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  1. even if he do he can only dealt 3 to 5 face damage with Heavenly knight innate attack.. the only way he could dealt 7 damage is that if he attack using his def stat. However it's not like it's impossible to get to 7 def from 4,, one ather + 1 Evo is enough to get it back to 7,, they also seems to run stuff that restore defense to follower too like Headless pegasus. are you sure this is not the case?
  2. Uh.. which part? Heavenly knight is 3/7 which means it dealt 7 damage with summit, that's normal, however if it damaged then it should've dealt as much as it's def so if the sky knight hit you for 7 damage when attacking then it is a bug. however let me make this first clear, you're talking bout the knight attacking your follower and not your follower attacking the knight right? if not then it's natural it dealt 7 damage to your follower because summit temple only count when you use it for attacking,, when defending you use normal stat to defend Summit temple get destroyed when there's summit temple in play, that's normal too, it's in the card description
  3. do read the card description ffs.. Summit Temple "... Whenever an allied HEAVENCRAFT follower attacks..."
  4. The salt mega thread.

    play the filthy blood deck... give them ebola, show them de wae.. joke aside Blood is way too strong in unlimited.. the 1pp Neutral buff + draw is way too good to restore hand + pushing damage. even if you're cornered last game you still have chance to win with topdeck mode..
  5. meta report march 26- april 1st

    WTF with that gap between going first and second.. almost every meta deck need to go first to actually win.
  6. Favourite moments?

    I genuinely feel sorry for this sword player...
  7. DN Nerf Prediction Thread

    How is this different from Mysteria? They works by utilizing synergy between cards that are not threatening of their own. It's just the differences in how to pilot them and how to set up the win-con. If anything between those 3 combo deck quoted Mysteria have the weakest and one most prone to brick early game. The control variant for example doesn't have enough burn spell range, the offensive variant really weak early game because they need to keep drawing removal over removal. I all of them Roach, Jorm and Mysteria as main and there's piloting them seems familiar, In fact I did mention that piloting offensive Mysteria feels a lot like Roach,, you need to chip at least 4 damage to get enemy to lethal range.. however the combo piece are not as flexible as roach. It is also similar to Jormungand that it increase the value of cards you're going to use after the effect triggered but at the same time the number of trigger are inferior as of DBNE. It does not literally double the value of card, it raise the value of DAMAGE BASED SPELL, there's huge differences between those 2. If you don't count Mysteria card there's only 3 or maybe 4 if you count the neutral with 8pp increase cards that are able to hit face, we just lost piercing rune and without Wyrmist Mysterian Missile reach is just way to small. You keep quoting AoE wipe but you completely forgot that I said at the very beginning "It had good affinity with midrange sword" or to be even more exact, Non-storm board based strategy. It is simply matter of affinity. Your fear of follower based deck will get wiped by Mysteria hardly a problem in my view because that simply mean it did it's job well. Board wipe are not a concern for Lindworm, it's not a concern for Summit Heaven, it's not a concern for Old-Blood Aggro. Suppose that the Meta are filled with those then Mysteria is a deck dead and that's fine. It's similar to how control deck is auto-lose to D-shift and Seraph, It is simply problem of affinity. However calling a deck problematic just because it excel at one thing; in this case board wipe? I don't buy that, not at all. Your mindset are too biased to Midrange logic, well since you rarely face combo deck your mindset are too focused on board advantage or whatever.. For example your statement bout Jorm tickles me, Trading? board advantage? that's not the logic you're supposed to run a Jorm. Does roach cares bout board advantage? the opposite Roach clear board is better for roach. Similarly the logic of Jorm are different from midrange or aggro, or even roach. I won't go too deep but I just gonna say one thing, turn 6 Jorm is rarely the best move. If you're too fixated on board advantage or rather your own strategy then obviously you'll have hard time dealing with Mysteria. I don't know bout other people deck, but personally I designed that deck to counter Midrange sword in the first place. and since I'm no genius nor special, I'm sure other people sooner or later realize that they can counter meta deck with Mysteria. If mysteria infestation ever happen then it's your turn to adapt to the meta and use something to counter it. Even midrange sword can win against it if you just think a little.. here's a hint 90% of spell damage cards require target. Tl;dr Your point is too based on Midrange logic therefore it's incomplete. P.S : I don't say that in the future Mysteria won't be a problem,, a lot of card that are harmless at beginning became a problem with future expansion so I can't rule that out.
  8. DN Nerf Prediction Thread

