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  1. Highest win rate deck

    No data yet *sigh*
  2. I'd vial all my craft to 39k plus, so im going to make a deck. Which craft has highest win rate?
  3. Dawnbreak Early Impressions

    Guys what's the good dawnbreak legendaries ? All classes .
  4. Rotation storm ramp dragon

    So bye2 to storm ramp dragon craft ,say hi to showdow,forest ,haven and swords?
  5. Mine is Are the 4 legendary good or i need to vial?
  6. Rotation storm ramp dragon

    Hi guys what's the best storm ramp for rotation can make a sample build ? If not just rotation dragon
  7. 500,000 gold?!

    Add me for private match 527000933 for the the love of rupees ansmd sadly i missed 1 day or 2 .
  8. Storm ramp dragon help

    I already put triple forte.
  9. Storm ramp dragon help

    http:// I just vial queen x 3 away so what should I put next,for ramp dragon or storm ramp dragon? As Queen is useless now and vial at high price
  10. How can the devs content us

    Not too many storm.
  11. Well I was thinking , if every 3rd months developers create new pack 1 or 2 ,hopefully make a defensive ,storm,destruction ,boost ,etc.... Something new. If they could make permanent amulet for forest,haven, and the rest a storm amulet all cards gain storm and or a permanent amulet gain +1/+1 at the start/end turn. (theres more in my head I could think of) .
  12. Or anyone here is dragoncraft main, who still using it.
  13. Anyone here is playing shadowverse Using 1 deck as main for ranking? Mine is dragon but dunnoe is it nerf? How bout rune and blood do they get nerf already. Magic illusionist get def 1 and blood wolf you can get 1 as limited.
  14. Hi ppl I had an idea. Why not make this game buy single card ( bronze - legendary ) in X amount of diamonds or gold? Like in real life ,you buy magic the gathering or yugioh a single card with real cash .
  15. Hello just a question should or shouldn't I vial all away old and latest cards including my rune deck(old) to get new storm dragon?