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  1. Brigade of the Sky Mini-Expansion reveals

    I eman 9 6/4 is already as good as Azi Dahaka,, pulling 7 card counter might be rather hard unless you go for full wisp or stuff but even without the buff dat Vanilla attack is more than strong enough.. At least it's infinitely better than this.. same 6/x stat 1 cost differences ****ty effect.. meanwhile blood get more junk stuff... I mean Thunder Behemoth IS a good card but good is not enough to revive blood Also Khaiza is a good cards for blood IF ONLY IT EFFECT DOESN'T GET LOCKED BEHIND EVO LIKE 90% OF GOOD BLOOD CARDS OUT THERE FFS!!
  2. We need buffs for Legendaries!

    Forget bout old leggos even some of new leggos are just plain ****ty by design. Vira for example is really good idea but she's released together with Seraphic blade making she a ****ty replacement of Mask that can be removed by anyone... I mean sure if it's only banish then I could live with that but she's practically useless thanks to Seraphic being everywhere in every deck. There's also the mentioned Loki, Chronos, Marduk, Zodiac, etc which is basically just dust materials due to how bad they're.. I mean Chronos should've been 5pp from beginning, and Spartacus shouldn't be a thing, Mill deck should've work faster than midrange to works
  3. 3? I have 2 and 2 White fang temple for 8 damage..
  4. well yeah that's why I used to complaint bout this late DBNE Meta before Tenko became cancer.. I mean with how limited trigger back then missing 4 face damage due to how ****ty the cannon script is doesn't feels good at all because you have limited number of trigger at any moment..
  5. It's how all cannon design are intended,, basically IF there's follower on the board they will target board and only board. IF there's no board then the script would be over, meaning it won't hit face. IF there's no follower BY THE TIME of the first Valid trigger then they will target Face and ONLY FACE. For example if I use that 0pp | 2pp Enhance summon Bat at the end of your opponent turns and you have any healing for example DLF then it will happen in this sequence > You declare turn ends > DLF/Whitefang/Al Miraj/etc heal - > Tenko Shrine script started, no Valid target, hit face - > Blood Amulet script started, Summon a bat. Thus because the bat appeared AFTER Tenko script initiated the bat would be ignored while the Shrine would target your face. Similarly if we use the Casket amulet from Shadow it'll target the newly spawned minion even tho it's a new minion. >Heal trigger -> Tenko script started, there's follower, proceed to hit board -> Hit follower it dies -> Golden Casket effect summon Lich and Zombie -> If there's leftover Tenko ammo then the shrine would proceed to hit the Zombie and Lich -> if both follower gone too and there's still some ammo left the script would be over normally due to absence of target
  6. The salt mega thread.

    and this is happens because the dev stopped giving a **** bout balance the last three expansion,, basically Cy decided to repeat blizz mistake. HS is f'cking terrible back then with it's highroll and bull**** RNG, Cy used to be at least pretty good, at least in late days WD and the whole SFL meta.. meanwhile Blizzard kinda get their **** together after realizing that the idiot design Cy used the last 3 expansion will make people ditch the game. In fact if not for Sword the last 3 expansion and the Heaven this expansion Rotation meta should've been have been more colorful.
  7. The salt mega thread.

    OBK? actually either Buller, that 2pp 3 face damage, or even eventide vampire can seal the deal if you're backed far enough to vengeance... I mean on average your enemy is at 8 to 10 hp by turns 5.. The enemy are just so dumb, like perfect Tenko that just straight up ignore your aggro.. It's still RNG tho because you can literally draw 0 2pp and that is just the worst .. anyway it just gives me 4 consecutive wins and average 3-2, some 4-1 and a 5-0 so it can't be tad bad. I just won 2 consecutive win going second,, the first one is aggro swords and the second one is Lion heaven who BTW are so pitiful because he literally can't do anything but taking it on the face.. the aggro sword one at least try to out-aggro me but shame that in rotation there's not that many cheap storm for Swords... also he's dumb enough to leave 3 bats on my field during turns 5 and opt for face instead,, hallelujah peanut butters. IMO the worst thing you can have in this deck is to not draw a 1-2pp early.. the only solid strategy of this deck is that you have to steal as many point as possible during early game when most deck are still half asleep.. if you can't do that then you're busted
  8. The salt mega thread.

    Sorry which highroll deck again? I have 4 list the V is dead because there's literally 0 good vengeance effect atm. The jorm are ****ty while the midrange - control purson is f'cked The one I'm talking about is this dirty Blood deck.. it's so ****ing dirty because almost nobody carried wards.. or by the time they wards up it's usually lethal.. probably the only face-the-place deck of rotation... the deck even ends at 5pp.. I mean how many rotation deck out there can get 12 hp Lethal by turns 5?
  9. Favourite moments?

    and this is why people alexiel is super balanced. lol.
  10. The salt mega thread.

    I mean if winning is all you care about then go with Aggro blood that is way better in rotation than Unlimited. obviously it feels cheap af to win that way tho because it's basically pre-rotation aggro deck with topdecking as your only needed skill. And extra point for the fact that it killed enemy by turns 5-6 which is REALLY fast by rotation standard
  11. The salt mega thread.

    Now I know that I really don't have the necessary skill to play this game. I really am lacking in topdeck skills, and going first skill..... I literally lose 3 times in a row because I did not topdeck cards when enemy just topdeck their finisher,, the most infuriating is that greedy lion player who lose everything in his hand to only topdeck Swing, Moriae-Banish to another Swing.. and I didn't draw any single one of my rush even tho enemy is sitting at only 1 hp and I have 1 silva proc on my leader. also where's my blood buff Cy you f'cking incompetent twit! WTF you keep printing "cannot be countered" leggos left and right but for blood you print an easily ****ed leggo instead?
  12. July 17th Card Changes

    well let's see bout that, but my prediction Tenko would be back at T2 with this. turn 5 Tenko is just the right curve for amulet counter like Suttungr and Seraphic blade.. doing nothing in the middle of evo wars is scary and dropping it late would've no point.
  13. July 17th Card Changes

    So... Tenko got brutally murdered while sword get a love tap? no I mean Chromatic duel nerf is good but in the end people can still use the 1pp effect to chain lotte Magnus if they want to.. also it's still free.. and Valse... 1 defense reduction is... kind of weird.. I think his problem is that fatal spellbomb that makes him a delayed BkB... Tenko nerf is kind of overblown tho.. turn 5 Tenko is almost unplayable considering Tenko is their win-con due to the lack of other finisher on heaven... I think nerfing white fang by giving the heals at the beginning of your turn is better. Like I can't help but think that this Sword nerf is just an afterthought, they wanted to nerf Tenko but if they ignore sword they'll be ignoring the elephant in the room thus they give it a light love tap. I mean Arthur would by my first target for nerf.. also is it just me or they're trying to avoid nerfing legendary and gold as much as possible?
  14. shadowlog 7/8/2018

    Charlotta alone maybe bad compared to Magnus,, but Charlotta + Magnus? and there's other thing, losing evo is bad for most, but not for sword. why? because they have Rush, storm and removal at every curve, Cu, Lancer, Valse, Hemera, Celia, Lancelot, Zeta, then finally at curve 8 Sky Fortress.. How are you supposed to nerf a deck like this? Rather than deck with super synergy this is closer to a deck with only broken stuff included... you need cruelty on the level of Neutral blood nerf to deal with this kind of deck.. like kill it's core cards, then kill some other strong cards, then kill other strong cards again even after they've been put to their places