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  1. I absolutely agree and it seems like cygames is just ignoring the issue. They seem to be focusing on making tournaments and increasing the community but it's hard to keep a comunity if the game is just not fun. Winning seems to be the only goal of this game.
  2. Introduce yourself here!

    hey guys. I started playing a couple of months ago and i really enjoy the game. Shadow Main here
  3. Elite 2 ai is it difficult?

    Once you know what to expect, they're not difficult. Play against them and get to know what cards they have, if you lose the first matches, play again and expect what they'll play.
  4. This game needs a time bank.

    oops... Good point. My b
  5. This game needs a time bank.

    Very honestly, I don't think there's a need to change anything. The only thing I'd suggest is having a timer showing somewhere on the screen, so no one gets surprised for not having time to play all animations.
  6. Dailies Can't Be All Wins

    I think a cool solution would be to have a balance of ranked/unranked. So, at the moment, you have to win all games either in ranked or unranked. If there was 1 specific quest solely targeted for ranked, and 2 casual ones targeted for the daily user, we could have it so that it doesn't really feel like a grind but more like a daily achievement. It will attract casual players to play more competitively at the same time as allowing the game to not be reared towards only winning
  7. Bug when searching

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to report this bug. I'm using a mac. This has only been happening today. When I type anything on the cards search bar, it types 1 letter and the next letter overrides (or erases) the previous one (hence I can't type 2 letters... it only allows me to type 1 letter). Again, it's a weird bug and it's only been happening today.