things like Ramp, Aegis, Nep and Bert punish you for going slow. The key to win in unlimited is simple, Aggro. the faster one to hit the face will win.
  15. Call Me When Daria-verse is Done

    and that's exactly why I said it's just same old star with different back dancer, and your statement is true if you delete everything from the last 3 expansion because the core of the deck won't change. Sword run Bert and still running Bert no matter what, Heaven run Aegis and will keep run it till it rotated out, Forest will keep running roach and Shadow will keep running a midrange. The developer realized this mistake thus they 'destroyed' the card that will end up like these on WD and from that day onward try to avoid to print something that will end up as auto-include like those broken cards. The subsequent expansion are no more than additional tool for same old card. As long as those powerful card exist the other new mechanic introduced will end up being a meme if it's not more or as powerful as them, and won't see any use because you don't fix what's not broken. Heresy Avatar is a good example of this, they printed Aether and Zodiac as support card for this but Aether ended up used to make Aegis even more consistent. I mean seriously, every variant of Heaven will run Aegis, every variant of Sword will run Bert, Shadow will always run Kektar if they're not Nep. those are not new deck, I don't know bout you but I don't see this "variety" of deck as something "fun" also this is why my 3 main class that I played is Rune and blood with some forest on the side, it's exactly because they don't have that telegraphed play like the other craft that I love those three. and saying Vengeance and Aggro overlapped a lot are simply not true, or rather V is just the mechanic, you can play aggro with or without going V and your deck will end up a completely different beast depends on your aim, blood also have Control Variant and Control Vengeance variant or even a weird control-aggro hybrid. This is always the saltiest part but Jorm should've been a fine card if only Cy doesn't get overboard with Bapho nerf, at least that's the case before rotation happen. now in Rotation Jorm is pretty viable especially with all these midrange sword around... but banish are always there to f'ck us. this part overlapped with Sharmista opinion I agree there's fun kind of deck out there but most of them are half-assed compared to the powerful, no-brainer, auto-include card in from ToTG. If Bapho is still viable or new support for Jorm are made then it'll be the next Atomeme. it's such great card with great effect but there's no support card to make it consistent yet.