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  1. November 28 update Notice

    Staircase nerf will end up like Bapho nerf all over again,, it'll make a lot of good possible deck in the future hardly viable..That Bapho nerf made the new jorm deck hardly playable. Sibyl stat should've been lower, Nearly vanilla stat with that much value is annoying.. even if they increase card variation Sibyl won't ever be gone from dragon player deck.
  2. i can't take it anymore

    Exactly my thought, they're just everywhere. BTW I decided to remove the Insight since it'll be boring but occasionally there's people who concede right after mulligan before I even dropped anything. I'm at C2 atm probably gonna stay at B or something
  3. Belgium saves gaming

    JP company logic and value are pretty different from western country after all. there's already several regulation on JP about in-game gambling commonly known as gacha.. limiting money spent based on age are also one of them, the term gacha itself comes from Gashapon which mostly known to be a form of gamble based toy machine targeted at children so I won't be surprised if foreigner will raise their brow when similar system are bought overseas.. however from what I read it's mostly about AAA multiplier game like Overwatch.. I doubt it'll apply to mobile games not to mention a CCG. especially SV where you could build your own card = no pressure to use the gacha system.
  4. not drawing wild golem vs Forest/blood, and not drawing Professor of Taboo vs dragon and shadow for my dirt rune. not drawing Karl and that 1pp golem ward vs aggro sword well mine is designed to harass most deck (banishing staircase with 1 countdown, banish/transform lord atomeme so you can't recycle it, using wild golem on wide board of faeries/knight/bat or professor of Taboo on strong follower, etc) also in general I hate facing D-shift, this deck have fair chance to win vs D-shift around 50-50 so it's not like I can concede on sight but as usual D-shift is annoying to fight. If it's the Jorm blood then what I hate the most is getting Jorm banished by heaven/rune.. basically gg.
  5. Full board- No face

    I can understand the storm become rush but is there any need making those on board cannot hit face? IMO they just need to print an useful healing card that all class could use, at this moment sword could hardly recover leader defense while Dragon are overflowing with heal.. that's why sword need to be constantly on the offensive and such taking storm away from them will make them another trash class.. maybe something like neutral 2pp heal that will recover 6 point if Evo are not ready OR spent.. otherwise will only heal 2 point.. basically it's still possible for sword to chip in early damage however the 6 point will put you effectively out of their lethal range so they need plan B and use their brain a little for late game.. it'll put you out of their lethal range. The idea is that the card will gain it max value only during early game or late game,, against non-aggro it's mostly used late game for clutch play but against aggro it'll punish them for doing for going face early game by putting you out of their lethal range cheaply. this card will also help Sword somewhat with their healing.. not as good as sibyl or Ceres but still pretty good to turn the table back..
  6. I don't know bout any hard resetting but at this very moment the game seems to stop on my end when I'm about to win.. it's been like 10 minutes and there's no indication of the game ending anytime soon.. the enemy are stuck at thinking for like the last 10 minutes. I even watch some vids on YT and it's still not over yet even tho it's seems to be my win at this point.. my connection seems to be fine able to download and browse YT at the same time but I've been stuck.. should I quit or wait?? I'm not in particular hurry so I'm planning to wait for now
  7. i can't take it anymore

    as someone here suggested I decided to make a different account for fun play.. right now I'm at D1 and I managed to get 5 win straight by concede.. I'm playing playing a dirt rune but due to the lack of card I included insight on that deck.. they concede on insight lolz
  8. Worst Card in Game

    there's also that new card Pollux.. it's possible now to do a free evo at 5 pp as long as you have another non-swordcraft follower on board.. evo the other guy and drop simulacrum.. but honestly I don't think that's worth the effort for just 2pp 4/5 ward at turn 7 that are nearly dead draw most of the time.. 2 princess snow white are valid tho,, damn I hate that card..
  9. Worst Card in Game

    never thought that far but in vengeance blood there's silver card called Frenzied Juggernaut a 7/8 with 4 damage to self if not on vengeance. and yes it's not as bad as simulacrum, but since that card probably are the worst card in existence so probably it'll be hard to found a card as bad as that.. I mean some trash card seems to be useful on some deck, even that angel crusher probably can be used on discard dragon.
  10. Worst Card in Game

    I've saw some dual flame vs Eidolon to Avatar Haven.. not exactly a big problem tho since I'm using control rune at that time... let's see, mostly bloodcraft cards comes to mind but right now the one on top of my mind is : Gunnlod : 7pp 4/7 with clash ability that deal damage to yourself,, it's seems like vengeance bloodcraft card but are useless, not only it's slow, it's also have weak effect compared to other 7pp. Devourer of Heaven : might be a thing on Eidolon or Avatar but not really a good card to call dragon.. if you want 1 ping damage so bad you better off using star torrent.. Fafnir : I simply doesn't get this one, 9pp 8/10 for 2 damage to board,, for gold or silver I might just nod but for legendary? I just don't get it. Sledgehammer exorcist : 1 evo point to destroy 1 follower without any stat increase? nope
  11. i can't take it anymore

