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  1. Dear Devs, we hope you could create a reset button to reset account. When player ain't satisfied with their card . Reset the game aka reroll ,story from beginning and rewards same for completing tutorial. For ios,android and steam. Reset but the username same .
  2. Vial craft question

    I crafted 50k vial of dragon craft and wanted to vial away ,willl i get the same amount if i vial away?
  3. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    How you get that amount ?
  4. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    How many of you are paid user and free user? For paid user, what you use diamond buy for? Packs or decks?
  5. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    As of now RoB, wd and sfl and totg are in line or useless already?
  6. Next Expansion thread: ChronoGenesis

    Hmm.. looks like its coming next month. will this next expansion will have new blood, dragon, rune, shadow, sword, fairies and neutral? from bronze to legend?
  7. So for beginners they complete all story modes and elite 1 & 2 ai. they get some gold. they shud spend on stands and or RoB as their staples card?
  8. Yes? no? Keep for future? Utter useless?
  9. Any ideas when is it? I thought end November or is it end December?
  10. Hi guys csn pls share what is your favorite decks? Shadow, dragon, blood, sword, rune or haven? for rank and tourament? Btw i see all the legendary card are cool and costly to create need 3500 vials plus the gold is 800 vial
  11. Or maybe 200 packs of different expansion (Wd, rob, sfl, standard, de) as a celebration
  12. Dear cygames, When the portalcraft will be release on shadowverse. please do a 1 time give away 30 packs of different packs(RoB, wonderland, tempest of the god, standard, starforge and darkness evolve plus the portalcraft pack of 30. As a celebration. Otherwise just give us 100k vials.
  13. Introduce yourself here!

    Hello I'm Axxel on steam sv and lingas on Android. A F2P person. Like Todo stories and play rank and unrank matches. A deck collector. On a side note it's hard to collect all good legendary. Only a few handful.
  14. About ignideus

    About this guy ignideus on YouTube channel. He's a pay to win player? Or free to play? He had lots of golds and packs to open.
  15. Does this game has ranking rewards like gold,vials or packs?