    eh.. I just won 13 straight win streak with Jorm deck.. it's not tad slow in rotation actually but the fine tuning is really hard. I play mainly only combo deck and control deck rarely midrange.. well Mysteria burn is pretty much just finisher not so different from Lindwurm in the end even if you said spell that do damage there's only 3 of non-mysteria one atm and 2 of them will brick you so hard without Mysteria. Also If Jorm have Fanfare then it'll be tier 0 deck,, I managed to beat a lot of stuff from summit perfect curve to Midrange or even aggro sword with that kind of "****ty" effect so imagine if Jorm are better tha it's actually is. However that's off the point, Mysteria is a combo deck, You play Mysteria and then use spell that have damage to control the board, without mysteria the spell damages are huge brick, without the spell Mysteria are nothing but 5pp with reasonable stat. She's useless in any other deck that doesn't use spell based damage so she's not tad free as you think. Any deck that doesn't use spell and try to capitalize her need to risk bricking with bunch of 5pp that are useless to be played on curve or even useless late game without mysteria. Either way my point is not that, my point is that Both Mysteria, Roach, Jorm and other combo deck like Queen OTK are the type that just kill you off once the piece are assembled and that's just how it is. Mysteria is no different from roach, or Jorm or other combo deck, and what you call as annoying is basically what it is to play against combo deck. Feeling that you might win? victory in sight? too bad it's roach OTK. Oh you're behind wards at 20 Hp should be safe.. too bad it's Elephant king OTK. You managed to corner a Jorm player? too bad your board are f'cked from now on. you managed to corner heaven player and you at full health? too bad it's seraph. I repeat, what you think as annoying is basically what it feels to fight a combo deck. The deck itself are fine and Mysteria in particular are full of weakness as of now. this is far cry from annoying one like D-shift that while also a combo deck, is an unfair one because you can do nothing bout it.
  9. DN Nerf Prediction Thread

    It is powerful but it's a combo deck. atm it had good affinity with Mid-sword because that thing relies on dropping follower to the board like a flies and overwhelm with number rather than Storm.. as A side note, I meet a lot of Aggro sword today,, wtf is happening with sword right now? And Mysteria by nature is a control-combo deck, obviously that kind of situation you said will happen but clearing board over and over is pretty much what control deck does, and it's not limited to Mysteria, for example C-blood, and Seraph. However unlike C-blood Mysteria have it's own win con so it's not really a concede craft, and unlike Seraph it's not a one sided control fest because it's win con are combo in nature rather than dropping win-con and auto win. Unlike D-shift dropping Mysteria gave you chance to retaliate, this is vastly different from D-shift that doesn't give you a chance whatsoever to tech it and everything depends on what you draw. for example you can drop magnus to avoid the AoE removal, for example you can use Leafman, for example you can drop follower that cannot be targeted to the board. for example you can storm the deck faster than it can kill you, for example you can play a combo deck like Lindwurm or Runie. Either way what YOU have might gave you a way to beat the deck, unlike D-shift that doesn't give a f'ck bout whatever card you have. It is vastly different from D-shift and it is fair. Complaining bout Mysteria is like complaining bout combo deck as a whole and that include roach, Dragon OTK, Jorm, etc.
  10. DN Nerf Prediction Thread