    wait, is D-shift is this popular on Ladder? I've just entered A1 and just this last 7 match I met D-shfit 5 times.. all I wanted is to do an experiment on my ****ty rune deck in peace..
  12. Need Help Playing Dirty

    been trying this, it's not that consistent but I'm able to finish some fight with it.. Elder Mage of Dragon born might be better if we consider that he'll fill the board on top of storm but Windblast dragon are 6pp follower so Illusionist can't bring it back It's usually Elana backup plan.. like I keep banish the Elana so they just pull 2 Aegis with Aether.. but I agree with you that it's overkill thing is I'm pissed at RNG cuz I've been topdecking Fullmoon every fight so I just drop those 2 full moon, for now I'm shifting to more aggro approach using Lorea.. usually using this deck turned into mud fight, if it's just against Sword, Forest, or Shadow I could manage but usually those storm dragon and Aegis just bulldoze through my board to steal the match, especially Dragon with their bull healing ,so far managed to punish 2 of those guys with Lorea. for DS I managed somehow with Magic Illusionist... that is if I managed to topdeck the dude.... but there's also the case of Kaleidoscopic Glow.. honestly it's a control deck so it's almost auto-lose to D-shift as long as they carry Kaleidoscopic glow which is a wishful thinking ofc.. I don't bet on it but if I managed to mulligan Hulk I won ( I Have 2 atm one from the deck shop) alternatively I've tried some earthshock Ogre, it's pretty nice as finisher because usually I have 2 or 1 spare evo by turn 8.. and that 6 damage are helpful.. but i'm not convinced yet to make it perma..
  13. Need Help Playing Dirty

    It's not that often, but she did save my life few times when I need to spam those petri or concentration with minimal AP.. and yes usually I have lots of card on hand due to only playing them one by one Edit : Apparently I'm better off teching 2 fullmoon in case of Aegis attack compared to using Halo Golem.. Halo 8 out of 10 Halo golem literally does nothing on my hand
  14. Need Help Playing Dirty

    I thought so too, lol. well weird or interesting aside I have lots of fun piloting this deck, the reason why I think it's control-ish is that usually I have multiple way to deal with situation with what I have at hand, it's no auto-pilot at all which makes it fun, especially since as you said it lack real finisher therefore you're not aiming for certain situation but rather just adapt as you go.. probably not the most optimal deck,, but not that weak either. As a side note usually the match will be pretty long even against aggro.. Hmm.. from what I see.. the value of this deck lies mostly on wild golem or professor.. the former give you leeway to avoid trading, and the latter give you tons of fresh follower. illusionist just recycle them so that I could re-flood the board easily or generally just have some free rush to trade.. point is that in exchange of burn you'll just chip in some damage to enemy leader when there's opportunity.. and usually you want to keep your board healthy thus making it hard for the enemy to have a good trade.. compared to Midrange Eachtar which focused on trading early,, this deck prefer to go face like aggro whenever there's opportunity and use board pressure as deterrent hence it's pretty weak against storm dragon that are capable of dropping huge damage together with bull heal. anyway roger on the telescope, for now I want to go a bit more towards control.. dunno what will happen but at least I've been climbing steadily on ladder and I'll see how far it'll carry me.. at least I'll add one more oz to the mix..
  15. Need Help Playing Dirty

    that's the funny thing, I started thinking that probably this gonna be a budget burn rune at the beginning but turns out it become an concede-craft.. It's not exactly a control rune but it's feels more control-ish and usually I won by avoiding trading and letting the passive effect of either Wild Golem or Professor kill the follower for me.. it's end up strangely into a swarm deck by abusing Illusionist. Also note that I usually can pilot this deck with only a single Evo point or even without evo point at all if I'm lucky. Actually I included Hulk mainly cuz 'why not?' and all I hope from him is that it'll put pressure on the enemy so that they pull the AoE/big minion out.. but yes the AoE removal is a valid point,, I've experienced how lifesaving Oz recently when I managed to topdeck her when I'm backed to the corner (well technically not really, just that I lack finisher at hand) so yeah I might try to make one Oz later if I stuck, thanks, I hope 2 Oz is suffice. and nope, No Melvie, this deck is a grind deck so the less card my opponent have the better it is.. I even go as far as Banish/turn Staircase that almost popped to harass my enemy.. like they usually went all out thinking that their hand will replenish itself, I was like "NOPE!" *Evil Laugh*.... ehh anyway but no Melvie thank you, I'll rather built another Oz.. maybe it's time to pop Uro or Alexander.. Hmm.. so far I rarely felt overwhelmed to control board except on Daria perfect combo (Daria to Daria to Daria) so... like aggro sword usually get intimidated by my board and aggro blood can be easily cleaned by Wild Golem.. so I don't think I need that much AoE removal (not to mention I'm not sure which card to replace)... I've been thinking that Mutagenic is better than Calamitous because it's able to deal with stuff like B&B and the stuff or am I mistaken?? or maybe I need to use that much if I'm going to AA? (I'm at A0 at the moment).. or maybe winter Caprice is better? Anyway is there's such thing as control dirt / Earth rite Rune? cuz seriously I think this deck are closer to that.. (I just started like a month and a half ago so I'm unfamiliar with archetype other than Meta) thanks