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  1. not sure if its relevant but last week i played a couple of games against a drophacker played 7 times against him and every time, the moment he started losing in the match i suddenly get disconnected after he made 3 "i will beat u" emotions
  2. Normal games at Master rank

    yes opponents getting mmore skilled but if u ask me theres totally no skill by getting a beating from an aggro deck 9 out of 10 games cause they win the first turn toss
  3. Normal games at Master rank

    i'm at the border of A1-A2 atm and for me the biggest difficulty is "RNG" for example, if i play control i will face aggro sword 9 out of 10 games if i play aggro, 9 out of 10 games i'm against shield/heal decks its like the moment u hit A rank that the game tries to match u against decks that counter yours
  4. well the thing is even if u whould change spellboost to not cheaper then 1 the deck basicly whouldn't change or be effected by it , same with increasing the cost of D-Shift by 1. what i really want to say is that D-Shift decks need to be adjusted somehow so that its actually interactive to play against and not the usual "i just waste time till turn 7 and i lose" cause all my minions get blown away or kaleidoscoped.
  5. well basicly atm, the only reason why u whould want hand destruction is D-Shi(f)t. so instead of adding destruction why not put a limit on spellboost so that cards can't become cheaper to play then lets say 3-4 PP. this way D-Shi(f)t whould still be viable to play and play against if the match lasts longer then 7 turns.
  6. My Number One Problem With This Game

    for me personally, i don't like that bahamut is neutral, basicly every deck has 3 of these guys "teched" in no matter what deck they play. this card need to become dragon only
  7. i see, but i'm always "lucky" that my opponent d-shift always combos out turn 7 max, might try it again
  8. yea but u need like turn 8 to get mordecai out, by then d-shift already combos out
  9. i can't take it anymore

    yea, i took peace with it, last day i did about 25 games. here r the results: 1 d-shift 1 nepthys 1 ramp dragon all ohers aggro blood/aggro sword guess i'm not the only one who doesn't like d-shi(f)t ^^
  10. u must be very lucky, with that deck i always lose to d-shift cause its not fast enough, i really wanna know how u r able to beat them.
  11. least favorite: D-Shift 2nd: D-**** 3th: D-Shift
  12. i can't take it anymore

    karma is a ****^^ god has found me with his magnefying glass and keeps burning my ***
  13. i can't take it anymore

    the funny thing is i never played aggro till the nerfs cause i personally didn't need it to get wins, i didn't even played sword once till 2 days ago since it wasn't my thing. i don't care to much about losing but d-shift just bothers me alot, they play like: "i just do my spellboost and u can't do anyting against it" if u got that winrate with blood your opponents must really had bad draws, or maybe im just insanely unlucky or in an "elo hell" rank. karma hasn't been onn my side lately now i think about it hehe.
  14. i can't take it anymore

    there seems to be a "new" D-Shift deck i the run. all they do early is spamming those shield golems. it doesn't even matter what u do, these D-Shift decks play their own game like there is no opponent, they just spam their spells and ramp up spellboost and theres nothign u can do since theres no way in the game to make your opponent discard or prevent him to cast spells. the whole day i'm up against these ebola decks, even with full aggro sword/blood/storm haven/roach, theres nothing u can do against them. is there anyone or anything that actually makes a chance against this deck!!?? i'm so fustrated i almost trew my PC out the window. even none ranked games r overoaded with this. help , mayday mayday, help...
  15. yea thats mainly how i feel against havenn killing the amulets even helps them. it feels so annoying that u basicly can't touch the summoning amulets.