    NOOOOO not my Mysteria deck,, not when I finally get it working go nerf something else!! Getting a perfect hand in that deck is super hard y'know? like you need TONS of combo piece at hand y'know.. like you need at least 2 Mysterian Missile, you need to draw Wyrmist, you need to draw and drop Mysteria, you need to have enemy on board, early game you need to control the board as hard as you can with weak removal without spending your mysteria cards, etc. Like seriously piloting that deck is really hard,, The number of combo you need to assembly is even higher than Exodia! Combo deck are supposed to be strong once the combo assembled but otherwise they're ****. You just need to kill us before we assemble our combo. Just go Storm on us and we're done for! Actually the perfect curve to play Mysteria is like this : Condition, at least 1 Mysteria card in hand, turn 5 Mysteria -> turn 6 Wyrmist -> turn 7 Wyrmist or control -> turn 8 more Wyrmist, Mysteria or control, depends on enemy def finishing blow -> turn 9 finishing blow, a lot of way to do that,, for example Oz, to spam all Missile + Chain Ligthing,, maybe another Mysteria. Either way most of the time our field are unguarded so it should be easy to storm us to death... Making mysteria more expensive will probably mess up that curve but won't do much because such perfect curve are rarity.. it's usual for me to drop Mysteria at turn 7, 8 or 9 as long as I drop Wyrmist early.. however it'll kill the deck because you'll kill the AoE removal of this deck which is Staff of Whirlwind and Nova Flare.. BTW I also managed to get 9 win streak with Jorm Blood,, apparently it's pretty good atm as long as you're not facing Portal or Heaven banish..
  11. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    just go to reddit, there's often new private match open in there
  12. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    Have I fought you before?
  13. DN Nerf Prediction Thread

    IMO just reducing that rush into 2/1 is good enough,, the loss of 1/x is pretty significant the bigger the trade target for example for x/3 they need 2 artifact instead of 1, for x/5 they need 3 Artifact instead of 2, for x/7 they need 4 of those instead of 3. True it doesn't solve the midgame problem but at least it'll help early game and late game situation.. Then again I never fought portal with follower centric deck so I won't know for sure...
  14. DN Nerf Prediction Thread

    spamming @Mouse just to get more attention @zzMedVeDzz As for the nerf point I believe Summit curve is the most problematic among them all. due to 2 reason.. 1. Summit is cheap, while removal are expensive. Even if Summit goes out of control and everyone started to carry a tech or two the cheapest removal available to remove Amulet is 4pp AFAIK. This is nuts because heaven player can just use 1pp to set their game plan in motion while the enemy need to suffer absurd tempo loss.. not to mention Fall From Grace gave enemy a 1/3 and that means 3-5 damage + Healing with summit on and that's not counting the fact that using that card done nothing to other follower still on board.. Ironically the most cost efficient removal came from heavencraft instead which is Ancient protector,, HOWEVER it cost 1 evo point. Some people might said that you just have to bite the bullet for this one but there's 2nd point that make Summit absurd.. 2. Heaven have the best late game follower on top of annoying powerful removal in form of Banish.. therefore the turn you used to remove summit is akin to suicide IMO, the longer you play vs Heaven the more disadvantageous your position will be.. Let's say we use Suttungr and remove Summit at turn 6 then by miracle clear enemy board with Evo.. next turn Heaven can either drop Knight which is a x/7 Wards, after that maybe Alexei? or maybe removal like that 5pp Banish at turn 8, maybe dropping Summit to Heaven knight for 7 face damage?.. and they could finally drop Aegis by turn 9 or 10 which means GG for most deck at that point.. I think if they don't wanna nerf Summit Cy need to print a cheaper removal for amulet,, honestly speaking I think Summit should've costed as much as Elana at 3pp at the very least but 2pp is fine by me.. Once again I Honestly don't mind summit being 1pp,, but at least print a better removal than what we have now.. Sword IMO is healthy but I think Chromatic duel enhance might seems to be too much.. well Sword are never tad good at draw so the 2 commander on demand might be fine but at no cost seems to be too much,, I mean Chromatic Duel atm is like ultra flexible card that can be played at turn 1,3,5 and 6 for great value (3 if you need the card next turn, 5 so that you can play it this turn and 6 for 2 commander at no cost)
  15. Private Match (30 gold/ Rupee) Thread

    I actually kinda bricked in there.. I didn't draw the wyrmist till you drop that Dahaka.. I mean sure I tried my best not to make it bricky, there's only 9 follower in that deck, 2 Hannah, 1 Oz, 3 Mysteria and 3 Wyrmist.. but like this I still managed to brick for some reason.. and as you saw yourself I used 2 Chain of Calling,, but all I get is Oz and Hannah,, what's the odds for that?? I'm used to bricking tho,, like that Jorm deck I literally mulligan double of those vampire mark thingie (3pp removal, give drain) but I managed to topdecked two of them in a row.. and I only have 2 copy of them in the deck to avoid this scenario ffs.. This is why I don't play deck that need highroll,, even with tutor and lots of draw I will brick,, you can count on that..